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College Life 101 Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: Kayla

My younger sister had always been the smartest of the family. I was 19 at the time and just finishing myself when I read the letter from her advanced placement teacher. At 18, my little sister had only one year to go before she headed off to college herself.

Kayla had the brains, but my older sister Rose had the looks…Rose had a body that made me want her, and I am her brother! She had a perfect set of tits, the kind a guy could suck all night…the kind that perked up without a bra. Her ass was as perfect as her tits, I wish I had a buck for every guy that said he’d love to grab that every night. Her legs were even sexier than the rest of her, I even made the comment that I would love to lick my way up those babies…. And at the top of that was the face of an angel.

Now Kayla wasn’t a dog by any means, but she was average looking, with small tits even for her age, and her legs where like that of a body builder mainly because she played volleyball so often. The one thing that she did have in common with our sister Rose was that ass…it was as sweet as sugar…

Me, I was sorta in the middle, I had good looks and was pretty intelligent. I was also a letterman in football and wrestling. I had my share of female friends if you catch my drift, being a jock it went with the territory.

Two days before I left for the same college Rose was attending, the college where my parents met, I heard Kayla crying in her room. I always looked out for her so I tapped on her door and went in. To my surprise and embarrassment Kayla was naked sitting on her bed looking into her stand up mirror.

“Sis, Şişli Escort umm what is wrong,” I said, throwing the covers over her shoulders. She then grabbed them and tossed them off. Damn she had a better looking body than I had thought, and what I saw of that pussy was, well breath-taking. She had shaved it bare and it looked, well so sweet and pink…those pouty little lips barely poking out.

“No need to cover up what isn’t there, that is what is wrong. I have nothing guys want and I’ll never get it. Guys are so fucked up. All they want is a bombshell and pussy and not even that from me,” she whimpered.

“What are you talking about, not all guys are like that, what happened last night, with…Eric?”

“Not a DAMN thing, I …hate him.”

Something was very out of place here. Kayla had been going on about how much she loved him and how he was different. Eric was her age and was cool guy I thought. They were alone last all of last night, skipping out on my graduation party. “I am sorry I think, I thought you two were doing well,” I said.

“Well, he IS…but I am not…I planned to….and he left me here, naked, and just laughed. Then he left and went off with that little slut Lisa.”

Lisa was the neighborhood whore, every place has one…Lisa once sucked off a little kid she was so horny. Then came over here and tried to fuck me. No way I would let that slut near me. But to turn down what I couldn’t keep my eyes off of now, that was nuts. My little sister sitting there naked was killing me, I could feel my dick swelling and even a little wetness on my shorts.

“So you two were going Şişli Escort Bayan to, err make love, and turned you down for that?” I asked. “Damn, Sis he was a fool, you definitely got the looks over her, and…” I stopped I almost told my sister that I was getting turned on just looking at her. “Well let’s just say if I weren’t your brother I’d be on you right now.”

“You are just saying that because I am your sister and you want me to stop feeling bad. I know the drill, Rose told me the same thing last night and that didn’t help then either. What I need is for someone to show me that I have a body,” she cried…then she started balling again.

I sat down beside my sister and put my arm around her. She buried herself into my chest, her hot tears running down my body…for some reason I was getting turned on, she moved her head up to just under my neck, and now her tears were sliding over my nipples, and she was breathing on my neck…I felt a little dizzy.

“You don’t understand, you have the some of the sexiest girls at school wanting you, and you and Rose have the looks of the family. I…will never have anyone after me like you two do,” she whimpered.

By now I had lost all sense of right and wrong. All I knew was that there was a naked girl sitting next to me with her nipples rubbing on my body and her tears making my nipples hard.

I looked down are her, at that perfect ass and those little tits…and I heard myself say, “Hey, look you are even making my dick hard and I am your brother!”

“NO I am not, you are lying!” she said. Without thinking I grabbed her hand and placed it Escort Şişli on my crotch to show her.

“See, I am hard.” Whatever had come over me had gotten to her too, because she started unzipping my shorts and undoing my belt. The whole time looking at me teasingly. “I am going to have to see for myself.” Kayla reached down and began pulling my dick out and playing with it..I told her to stop but before I could she had her mouth on it… My SISTER was giving me the best head job of my life and I was loving it. She started pulling my shorts down with her free hand. As she did this I started pulling that sweet ass of her towards my face… She obviously knew what I wanted and rolled over to help me. We were now licking and sucking each other like two horny animals. My little sister had the best tasting pussy I had ever known. It was like licking heaven, I couldn’t get enough, and then I started to feel myself cumming…I grabbed her and told her, but she wanted it in her mouth…I was so turned on, I came more than I ever had…then she turned around and kissed me, pouring cum all in my mouth, my cum. I had just swallowed my own cum! She then slid back on my face to let me finish, I was so horny I started tonguing her asshole! It was tighter and just as sweet as her pussy. She loved every second of it and showed it by cumming all over my face. Kayla then leaned down and started licking it off of me. I was spinning and from the look of her face so was she…She climbed down and lay beside me, panting, and looking at me like I had just saved her life. I heard the garage door open and knew that our parents where home from grocery shopping, I leaped up and grabbed my clothes and ran to my room.

The next couple of days Kayla and I would have more little therapy sessions whenever we were alone. But the day I left for college I thought I had left the best orgasms of my life behind, but I was wrong.

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