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College Experience

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A six letter word. Margarette let the letters and the feel of the word roll back through her mind, and felt again advancing waves of lustful desperation taking her again… Matt..no.. Dan.. no.. whatever the fuck was his name.. was giving her his all! Poor little bastard.. she heard him moaning.. these college kids were so dramatic! Part of why she loved them…

Margarette, 32, lived on the top floor of a coed dormitory at the school for business in Los Angeles. It’d been exactly six weeks since her breakup with the last guy she swore she’d ever be serious about. He couldn’t commit. He was in New York now, playing with pretty girls. She took the school job to cool off and collect herself.

And, as it turns out, to FUCK.

Her job was Partly manager, part counselor, and mostly that of maintaining an adult presence -in a building with levels of testosterone and estrogen per-capita than were unsafe by living standards! Working with her was Kylie, a 24 year old RA & confidant. Kylie was the one who turned her on to the ‘perks’ of her new living situation.

“Are you getting your fill of college boys? Who’re you doing’ this week?” posed Kylie one morning over breakfast.

Margarette had been with Leonard more than eight years, and faithful throughout… and celibate the last year… Once or twice, Margarette felt like a frustrated teen-ager, that first month in her master suite in the dorm. She’d heard Kylie come home late, then heard a muffled deeper voice with her. There’d been some passionate words, then Kylie’s signature laugh.. and then the tell-tale creaking-thumping-rocking sounds. By her count, Kylie came twice, the stranger once, Margarette three times, her hand and sheets utterly soaked!

In her room, she turned sideways to reflection. Her old cammo-tank-top fit exceptionally well about the top.. excellent! Margarette flashed her smile, admiring her newly bobbed haircut, looking herself up and down. Her fitted jeans, almost too-tight top, lovely cut neckline.. these are, after all, more boys than men! Subtle goes without notice! Keys in hand, she exited to the all-resident meeting on the first floor. There were so many things to talk about.. supplies, fire-drills, mail delivery… she was deadly serious as she talked, but shot sidelong smiles now and again to onlookers in her audience. She loved every second of it, feeling their eyes on her body, her hips and cleavage demanding their attention. She imagined the ‘boys’ all naked and lined up in ranks for her choosing. She smiled devilishly to herself.

After the meeting, Margarette whispered in Kylie’s ear, ” Do you think my new look went over… well?”

“Um.. yeah. canlı bahis I bet half of these guys went back to their rooms to jizz… Take your pick, oh Queen of Thelan Hall!”

It was 2:35 in the afternoon, and Matt was late for Economics 212. In desperation, he squeezed more KY from a frantically torn packet… he was on his knees in the shared bathroom between his and his suitemate’s. FUCK! His heart beat in his throat.. FUCK! She had looked at him.. she had been starring in to his eyes through the meeting.. Margarette, the new managing RA. He squeezed harder, felt the veins bulging from his cock.. so fucking tight.. so fucking hot.. goddamn it! He couldn’t remember ever being so desperately turned on, so turned on that he’d been pumping himself for nearly 15 minutes -his balls were blue and drawn up tight.. how had she done this to him?? He was fucking late! That cammo top… her narrow waist.. bared hips.. goddamn, her RACK! Just hefty, is all.. pale perfectly rounded bulges..real as sin, bobbled as she walked, shifted to address them.. rounded patches of her nipples.. her sweet lips, her pink tongue… OOOOOHHH!!

Streamers of jizz sprayed up the door, the shower curtain, the sink… Matt panted and swallowed hard, wiping his forehead. A thick white string of cum dripping off his own chin!

Margarette was on the prowl…she was now a huntress! Ruthless and singular in her purpose! ‘Four hours and sixteen minutes!’ she considered to herself… the time it had taken to choose her first mate…

Brandon, 21, lay naked across Margarette’s bed, her door locked, her ipod turned up. His hard swim-team abbs flexed, his speedo torn off and on the floor.

She’d nabbed him from the pool across the quad… He sat up on his elbows, his arms and shoulders tense and dark chocolate brown..his gaze fixed..his eyes like a deer in headlighs!

She watched him from the tops of her eyes, her arms reached behind her and released the strings of her black bikini. It fell away.. his mouth opened slightly, “oh…”

Her breasts bounced to rest on her chest…just a bit bigger and more ‘perfect’ than he had imagined… her nipples standing out like hard pink pencil erasers… Her bottoms slipped down and off her ass… she was not some twenty-something girl. She was a woman who knew -and got-what she wanted! She had spotted him on the high-platform, and had handed him her towl when he climbed out.. her hips had said the rest.. she’d walked casually away, and he’d followed, just as she knew he would. Her legs were smooth and firm from swimming, her stomach tight…

She glanced down and noticed his chocolate cock was tightened to a hard purple ..he wouldn’t bahis siteleri last thirty seconds in this state! She knew he’d have to come a couple times before she’d get any good riding out of him! No matter… incessant stroking from her devilish long tongue made quick work of him… he was quivering and shaking uncontrollably, the lusty angst overpowering his fit young athletic body! His hand groped her hair, trying to pull her down to take him in, she sat up smiling coyly! His hand went to his dick to try and provide some relief for himself, she firmly pulled it away… with pursed lips, she blew cool air over his wet bulbous tip… she thought she might have to resort to her licking again, but no!

