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Co-worker’s Man Ch. 18

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“Yeah, how about fixing us something to eat Jon,” said Mr. Wolfe as he withdrew his heavy flaccid cock from my mouth and plopped himself down to lean against the headboard.

“Yes sir. I’ll see what I can do,” I replied as I sat up and eased myself off the bed. I was still amazed that this man in his mid-50’s was planning on giving me another load. He had dumped one into me earlier in the afternoon and then fed me another two in a row just now.

“Where’s the remote for that TV?” he asked as he pointed to the small TV I had sitting on the dresser in my room. I grabbed the remote sitting on the night table and passed it to him. He switched it on and pulled the sheets up to his waist as he started flipping thru channels.

I pulled off my sticky soiled underwear and cum-stained shirt and threw them into my laundry hamper in my closet. I pulled on a clean pair of loose boxers and an old comfortable t-shirt and headed to the kitchen. I took a look in my fridge and found some leftover spaghetti with meat sauce in a Tupperware container. I had made it on Thursday figuring I’d have some for another meal over the weekend with enough for a lunch either Monday or Tuesday. Well, Frank made sure I was well fed over the weekend and I guess I could take a sandwich tomorrow. I put it into a pot and got it heating up on the stove.

My throat felt raw and sore from the ravaging Mr. Wolfe had just given it……on top of all the other times it had been used this weekend! I kept looking at my freezer and finally could resist no longer. I pulled out the ice-cube tray and popped one of Frank’s yellow ice cubes into my mouth. I sucked on it slowly and felt the cool saltiness sooth my throat.

As the spaghetti was heating up, I got out some bread, butter and garlic and made up some garlic toast to go with our meal. I put the bottle of wine on the table with two glasses in case Mr. Wolfe wanted one but I also got out a beer from the back of the fridge. Although I don’t drink beer too often myself, I like to have some in the house for visitors. I figured Mr. Wolfe for a beer-man for sure.

As the ice cube finally dissolved away and I tasted the last of Frank’s cool piss, I filled our plates and got everything ready on the table. I walked back to the bedroom door and looked on quietly as Mr. Wolfe was looking away from me at the TV. His strong barrel chest and muscular shoulders were fantastically impressive for a man his age. He had his thick muscular arms thrown up behind his head as he leaned against the headboard. I could see the definition of his relaxed biceps and the flow of his muscles from his arms to his shoulders. His hairy chest of dark hair flecked with gray tapered to a fine line that ran down into the sheet about his waist. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair that he kept fairly short but suited him. His short stubble of beard just made him look even more manly.

I found myself leaning against the doorframe as I allowed my gaze to roam over his body. As I looked at the sheet draping over his impressive package, I let out a slight moan and he quickly looked over. I looked sheepish as he caught me staring at him.

He flicked off the TV and quietly slid out of bed and kept his eyes locked on me as he walked towards me. I dropped my eyes to the heavy cock hanging majestically in front of this magnificent stud. It swung slowly from side to side as he made his way towards me. He obviously noticed that my eyes never left his impressive manhood.

“You’ll get to eat some more of that shortly, son.” He put his two big hands firmly on my shoulders. “But I’m starving so lets see what you’ve got for us,” he said as he turned me around and followed me towards the kitchen. Knowing the layout of all the apartments, he stopped by the linen closet in the hallway and reached in to grab a big towel. He cinched it around his waist and we continued into the kitchen.

“Hey, this looks good,” he said as he sat down at the table and reached over to crack open the beer. I’d been right about that anyway. He took a slug of beer and then dug into his food.

“So Jon, I didn’t see you around this weekend. What were you up to? Spending some time with that guy that brought you home earlier,” he asked.

“Well sir………ummmm….I kind of ran into him Friday night. And then….well….ummmm….ended up spending most of the weekend at his place,” I answered sheepishly.

“C’mon cocksucker, give me the details,” he said with an authoritative tone to his voice. As we continued to eat, I told him the whole story of the weekend; from licking Lori’s juice off Frank’s cock before his first load, to the visit to Claudia’s store, Frank busting my cherry, Evan coming over, the shower fuck and ended telling him that Frank had given me a last load after Mr. Wolfe had seen me licking his big cock in the truck in front of the apartment building.

