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Co-worker Fantasies

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My name is Mark. I am a Executive in a small technology company. This is a story about how one of my long-term fantasies involving a co-worker recently came to life.

I had been working at the small company for a number of years. Over my time there I had developed a number of friendships with my female co-workers but nothing ever eventuated due to the fact that I was a happily married man. A lot of the other employees I worked with were hot young things straight out of college. I would spend many a lunch break sitting eating my sandwich ogling over the eye candy that walked in and out of the lunch room. I especially enjoyed their tight pants and skirts that looked more appropriate for a dance floor than a workplace. For years I flirted with many of them, making sexy little jokes and innuendos, with them feeling safe in the fact that I was a married man. Little did they know of the many sessions I spent alone at home, living out sexual scenarios in my mind as I jerked off. All the time, thinking of their gorgeous bodies and what I would do to them if given half a chance.

One of the young employees in particular, stood out as a regular in my fantasies. Her name was Laney. Like me, Laney was also married. She had only recently returned to work from having a baby. Laney was drop dead gorgeous. She was about 5, 7 with shoulder length brunette hair. She still retained some of her post baby curves, but in my mind they made her even more sexy and womanly. She had a pretty face and very alluring eyes. Laney’s ass was amazing. All the more accentuated by the short skirts that she wore. They also showed off her shapely tanned legs. But by far, her best attributes, were her fantastic tits. They were large and shapely without being overwhelming or looking fake. These were the all-natural type and far larger than any I had ever touched or sucked before. The months spent breast feeding had only added to their size and shape, making them even more desirable in my mind. I felt myself drawn to them and whenever I had the chance to look without getting caught, I would stare at their wondrous shape. I would imagine what they would look like in the flesh if I could release them from the confines of the top that Laney was wearing. I would grow hard at the thought of sucking from her breast and watching as the breast milk spurted out. A few times, Laney actually caught me looking, lost in my fantasies, but she simply grinned as my face grew red from embarrassment.

Over the years, Laney and I became very good friends. Both of us lived in the same neighborhood and eventually decided to carpool together to save on the cost of fuel as we both had to travel quite a distance to get to work. The trip to and from work took around one hour and this gave us the opportunity to talk about business and our lives outside of work. It was lots of fun. Far more entertaining than the dull trip alone. We would share stories and jokes and it provided us with the chance to relax on our journey to and from work. Not to mention, it also provided me with the opportunity to ogle Laney and her shapely curves as she sat beside me.

As the trips clocked up, so too did the sharing of more intimate details about ourselves and our sex lives with our respective spouses. Initially, it was just little things that would be dropped into conversations. Things like her mentioning that she and her husband had had sex the night before and so on. But eventually, the conversations became more and more revealing, all the time fuelling the fantasies that I was using in my jerk off sessions at home. The day canlı bahis she told me that she shaved her pussy made me hard as a rock and I couldn’t wait to get home and jerk off as I dreamt of running my tongue up her bald, tasty and wet slit.

At the time, one of my favorite fantasies involved the two of us on the way home from work. I would regularly beat off to this little scenario whenever I was home alone.

As usual we would be discussing sex and what turned us on. As we were talking and Laney driving, she would look over at me and frankly reveal how hot and wet our little revelations made her. Surprised by her admission, I would ask her “really?” to which she would reach over and touch my hand. She would then guide my hand with hers back onto her exposed thigh and slowly push it further up under her skirt. Taking her lead, I would inch my finger closer to her wet panties, feeling the warmth and moisture from her aroused pussy. I would brush my fingers across her panty covered sex; she would moan and briefly close her eyes from the pleasure of my touch. I would continue rubbing her mound through her panties as her breathing intensified and her concentration on the road diminished. Withdrawing my fingers from under her skirt, I would bring them to my nose and lips as I inhale her juices and taste her for the first time. She would stare at my fingers as I do this and she would moan in throaty appreciation.

