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Chuck’s Momma

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This story is about anal sex and a son’s desire for his Momma’s ass. There is no body under the age of 18 involved in any sex acts. Both party’s are consenting adults.

Chuck was obsessed with his Mom’s chubby ass.

About ten years ago, “My father had long since left my mother and myself, I guess he didn’t want any responsibilities.” It’s been five years since we’ve heard from him. I feel sorry for my Mom. She’s been taking care of my sister and myself, forgetting about her own life. My mom, is Mary, I’m called Chuck. She has just turned 45 and myself 18. “Mom is about 5’2″ maybe 155lbs.. With brown hair and brown eyes and a lovely chubby ass.” Her bra size says 36d and she does have nice big nipples. “Myself I’m 5’10” and 185lbs and I play football and baseball.” “Mom has always been my biggest fan.” My sister is Janet, who is two years older than myself, she is away at college.

Mom’s and my birthdays, are just one day apart. “I wish I could say that Mom is a real knock out,” but she isn’t. She’s just your run of the mill, middle aged mom, who does a great job of taking care of her son.

“Now her son has developed a thing for her chubby little ass!” I lay in my room at night, jerking off, thinking I’m fucking that ass of hers. I plan to take advantage of any chance I can. I want to get to run my tongue all over that ass. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself.

With our birthdays only one day apart, I was able to talk Mom into a dinner, then a movie at home. I had bought a couple bottles of wine, since neither of us would be driving, and Mom agreed. The movie was a very hot R rated, the type of movie Mom loves. As we watched, I could see Mom rubbing herself every once in awhile. We’re sitting on the sofa together, and I felt Mom move closer to me. I put my arm around her, and kissed her on her neck and ear.

I could smell her body wash, and the shampoo that smells like sweet wild flowers in her hair. This is turning me on, “I’m sure she will see my cock getting as hard as a fence post.”

“This is really nice Chuck, I do enjoy this very much, I love you sweetheart.”

“Mom I enjoy this also, I love you to mom.” Would you like some more wine?

“Oh Yes Baby,” I would, thank you.

I looked at Mom, she has this sweet smile on her face, her eyes glowed, I saw that the wine was having the desired affect on her. She is now starting to talk about everything.

“Mom,” how was yours and dads sex life, I ask her?

“Why, when we first got married, your dad would fuck me at least twice a day.”

Then after you and Janet were born, I had put on a few pounds, “He started calling me names like,” “Cow, and pig,” and if I got fucked once or twice a month, I was doing good.

“I would do anything he wanted,” but he gave me nothing in return. “Chuck,” “my glass is empty again.”

I said, “I’ll get you a refill Mom, and we can keep talking.” We don’t have to go to work until Monday. “So we have four days to enjoy ourselves!” I can see that there were tears starting to well up in her eyes, and that I didn’t want it would spoil our evening. One refill coming right up Mom. “I want to hear more about you’re love life.”

“I know Chuck; but I shouldn’t be talking to my son about fucking.” Isn’t it kind of strange that a son is asking his mother about her sex life. I have this little grin on my face, and I know Chuck sees it.

“Why not Mom?” We talk about everything else. We’re both adults. I say to her with a broad smile on my face.

“Yes, but you are trying to learn Momma’s little secrets.” Plus you are getting your Momma drunk, and may be taking advantage of her. You are my son, and a very naughty boy, “but I do love you so.”

“Now Mom! Would I do that to you?” I smile and kiss her on her neck. I then hug her to me, run my hands over that lovely round ass of hers. “I want to run my tongue over her asshole so bad, it is driving me out of my mind.”

“Chuck I think we should call it a night.” I say to him. My son has started my juices flowing, and I don’t know how to stop them.

“I can’t believe just talking to my Chuck, has done this to me.” He is better looking than his father that’s for sure.

“Mom are you OK.” I say to her. “Do you need a hand?”

“Oh Chuck,” I think I could use one. “Help me to my room and I’ll be all right.”

“I get mom to the bedroom, and kiss her good night.” Mom closes the door and I head back to the living room to clean up, and think of what a great night it was.

After cleaning up, I sit on the sofa with the lights out, only soft jazz on the cable T V.. I have another glass of wine and was sitting here, “thinking of Mom.” Grinning to myself about the first time, I saw her chubby ass when she was naked.

