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Cinnamon Rolled

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Working during the last few days before a long holiday weekend can be a lonely task as almost everyone else uses vacation days to get as long a time off as possible. While it may be lonely at work, it is quiet and if you have work to do, you normally can get more done than at any other time of the year. Of course, if you don’t have any work to do at the moment, then it is a good time to catch up on your reading or, if you don’t snore too loudly, your sleep.

Most of the people who are working these lonely days will drag in late since their bosses are off, so the very few who do come in early, the building is practically empty. Since I like to beat the traffic in most days, I continue coming in early on these light days, traffic is that much easier and I can always slip out early. So when I walked into the lunchroom on that Thursday morning, checked in the plastic recycled bottles for contest bottle caps and then wandered over to the vending machine, I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone.

Looking over the selections in the vending machine I noticed a cinnamon roll dangling at the end of the machinery inside the glass. Apparently someone had purchased the roll and then it got caught in the mechanics of the vending machine. “Hmm,” I thought, “Looks like it’s buy one get one free,” figuring all I have to do purchase another cinnamon roll and the one I buy will knock the dangler loose and I’d get both rolls.

I reached into my pocket, fished around for change and pulled out four quarters. I was about to feed the quarters into the machine when I heard a voice from behind me, “That cinnamon roll is mine.”

The voice startled me and I nearly dropped my change. Looking in the far back corner of the lunchroom I noticed a short, wide lady kartal yeni escort sitting at one of the tables. Squinting, I looked harder and replied, “Lilian?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting patiently for someone to come along and help me get that cinnamon roll.”

“Well, I’ll just buy one for myself and hopefully both will fall down,” I said, stepping over to the vending machine. I was about to slip in my four quarters when I read the flashing red letters, “Exact Change Only.” “It says, exact change…”

“…only, yes I know,” she interrupted. “I could have just bought another if that was the case.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if anyone else has some smaller change,” I said.

“But I’ve been waiting for what seems like hours. Look if you can get that for me, I’d do anything for you,” she then looked me in the face, stepped up close enough to where her huge breasts rubbed against my chest. Turning a bit from side to side, she repeated, “I’d do anything.”

I’m not really sure what I was thinking at the time, but I quickly turned and bumped against the machine. Nothing happened. Then I reached to the back corner, pulled it toward me, tilting the machine slightly on its front legs and then released it. The machine crashed down with a loud bang and the cinnamon roll dangled, swinging back and forth. I quickly pushed on the front top of the machine, this time tilting it backwards and then letting it fall forward.

That last maneuver did the trick and the cinnamon roll fell down to the bottom of the vending machine. I reached inside and pulled it out, but as I turned to hand it to Lillian, she was on the ground. “Lillian, are you okay?”

She nodded, pulling off kartal escort her panties and spreading her legs wide.

I have to admit, though somewhat overweight, she was attractive, and I’m certainly not in very good shape myself and it had been a long time since I’ve had such an offer. Hell, I was turned on and I quickly pulled off my pants and underwear. Kneeling down between her knees I leaned forward and let her take hold of my cock.

She guided it to her pussy but as I leaned forward and tried to push myself inside her, my cock seemed to get stuck. Pushing again I ran into what felt like a blockage along the top of her pussy. Pushing gently a few more times I figured that perhaps this just wasn’t meant to be.

“Something seems to be blocking me,” I said, backing away from her a bit.

“You just need to push harder, it’s nothing.”

Leaning forward again, I pushed slowly and was blocked. “See…”

“Push harder, faster.”

“Are you a virgin Lillian?” I asked.

“Of course I am, what the hell do you think you are running into?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never…”

Before I could finish, she grabbed me, rolled me onto my back, shoved the cinnamon roll into my mouth and then straddled me. Lowering herself down onto me, I could see her wince a bit and then I felt my cock slide easily into her wet pussy. She moved quickly up and down over me and before I realized what was happening, I felt a wave of pleasure run from my balls up to my cock and I came, spurting my cum deep into her pussy.

Unable to talk, I bit down on the cinnamon roll, letting the rest of it fall onto the floor while I chewed and swallowed. By the time I was ready to talk again, she had climbed off kurtköy escort me. I looked down and saw just a bit of blood on my cock, which she quickly cleaned up with a paper towel. “You were a virgin.”

She nodded and then said, “And now I’m not.”

In the distance we heard the elevator ding. “Damn someone else is up on this floor now.”

I grabbed my underwear and pants and quickly pulled them on while Lillian pulled on her panties and then got up off the floor. Making a face she picked up what was left of the cinnamon roll and tossed it into the trash. We both had just finished straightening ourselves out when John, our boss walked into the lunchroom.

“John, you don’t happen to have change for a quarter do you?”

He reached into his pocket and handed me three nickels and a dime. He then grabbed a coffee cup, filled it with coffee and wandered back out of the lunchroom without saying a word.

“Damn, not too friendly,” I said.

“He’s like that until he finishes that first cup of coffee.”

“Well, anyway, let’s get that cinnamon roll,” I replied, pushing three quarters and a single dime into the machine. I noted the numbers under the cinnamon roll and pressed one then a three and then a four and watched as the mechanism began working pushing the cinnamon roll to the end of the bar it hung from.

We both waited as it slid closer and closer to the end and then held our breath as it dangled for a moment, swinging back and forth and then, it slowed down. We watched as it stopped swinging and remained caught on the last one-sixteenth of an inch. I immediately reached into my pocket, but now that I had the small change to purchase the roll, I was out of quarters.

“I’m all out of change too,” Lillian replied.

We both moved to the table at the back of the lunchroom and waited. I didn’t dare try banging the vending machine around while the boss was in. Looking over to Lillian I asked, “Once the boss leaves, want to try again.”

She smiled and nodded, “Yes, I think I would.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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