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College Student Does Odd Jobs

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As a freshman in college money is always tight; student loans and scholarships go only so far. So it isn’t unusual to find students looking for part time work to make ends meet and put gas in the tank. Rather than flip burgers, I chose to try and find a use for my considerable talents at fixing things. My first customers were faculty and wives of faculty, hiring me to do odd jobs that just hadn’t gotten done. These included things like minor home repairs, painting, sanding and finishing floors, that kind of thing. Over the winter my number of customers grew by word of mouth from faculty to neighbors of faculty, and spring brought new tasks; lawn mowing, tree cutting, hedge trimming and my current job, painting a privacy fence.

It was my third day working for Amanda Cook, painting the six foot high privacy fence around her yard. It was hard, tiring work and the sudden heat that came this spring made the work all the more tedious. Mrs. C came out frequently to ply me with plenty of ice water and lemon aid as I worked around the outside of the fence. I was glad that I was inside today, meaning I was half done with the difficult job.

The sun was high in the sky and even though it was only ten in the morning, the temp had already soared to well over eighty five degrees. I stood, sweating, my shirt hanging on the back of a patio chair, painting the redwood stain on the south fence behind the pool. I knew it was going to be hot and had chose wisely to wear nothing more than a pair of exercise shorts that let some of the breeze through in an attempt to keep everything cool.

“I brought you a drink Mike!” Mrs. C said cheerfully as she walked up behind me.

“Thank you Missus C!” I answered gratefully, taking the ice cold glass of lemonade from her petite hand.

“When are you going to start calling me Amanda? Mrs. C sounds so…old.” She said with a visible shudder.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied as I took a long drink and tried to slyly survey her thirty something body. She was just a bit shorter than my six foot frame, even in high heel sandals, and quite petite. I hadn’t had a lot of experience in guessing measurements, but I figured she had about a thirty eight inch, D cup chest and maybe a twenty eight inch waist. I could see she was wearing a stark white bikini through the lacy cover she had on over it, and I was pretty sure that the dark areas on the front of her top were her areola showing, and not my imagination. I suddenly wondered what that suit would look like wet as I drank down the tall glass of lemonade. “Thank you, that was good!” I said as I handed her the glass back.

“My you were thirsty, weren’t you? Feel free to come get more any time you want.” She said as she turned and walked back toward the patio around the pool, her hips swaying suggestively as she walked in her high heels, her long blond ponytail swinging as much as her hips were.

“Damn!” I thought to myself as I watched her almost all the way back to the house, before turning back to my painting.

I watched her walk out of the patio door a few minutes later, a pitcher of lemonade in one hand and a basket in the other. She set both down on a small table on the patio and then slipped the lacy cover off, hanging it over the back of a lounge chair. She reached into the basket and then sat down on the chair, reclining back, her eyes hidden by a pair of large sunglasses. I tried to concentrate on my painting, but it was hard not to watch her as she began spreading tanning oil on her arms, working it into her skin and making it glisten in the sun. I had to admit that when she started on her legs, it was quite a turn-on to watch, and by the time she moved to her stomach and chest I had a huge hardon that my shorts were not doing a very good job of hiding.

“Mike! Can you come over here and help me a minute please?” Amanda called to me.

“Sure.” I called back, hoping that I could will my hardon down before I got there. I bent over, setting my brush on the can and then headed to the patio as she lay the chair flat and rolled onto her stomach. “Yes ma’am?” I asked.

“Amanda! Remember?” she said sweetly. “Would you mind putting some oil on my back, I just can’t reach there.”

“Uh…sure.” I answered, my dick jumping and trying to grow back to full mast, eventually succeeding in pushing the leg of my shorts out. I bent over and took the bottle she held out, and began to rub some into her back while she lay on her stomach. I was a bit embarrassed at how hard I was, and was sure that with her head facing me she couldn’t help but see it.

“You can just untie the strings. No point in getting tan lines, is there?”

“Um, sure.” I answered, as I tugged the small strings that held the top in place. I tossed the strings aside and returned to oiling her back, rubbing it in and taking a lot longer than was probably necessary . “All done!” I said, setting the bottle down on the ground.

“Ohhh that felt so nice. Thank you. Would you be a dear and go a little lower?” She asked , her voice soft and sweet.

“Um, I can’t. I mean, not with your suit bottom on.”

