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College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: 1st Semester

Allison experiences 4 older, and very endowed Professors.

I just experienced the wildest summer of my life. It started with entering and winning a local beauty contest, than fucking my boyfriend’s and best friend’s 68 year old father. His name is Mr. Travers. He is very wealthy and very distinguished and had the biggest cock I ever saw or fucked.

A little about myself. When I was young, I was really flat chested and had a lot of acne, but as I grew older my body developed from flat chested geeky pimple faced teen, into a smoking hot bikini model shape. By the time I turned 15, I had a body that drove men crazy. I stood 5’7″ tall and weighed 110 pounds, with eye-popping measurements that were exactly like they are now, 34D-21-33.

I’ve been told that I look exactly like the nude glamour model Raylene Richards, with thick blond hair, big suckable round tits with tiny nipples, a narrow waist, and perfectly toned calves and legs, and an absolutely perfect ass. Without being egotistical, I know I am the ultimate male fantasy.

Although I have had a steady boyfriend for 5 years, since I was 14, and was active sexually with him, I really blossomed sexually during this past summer, especially when I fucked my boyfriend’s father Mr. Travers ( see College Bound: Summer to Remember. Allison’s last Summer before leaving for College) His confidence and the fact that he had an enormous cock that could cum and fuck for hours and hours opened me up sexually, and really prepared me for college in more ways than I could count.

Throughout the summer my relationship with my boyfriend Bobbie began to fade. We were together since I was 14, and started becoming more like brother and sister instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. But, the big reason I broke away from him was that once I fucked his father and his huge cock Bobbie became a fading memory to me. Mr. Travers always had a different girl on his arm. He fucked constantly, and always teens my age, 18-20. They were daughters and granddaughters of business associates from all around the country and the world.

Mr. Travers had a confidence that drew mature-minded teens to him like a powerful magnet. These were sexy, mature teens like myself that were bored with boys our ages. He was worldly and sophisticated, a quality found in older, powerful men, not in boys. He was also very distinguished looking, tall and slender with a full head of white hair that made him even more sexy.

Always with sexy teens, rumors of him being an incredible fuck and having a huge cock that could fuck and cum for day’s spread like a wildfire. Not only did I hear the rumors about his huge cock and his fucking abilities, but so did his daughter Kate who is my best friend and boyfriends twin sister. My boyfriend Bobbie has a real big cock that measures 10 inches, but his fathers cock easily dwarfs his. Bigger in length and more than 5 times wider, that fucked real hard, and came in buckets.

That summer I fucked Mr. Travers on his schedule. My cell phone was always by my side, with a separate ring tone just for him. If I was out with friends or his son and got a call to meet him, I instantly dropped what I was doing, even if I was fucking Bobbie, and went to him. I’d always be dressed sexy, just like all the tens he fucked. High heels, stockings, lace bras and thongs and sometimes a sexy garter belt. If we went to his yacht, I would always have the skimpiest tear-drop or sling shot bikini with classic white or black high heel pumps, to further heighten that naughty 18 year old look.

I knew he fucked constantly, although I knew he loved fucking me, and that my body drove him crazy, but I also knew his favorite fuck was his daughter Kate. They started fucking this summer too, after they ran into each other at his house by accident, neither realizing the other was home. They were both nude when they met in the hall accidentally, except that Kate was only wearing a pair of thigh high stockings, thong and high heels.

She was getting ready for a date that night, a new guy she met at the pageant, and left her dress in the kitchen. Thinking she was alone in the house she went to get it without putting on a robe. Once their eyes locked onto each others bodies it was a two day fuck-a -thon, and something that instantly turned into a craving and hunger to fuck each other constantly. READ: (Summer to Remember. Kate runs into her fathers mammoth cock.)

I couldn’t get enough of Mr. Travers and his enormous cock. It filled my pussy unlike any other I ever experienced, especially his sons. He was both my introduction to older, powerful men and a huge cock. Going to college, I knew that I loved both and when I had that combination my pussy experienced the most explosive orgasms I ever had.

