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Come Round For A Bit

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The knock at the door had arrived amazingly fast; amazingly fast but not surprisingly fast given that Ian had a pretty good idea what was waiting for him at Lynn’s.

“It’s my day off and I’m a bit bored,” Lynn had told him on the phone, barely ten minutes earlier.

“Fancy coming round for a bit?” she had asked him almost apologetically. She knew Ian was at work but his office was hardly five minutes drive from her house. She also knew that he could be pretty flexible with his lunch hours, in terms of time and length, and that if she caught him before 11.30 then there was no way he would have left to get some dinner.

“I’m SO glad you rang Lynn. I was just thinking about you,” he’d told her on the phone. This was exactly what Lynn wanted to hear. It was her day off and she actually was quite bored. What she hadn’t told Ian in so many words was that she was feeling extremely horny and really needed his cock. But she felt sure that he would understand that the words ‘a bit’ really meant ‘sex’, or ‘a good fuck’.

Lynn did, from habit, check through the spy-hole in the door that the knock she had heard was Ian and then, as casually as that pleasant twitch between her legs would allow, she unlocked the door and let him in.

“Brought you these,” he said, handing her some hastily bought flowers before locking the door behind him, grinning from ear to ear as he did.

“Love the dress,” purred Ian as he kissed Lynn firmly on the mouth. He had half expected to find her almost naked when he arrived but was pleasantly surprised to find her in a casual summer dress, sheer black stockings that he guessed were hold ups and a pair of her favourite black high heels.

His reason for loving the dress was all too obvious. Despite it falling to well below Lynn’s knee, the split on her left leg went all the way up to her waist, not to mention the fantastic way it showed off Lynn’s ample cleavage.

She led Ian by the hand to the sofa, a dirty grin on her face as she sat him down before placing her left knee beside him, in a way that just about revealed the full extent of the split in her carefully chosen dress.

She draped her leg across Ian’s knee, exposing her stocking top and confirming for him that she was wearing hold up stockings, again carefully chosen both to compliment her dress and satisfy her dirty-minded lover.

Lynn’s mouth searched for Ian’s as her hand searched for his cock; a cock that was already hard as he gently stroked her thigh that was naked above her stocking top. She was enjoying the way he was caressing her warm thigh but in one swift move, Ian had eased open her legs, swept his hand across her inner thigh and was now rubbing furiously at Lynn’s pussy through her knickers. The silky feel of her lingerie being thrust onto her labia by her lover was more than enough to start Lynn moaning with pleasure and Ian was in no hurry to take them off for her.

The horny couple were kissing passionately as their rubbing and stroking become more intense. Their excitement was increasing by the second as they moaned and purred into each other’s mouths and they were both still fully clothed! Ian’s zip was firmly in place as Lynn massaged his cock through his trousers whilst Ian’s hand had found its way into Lynn’s knickers and was rhythmically fingering her damp pussy.

Their tongues remained locked together as Lynn slid her other hand onto Ian’s cock. She could wait no longer. She quickly unbuttoned his trousers, unzipped him and gripped his stiff tool in the flesh, cupping his balls with her other hand as he slipped a finger inside her hungry pussy.

Lynn was slowly and gently wanking Ian’s shaft as he slowed to a similar pace between her thighs as she opened and closed her legs for him; partly to tease Ian and partly to intensify his stimulation.

They stayed in that position for quite a while, content with their mutual hand relief. Their kissing became increasingly frantic, almost too frantic at times, but Ian couldn’t resist pulling away from Lynn’s mouth to suck on her perfect round nipple as Lynn eased the left strap of her dress down her arm and offered Ian one of her gorgeous tits to nuzzle on.

They sat manacled together in a perfect position, for starters anyway. Lynn was writhing about on her back as if she was ready to cum, Ian’s cock slotted perfectly in her tender hand. Ian meanwhile was feasting on one of Lynn’s firm tits with his mouth as two of his fingers delved into her pussy, a pussy he would very soon be balls-deep in, probably on her sofa. A break to their sucking, petting and stoking as they made their way upstairs could risk spoiling the moment; there was no good reason they couldn’t continue right there on her sofa. There was always the floor if need be!

“I wanna suck your cock,” Lynn panted to Ian. She was feeling a little too close to orgasm at the way Ian’s hand and mouth were working their magic on her and she wasn’t ready to cum just yet.