“Oh. canlı bahis Just go ahead and untie that too.” She said, as innocent as if she were asking me to just put another coat of paint on a spot I might have missed.

“Uh sure.” I answered, trying not to let the nervousness show in my voice. I pulled the strings on each side of her tiny bottom, but left the material sitting on her creamy ass. Pouring a little oil on my hand, I rubbed across the top of her round ass, working my fingers under the material as it lay on her.

“Just go ahead and push it down. The sun can’t get to me with it covering me up anyway, can it?”

“Uh, I guess not.” I answered as I lifted the material and let it fall in a pile between her legs, which she moved apart when she felt the material fall on her.

“Just tuck it down so it doesn’t leave any tan marks, would you?” She asked as if it were nothing at all.

“Sure.” I asked, tucking the material down between her legs and completely exposing her naked ass and now her pussy, to my view. My cock grew even harder in my shorts as I massaged the oil into her ass cheeks, working my fingers down and around each globe until the tips were brushing her pussy lips. I heard her take a sharp breath as one of my fingers slipped between her now oily pussy lips, dipping into her wetness.

“That was nice, thank you!” she answered as I took my hands off her bare ass.

“You’re welcome.” I answered, wishing I could go find a place to jack off; damn I was horny. I really wanted to just strip my shorts off , climb on top of her and slide into her pussy. But that would not be a good idea. “Hope your husband isn’t upset with me for putting oil on you.”

“Oh not to worry, he’s out of town again for a few days.” She said quietly. “But even if he weren’t, why would he get upset at you for helping me out? We haven’t done anything to be ashamed of, have we?”

“No, I guess not. I better get back to my painting.” I said as I retreated before I did do something I would regret. I worked for the next hour, my cock staying hard the whole time and my eyes watching both my work and Amanda, especially when she rolled over to allow the sun to work on the front side of her body, which she didn’t bother to cover in any way. She was laying completely naked on the chair when I decided to go get a better look. I walked over and filled my glass from the pitcher on the table, my eyes never leaving her round breasts, hard nipples and blond curly pubic hair.

“That looks good. Would you mind pouring me one?” Amanda asked as she lay on the chair as if she did this kind of thing every day.

“Sure.” I said, filling my glass again and holding it out to her from where I stood at the foot of her chair. I thought maybe her eyes were closed, it took so long for her to reach for the glass, but she did eventually reach for it, little drips of condensation dripping onto her sun baked body.

“Ohhhhh that is chilly. I didn’t realize how hot it was out here. I think we should cool off in the pool a few minutes before you go back to your painting.

“Um, I didn’t bring a swim suit.” I answered.

“Oh, poo.” She brushed off my objection. “We can go without. I mean you’ve already seen my body sunning out here, so what’s the difference?”

“Uh. I suppose.” I said, my feet still rooted where they were.

“You’re not embarrassed, are you?” She asked, lifting her glasses to look at my face.

“Uh, yeah, a bit.” I answered honestly.

“Oh. Well, maybe I can help with that!” she said as she sat up, spreading her legs far enough to set one foot on the ground on each side of the chair. She sat up, her big round tits wiggling tantalizingly as she scooted down the chair until she was sitting on the end, one leg on each side of mine and her face only a foot or so from my shorts. She set her glasses on the ground and reached for the waist of my shorts, and slowly pulled them down, uncovering my body in tiny increments as she worked each side down a little at a time. My cock finally started to show and I saw her lick her lips as if anticipating a treat. My long shaft was slowly uncovered until finally it popped out of my shorts, bouncing and swinging free inches from her face. “Ohhh that is a nice looking cock.” She cooed as she pulled my shorts the rest of the way down and let go of them to pool around my ankles. “Very nice.”

“Ohhhh shit.” I mumbled as she wrapped her hand around my hard shaft and leaned her face toward me, wrapping her lips around my hard mushroom head. I felt her tongue rub around the sensitive bottom side before swirling around and around like an ice cream cone. I closed my eyes and groaned as she slid her mouth down my shaft, pushing more and more of it into her mouth. Just when I thought she couldn’t take any more of me in, I felt my head suddenly slide deeper, her face moving closer to my body until her nose touched my stomach. She bobbed her head a few inches on and off my cock before pulling all the way off my shaft.

“Tell me, do you think I’m good looking?” she asked just before she wrapped her lips bahis siteleri around my head again.