We had been swimming at my Aunt’s house. Mom needed a suite to wear. So she borrowed one of my Aunt Maggie’s swim suites, and was putting it on in my Aunt’s Bedroom. The door was not quite closed all the way, Mom’s back was to me, she Şirinevler Escort was taking off her panties. “Mom had to have the hairiest snatch I have ever seen!” Her chuddy ass looked so beautiful. The hair running from along her pussy lips, to her asshole, and all around it. “It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” I was 15 at that time, I have grown in three years, and so has my desire for my mothers ass. “Mom has no idea of how much I want and need her.” ~ ~ ~

I awoke to the smell of bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing. I walked into the kitchen an saw mom leaning over the sink. “I walked up be hind her grabbed her, hugged her, kissed her on her neck.” At the same time I pressed myself into her ass. I held myself there a few seconds and I know she felt my cock getting hard.

“Chuck sit down sweetheart.” I’ll have your eggs ready in a minute. The toast is already buttered.

“How did you sleep mom?” I asked her.

“Great Chuck.” Our little talk did make me feel so much better. “Even though it was with my handsome son.”

“She had this grin on her face and this lovely glow in her dark brown eyes.”

“See Mom,” I told you we would have a good time together. We have three more days to enjoy each others company. “I’ll do the breakfast dishes,” and you pretty yourself up. I’ve already called Aunt Maggie, and we can use the pool while their away, “so Mary hop to it.”

“Chuck!” Where is this Mary coming from. “Mom isn’t good enough anymore.”

“I’m sorry Mom!” “I was thinking of you like you were my date, instead of my Mom.”

“Ummm, you are going to make your old Mom jealous.” I’ll have to keep an eye on any woman who would be dating you from now on. “You are a naughty boy. But you’re my naughty boy.”

“You’re the only woman I want Mom.” I walk up and give her a hug and a kiss on the lips. “She kisses me back,” and I squeeze her ass, “I feel my cock start to harden.”

Mom pulls away, and I can tell her breathing has become more labored. Her eyes have glassed over.

“Chuck we can’t be doing this.” Mom says to me. We are going to Aunt Maggie’s remember. So let’s get ready and go. I think to myself, “OH MY GOD,” my pussy is so wet. “It’s my son who is doing it to me.”

My sister and my nephew Tom, are almost in the same situation as Chuck and I are now in. Now Maggie has me wondering, just how those two have become so close and happy over the last two years. Ever since Maggie thru out Tom Sr., she seems more relaxed and is really enjoying herself.

“No man has ever made me feel like this, even my ass is on fire.” Every time he touches me, he takes my breath away.

“I want to feel his tongue go deep into my ass, his cock fill me with as much of his cum as possible.” I know it’s not right, but I want him.

“I want my Chuck every way possible.”

“His father never would fuck my ass or eat my pussy!”

HE said, “I was too hairy!” I wonder, if My Chuck likes hairy women.

Maybe I’ll let him see me and see what happens. But suppose he doesn’t He doesn’t like what he sees, what then. All my hopes will vanish, I won’t know what to do! “I’ll have to go back to my dreams, my dildo’s, and my fingers for my pussy and asshole.”

I walk into the living room ready to go, and see mom with tears in her eyes.

“Are you Ok mom,” I asked her.

“She said Yes, I’m fine Chuck.”

We’re headed to the car and Aunt Maggies. “I said Mom your hair is beautiful.” She had it in a French Braid, it smelled of wild flowers, her dark brown hair matched the glow of her eyes. There was no gray that I could see. I didn’t remember seeing any 3 years ago either, only dark brown all the way around. We arrived at Aunt Maggies and the Pool looked great, the water was crystal clear. I asked Mom if she wanted to change into her bathing suite, while I make us some iced tea.

“That sounds like a really good idea Chuck.” I’ll see what Maggie has in the refrig. and I’ll make us lunch later on. “I’m going to change now, you can use the back bedroom.”

I saw mom go into the front bedroom and close the door but it didn’t close all the way. I wonder if she did that on purpose, I’m thinking to myself. I started to walk to the back of the house but waited a couple of minutes. I then walked slowly and softly toward the back bedroom. I passed the front bedroom door which was not closed all the way, “Mom was standing in front of a mirror with no clothes on, as I peeked in she bent over, and started to pull up her bathing suite.”

“Man, I could see her hairy pussy and ass,” and all the brown hair that was covering it. “Damn I would like to chew on those ass hairs of hers.” I looked into the mirror.

I noticed Mom’s eyes staring at me. “She had this little grin on her face.” “I knew I been caught,” but I didn’t care, I wanted her and now she knows.

I was looking into the mirror and saw my Chucks eyes. “He was staring at my ass and pussy.” He seemed fixated with my ass Şirinevler Escort Bayan and was rubbing his cock while looking at me. I don’t even know if he realized he was even doing it. “He must have stood there for at least five minutes, just looking at my bare ass.”

