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Coco , Igor

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All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


Coco invited Igor to stay at her home in September 1920. Despite his success, he was in financial difficulty. She was an admirer of his work and offered to give him a place to live and compose.

Her house was set in the quiet, elegant suburbs of Paris in ample grounds; giving it a secluded, small country estate feel.

The house was of the traditional French style, but Coco had renovated it in her own style; the whole house was decorated solely in black and white. She favoured simple chic designs and clean lines.

Igor settled into his new home and established his routine of working out before breakfast, looking over his score, then composing all afternoon. Then he would take a walk in the grounds, resume composing after dinner, or sit and read.

Coco mostly stayed in her apartment in Paris to be near her design studio, but she would take breaks intermittently to rest and refresh herself and return to her work invigorated.

Since Igor had arrived, her visits to her secondary residence became more frequent. She enjoyed listening to him composing at her piano in the parlour, accompanying him on his early evening walks and then sitting in quiet company reading by the fire at night.

They began to establish a friendship, finding shared interests and genuinely enjoying one another’s company. Igor was aware, however, that he had a home by her good grace and generosity, and this could change at any moment. Initially he longed to regain his independence, but gradually he began to enjoy being at her mercy.

As time progressed, a slight flirtation developed as their intimacy deepened. Light touches on a shoulder, a hand offered for support, a lingering kiss on the cheek goodnight.

Igor lay awake at night thinking about his Mistress. Her elegant figure, her dark, mischievous brown eyes, her enigmatic smile. He longed to caress her, kiss her, worship every inch of her to show his infinite gratitude.

Suddenly, their intimate routine was disrupted by Coco having to go to New York for fashion week. With all of the preparations and parties, she was away for a whole month. Igor continued his routine without her, but was lacklustre and his inspiration dried up. He longed for her company, their private jokes, and the glances he would steal from his side view between the buttons of her blouse.

When Coco returned one afternoon, Igor was at the piano as usual. She walked in, wearing a long satin pale grey dress that clung to her slender figure. She smiled at Igor, then put her hand on his shoulder, the other on top of the piano and stood on his thigh, so that she was sitting on top of the piano, facing him.

He was confused, but kept on playing, he couldn’t think what she was up to, but she had a mischievous glint in her eye. She pulled up her dress to reveal she was completely naked underneath. She spread her legs wide and started pissing.

Igor was immobilised with surprise and arousal. He was transfixed on seeing her pussy for the first time with its garland of dark pubic hair, releasing a fountain upon his still-playing fingers. Her piss splashed the bursa escort bayan keys as he played on, unable to stop, for fear this moment would end.

Her face remained serene throughout the entire event. When she had finished, she took his silk tie, still tied around his neck, and drew it to her, wiping the few drops of piss that still clung to her labia. Then she dropped her dress back down, stepped off the piano, and left the room.

Igor was still rooted to the spot, his wet tie hanging limp, unlike his cock, which was erect and straining in his suit trousers. He was still too shocked to do anything about it and continued his composition, still trying to make sense of what had happened, but sure that he would never wash his tie again.

A few weeks passed and everything seemed to be back to normal. Neither of them ever mentioned what had happened. Igor was constantly on edge, wondering if Coco would do anything like that again, and secretly hoping she would. He had never been so aroused in his life, but had been paralysed to do anything about it.

One evening they were sitting on a huge white sheepskin rug in front of the fire playing cards. They had been playing, talking and laughing for hours. Everything was very relaxed and normal between them.

Coco had just won their game and leaned back on her elbows to bask in her victory and the warmth of the fire. She looked Igor straight in the eye, with that same mischievous gleam he would never forget, and pulled up her skirt.

She crouched on the rug. Again, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He wondered if she had intended to do this all along, or if she never wore underwear. She pushed her knees wide apart with her elbows, giving him a full show of her pussy.

He laid down on his stomach to get a better view. He wasn’t so shocked this time and wanted to enjoy the show. When he was comfortable, she started pissing onto the white fluffy rug. It didn’t matter if she ruined it, she could afford to replace it, as was the case with everything in the house. She could do as she pleased.

Her torrent of piss soaked into the rug, making it warm and wet. Her flow seemed never to stop, and soon the rug couldn’t absorb any more liquid and a puddle formed beneath her. She let out a sigh of relief, or was it pleasure?

She kept her eye contact with Igor the whole time, smiling at him imperiously. He had to lift himself up on his elbows slightly to make room for his erection. His face was flushed with arousal and warmth from the fire.

Eventually her stream abated. She pulled her white silk neckerchief from her neck, wiped her pussy clean, tossed it on Igor’s face, got up, and left the room. He inhaled her scent slowly and deeply, then took the neckerchief in his hand.

He undid his trousers and slid them down. He released his throbbing erection that was covered in glossy precum. He moved over to her still warm puddle of piss and rubbed his cock in it. It felt warm and soft and taboo.

Once his cock was covered with her piss, he took the neckerchief and held it around his erection and masturbated with it to the recent memory of what had just happened. He came bursa bayan escort on the puddle on the rug, then lay down next to it, exhausted and sated. What he didn’t notice, was Coco had been watching him through the crack in the door.