“Oh fuck yes!” I groaned.

“Would you like to put this hard cock someplace else?” she asked as she came up for air again.

“Oh yeah!”

“Where would you like to put it?” she coaxed, playing with my head with her tongue while she looked up at me. “Would you like to slide it into my hot, wet pussy?”

“Oh, hell yes!” I groaned as she teased the bottom of my head again.

“Then why don’t you? Here I am! You can do whatever you want to me!” she said as she slid back on the chair, letting go of my cock and spreading her legs wide so I had a good view of her wet pussy.

I stepped out of my shorts and crawled clumsily onto the chair, climbing up her body until my hard cock was poking against her wet pussy.

“Slowly…take your time!” she cooed ” We have all day if you want to.”

I felt her hand grasp my cock and rub the head around her wet lips, spreading her lubrication on my head and teasing her own clit with the tip. “Now slide into me.” She coaxed as I arched my back and pushed my cock deep into her wet pussy. “Oh yes. Sooooo good!” she moaned as she let go of me and moved her hands to my ass. “You can suck on my nipples too if you want, I really like that.”

I leaned my head down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, experimenting with sliding my tongue around it like she had done on my cock head.

“Ohhh yes, just like that. Now slide in and out of me at the same time and you will have me cumming in no time!”

I rocked my hips, sliding my hard shaft in and out of her wet pussy while I continued to tease her nipple with my tongue. After a few short minutes I switched which breast I was sucking on, continuing to stroke in and out of her pussy. I could feel that I was going to cum soon and wanted to warn her, but her hands pulled my face down to her nipple and her legs wrapped around mine, her hips bucking up into me, driving me deep into her time after time while she cried out and panted. I simply couldn’t hold back any longer and my body jerked time and again, driving my cock deep into her while it spewed its huge load of pent up cum deep into her pussy, making her cry even louder. “YES! YES!” she cried with each new surge of cum that flooded into her hot tunnel, until finally, we both collapsed on the chair, each of us heaving and panting for breath.

“I’m sorry.” I finally said quietly.

“Sorry? For what?”

“For cuming in you. I didn’t have a chance to pull out.”

“Ahhh. You silly boy. I’m glad you did, I wanted you to. . I like how it feels!” she said, stroking my hair with one hand and my ass with the other.

We lay there for some time before she whispered in my ear that she was hot and would really like to take a dip. I pushed myself off of her sexy body, my shriveled cock pulling out of her and releasing a huge gush of our combined juices.

“Ohhh you really did give me a big load, didn’t you?” she said with a giggle as I tried to crawl off the chair with my shorts still around my ankles. “Let’s get rid of those, shall we?” She said as she slid down the chair and helped me take off my shorts and then my shoes and socks. Now as naked as she was, I let her lead me to the stairs on the shallow end of the pool, where we wadded down into the pleasantly cool water.

“Catch me if you can!” she cried as she splashed water at me and then took off swimming for the far end of the pool. I’m not the greatest swimmer, but somehow chasing after a naked woman in a pool definitely increased my abilities. I had almost caught her when she reached the far wall and dove under the water. I looked around for her to bob up, but was surprised to feel her hand close around my cock, squeezing it a few times before it was released. She bobbed to the surface a dozen feet from me. “You’re not doing a very good job of catching me. I guess you don’t want to have me any more?”

“I never said that!” I said as I quickly started after her. She gracefully kept just out of my reach as we headed back to the shallow end of the pool. I stretched my reach and managed to snag her foot just before she was going to make a turn and dart away again.

“Ahhh! You did catch me!” she said in mock surprise. “I guess that means you get to have me! Tell me sir, what part would you like first?”

“I think these.” I said as I stepped over to her in the three foot deep water and cupped both large tits in my hands.

“Excellent choice!” she said, taking hold of my arms and pulling me backwards until she could sit on a step and wrap her legs around mine. She pulled me toward her until her pussy was pressing against my again hard shaft as she lay back on the top stair, our bodies pressing together right at the surface of the water.

“Oh yeah. Squeeze them and play with them. I love that!” she cooed for me to work her tits while she rocked her hips, driving her pussy up and down my shaft. “You are learning fast, aren’t you?” she asked as I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers while I squeezed her large bahis şirketleri tits.

“You know us college students. Always quick learners.” I answered with a laugh.

“Hmmm you keep this up and I might teach you more things to know.”

