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College Siblings

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Horny Milf

How had this happened? Just months earlier he loathed the thought of her. Now her lithe, naked body was wrapped around his as she peacefully slept. How on Earth did he ever get into this predicament?

About two years earlier…

Jason came home from his last day of high school. Tomorrow night was graduation. While he had worked hard to get here, the real prize was to come this fall when he finally got to move away from his overbearing parents and the Princess Bitch, his sister of about 19 months younger than he. As he got off the school bus and started the short walk to his home, he saw that his father’s truck was parked in the driveway. Just fucking great, no peace to be had.

He opened the door hoping that his father wasn’t in the living room and he could quietly slip down the hall to his room. No such luck.

“About Goddamn time you got home. The trash needs to be taken out, the lawn mowed and raked, and don’t forget to edge the walk and drive.” What the fuck has your lazy ass been doing all day, thought Jason. Grumbling to himself, Jason went to his room to drop his things off, change his clothes and head out side. He turned 18 two months ago and his family was still treating him like a third class citizen. He grabbed the kitchen trash as he went out the back door.

About two hours later, Jason had finished mowing, raking the clippings, and edging all of the concrete. As he was putting everything back in the shed, the Princess Bitch and her boyfriend pulled up. Neither bothered to acknowledge him as she kissed him bye. A few minutes later, his mother pulled in from her day at work.

As they walked into the house together his mother’s only comment was, “You stink, go straight to the shower.” Of course he stunk. He had just spent over two hours working outside in 80 degree temps while his lard ass father sat in here yanking his pud for all he new.

“Hi Honey.” His mother greeted his father. “Glad to see you got lazy shit out to do the yard work. How was your day?” As his father began to drone on about how horrible his day was. Jason went to take a shower.

He reached the bathroom door and it was locked. Then heard the shower start up. “Oh come on Steph, I need to get all of this grass and crap off me.” The door cracked opened and his sister stuck her head around the opening. Jason had been at the right angle to see her reflection in the mirror. He had never really paid any attention to his sister. After all, she was a total bitch. She defined the term bitch. She got away with anything she wanted by batting her eyes and putting on a big fake smile. She had their father wrapped around her little finger and their mother dotted over her every second of the day. He was convinced that the day she was born, his parents would have left him in a dumpster if they could have gotten away with it.

Liz is picking me up in 20 minutes, we are going out to a movie and then to Grady’s grad party. Sorry big Bro, but I have to get ready.” Stephaney replied as she shook him from his thoughts.

“Jason glanced at the mirror again as she was shutting the door. Holy crap, when did his sister grow into that body? He sulked back to his room while he waited for her to be done.

So went his typical day. Shunned by his parents, treated like their slave labor, and having to put up with Princess Bitch. The good news was that Jason had been accepted to and received a full tuition scholarship to best engineering university in the tri-state area. In two months he would be off to college, an eight-hour drive and a border away. If he could find a job before August so that he could get an apartment, he would be gone even sooner. And that is just what happened.

The following Tuesday, he received a letter from an electronics research firm that worked with the University. He was offered and internship that would pay him a modest wage and provide him additional money for his education. Plus they gave him signing bonus if he agreed to work for them for the four years he was in college. That would cover the initial security deposit and one month rent on an apartment. They wanted him to start in two weeks. The money was enough to cover the rent and utilities on a small apartment. Since his scholarship covered tuition, the firm’s education expenses would pay for his books and food and possibly leave some extra for spending cash. Jason wasted no time in writing up his acceptance letter.

Ten days later his father dropped him off in front of the apartment building where he would be living the next four years by himself. He had to endure the 8 hour ride listening to his father tell him how worthless he was and how glad he didn’t have to feed or take care of him any more. All Jason could think about was that this was the last time he would ever have to put up with this shit again. After that day, he never had to see his asshole father, his uncaring mother, or the Princess Bitch again.