“So you’ve been quite the busy little cocksucker the last two days,” he said as he sat back and took a slug of beer. Since I had been doing nearly all the talking over the last little while, I still gaziantep escort had about half of my food left while he had just finished. I reached over to grab the bottle of wine to pour myself a drink.

“Whoa, whoa.” He reached out and took the bottle from my hand. “You won’t be needing that,” he said as he set the bottle aside. “A little thirsty Jon?” he asked. I nodded as I looked at the wine bottle across the table.

“Remember those questions I was asking you earlier. Well, I think it’s time to check out one of your answers,” he said as he rose from his chair and stood beside me. He un-cinched the towel about his waist and set in on his chair. He reached out and took my wine glass and inserted the broad head of his cock into the glass. I watched as he held still for a second, let out a relaxing breath and then his piss started to flow into the glass! When the glass was only about a third full, I watched him pinch off his stream. He took a deep breath and a shudder seemed to run down his body.

“Here you go,” he said as he passed me the glass. He wrapped the towel around himself again and sat back down in his chair.

“You can do that, Mr. Wolfe? Just stop your piss like that?” I asked with an incredulous look on my face.

“Yeah, I used to have a little cocksucker just like you a number of years ago. He loved to drink my piss too. It took a little practice but I learned how to use the muscles to control my flow. Go ahead, drink up.” He watched intently as I brought the glass towards my mouth. I could feel the heat of his warm piss thru the glass. I held it beneath my nose and my nostrils flared wide open as I inhaled.

“Mmmmmm,” a soft sigh escaped my lips as I drew in the strong acrid flavor. I swirled it around in the glass and let the warm heat drift into me. I put my lips to the edge of the glass and slowly tipped it up. I felt the first hot salty taste wash over my tongue. “Mmmmmmm,” I moaned out loud as I tipped more into my mouth. I tipped the glass back away from my mouth and closed my lips as I let the first mouthful roll around my tongue. It tasted absolutely delicious as I could take my time and savor it rather than being over-run by piss as had happened previously. I brought the glass back to my mouth and tipped more into my eager mouth. I swallowed and swallowed as I chugged the remainder until the glass was empty.

“So you like that, eh cocksucker?” I looked over at Mr. Wolfe who was looking at me with a pleased smile on his face.

“Yes, very much sir. May I have some more?” I asked as I held the glass out towards him.

“Sure,” he said with a laugh as he rose to his feet. “You can have as much as you want, anytime you want,” he said dropping the towel on his chair again. This time I held the glass over the end of his cock and with my face inches from his heavy member, watched as he went thru that breathing thing before releasing more of his piss into the glass. My hands warmed immediately as the golden nectar started to fill the bottom of the glass. When he had filled it to about the same amount as last time, he pinched off the stream again and then did the similar shuddering thing before he released his gripping hand from around his cock.

“How about I give you a little straight from the source,” he said as pulled his heavy cock out of the mouth of the wine glass.

“Yes please, sir!” I said eagerly. I set my glass on the table and turned sideways in my chair as he stepped up next to me. He lifted his thick cock and I opened my mouth wide. He set it on my tongue and I quickly closed my lips behind the flared ridge. I took my hands and gripped his firm ass-cheeks as he put both his hands onto my head.

“Okay, Jon. I’m going to give you two mouthfuls this time. I’ll stop when you’ve got the first one and then when you’ve swallowed all that, I’ll give you a second one.” I nodded in agreement as I eagerly anticipated him filling my mouth with his hot salty piss. I felt him relax and the first blast of his piss spat into the back of my mouth and quickly pooled at the base of my tongue. I quickly swallowed as my mouth continued to fill up. Just when I thought it was going to overflow and run down my chin, the flow stopped. This man’s control over everything he did with his cock was unbelievable!

I purred as I swallowed and swallowed. His hot salty cum felt wonderful as it slid down my throat. He somehow knew instantly when I was done as he released another hot acrid load into my waiting mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned thru closed eyes as I savored this new batch. Again, he filled my mouth until I was almost bursting and then stopped. I savored the salty heat as his precious golden nectar flowed down my throat and into my stomach. His cock made an audible wet “plop” when he withdrew it from my mouth.

“That should quench your thirst for a bit. And you’ve still got some in your glass to go with the rest of your meal,” he said as he threw the towel around him and took another beer out of the fridge before he sat down. I eagerly dug into my food before it got any colder. He popped open his beer and took a big slug as he flopped back into his chair.