At college, I experienced a lot of amazing, sexual experiences. Being a popular cheerleader and in kurtköy escort bayan the most popular sorority, I had sex with a lot of the sports jocks on campus ranging from the football to the basketball players my age, 18,but the most memorable sexual experiences came from three older professors I had.

Growing up I was always a very good student and a voracious reader. This came from the time I was a nerdy teen, before I developed into the body I have now. My major is International Communications ( I want to be a television newscaster). I have the type of look, and especially the body that would be a perfect match for Fox news. Doing an interview like the Fox news reporters, sitting on a high stool, with my long, sexy tapered legs crossed with my blond hair, and a perfect set of 34D tits with a very narrow waist would be perfect for news ratings!

I love my classes and especially love the professors I had. They are all published authors and highly regarded authorities in each of their respective fields. As soon as I met each of my professors I was instantly attracted to there incredible intellectual minds and vast knowledge they each had of the subject they taught, and their incredible worldliness about many other diverse topics. I love being in their classes and always came dressed stylishly, which seemed an appropriate compliment to their prestigious accomplishments and backgrounds.

I always dressed in a tight, short pencil skirt or a short skirt that displayed my long tapered legs, a sheer, tight white blouse with a sexy white, black or red-lacey bra underneath. I always wore a pair tan or nude thigh high stockings to highlight my sexy legs, and white, black, or brown high heel pumps to add accent to their sexy tapper. I always wanted to look mature when I was in the class. The only give- away that I was 18 were my shinny braces that I had to wear for the next three years.

The sight of her sinful, eye-catching body, with her long, tapped legs and her amazing tits, and the eye-catching way she dressed was never  lost on any of these older schlors,who during their lectures would imagine themselves fucking the incredibly sexy blond teen in hundreds of different fuck positions.

These prestigious and highly erudite, and very distinguished looking older men, always had a variety of young co-ed students in their beds, but never were they more turned on then when they saw the incredibly stacked sexy young blond student sitting at a desk or a seat in a lecture hall, dressed thrillingly in short skirts displaying her incredible legs, with a pair of high heels that gave definition to her perfectly tapered legs, showing the high arches in her feet and always tight, sheer blouses that were unbuttoned to show a nice deep cleavage, and the sexiest of lace bras that were designed purely for attention as they cupped her big tits, and heightened her nice round nipples. 

When they hosted a party at their home she was always first on their guest list, and she was always honored to attend. Unknown to her was that their intent was to fuck her right after the party. My professors always had a bevy of teenage girls surrounding them vying for their attention, and had their choice of any teen they wanted. There were hundreds of rumors circulating the campus of how they were always fucking a different teen, sometimes having two and three in their bed at a time, so when I was invited to their private party I always felt very special, knowing they could have any student they wanted, but chose me. 

There were also many rumors circulating the campus about how incredibly endowed they were, stories about them each being staggering in size, which made them even more popular with all the teenage girls on campus, each dying to find out if the rumors of them having a huge cock were true, also to be able to brag to their girlfriends about fucking them.  Having fucked my boyfriends father, Mr. Travers this summer, I knew what a huge cock was like to fuck, and the thought of my professors being that endowed or even bigger, made my pussy drip at the very thought of them being that hung.

Although the three professors were easily 50 years older than the students on campus, ranging from 68 to 78, they were all extremely handsome and in amazing physical condition, which was another reason they always had flocks of young, teen co-eds eager to fuck them. Two of the professors were European, one from Germany, who just turned 68 and the other from Greece, who was 71. The most amazing of the three professors was the African American who was 78, but look decades younger. 

I always came to the parties dressed sexy, because of how prestigious these men were, and that I wanted to make a good impression. I also dressed sexy because I knew that they could have their pick of any teen on and off campus that they wanted, so I wanted to show them how glad I was that they invited me to their kurtköy escort special party that was attended by the most educated and well-to-do men and women in the world. The parties they each hosted were always on their subject field, and they usually had a guest author who had recently published a book who gave a short lecture in a cocktail- type of atmosphere where guests were served orderve’ and engaged in intellectual conversation.