Jason spent the next two years working his ass off. He attended 4 or 5 Gaziantep Yabancı Escort classes each semester, worked evenings at the research facility, and studied in between when he could. He spent the summer sessions taking what classes he could to reduce his work load during the regular year. He avoided the party scene and managed to maintain a 4.0 average. He didn’t bother going home during breaks, there was nothing there for him, besides, he didn’t have a car anyway. He had been miserly enough with his money that he was able to pay for modest furniture, although just the minimums that he needed, and a bicycle to get around campus and town. He knew he would be ok and all the hard work would pay off.

The Spring semester had ended about 3 weeks earlier and Jason was working full time at the research center while waiting for the Summer session to begin. He was only taking one course this summer, his last required “Arts” course. After this, everything would be core to his major.

That evening, Jason was relaxing on his couch opening his mail, when he saw a letter with a very familiar return address and handwriting on it. It was from his mother. Jason opened the letter and inside there were two items, a letter and a check. He opened the letter and started to read.

“Jason, In spite of our wishes, our loving daughter has decided to attend the same university as you. Since you are already established at the school, we have all agreed that Stephaney should stay with you at the apartment. We have researched the area and see that the average rent is about $2000 per month. We have enclosed a check for $1300 to cover Stephaney’s half of the rent and estimated utilities. She will be arriving at the University in August. We will continue to send monthly checks to pay for her living arrangements. Melody”

WHAT THE FUCK! Who the hell do they think they were? He hated his family and had absolutely no contact with any of them since the day he was dropped off by his father. And even then, he didn’t even get so much as a goodbye. They all decided this. Fuck them. His mind began racing. Sure he had a two-bedroom apartment, but it only had a single bathroom. The extra bedroom was left empty; he had nothing to put in it. He considered roommates before, but didn’t want the headache of putting up with their crap. Then he looked at the check. $1300. He was only paying $1500 including utilities. He decided to go with it and take advantage of his parents for a change. The extra $1300 could go a long way to getting him a much needed car. He had two years until he graduated and could be done with the Princess Bitch. He could do this. At least he would know what he was facing.

Two months later the intercom system buzzed at his door. “Hello,” Jason answered.

“Hi Jason, it’s Stephaney. We’re here.”

“Ok, I will be right down.” Jason had the impending urge to vomit.

When he got down to the front door, he saw his parents and sister waiting. He walked outside. No one bothered to say hello. “Here help me take Stephaney’s bags upstairs,” his father pretty much ordered. Jason remembered the day he was dropped off at the curb. The fat fuck didn’t even bother getting out of the car to help him take bags out of the trunk. As he walked around to the trunk, his Dad growled at him, “I got these, get the things out of Stephaney’s car.”

“STEPHANEY’S CAR!!!” Jason screamed to himself. The fucking cunt got a car. He looked behind him and standing next to a brand new Honda Civic, Stephaney opened its trunk. “Here you go big Bro.” His parents never gave him anything but a hard time. And here that fucking little cunt whore bitch gets a new car.

Looking at her brother and pretending like she could read his thoughts, “It was my graduation present. I finished the last two years with straight A’s” She beamed. Well just fucking grand for you. I finished my entire primary, elementary, and high school education and with only one B the entire 12 years, the rest A’s. All I got was a boot out of the door, Jason thought to himself. Jason had half the mind to tell them all to go fuck themselves. If it weren’t for that $1300 check he would get every month.

Jason used his key fob to let everyone in. He directed them to the stairs, “Second floor, second door on the left, apartment 2C.”

As they entered, his mother piped up, “Oh George, this won’t do. We need to go get Stephaney some furniture and items to make this place nice.” Nice? It was nice. Nice and quiet. Nice and relaxing. Perfect until they all showed up.

I showed Stephaney where her room was. “Come on Stephaney, you can stay at the hotel tonight with us until we get your furniture in here tomorrow,” Melody yelled toward the rooms.

Melody turned to look at me. “Thank you, big Bro.” She threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug before running out to catch their parents. Wow, that was first time she had ever been nice to him that he could remember.

Jason didn’t see any of them for the next two days. It was Monday. With school matriculating that week, his boss gave him the day week off to get his class schedule finalized. That afternoon, his intercom buzzed again.