He made a sound like that of a growling bear ..a wounded animal.. a broken horse! His body strained against itself, possessed by the demon of lust! He called out and erupted, entirely against his will without her even touching him! Margarette smiled and caressed him… she let him stare for awhile at his handiwork. ‘Men,’ she said to him smoothly “love to shoot cum on women’s tits. Why do you think that is?” While he thought about it to himself, he slowly grew hard again…

“Don’t worry, only a rhetorical question!” He had such an innocent boyish smile, she thought, as she mounted him, pushing his shoulders back onto her bed… and the biggest cock she’d ever had! Fifteen minutes of her bouncing, and she had him jizzing triumphantly again, his strong hands cupping under her breasts, his thumbs rubbing circles around her nipples.. Fuck, she thought! She arched her back and quivered.. his shaft thrust over and over up inside her, up to the hilt…she heard herself crying out in a low moan, and let the waves of pleasure circulate up through her abdomen and down through her legs where she knelt over him.

Saturday morning. Margarette stretched luxuriously on her fuzzy pink bedspread, dressed in her robe… for the moment! It was officially day-five of her ‘sexcapade’ and new policy of sexual predatordom! She had fucked six men. She had loved every second of it.. she was most certainly going to hell! She tallied it in her head… four, eight, eleven… seventeen orgasms this week. She licked her lips and let her fingertips slide down her stomach and between her legs..

The lock on her apartment door clicked, her loaned key turning to release the latch. Mmmm.. she thought.. number eighteen!

It was Erik. The only ‘man’ she had thusfar trusted with her key. He was a very trustworthy lad at that! He’d been so innocent at first -he HAD been innocent! Rather than coming on to her like all the other guys she’d encountered, Erik had been polite, and had bahis şirketleri asked her out. Something of a novelty, really! They’d gone out on a couple of charming, though G-rated dates: The movies, to dinner at the pier, and then ice-skating at an indoor rink not far off. It was there that he’d kissed her.. a cute peck on the cheek. She’d kissed him back, trying to match his shyness, but then forgetting herself.. he was so charming and sweet she couldn’t help pressing her lips against his, letting her tongue say a few things directly, as it were! He didn’t seem phased, and only kissed her again, and smiled a little shyly. He blushed! She was so wet.

He walked her home to her door that night. Kissing her goodnight, he turned to leave. She caught hold of his hand and beckoned with her eyes to come in. He smiled a little more shyly.

“I should really… I don’t want to be improper.. I just..”

“No, really. Come in!”

She’d pulled him close and hugged him, kissed him, and still he’d resisted. She left off with a kiss, and whispered in his ear, “You may come back when you like!” She slid her key into his hand, and closed the door. She’d called his name out in the night that night, but found her own efforts to satisfy her craving for this shy elusive man ineffective… It would be two days later when he came to visit her. He had obviously been innocent in his intentions; he brought movies and pictures to share.. how cute! It was to be a heart-to-heart little date in her apartment. He’d obviously thought it over and planned plenty of innocent sharing activities.

Margarette had thought about it as well. Her plans had not, however, been quite so innocent. She’d spent the morning shaving her every crevasse and rubbing light fragrant oils over her body. She’d gone swimming, then rubbed herself pleasurable for an hour in her bed.. not letting herself climax.. sheer torture! She was certain some of her vapours still hung in the air, a silent invisible stimulant to the unsuspecting male mind…

He’d arrived just on time, and she’d put on some soft rhythmic music; not to obvious, but rather.. rambunctious! They looked through photos, talked about childhood, made polite conversation… He might have succeeded with his plan to maintain his innocence had it not been for one important detail:

Margarette owned a very tight, very crotchless, pair of leather panties!

Margarette let her fingers stroke luxuriously around her labia, recalling the loss of innocence the night before… his astonishment to see what was slipping off her hips (her skirt) and further astonishment to see what remained (her panties)!

Oh, he’d changed his mind, all right. She’d seen the animal impulses fighting his rational mind.. and seen them win…

…her leather was…open…she’d smiled, her knees spreading apart..

He’d seemed out of breath.. nowhere for him to go but… in!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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