At  the party hosted by my German professor I wore a tight black mini dress that showed my long, tapered legs and clung to my narrow waist. The dress was designed so that my right arm and shoulder were exposed, with the top coming down on  an angle clinging to my 34D tits. Under the shear dress I wore a black lace strapless bra that accented the outline of my 34D tits and showed right through the sheer material of dress which made me look and feel very, very naughty. To highlight the sexy taper of my legs I wore a pair of classic, black  high heel pumps, with a pair of tan thigh high stockings. I wore the stockings instead of hose, because I wanted to feel sexy and sophisticated, and a little devilish too.

Wearing thigh high stockings just seemed right for these extraordinary and prestigious gentlemen, and I knew that they would absolutely appreciate the look if they watched me rolling them up my long legs. While I got dressed for their party’s, the thought of them each watching me as I put on my lace bra, then rolled up my stockings to the tops of my thighs, then stepping into my pumps as they sat back in their reading chair, sipping some liquor with an expensive silk robe on, made me real hot, sinfully hot.

These were men of taste, so stockings and sexy lace lingerie were absolutely fitting. There was something about going to a party with a guest list of very prestigious people, wearing thigh high stockings or stockings attached to garter straps made me feel very wicked and very, very naughty.

At the party for my Greek professor I wore a white mini dress that had a plunging back and deep V-open front. I wore a white thong and nude thigh high stockings with white high heel pumps. The front and back of the dress was open, the deep V, covering the sides of my breasts, just past my big nipples, while the middle of my large breasts were exposed. I almost went braless, but decided on wearing a strapless, nude color sticky bra, just for a little support.

At the party hosted by my Black professor I wore a black pencil skirt that came up high on my waist, a few inches below my tits and was very short, almost mini in length, which showed off my legs to perfection. I wore a white blouse that clung to my white skin and a lace bra that was so sheer, you could see the outline of my breasts and my big nipples right through it. The material of my blouse was also so sheer you could see my skin and it did nothing to hide my bra, in fact it accented it, showing all of the lace trim along the top of the cups, making me look real hot. I wore a white thong that looked sinful on my ass when I looked in my mirror, seeing the thin string rise out between my heart-shaped ass cheeks, making my look more nude, and especially sinful with my high heel pumps on.

I knew I wanted to look especially sexy for my black professor because of how charismatic and charming he was, always complimenting me on preparedness in class, telling me I was very mature for my age, then complimenting me on my attire, saying I looked very attractive even saying I was he sexiest girl on campus.  I was so attracted to him, not only because he was so distinguished looking, but also because of him being so prominent in his field, always being interviewed on popular news casts that hired him as a consultant in anything relating to Africa and always photographed while in the company of the most distinguished world leaders, and even celebrities in the black community.

I had also heard the numerous campus rumors about him being staggering in size, and that loved fucking white teens. I even heard a rumor that he even fucked the 40 year old wife of the President of the University and their twin 18 year old daughters one night, so I decided to wear a white garter belt with long garter straps and a pair of white thigh high stockings with white open toed high heel pumps, because I really wanted to look especially sexy for him. The sinful taboo of him being pitch-black and 60 years older than me made me subconsciously wear white stockings, garter, bra and heels.

I have never been with a black guy my age or older, so I especially wanted to look sexy for my black professor, and as I dressed I could not get the thought of him having a staggering huge cock and fucking every teenage girl on campus, including the Presidents wife and her twin daughters out of my mind. After I put my stockings, bra, thong and high heels on I went to the mirror and was so hot seeing my flawless body that escort kurtköy I bent forward and finger fucked my pussy from behind cumming in a hot flood, as the image of my professors huge black fucking all those young white teens drove me over the edge.