“So Jon, do you know how many loads of cum you got this weekend? I bet you know exactly how many,” he asked with a sly smile.

“Yes, sir,” I said sheepishly. “Frank gave me sixteen; Evan gave me four; so that was twenty. And then you’ve given me three more. So, twenty-three altogether sir.”

“Hmmm….twenty-three eh. I think twenty-five would be a much better number to finish off the weekend. So Jon, my little cocksucker, do you think you’re up for two more?” he asked me with a big leer on his face.

“Yes sir. I’ll take as much as you want to give me Mr. Wolfe.” I paused before I said what I had been thinking for awhile. “If you think you can do it again……,” I said hesitantly.

Mr. Wolfe roared with laughter at my comment. “Well Jon, there’s a lot of life left in this old dog. I know a lot of men my age probably can’t even get it up but I still usually get off at least three or four times a day. So yeah, I’m good for at least two more.” My eyes flew open listening to his words! He laughed softly again at the surprised look on my face.

“There’s a few divorced women and a couple of widows right here in this building that take my cock on a regular basis. Sometime I’ll pop by after I’ve fucked one of them and give you a little taste. Would you like that?” I nodded enthusiastically.

“I thought so. I’ll see what I can do. But hey, I’ve been waiting for a cocksucker like you to show up. I’ve been keeping my eye on you for a while now and I was happy to see you with your mouth wrapped around your friend’s cock in his truck today. It confirmed what I thought. And if your ass is anywhere near as good as that mouth and throat of yours, the woman in this building are gonna find themselves deprived of my cum from now on.”

I positively glowed under his praise and looked down at my half-eaten dinner demurely. I was thrilled to think that Mr. Wolfe would prefer to feed me his cum over the women who were used to servicing him in our building. I would do whatever it took to try and show him I was worthy of taking his precious semen.

“Jon, I like a nice clean ass when I fuck it. Do you have anything here to take care of that?” I thought of the enema kit that Frank had bought for me that I had stuffed into my overnight bag.

“Yes sir. I can take care of that sir.”

“All right then cocksucker. It’s time to get to it. I’m gettin’ pretty horny again and I want that pussy this time.” I looked down at the rest of the food left on my plate. All of sudden, I had better things to do than eat!

“Can I finish my drink first Mr. Wolfe, sir?” I asked as I looked at my wine glass holding his golden nectar.

“Oh absolutely. I insist.” He took a mighty slug of his own beer as I picked up the wine glass and inhaled deeply once again. His piss had become like the finest wine to me and I relished the warm fragrance as the pungent vapors flowed thru my nose and settled on my tongue. I put the glass to my lips and closed my eyes as I drank heartily. He watched as I swallowed mouthful upon mouthful of his warm salty piss. I let out an audible “aaahhhh” as I finished the last drop and set the glass back on the table.

“Okay Jon, go in and get your self cleaned out and then take a shower. I’ll join you in a minute.”

As I made my way towards the bathroom, I remembered to grab the jar of Vaseline from the coffee table that I’d had out earlier when I jacked off. I put it on the night table figuring I’d need it soon and then rummaged in my bag for the enema kit. I pulled it out and headed into the bathroom. I ran the sink until the water was nice and warm and then filled the enema bag. I sat on the can and forced out a pretty good crap and then inserted the nozzle into my ass and released the soapy liquid. As I had done at Frank’s, once the bag had emptied, I held it for as long as could before releasing it. I repeated the procedure as Frank had instructed until I felt I was thoroughly clean inside. I washed off the nozzle and set it on a shelving unit in my bathroom. I figured I’d be getting a lot of use out of it from now on.

I reached into my tub and turned on the water. In the bathrooms in our building we had your typical four-piece bathroom but the tubs had plexiglass sliding shower doors instead of having to hang a curtain. It allowed for more room inside the shower. And if Mr. Wolfe was going to be joining me, I’d need all the room I could get!

With the water at the right temperature, I entered the shower and started soaping my ass to ensure there was no residue from the enema procedure. I cleaned my crotch thoroughly and washed my face and upper body and then saw Mr. Wolfe enter the bathroom thru the glass. He tossed his towel onto the toilet seat and slid open the stall door. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. With his huge body next to me, instantly the shower seemed to be incredibly crowded. I didn’t complain though. I found being this close to this big man to be exhilarating.