“I knew now, that I had some one who really wanted me!” This is what I had hoped to find. I finally pulled my suite up and turned around and Chuck was gone, I put my finger on my clit and started rubbing like hell, just to get a little relief. Before I get into the pool with Chuck, and have him set me on fire again.

“Damn I had to run and put my bathing suite on, and jerk off for some relief.”

“Man Mom, has a hairy snatch, damn it’s beautiful.” I can’t wait to get her in the pool. This could really be a good day. I head outside where it’s warm, sunny, and my Mom awaits.

I came outside and saw Mom already in the pool enjoying herself. She had, Aunt Maggies green mesh bathing suite on, and she really looked nice in it. I jumped in and swam toward her, she splashed me when I surfaced.

“Mom and I stayed in the water about an half hour.” We played around and splashing each other. We were grabbing each others bathing suites, trying to pull them down. Which neither of us had any success at, before we got out to put on some sun Tan oil, on each other.

“Chuck,” would you put some oil on my back and legs? I ask Chuck as I lay on a body towel.

“Yes mom.”

“I tell him on the picnic table there is a bottle of Banana oil,” to use that, it’s good for your skin, plus it smells divine.

“Mom,” where should I start first? Damn this plastic bottle is warm. As I pick it up, there must be 20 oz’s. of oil in this thing.

“It’s up to you Chuck,” you have the oil. I’ll lay on my stomach and you can get started.

With Mom on her stomach, and the oil having been sitting in the sun, it became apparent that mom was going to be one well pleased Lady.

The warmth of Mom’s shoulders and her body; the fragrance of the oil elicited moans of pure pleasure from Mom being rubbed down. I could see her grinding her hips into the blanket, as I now work my way up and down her thighs. “I could smell her aroma and it was intoxicating!” Mom spreads her legs just enough that I can see the hair sticking out all around the material of her bathing suite. There is so much hair sticking out between her legs, you can barely see the gusset of her bathing suite.

I keep rubbing the oil into her flesh. Now I am so turned on by her aroma and the aroma of the banana oil, I do not know what to do! I keep rubbing the oil into her thighs and go from the cheeks of her ass to her toes. I can now push my hands slightly up under her suite as I rub the oil into her skin.

I knead her chubby ass cheeks and press closer to the hair around her asshole. “Mom” is now making little moaning sounds; and a steady stream of “Oh chuck, Oh chuck, Oh Chuck,” keeps coming from her mouth.

“Mom, do you know that you need a hair cut real bad.” You can’t even see your bathing suite for all the hair.

“Oh chuck;” “You are not suppose to look at your Momma’s hair down there.” “Mom says to me, sounding out of breath.”

“Mom,” you can’t even see your bathing suite.

“So why don’t you let me trim the hair for you.” I say this to her with a big grin on my face.

“Chuck!” “Young men are not suppose to be trimming their momma’s snatch hair’s.” I look at Chucks face and see that shit eating grin, that tells me he would really love to get his tongue down there also. “Soon my love, soon” I think to myself, just be patient. “Mom,” you know if that hair gets any longer, “we’ll have to put it up in braids.” I figure this would get a rise out of her.

“Chuck you are hurting your Momma’s feelings,” I give a little pout look with my lower lip, just like a little girl would, in a soft little girl voice.

“Come on Mom, you know that it’s a jungle down there,” I say with a big smile on my face.

“Chuck you are a naughty boy,” and I should spank you, but you might like it to much. “I say to him with a grin on my face.”

I’m looking at Mom, and she has this grin on her face. “Plus you my have to go on safari to find the good stuff. I say with a big grin on my face.”

Mom is looking at me with that twinkle in her eye when she says, “Ok Sweetheart you win!” after dinner we’ll get the weed whacker and go on Safari. “Now keep rubbing that oil into my ass cheeks.”

I must have massaged her legs and ass for a good twenty minutes, before she said, “we should take a shower and I’ll make something for lunch.

“Mom, we can take a shower together.” I grinned at her.

“No chuck,” I don’t think so. I don’t know about you, but I feel that there will be to much temptation for the two of us.

“Ok Mom,” I’ll wait until you finish. Mom walks by me, then smacks me on my ass and smiles as she goes into the house. “I know this is going to be a wonderful Escort Şirinevler day.”

The rest of the day went by so very well. We talked, teased each other, told each other some of our fantasies, Mom told me some of her disappointments. I even brought along a couple bottles of good red wine to drink with dinner and after. Dinner was very good, Mom does grill a mean steak. I must say the food was delicious. I tell mom, I’ll clear the table and put the dishes into the dishwasher, while she gets ready for her hair cut. I have this big grin on my face as I’m saying this.

