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Confession Ch. 13

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That night Ben was back on skype wanting to talk to Jerome about moving his stuff and whether he would need to bring a trailer and what size. Etc. I was getting so frustrated because I have begun to feel very strongly about the whole thing and I was getting a bit jealous that everyone else wanted to talk to him. I really wanted to tell him all about the neighbor and how excited I was to be taking her photos. I also wanted to tell him how excited I was to be going on this trip to help them and just how wet I got every time I thought about being in close proximity to him and actually being able to touch his cock instead of just looking at it. I wanted to tell him how much I wanted to taste his cock and his cum and how I looked forward to spending the whole day teasing him until he couldn’t take it any more and threw me over the bonnet of his car and slid his fat cock into my sopping pussy. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get time alone with him. There was constantly someone around and it was driving me nuts.

Eventually he signed off and everyone else went about their normal evening routine. Beth went off to her room to study. Jerome went back up to his room to continue packing things into boxes and sorting out what he wanted to take and what he wanted to be left behind and Geoff stayed on the computer doing some extra work that he wanted to get ahead on before his trip. I wandered around for a while trying to figure out what to do with myself. Eventually it got the better of me and I just had to say something to Ben. So I sent him a text message, being mindful of the fact that Cindy was home.

“I’m so looking forward to seeing you on the weekend.”

“I can’t wait to see you too. I can’t wait to see all of you.”

I had to smile at that. To read that it would appear that he was looking forward to seeing all of us family but I knew he meant that he wanted to see all of me. God I wanted him to see every inch of me too, and touch and taste. I wanted the exact same thing. I wanted to see him physically excited to see me. I wanted to feel the hard warm flesh of his excited cock and to taste the drops of pre-cum oozing from his cock as I brought him closer to cumming with my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum and feel his hands in my hair Halkalı Escort as he released his cum into my mouth where I planned on swallowing every last drop. More than anything though I wanted to feel the walls of my pussy slowly expand as he slid that beautiful cock of his into me. Filling me to the core and making me cum all over him. I wondered if he would like the fact that when I cum now it’s a very wet experience. I hoped he wouldn’t be put off by that.

There was another ping on my phone and I realized that I had been day dreaming. Suddenly my thighs were quite wet and I knew that if I didn’t go and clean up I would start leaving damp spots.

I went into the bathroom and while I sat on the toilet I opened the next message.

“I wonder if you are thinking what I have been thinking?”

“There’s a strong possibility of that but tell me what have you been thinking?”

“That I can’t wait to have you naked in front of me and that I can’t wait to taste your pussy.”

“That’s remarkably close to what I have been thinking too. Shouldn’t you be a little more careful though? Isn’t Cindy home?”

“She is “busy” at the moment and wouldn’t notice if a bomb dropped in here.”

I was confused by what he meant.

“What do you mean “busy”?”

“She’s chatting with someone on the computer, although she told me she’s catching up some last minute work before her work trip this weekend. She thinks I’m stupid but she’s not half as good at hiding these things as she thinks she is.”

I had a moment where the glaring reality just stunned me. She’s got a work trip, so has Geoff. She’s doing some last minute catch up work on the computer and so is Geoff. They have always gotten along extremely well. Oh my god are they fucking each other? Do I have a right to feel indignant if I’m planning on fucking Ben? How long has this been going on?

“Do you know who she’s chatting with?”

“Not personally. They all have these made up names on these chat sites and unless you know them they really are meaningless and anonymous.”

The cogs were turning hard now and I was almost certain that my husband was fucking my brothers wife but how did I find out for sure?

“I know this sounds silly Ben but Halkalı Escort Bayan if you can, find out the details of where Cindy is staying this weekend.”

“I’m not sure I really want to know Sis. I told you that I know she’s having an affair. I just don’t see the point of making a big deal of it you know.”

“I know but it might change things if I told you that I think I know who she’s having the affair with.”

While I was waiting for an answer I decided to see if I could see what Geoff was doing on the computer. I walked as quietly as I could through the house but as I walked through the office door it made a noise and Geoff frantically began shutting pages down on the computer. It was actually quite comical and I couldn’t resist making things a little more uncomfortable for him.

I walked right up to him and put my hands on his shoulders and bean massaging them.

“Ooh so much tension honey.”

“yeah well you know work has been ridiculous lately.”

I would have known if he bothered to talk to me anymore but I played along.

“Oh that sucks, but still you’ve got this weekend away. Even though it’s work you should make sure you take some time to relax as well.”

He looked at me with a strange mix of curiosity and a small amount of fear.

“What do you mean? What could I do to relax in the city?”

“Oh I don’t know. I’m sure there are cinema’s or bars there.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Hey I know what you could do.”

Again the look of fear was there. He knew this wasn’t a normal conversation for us. Previously I would have complained that he wasn’t taking me too or that I would be lonely without him. This is definitely not the way he expected this conversation to go. I was enjoying keeping him on his toes.

“What’s that?”

I leaned forward conspiratorially and whispered.

“You should go to a strip club. Maybe get yourself a lap dance.”

He spluttered as he went very red in the face.

“What? Why would I do something like that?”

“Why not? It sounds fun actually. I know there’s been little to no loving around here lately and surely you’re getting a little backed up by now. I mean, this is the longest we have gone without sex since Escort Halkalı before we were married and judging by how fast you shut down those pages before I figure they must be porn.”

He was now practically purple he was so flustered. He was trying to come up with something that sounded somewhat plausible, I could see the look of panic as he kept coming up blank. If he had of just used his head he would have seen that I practically threw him a hall pass that he should have grabbed with both hands.

“I…it wasn’t…but…you don’t…”

I decided one more twist of the knife would be enough for the night.

“It’s okay honey. I don’t mind if you look at porn, just let me see sometimes. You’re not the only one who likes it after all.”

I sauntered out of the office feeling particularly proud of myself and I tried hard not to laugh at the picture of Geoff’s apoplectic face in my mind as he tried so desperately to deny.

I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at the message that had come through from Ben.

“Sis. If I find out who it is then it takes all doubt out of my mind. I would have to confront her with it and I’m just not sure I can cope with all the drama and the break-up bullshit. I don’t want to move away from here or divide everything up. I just don’t have the energy to deal with it all.”

“I totally understand that Ben. For what it’s worth though, you don’t actually have to do anything at all about it. There’s no reason you can’t continue on as everything is now just with a little knowledge you could be better armed to deal with a confrontation later.”

“I guess. I don’t want to know just now but I’ll think about it some more and we’ll discuss it over the weekend.”

I really wanted to lighten the mood a bit and remind Ben of what was on offer for this weekend.

“I’m happy to discuss anything you want when we have some private time Ben but don’t expect too much conversation when my mouth is full. ;-D “

“Mmm I hope that’s a promise.”

“Oh absolutely. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.”

My mouth wasn’t the only thing watering. It was weird that I could feel this way when I suspected that Geoff was having an affair as well but really I had to be honest with myself and admit that what I was doing was no better and in some ways worse. I knew that my friends and the rest of my family would cut me off and I would be shunned if it got out. The thought of that was horrifying but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it was incredibly thrilling.

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