Ian remained sitting on the aksaray escort sofa, his cock standing naked and upright ready for Lynn to take into her mouth and take it she did. She placed her face into his lap as she stretched out on the sofa. The taste of his salty pre-cum excited Lynn as she took his throbbing purple head into her mouth, keeping a tight yet tender grip on his thick shaft as she moved her lips up and down its length. Ian watched intently as she worked his cock, gently stroking the stocking top that the split in Lynn’s dress has exposed once more.

Ian couldn’t take his eyes off the sight of Lynn taking his full length into her mouth, then out again to lick its throbbing head. He subtly gathered some of Lynn’s thick blonde hair in his fist and gently pushed her head further onto his cock. He gasped with pleasure as he realised this enabled his cock to fill Lynn’s mouth as much as was possible; her lips were practically kissing his balls he was so deep inside.

Throughout Lynn’s expert cocksucking, Ian was casually undressing himself, removing his tie at first, and then slowly unbuttoning his shirt as she continued to deepthroat him. He was balls deep inside one moment and barely in her mouth the next as Lynn worked the full length of his cock with her eager lips.

Lynn had always enjoyed sucking Ian’s thick cock but she was really going for it today. She’d got so excited at the prospect of ringing him at work to coax into coming round to give her a good, hard fucking that she was more enthusiastic than ever once she’d got his cock out.

Ian slipped off his shirt, being careful not to crease it too much as he was expected back at the council within the hour, and began edging his trousers down, being careful not to dislodge his cock from the firm and eager grasp of Lynn’s lips.

He did however deliberately take his cock from her mouth as he undressed but only so she could give some of her expert attention to his bulging balls; balls that would soon be emptied deep inside Lynn but for now he was enjoying her oral skills far too much. As she licked and sucked on his balls, he tenderly brushed some hair from Lynn’s cheek so that she had no need to release his cock from her loving grasp before nudging her mouth back towards his cock once more; a mouth that was still eager to suck and a tongue that was made to lick his cock.

Still almost fully dressed and with a naked man’s cock in her mouth, Lynn was now desperate for Ian to lick her pussy. He’d teased her clitoris almost enough to bring her to orgasm only minutes earlier and it was gloriously wet and swollen, crying out for his tongue.

“Shall we 69?” she asked him, barely removing his cock as she spoke, and knowing that Ian could never resist 69ing with her, especially if it was her suggestion.

After teasing Lynn’s mouth from his aching cock, Ian stood naked before her, rolled her onto her back and lay on top of her, finding her pussy with his tongue as she rammed his cock back into her empty mouth.

Anybody taking a peek through the slightly open vertical blinds at that moment would have caught a sight worthy of the most explicit XXX film. There was Lynn; on her back, dress rolled up over her tummy, showing off her best hold up stockings, legs wide open and furiously wanking her lovers cock into her wanton mouth. And there was Ian; laying flat on top of Lynn, totally naked, with his face buried firmly between her open legs, as she shuddered and moaned at every touch of his desperate tongue. All of the time he was relishing the attention that Lynn was continuing to lavish on his cock; it had barely been out of her mouth in over fifteen minutes.

Ian’s head was motionless between Lynn’s open legs but his tongue was far from idle as he lapped at every intimate detail of Lynn’s sweet pussy, basking in its heavenly aroma as he licked and sucked her sex. Lynn would have enjoyed having Ian’s hard cock in her mouth anyway but the attention his tongue and fingers were giving her pussy were sending her into raptures. She nearly choked on his length as he stretched her labia wider still in order to penetrate her deeper with his tongue.

Lynn always enjoyed the sensual way that Ian lapped at her clitoris as he was licking her out but she always felt much dirtier and slut-like on the occasions that he really opened her up to probe her tasty wet vagina with his hungry tongue. Her thighs shuddered as he teased her swollen labia, all the time probing her deeper and deeper with his tongue and caressing her entire vulva with his mouth.

“When are you gonna fuck me?” she asked him, refusing to take his cock from her mouth.

She knew that he couldn’t spend all afternoon with her and she was determined to fuck him in the way, or ways, which she wanted to. There was no need to drag him upstairs. He was naked on her sofa, she was naked enough (at least her pussy was accessible to a long thick cock) and the blinds were closed just anal yapan escort about enough to prevent any lucky passers-by from seeing what was going on at 2 Heber Street.

“How d’you want it Lynn?” replied Ian, similarly refusing to call a halt to the expert oral sex he was giving to her.