“Did you get yourself cleaned out?”

“Yes sir.”

“All right then cocksucker. Use that soap and clean me up,” he said as he stood with his back to the spray and his front towards me. His huge bulk cut off nearly all the warm spray from the shower and I enviously thought of the giant two-headed shower stall at Frank and Lori’s. But Mr. Wolfe’s needs came before any of mine and I quickly lathered my hands and started soaping his body.

I started on his hairy chest and was amazed at the muscular firmness looming beneath that matted wet hair. Fuck, was this man ever in great shape for his age! As I moved my hands over him, I loved watching the foam run down his body as it was washed away. He raised his arms and I took my time washing his hot steamy armpits and running my loving hands over his muscular arms and shoulders. He turned to rinse off his front and I applied my hands to his broad back.

His waist tapered in beautifully and my lathered hands proceeded down to cup his two large firm ass-cheeks. He leaned his face forward into the spray and put his hands against the wall near the nozzle as I slid both soapy hands into his moist crevice. He parted his legs slightly as my fingers ran delicately along the length of his sweaty crease and over his puckered hole. I re-lathered my hands again as I caressed his succulent ass and the backs of his upper thighs. I slid my hands forward from the back and delicately washed the back of his distended sack. His balls were hanging low and heavy and I hoped they were swollen and loaded with fresh cum for me.

He turned around and allowed the stinging hot spray to wash over his back. I had yet to wash off his mighty cock and it was hanging down full and heavy over his huge balls.

“Before you get to work on my cock, do you want another drink? I can tell I’ve got a little of your favorite beverage left for you.” I nodded instantly and dropped to my knees. He lifted his heavy cock and as I opened my mouth, he set the broad head right on my tongue. As before, I clamped my lips tight behind his purple ridge and reached up to grip his ass. He adjusted his feet slightly and then I felt that quiet tremor run thru his body. I pressed the flat of my tongue against his piss-slit just as his piss burst forth and pushed my tongue backwards. I swallowed as my mouth started to fill. I moaned out loud again as I relished in the warmth of it as it filled my belly. With my mouth full, he did his thing and shut off the flow. When I had swallowed my mouthful, he released another golden torrent into my suctioning mouth. It filled again as I continued to swallow. The hot salty flavor coursed over my tongue as he stopped and then filled my mouth for a third time….and then a fourth! I thought he’d never run out of piss but the fifth time his stream dwindled to a slow trickle and then he finished completely as I lapped up the final strong drops from the end of his cock.

“You really like that, eh Jon. That’s good. Any time you need more, just come and see me.”

I got to my feet and soaped my hands once again and then set the bar aside. He stood with one hand on the top of the shower door and the other one pressed high on the opposite wall as once again his back was towards the spray. I started by running both hands thru his pubic hair and all around his abdomen and groin. His stomach was taut, probably from doing military push-ups every day. I reached down and took his heavy bag in both hands and gingerly massaged the soapy lather into his silky bag. I then slid both hands up on either side of his cock and took my fingernails and scratched thru the foamy lather around the base of his cock.

“Of fuck Jon. Where did you learn that?” he asked with a moan.

“Ummm….my friend this weekend, Frank. He really liked that sir.”

“Smart man, that Frank. You can do that to me anytime you like too.”

I spent a couple of minutes lightly scratching around the base of his thick cock and also pulled his bag taut with one hand while scratching across the surface with the nails of my other hand.

“Oh shit, I guess he taught you that too. I’m gonna have to thank him.”

Mr. Wolfe’s cock started to rise as I continued with my fingernails. I finally re-lathered my hands and wrapped both hands one over the other around the base of his cock. I slid them towards the end and I alternated with one hand over the other like I was pulling in a thick rope. I felt his cock thickening and extending in my hands as he gave off a low moan as I worked hand over hand on his long cock.

“Oh, you little cocksucker! You really know your way around a cock, don’t you?” Again, it was one of those questions that didn’t require an answer, just more action. I continued to slide my hands along his cock as it filled with his pulsating blood. I watched as it filled to make that beautiful upward curve of his as the broad head got that dark color of crimson I had come to love so much already. I was using my hands more towards the end of his cock as it finally achieved full erection. His beautiful 9 ¾” scepter stood strong as it filled my gripping hands. I sighed with lust as I looked down at his virile manhood throbbing within my hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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