There was something very sexy about these three older men who were highly intellectual and worldly, that made me want to dress sexy for them.  Although I never came to the parties with the intent to fuck my professors, even my black professor who I jerked-off too thinking about him having a huge 12 inch, I was always the last one to leave, and it was always a few days later, the wildest experience being a week  later, which I left exhausted and totally fucked. I was always invited an hour before any of the guest arrived, and was given a personal tour of their homes. Their homes were very stylish and all had the aura of vast-scopes of academia in them. They each had a study with shelves and shelves of books from all over the world and spammed every topic, ranging form religion to philosophy to books on various quantum theories.

Sharing a glass of wine with each of my brilliant professors while getting a personal tour always made me feel sophisticated and had me totally turned on to them. During  the tour of their lavish homes I would find myself in a light, sexy kiss for a few minutes, with our tongues instantly flicking across each others, and our lips touching in soft popping sounds, as I listened to each of them tell me how sexy I was and that they wanted to fuck me that night after the party. I was so thrilled and turned on that I continued to kiss each one and groan in a way that let them each know I would definitely be staying after all the guests left. 

It was so naughty to be at the party mingling with all of these scholarly and worldly guests while making naughty eye contact with my professor. The way we looked at each other let us know that we couldn’t wait to fuck each other that night. At the end of the night I would always find myself sharing a drink with them after everyone left, recapping the evening and the guest author who spoke that night. It was so sexy being alone with each of my professors, talking about the nights speaker, knowing all the while we were going to fuck, but not rushing into it.

We would recap the night, exchanging opinions while walking through the house and sharing a light, sexy kiss every few feet in a naughty way, as our lips made popping sounds that filled the air with the naughtiness, knowing we were going to fuck. After a while I was locked in a deep kiss with each of them. As we kissed they each told me how sexy I was that they thought about fucking me many times during their classes, as I admitted to being really attracted to them and thought of what it would be like to fuck them too. This was when the 50 plus age gap was really sexy. It felt so naughty to be kissing a man more than my grandfathers age. It was such a hot feeling, and they had so much experience fucking teens my age made it even hotter for me. As we kissed their confidence at fucking was very obvious. They were as skilled at fucking teenage girls as they were in their respective subjects.

The startling thing that I was about to learn about all of these older men was that the rumors circulating the campus about each of them being well endowed, having a huge cock was not an exaggeration at all, especially my black professor. Not only were all the rumors true about each of them being incredibly hung, but also the stories about them being able to fuck in the most imaginative ways, for hours at a time, without ever loosing their massive hard on’s, were absolutely true.

All the boys my age at college and my boyfriend were very unimaginative sexually, and except for my boyfriend who had a 10 inch dick, but was thin, all the boys had average dicks,6 to 7 inches, and were done fucking within a few minutes, but these incredibly huge, older men could fuck for days without losing interest, and had huge cocks. My fuck with Mr. Travers was always imaginative. He knew how to fuck and knew what he wanted in a fuck. Boys my age are awkward and only fuck in one or two positions, cumming in a few minutes, than out the door to a frat party or sports event at school. Because these distinguished professors always had a young, impressionable teen in their bed, sometimes two and three at a time; especially my black professor who I knew had my three roommates in his bed one weekend, they were all highly-skilled lovers, each knowing how to turn on a young co-ed and make her cum a million different ways.

At the party hosted by my 68 year old German professor, he had me so hot during the party where we stole a few brief kisses, and then after the party, as he kissed me and ran his hands across my body telling me how sexy I was and that he couldn’t wait to fuck me. The way he skillfully unzipped my dress, then removed my bra and thong, as he kissed all over my body softly, moaning how sexy I was, then leaving me in my high heels and stockings had me climbing the walls. I went wild when he knelt down behind me and started kissing all over my ass for almost an hour before he pulled my tong down over my stockings as he kissed my nylon covered legs then lifted each of my pumps pulling my thong over my pumps.

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