“This is Shelby’s Furniture, we have a delivery order here,” the voice boomed out of the intercom.

“Ok, I will buzz you in.”

A few minutes later, three laborers where putting furniture in the apartment. When they were done. Jason looked over everything. His parents didn’t have a problem spending on the Bitch that was for sure. A queen bed, two dressers, desk, a sofa – something he could definitely use — a big TV and even pictures for the walls.

An hour later, the intercom buzzed again. “Hey big Bro. Is all my stuff here so I can move in?”

“Yeah, it arrived an hour ago, come on up.” He hit the entry button and few seconds later his sister and parents walked in with bags from the various department stores. His mother began emptying everything out and setting up house with Stephaney. “Honey, why don’t you had Jason set up and move the furniture around.”

That was Jason’s cue. For once he had an out, even if it was a false on, they would never know. He grabbed his back pack, “Sorry, can’t help. I have to get to work.”

“Fucking figures, you never were worth a damn.” George bellowed out as he headed to Stephaney’s room.

“Steph, your key is on the kitchen table. I guess I will see you tonight when I get back.” Jason stewed as he walked down the stairs. Not worth a damn? Fuck that fat bastard. The last six years he lived at home, Jason did everything around the house. That son of a bitch never did anything but sit his fat ass on the couch and drink beer. He hopped on his bike. He thought about keying both cards as he went by, but decided it wasn’t worth it. Ten minutes later he was at the University library looking over the syllabi for his classes to figure out if he could start working on anything now.

Seven hours later, Jason put his bike in the rack at the bottom of the stairs. After securing it, he went upstairs. The place was totally different. He almost thought he had walked into the wrong apartment. Stephaney was sitting on the couch watching some stupid “reality” show.

“Hey Big Bro. I left some food in the fridge for you. After we got everything set up, Mom and Dad took me to dinner. I made sure to have plenty of leftovers for you.”

Jason thought to himself, who was this woman? “Did they know it was for me?”

“Of course not, do you think they would have let me bring it back.”

“Probably not. So why are you being so nice to me?”

“It’s not that I have never been mean to you. Ok, I know I was probably a pain-in-the-ass, but I was never mean. I know how Mom and Dad treat you. It’s like you are a redheaded step child instead of their flesh and blood. But hey, I always got what I wanted so I just ignored it.”

“I never thought of you as a PITA, just a fucking bitch. Sorry for being so blunt, but I put up with a lot of shit leaving with them. And you for that matter. Everything I have now, I earned on my own. Mom and Dad gave me nothing and here you are, invading my space. I was told you were moving in, not asked. What the fuck gave them the right. Here you are, everything paid for, your tuition, your room, your food. You don’t even have to work a job while you are in school. Why didn’t you just stay in the dorms?”

“Ok, I will take the abuse on being a bitch,” responded Stephaney, “but I didn’t have much of a choice other than to go to any other school. I wanted to be here. I wanted to get away from them too.”

“Why would you want that? You got everything you ever wanted.”

“No I didn’t! I let it ruin the one thing that I really wanted the most. A relationship with my brother.” Jason stood their paralyzed by her words. “You see, I got so absorb in myself that I never realized how much fun we had on those rare occasions. Then as I started to hang out with my friends, a lot of them had great relationships with their brothers and sisters and I realized I didn’t have that. By the time I woke up, you were gone. I know it was wrong for me to come here based on that reason alone, but at least I am smart enough to get a good degree out of this school and while doing that, I get to be with you.”

Jason sat down. No one in his family had ever shown him any kind of loving feelings since he could remember. Now here he was with his sister telling him he she wanted to make up for lost times. His mind raced. “Ok, then here is the deal. This is my apartment. You are here because I allow it. My rules apply. Don’t bring anyone here that you are expecting to stay overnight. It ain’t happening. You can host one or two guests from time to time, but only for a couple of hours. I work, I go to class, I study, I sleep. I don’t have time cleaning up after you and your guests, and I don’t want my studying or sleeping interrupted. We have one bathroom, you don’t get to live in it. Do what you have to do, and get out, you can use your room for anything that isn’t necessary in the bathroom. You will help keep this place clean. You are responsible for your own food and cooking. We will see how things go and maybe we can combine some meals and take turns. If you have a problem with this, I suggest you find a new place to live or a boyfriend or something and move in with him. Got it?”