The truth of the matter was that Ian really didn’t care how Lynn wanted it as long as he gave her a good hard fucking and sprayed her with cum as he finished. It had been quite a while since Lynn had had a lover who liked to cum on her body occasionally and she was certainly feeling slutty enough this afternoon to thoroughly enjoy watching Ian spray her pussy and tummy with glorious spurts of his hot, creamy spunk.

“Well get up then,” Lynn demanded, casually removing his cock and ushering him to his feet.

“It’s probably easier if I show you how I’d like it,” she announced as she lay down on the sofa, resting the back of her head on the arm.

Lynn had deliberately implied that just a simple missionary fuck on the sofa would satisfy her by the way she nonchalantly lay down. Until, that is, she hitched her right leg over the back of the sofa and stretched her left foot down to the floor, allowing the most sensational view of her wet gaping pussy that was now desperate to be filled; not with tongue or fingers but with cock. A good, hard cock. Ian’s long, thick cock.

“Oh fuck! do I really have to go back to work? That is gorgeous,” Ian exclaimed, taking his dick in his hand and kneeling between Lynn’s open legs, ready to plunge into her tingling wetness. His instinct was to plunge his mouth back onto Lynn’s pussy to suck on her juicy labia once more but her gaping wet hole obviously needed some cock; no more licking or rubbing or fingering, just cock.

Normally, Ian would rub the head of his cock around her pussy and stroke her thighs with it but the more he looked at Lynn’s wet hole, the more it seemed to be begging to be filled with her lover’s cock.

With his left knee settled on the sofa and his right foot placed firmly on the floor to give him extra thrust Ian slammed into Lynn. She gasped as she immediately took his full length right to the hilt, throwing her head back in obvious ecstasy as his balls slammed against her arse.

Ian too let out a satisfied grunt as he felt himself fill the deepest parts of Lynn; he was inside her just as much as his bulging balls would allow.

She cupped her tits sensually as Ian took her breath away with every thrust, withdrawing almost entirely every time to give Lynn the benefit of his full shaft every time. He was bursting to cum, but not yet; not until she’d been fucked good and hard and not until he’d done her doggy style, with or without her knickers on.

“You should see the look on your face,” Lynn panted to Ian who was clearly deep in concentration, as well as deep inside her.

He smiled hurriedly to acknowledge his lover but he was more interested in watching his thick cock slide into and out of her gorgeous pussy that was very soon to be drowning in his hot creamy cum.

“Are you gonna turn over for me Sweetpea?” he asked Lynn, touching the deepest parts of her as he spoke. He’d really enjoyed fucking Lynn on her back but he desperately needed to do her doggy style; just how she liked it.

“Mmmm yeah,” was all that Lynn could manage as Ian continued his pounding but she let her actions speak louder than her words. He took the hint to withdraw as Lynn removed her leg from the back of the sofa and hitched the other one up from off the floor. All he had to do as he knelt on the sofa cradling his glistening cock was simply lean back as Lynn quickly and slut-like manoeuvred herself onto all fours to offer her gaping entrance to him once more.

He couldn’t help but focus his gaze for a split-second on her tight pink arsehole, wondering when Lynn would suggest trying anal sex with him. That would be a request he would gladly indulge her with but for now, with the clock ticking, his gorgeous was lover on all fours, with a gaping wet pussy that needed to be filled with cock.

They gasped together as Ian entered her once more; Ian with the wonderful feeling that goes with sliding your hard cock into your woman’s inviting pussy and Lynn with the feeling that goes with your insides being gently teased and stretched as your man’s hard thick cock glides into you.

“You like my balls slapping your thighs don’t you?” Ian teased as he deliberately slammed them into her. This was both a feeling he too enjoyed and a sight he enjoyed. He had been balls- deep in Lynn so many times but this felt much dirtier today.

Maybe it was because he’d sneaked off work to see his ‘best fuck ever’, as he described Lynn.

Perhaps it was because it was the middle of the afternoon.

Or could it be that Lynn was being the sluttiest that he’d ever known her?

Of course she’d sucked his cock as he was driving before and he’d even atakent escort eaten her pussy as she drove on one occasion. She’d driven across town almost naked to fuck him before and she’d had his cock out on his desk at work but today was different.

Today Lynn was up for anything.

Today Lynn had phoned Ian at work and, in not so many words, had basically said come round to mine because I want sex; it was that simple.