With a sudden swerve, Laney would pull the car off onto an access road that lead into the forest we drove home through. Driving a little further, her eyes fixed back onto to the track ahead, Laney would drive with a sense of urgency, focused on a small clearing up ahead. As we reach the clearing and switch off the ignition, Laney would undo her seat belt before clambering on top of me and pushing her tongue down my throat in a heated embrace. As our kissing intensifies, I would reach from behind, under her skirt and continue my frantic rubbing of her hot, wet panty covered sex. With Laney struggling to reach my covered cock due to the cramped conditions of her small car, I encourage her to hop out. Being all hot and horny she is reluctant, but seeing the restrictions before us she agrees and makes her way around to the front of the car.

Embracing again, with our tongues entwined, I lay her back onto the warm hood of her car. Breaking our kiss, I lean back as I slowly begin to unbutton her blouse. In my fantasy I want to savor every moment of the first time I see those amazing breasts. I had dreamt about them for so long and wanted to take in every inch of them. Laney is wearing a White lacy bra under her cotton blouse and her heaving breasts are struggling to break free as I peel the blouse open. Her horniness is all the more evident when I see how her hard, erect nipples are also straining against the confines of the semi transparent bra. Unable to resist, I lean back down, me standing, my body between her thighs, and begin to suck on her nipples through the material of her bra. Sucking though the rough texture only makes the nipples harder. As I suck and nibble, I even taste a feint taste of breast milk. This only serves to turn me on more.

With me between her legs and pushing between her thighs, we begin to dry hump through our clothes. My hard as steel cock trying to burrow through my jeans and into her warmth. She reaches up and pulls her breasts free of the bra. I nearly cum in my pants as I see them for the first time. They are more gorgeous in the flesh than anything I could have imagined. She uses her fingers to tweak her nibbles, bahis siteleri producing tiny droplets of milk. I reach back down, taking them in my mouth, savoring the taste of her breast. As I suck and lick at her breast, alternating between the left and right, her ragged moans increase. She reaches down and unbuttons my jeans. She reaches in and grabs hold of my hard cock that has leaked pre-cum all through my jocks. She uses it as lube as she begins to stroke me. Our breathing intensifies and she whispers that she wants me inside of her; she wants me to make her cum.

In my fantasy, I am too close to cummimg from all of the excitement. Not wanting it to end just yet, I tell her that I want to taste her first. I crouch down in front of the car. She is still lying on the hood, her legs spread wide and her feet on the bumper. I look down at the incredibly hot sight before me. Drinking in her breasts, her disheveled hair and makeup, and her see through white thong panties. I can easily see the lips of her pussy due to her wetness soaking the fabric. I run my hands down from her breasts and run them up the inside of her thighs. Slowly inching my fingers under the elastic of the front of her panties. This elicits a moan from her mouth and a request to lick her. ‘Lick me Now!” she demands. Pulling her lips apart with my fingers I pull the panties tight so that the thong separates her sex and pushes her clit hard against the see thru mesh of her panties. I can smell her pussy, my face is so close, I bring my tongue down inhaling her aroma and slowly touch her clit through her panties. She bucks on the bonnet from the touch and repeats her demand for me to lick her. Not wanting to disappoint, I begin a slow deliberate lick from her panty covered rosebud and opening up to her clit where I begin a slow circular licking motion. I repeat this process a number of times. Each bringing a similar response from Laney of moans and clutching my head with her hands. I begin sucking Laney’s clit through her panties. My fingers find their way under them and search out the source of her wetness. As I suck and tickle her clit with my tongue, I slowly insert first one, then two fingers into just the opening of her pussy, taunting her and slowly bringing her to her peak.

Frustrated by the hindrance of her panties, Laney demands that I take them off. I briefly bring her legs back together as I rip her soaked panties down and over her knee high black boots that she always wears. (I slip the panties into my pocket to use when I get home!) She spreads her legs wide again, placing her feet up on the bumper to give herself support. It is the first time that I see her bald pussy in all of its glory. No one would believe that a baby had come out of it. It looked so tight and sexy. I couldn’t wait to get my cock into it. But that would come later.