She looked at him with tears forming in her eyes. “I got it, but did we really make your life that miserable that you don’t want to be around me.”

“I never said that.”

“You sure as hell implied it.” Stephaney got up and went to her room, sobbing.

Fuck her, Jason thought to himself. How dare she come in here and try to put a guilt trip on him after all the shit he put up with.

The next couple of weeks really didn’t change for Jason. School had started back up and he was following his normal routine, up in the morning, off to classes, then to work for a couple of hours then back to home to study. Stephaney was getting accustomed to life on her own and stayed out of his way. She attended her classes and started making friends. She was always good at being “popular.” Occasionally she would make small talk with him, but it always seemed strained. Jason knew she was reaching out to him, but he was reluctant to open up to her. After all, she pried her way into his life and was now trying to force a relationship with him. This quickly became the normal routine, one he could live with.

About two months into the semester, Jason woke up one Saturday. Friday had been an exceptionally long day. He had attended four classes then worked from 4:00 pm to midnight. He slept in Saturday. He decided that he deserved a day off and was just going to relax at home. He got out of bed to use the bathroom. As he opened the door, his sister was standing there naked. He froze. Unbeknown to him, Stephaney had just gotten out of the shower. She shrieked, but didn’t move a muscle. She stood there like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. Jason couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her body glistened with water droplets. Her breasts stood proud, easily she was C cup if not bigger. Her nipples erect from the cooling air after the shower. Her pussy hair neatly trimmed forming a two-inch wide landing strip right above her slit. She was what Jason thought the Goddess Venus would have looked like.

After about 10 seconds, Stephaney finally came to her senses. “You might as well get a camera. At least that way you will have the image forever.” She laughed as she grabbed her towel off the rack.

Jason mumbled an apology and shut the door. All he could think about was he didn’t need a picture. The image was forever emblazoned in his memory. He also realized he had one of the biggest hard ons of his life. In his pursuit to make a better life for himself, he had for gone dating. He was a virgin and his sister’s body, has been the only live naked body he has ever seen and today was the second time. He stood outside of the door waiting for her to leave so that he could use the bathroom.

As the door closed, Stephaney dried herself off. She replayed the image of her brother staring at her. She started to feel horny. It had been a long time since she had let a boyfriend finger her to orgasm. She never went all the way, she had been too afraid too. While she had been on birth control pills to regulate her period, she still hadn’t ever had sex. Knowing her brother was turned on by her, he had to be as hard as he was staring, just made her pussy start to moisten. She quickly brushed her teeth and put on deodorant. She started to wrap the towel around her and stopped. Why bother now, he has seen her and obviously like it. What could happen now? She hung the towel up then reached for the door.

Jason stood there as Stephaney walked out. She looked as she did just minutes ago, only no water glistening off her body. “I figured you got an eyeful earlier, there was no need to hide under a towel now.” She said as she passed him. His gazed followed her to her bedroom door. Her ass was simply perfect. Smooth without a single cellulite wrinkle or bump anywhere to be found. Her legs were long, slender, and nicely tapered from top to bottom. She stopped at her door and looked back at him. She winked then went into her room.

Jason ran into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He quickly pulled his cock out and started jerking off. He couldn’t pee with an erect dick and the only way it was going down was to blow his load. He kept replaying the last few minutes over and over in his mind. Within seconds, he had shot his load into the toilet and his dick finally receded, he was able to relieve his bladder.

As he returned to his room, Stephaney stepped out of her room wearing a very short mini skirt and crop top T-shirt. As she passed him heading to the kitchen she asked, “What are you doing today?”

“Nothing” was his curt reply.

“Great, maybe we can catch up on how things are going?” Stephaney beamed. She had decided she was going to use this morning to her advantage and get her bother to open up to her.

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