A few days passed and no other events occurred. Just like last time, everything went back to normal and neither of them mentioned anything. Igor had kept the neckerchief and used it every time he masturbated each morning before he got up.

One morning, he was lying in bed just after daybreak as usual, cock erect and about to pick up the silk neckerchief, when Coco wandered into his bedroom without knocking or greeting him. She just smiled and walked over to his bed, pulled the covers off the bed and lay down next to him.

She was wearing white silk men’s pyjamas which flowed in the slight breeze and clung to her body. He could feel her warmth as her arm touched his and he could smell her distinctive perfume.

She didn’t look at him, or even acknowledge his presence, but traced her hand down over her pussy and started stroking herself. She started to writhe and moan with pleasure. He could see her pussy juices soaking through her pyjamas.

Her moans got louder and her breathing more ragged. When at last she climaxed, her hips bucked and her pussy gushed squirt all over the bed, soaking the sheets underneath. When her orgasm waned and she regained control of her breathing, she got up and left without a backward glance.

Igor had a raging hard on by now and could barely control himself. He lay with the side of his face in the wet patch and mastrubated furiously. He cried out with pleasure when he came and he didn’t care if she heard. She knew what she was doing to him and he had no shame in showing her the effect she had on him.

As part of their growing intimacy, Coco had asked him to teach her to play the piano. It would have been beneath him to teach someone in any other circumstance, but he couldn’t refuse her anything. He loved feeling the warmth of her body and inhaling her soft scent as she sat next to him on the piano stool.

He imagined they were back in bed together with her lying next to him in her silk pyjamas. However, he still didn’t have the courage to touch her. He was in a daydream when Coco finished the piece she was playing for him, pointed to the floor and told him to kneel.

He immediately did what he was told. He got up as she turned around on the piano stool to face the room. She pointed for him to kneel in front of her and he obeyed. He was trembling because he had no idea what was about to happen. His cock was stiff in his trousers and the bulge was obvious.

She instructed him to unzip his trousers and get his cock out. Again, he obeyed immediately. He knelt awaiting her next instruction, but instead she spread her knees apart, lifted her skirt and sat on the very edge of the piano stool.

He was kneeling right in front of her, erection standing proud, as she started pissing. A shower piss rained down over his cock, and she granted him permission to masturbate. Her piss drenched his cock, lubing it up for his quickening bursa merkez escort strokes to flow fluidly.

She looked him straight in the eye the whole time she was pissing, enjoying how helplessly turned on he was. She enjoyed seeing him in this subjugated position, being pissed on by his Mistress. He was so aroused, he came as her stream dwindled and the last drop touched the tip of his cock.

Before he could recover, she instructed him to lick her clean. He could barely comprehend her as he was so shocked he was being given permission to touch her. This had been his greatest desire for months and now he was being allowed to worship her as he had dreamed of doing for so long.

He kissed softly from her knee, along her inner thigh and buried his face in her soft curly pubic hair and inhaled her scent. He traced his tongue down her labia, lapping up every last drop of piss as if it were nectar. When she was completely clean, she instructed him to stop. Then she stood up and left the room in her usual manner, not looking back and leaving him an exhausted mess.

A few days passed and this gave Igor time to recover. He was happy that things were progressing, but he was tired of waiting for Coco to dictate the terms. He decided he was going to make the first move this time.

He had to be careful when and how he decided to act. He didn’t want to ruin their dynamic. He loved serving her and didn’t want her to cast him out of her house and her life. He took his time and planned for the opportune moment.

One morning, he heard her having a shower. He decided this was his moment. He opened the door quietly, not wanting to be discovered just yet. She was facing away from the door in the large shower cubicle. He could see the outline of her curves through the steam.

He walked up to the shower and opened the door. She turned around as if she had been expecting him. She wasn’t startled in the slightest. He felt completely transparent, like she could read his every thought.

She told him to get undressed and to kneel on the floor of the shower in front of her. She put her foot up on his shoulder and brought her pussy to his face. She instructed him to open wide, bringing her lips to his. She started pissing in his open mouth; piss overflowing and running down his chin.

He was rock hard by the time she finished. He had been completely subjugated again. Even when he took the initiative, everything was still on her terms. He knew his place.

She told him to lie on the cold tiled floor and she straddled his erect cock. She lowered herself down and he felt his cock enveloped by her silken pussy. This was more than he could ever have wished for. He was inside his goddess.

She started slowly, then built her pace, riding him with her feet planted firmly on the floor. He didn’t dare move. She took her pleasure precisely how she wanted it. She quickened her pace further and he couldn’t handle it any more. He came hard and spurted cum inside her perfect pussy.

She lifted herself off his cock, cum dripping out of her pussy and placed herself on his face. She made him lick his own cum out from inside her, then lick her clit as she ground on his face. He caressed her eagerly and reverently with his tongue until he felt her orgasm build and her pussy unleash squirt all over his face.

When she was sated, she got up, put on her dressing gown and left the room. Leaving him again, an exhausted mess, on the cold bathroom tiles.

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