With all of this racing through his mind, he grabbed Lynn’s pony tail and pulled her head gently upwards with it as he continued fucking her from behind. She responded to his hair pulling with a gentle yet dirty laugh and pushed herself hard onto his cock, bringing a manly grunt from her lover as she did.

He continued to pound her from behind, giving Lynn the full length of his firm cock with every thrust. Then, realising that Lynn still had her dress on, even though it was wrapped more like a thick belt around her tummy, he stopped fucking her just for a moment to remove it, easing it smoothly over her bouncing tits and eventually over her head, leaving just her knickers on that weren’t hindering his access to her heavenly wet hole.

Harder and faster he fucked Lynn as she writhed beneath his firm grasp, safe in the knowledge that he would very soon be emptying his bulging sack into or onto this gorgeous woman who knew exactly what she wanted from him the moment she picked up the phone earlier.

Ian had always enjoyed cumming inside Lynn. For some reason, maybe because he already had a girlfriend, it always felt fantastic when he came inside her. Or maybe it was because Lynn had such a beautiful pussy; perfectly formed, heavenly to taste and divine pussy lips that he loved to feel opening around the head of his cock as he slid inside her.

But today felt different for Ian. Different in a good way. Different in a dirty way; a very dirty way. Today he wanted to pull out as he was about to cum and spray his seed onto Lynn’s tummy, and he wasn’t shy about telling her of his intentions.

“I want you on your back Lynn,” he panted as he continued to fuck her.

“Turn over and spread your pussy for me. I’m gonna pull out and cum all over you.”

As Ian gently withdrew his cock, Lynn turned over as requested and spread her legs as she had done before, one on the back of the sofa and her other foot on the floor. Not only was she eager to open her legs for Ian, Lynn was very keen to spread her sex wide open for him as he quickly slid back inside her. His throbbing cock gently brushed her fingers as she spread her labia wide open for him, exposing the gaping entrance to her pussy once more and again taking the full length inside.

Lynn could feel her orgasm approaching as Ian ‘s cock plunged into her once more and she began frantically fingering her swollen clit, an action that caught Ian’s gaze immediately and caused him to ram Lynn just a little bit harder.

He continued to focus on giving Lynn his full length as she frigged her clit harder and faster, desperate for Ian’s cock to feel every spasm of her vaginal muscles as she brought herself to a climax.

Lynn looked down to watch herself being penetrated. She looked up at the way Ian was clutching her ankle. She saw the wanton look of sexual gratification on his face and then threw her head back to imagine him spurting his creamy spunk all over her.

“Oh God I’m cumming Ian; I’m fuckin’ cumming! Oh my God!!” she squealed as she rubbed herself to a wonderful, overwhelming orgasm, with Ian’s cock still buried deep inside her.

“Oh Ian that’s… that’s… fucking amazing. Oh my God! Fuck me!” she exclaimed, totally overcome with the most pleasurable feeling ever.

“How close are you?” she almost mouthed to him, barely able to speak.

“I’m gonna cum…right now Sweetpea,” Ian announced, right on cue. And as he answered Lynn, he quickly withdrew his cock from her dripping pussy and wanked his hot spunk onto her panting tummy. Spurt after spurt he enjoyed with Lynn watching intently as he emptied his sack onto her tender white flesh.

“Fuck that felt good Lynn,” he purred, still milking every last drop from the end of his still-hard cock. “I’ve wanted to do that to you for ages. Hope you don’t mind,” he added almost apologetically.

But there was no need for apologies. He had given Lynn one of the best, most intense orgasms that had ever swept through her body so he could do what the fuck he wanted to her, in her, on her. Truth be known, she was too tired to object to anything right now, such was the intensity of the last half hour or so.

“Do I really have to go back to work?” he asked rhetorically, already eyeing up where he’d thrown his clothes prior to Lynn satisfying his every whim.

“Well I’m no use for much else; I’m shagged- literally,” Lynn answered, snuggling into the sofa as she did.

Ian glanced over at his near-naked lover as he quickly, but not too quickly, put his clothes back on ready to return to his office after a sordid, rampant lunch hour. His eyes fixed on the pool of cum that was now dribbling down Lynn’s tummy, onto her swollen red clitoris and down towards her pulsating labia.

“Can I expect a phone call tonight?” Lynn whispered to him as he buttoned up his shirt.

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