“Is that a promise?” I challenged.

“Oh yeah!” She said as she ground her pussy against my cock. “For starters, how would you like to fuck me from behind?”

“I think that sounds interesting!” I responded as she released her legs and pushed me back.

It only took her a few moments to move us around so she was facing the edge of the pool, bent at the waist with her pussy just above water level by standing on the lowest step. “Now put that huge pole in me!” she practically growled.

I rubbed my head around her pussy like she had earlier, and then pushed into her, my shaft stopping only part way in.

“That’s okay. Now just stroke it in and out. It’ll go deeper when you get some more lubrication on my pussy.”

“Okay.” I answered as I held onto her hips and began stroking in and out of her, each stroke sliding deeper into her until my hips were slapping noisily against her round ass.

“Oh god yes! Fuck Meeeeee!” she cried loudly as I drove into her time after time, the water tickling my balls and her swinging tits making small waves as they jiggled from each impact.

My eyes were closed and I was in heaven as my cock slid in and out of her hot tight pussy, my next climax quickly building through my body.

“Holly Shit! Amanda!” A shocked female voice said loudly.

“Oh Christ! Vivian? What are you doing here?” Amanda asked her from her position bent over, my cock still stuffed full into her pussy, pulsing and nearly ready to squirt into her.

“I just stopped by, and you didn’t answer the door so I figured you were in the pool, but I didn’t expect….this!” She said, waiving a hand over the scene in front of her.

“Well, Vivian, this is Mike. He’s a student working for me.”

“I can see just exactly what he’s doing to you.”

“Don’t knock it till you try it!” she retorted.

“Yeah, right! What is Martin going to say?”

“Who says he’s going to find out?” Amanda asked as she pulled off my dick and stood upright. “I’m not about to tell him.”

“Amanda, I mean, how could you?”

“Viv…after watching him work in the yard for the last few days, how could I not? I mean, look at that body!”

“He does look pretty sexy, and God what a dick!” She replied, talking about me like I wasn’t even there, just mere feet away from her.

“So, why don’t you join us in the pool. I’m giving Mike lessons on how to please a woman.” Amanda said as she slid over next to me and wrapped her arms around me.

“I didn’t bring a suit.” She answered lamely, almost sounding disappointed.

“Why don’t you go help Vivian get undressed. We don’t need suits in here today anyway!” She said quietly as she turned me and pushed me gently toward the stairs.

Not really sure what else to do, I followed my directions and climbed out of the pool, water streaming off my legs and puddling up as I stepped over and stood near Vivian.

“Go ahead. Undress her slowly.” Amanda quietly encouraged. “Vivian, tell him what you like done, he is a very fast learner!” Amanda said from where she was leaning against the side of the pool.

Vivian was a fairly tall thin, woman; almost my height, even in her flat flip-flops, with short cropped brown hair and dark green eyes. I reached for the bottom of the bright orange tank top she was wearing over a pair of white walking shorts. I slowly pulled the top up from her waist, letting it roll inside out as I continued to lift it, her white belly quickly expanding up her chest until she lifted her arms and I was able to pull her top completely off. Her small, perky breasts were covered in a white lace bra, which became exposed as I pulled the shirt farther up her arms and then finally off over her head. I dropped the shirt on the ground and let my hands slide down her body; just my finger tips, stroking her creamy white skin from her elbows down her sides to her waist, where I followed the material of her shorts around to her front.

I unsnapped the brass snap and then held one corner of the material as slowly unzipped the zipper, Vivian drawing her stomach in and holding her breath as the zipper clicked down one tooth at a time. With her shorts undone, I lowered them down her long slim legs, lowering myself as I did, until my face was level with the tiny white lacy panties she was wearing. I helped her step out of her shorts and then slid my fingers up her legs to her hips.

“He really doesn’t need much teaching so far.” Vivian breathed as I grasped her panties and slowly slid the tiny bit of material down her legs, exposing her dark brown curls on her mound, and her meaty pussy lips. I continued pulling her shorts down to her feet and helped her step out of them before tossing them onto the pile of discarded clothing. I ran my fingers up her legs and sides as I stood up, until my fingers found the elastic of her bra. I ran my fingers around her sides while she lifted her arms over her head, bringing them back down around my neck as my arms circled her body. My fingers feeling for the clasp of her bra and my rock hard dick pressing into her stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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