I crouch back down and bring my face in to feast on Laney’s pussy and its juices. I alternate from sucking and licking to dabbing my tongue in and out of her opening. I even trace the opening of her ass hole a couple of times which seems to turn her on even more as she nearly rips my hair out of my head when I do it. I make my way back up to her erect clit. I begin to suck harder as she announces that she is close. She begins to repeat over and over, “Make me cum Mark, Make me cum!” All the time, thrashing around on the hood of her car, arching her back from the pleasure that my administrations are giving her. The whole time, she alternates between clutching my head and rubbing the milk from her nipples into her breasts.

As I feel bahis şirketleri her getting close, I push my fingers deeper into her wet, open, pussy searching out her g-spot. The groan that comes from her mouth tells me that I have found it. I use my two fingers to press and tickle it as I suck over and over on her hard erect clit. Her wetness is running down my arm as all of a sudden she arches her back off the hood of the car and clamps my head between her thighs as a massive orgasm overcomes her.

She is trembling on the hood as she looks me in the eyes and tells me that no one has ever eaten her pussy like that before.

Laney looks down at the bulge in my jeans, desire and need still burning in her eyes. She tells me that she wants my cock inside of her. She tells me that now it’s her turn to make me cum. She slides off the hood and turns me around so that now I am leaning against it. Laney drops down into a crouching position, legs spread. Still with no panties on, her breasts spilling form her blouse and bra and all the time still wearing her sexy black boots. She makes me hard just looking at her. She reaches up and pulls my jeans and jocks down in one motion. My hard, leaking cock springs free and bounces up into her face. With a giggle she comments “Did I do this?” Laney then slurps my cock into her mouth in one motion. Her technique is unbelievable. She sucks and runs her tongue on the underside of my head before taking it out of her mouth and sucking on it like a lollipop. She repeats this over and over. As I look down, I see that her hand has found her exposed pussy and is playing with her clit. She too begins to moan and the vibrations only add to the amazing sensations she is giving to my cock with her mouth. I feel my legs begin to buckle as I involuntarily begin to thrust in and out of her mouth. Laney’s lips are glistening with my pre-cum. Not wanting to waste the cum in her mouth and still yet to sample her pussy, I reluctantly ask her to stop. She seems unwilling though and I have to reach down and pull her to her feet. Mycock breaks free from her suction with an audible “Plop!” I tell her that I have to fuck her. I have to know what her pussy feels like on my cock.

I turn Laney around again and lay her back in her original position on the hood. Legs spread wide I move in close as she uses my hand to guide my cock head into her opening. At first I just ease inside, wanting to savor this feeling for as long as possible. But she tells me that she wants it hard and fast. I push back in, this time all in one go. I give it all to her. She looks so hot, spread out on the hood, her tits heaving, my pre-cum on her lips and her bald pussy taking my meat. There are animalistic grunts coming form her mouth as I begin to pound her. The car even begins to rock with our motion. I feel that I’m close and she tells me that she is too. I drive in and out, in and out until I cant take any more, I try and hold on and as I feel her shake from her orgasm, I pull my cock from her pussy and squirt my cum all over her stomach and breasts. Like me, she is shaking from our union. She rubs my cum into her breasts and tummy and giggles as she tells me that she will definitely need a shower before her husband gets home. I agree and tell her that I will need to find a hiding place for my souvenir panties before my wife gets home.

My fantasy ends with the two of us getting dressed (Laney minus her panties) and continuing on our journey home. The two of us both rather quiet in the car, basking in the afterglow of our incredible sex session in the forest.

Whilst this is just one of my fantasies involving my co-worker, the story actually ends with a real life session with Laney in a stockroom at work. Depending on responses, I may finish the story in further chapters.

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