“Chuck,” I’m not sure about this, “it really isn’t proper for a son to trim his mothers snatch hairs.” This will be the last time I say anything in protest to him, I think to myself. “Now it’s all up to Chuck,” and what he wants to do. “I’m so hungry for him,” but he has to make up his own mind.

“Now Mom,” I even borrowed the gas weed whacker from next door, “just to make sure I had enough power.”

“Oh Chuck you are terrible!” “I love you any way you naughty boy.”

“I love you to Mom.” Now go to Aunt Maggies bedroom and get ready. I have everything I need in there. When I walked in the bedroom, “Mom was laying on the bed in a Rubenesque pose.”

“I’m sure if he were still alive he would have loved to paint her.” That hairy snatch is unbelievable. “Damn I’ve never seen that much hair on a woman in one spot before.”

“Are you trying to catch something Chuck?”

“No Mom why.” She asks, as I’m still staring at her snatch.

Then close your mouth it’s hanging open. “This isn’t the first pussy you’ve seen is it?”

“No Mom, it is just more beautiful than I had pictured it would be.”

“Damn,” you can’t even see those pussy lips. “You really Do need a trim.” So lets get started and you’ll lay flat on your back, knees raised and legs apart, wideeee apart “Mom.” Say Ahhhh, and we both break out in laughter.

As Mom lays there I can smell the excitement in her pussy, her juices are starting to flow. The hair is starting to get wet from the juice flowing out of her pussy as my fingers are running up and down the sides of her snatch. I start grabbing small patches of hair and slowly trimming them, until they are even with Mom’s pussy lips. I pull the cut hair away and rub my fingers slowly within the lips of her pussy.

I must have trimmed off two inches of hair on each side of those lips. I now see her clitoris as it swells up and sticks out of it’s cover. I just can’t resist, “I put my tongue into the folds of her pussy lips and then proceed to lick on those lips and suck on that clit.” My mother starts rubbing my head and ears as she moans, “Oh Chuck.” She pulls my face hard into her pussy and I taste her sweet nectar. “God how I love the taste of her.”

“My son is now sucking my pussy,” and he has me on fire, “God what am I to do.” I’ve never felt anything like this before. “Chuck is driving me crazy!” “I feel his fingers push into my pussy.” He is looking for my G-spot and is sucking on my clit at the same time. He is also humming on it and the vibes are making me crazy.

“Oh my god he has found it, He’s Found it, I’M CUMmmmming,” “YES CHUCK,” “MOMMA IS GONNA CUM.” I hear this scream, my legs go stiff, my hands are grabbing the sheets, my eyes close and I see bright colors before me. “I realize that the person screaming is me, telling my Chuck to suck my pussy more, and harder.” I can’t believe the intensity of this orgasm.

Then Chuck does something totally unexpected, he starts running his tongue around the rim of my asshole and a new sensation starts welling inside of me. “You’re driving your Momma crazy you know that, I say to him.”

“Yes I do Mom,” and I truly want to satisfy you.

Then Chuck drives his tongue right up my asshole and I explode with another strong orgasm. I just can’t believe how good he is. “He is better than his father EVER WAS.” I’ve just had three of the best orgasms of my life, and “Chuck hasn’t even fucked me yet.”

“Mom,” I’m not finished trimming the hairs yet, so don’t get carried away. Roll over on your stomach, so I can trim the ass hairs. Mom does, and I start trimming the hairs around her asshole, where the hair is growing wild. Like they have a no grow zone everywhere else on her chubby ass.

“Once I’ve finished; I take a warm moist towel, and some body lotion and rub it into everywhere I’ve trimmed.”

“Uummm, Chuck that was so good,” and it feels so much lighter down there now. “Do you make house calls?”

Mom is laying on her stomach, giving it that little moan with a big smile on her face. I tell her, “Mom for you I make bedroom calls;” and I start kissing her ass cheeks and kneading them.” As I do this I rim her asshole with my tongue and start pulling on those hairs on the side of her asshole with my teeth. I’m hoping this will give her a new sensation.

“Oh Chuck, you’re driving me crazy sweetheart.” “You have set Momma on fire, now put out the flames.” “Suck my cock Mom.” Please do it now, I say to her.

“Only if you cum in my mouth, I want every drop of it, understand.”

“Yes Mom,” believe me, I won’t stop.

When I saw Chuck at 15 he was already as big as his father was. “Now look at what a man my son has grown into,” and I’m going to make him mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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