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Confession of a Naive Girl

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Parts of this story are true. It was written to be entertaining. If you don’t like the subject of a cheating girlfriend, don’t read this story. I do not need your moral judgments. We all learn lessons in life by our experiences. Do not cast a stone unless you are sinless yourself. I don’t fancy myself a writer!! Please don’t call me a slut. Maybe you can’t remember when you were eighteen, young, foolish, and naive?


HI! My name is Betty, and yes I have been called Betty Boop, or was it Betty Boobs? (five feet two inches, brunette, hazel eyes, curvy)

I had my first sexual experience in high School when I was eighteen. I had dated several boys during high school when I met Dean my senior year. We fell madly in love and we became engaged in high school which in retrospect probably wasn’t the right thing to do. I know it did not please our parents as all we heard was that we were too young to get married. But it was true love, or so I thought at the time.

Our engagement seemed to change Dean as he became more possessive and demanding of me in our relationship. He often criticized my clothes or my choice of friends, always wanting to know where I was at. As a result we fought quite allot. It was a constant argument, break-up and make-up scenario. I have to admit that I did enjoy our making up.

We would break-up and get back together so many times I lost track. I was beginning to get very frustrated with our situation. If this was going to be the theme of our marriage I didn’t want any part of it.

After we graduated Dean decided to go to college in a large town 50 miles from the small town where we lived. Being raised on a farm and not liking all the farm chores that I was obligated to do I decided I would move to that same city as Dean so that I could be closer to him. We talked about getting an apartment together but we knew our parents would have no part of that. Dean decided to move in with a relative of his who were very religious and strict. The rent was very reasonable and Dean decided to accept their offer as we could still see each other when time permitted.

I scanned the newspapers when I found an ad for a shared apartment. I would have a roommate but my expenses would be considerably less, a big factor for me as I had very little money of my own before I found a job. I was fortunate to find an office job at a large manufacturing plant at a reasonable salary. Life was good for me. I was able to get away from home, and all the work, be close to my boyfriend, be out on my own and to be free!

I was now still 18 years old having just graduated high school. (With honors) I had a nice figure (34B boobs) which were still developing and a nice well rounded butt. I had developed much faster than most girls my age, I guess it was that farm grown upraising. I had been told many times that I was good looking by many boys. I was lucky in that I looked an awful lot like my mom, who had done some modeling when she was younger. My biggest asset to me, was my personality. I was very outgoing always with a smile on my face and friendly to everyone. I was on a new adventure and going to enjoy every minute of it.

My relationship with Dean continued to have it’s ups and downs when we found time to be together. Dean was getting even worse and more domineering than he had been in high school. I did not want to get dragged down into the pits with Dean with our constant fighting and arguing. I was enjoying my new life and new found freedom. We broke up and got together several times as the summer progressed. Our love making was still good and I enjoyed it very much.

My roommate’s name was Jane. Jane was twenty two years old, attractive, and very fun loving. We hit it off right away and really enjoyed each others company. We came from very different backgrounds, me a farm girl and Jane a big city girl. We enjoyed telling each other stories about our growing up and the experiences that we had. I could tell that Jane was much more experienced and worldly than I was by the stories she told me. Like all girls we talked about sex and boyfriends. I was almost embarrassed to tell her that I had only made love to two different boys. Mary had several lovers in the past but no one at the moment.

The good thing about Jane was that she had a car and coming from money had plenty of spending cash. There were several times when she suggested we go cruising and look for boys. I reminded her that I was engaged and said no to her requests. Jane would come home, sometimes pretty late, and tell me about all the new men she had met which was making me jealous. One night after I had another argument with Dean, Jane again invited me to ride with her and go cruising. I had decided that I had sat in our apartment alone enough evenings and told bedava bahis her that I would go with her. Jane took me to a drive-in restaurant where she said she had met some nice guys.

That is when my life changed. On our visit a guy approached our car named Bill who knew Jane. Jane introduced us and he got into the car with us and we had a nice conversation. The next night I again went to the drive-in with Jane again. Once again Bill joined us. I found out he was 24 and was a mechanic at a local car dealership. He was over six foot tall, good looking and a good talker. His conversation was directed at me as he was flirting with me for quite some time. He asked me out on a date when I explained to him that I was engaged and didn’t think going on a date would be appropriate behavior. I did have to admit that I was flattered that an “older” man would find me attractive and shower me with attention.

I thought that was the end of it until Bill joined us at the drive-in on our next visit. He told me that I was too young to get married and should be dating other men. I must admit I was really taken by Bill, his charm and good looks. “How about going out with me?” Bill asked. I looked him in the eye, bit my lip, and said, “yes.” To this day I don’t know why but I accepted his offer to go on a date with him. Bill told me he would pick me up at seven on Thursday night.

Thursday night came and I got all dressed up. I wore a nice loose fitting skirt and a low cut blouse, but not overly revealing. Bill picked me up at my apartment and we drove to a drive-in theater. I really don’t remember much about the movie as we talked for most of the movie. Bill had so many stories to tell me and I must admit that I was really falling for his good looks and charm. We ended up kissing allot and making out, much to my enjoyment. I found him hard to resist.

On the way back to my apartment Bill pulled down a dark street and parked. This took me by surprise and I was a little apprehensive as to what was going to happen. Bill told me he really liked me and began to kiss me which I willingly returned his kisses. Soon he had his hand inside my blouse and began feeling up my breasts. I felt his strong hand gently caress my soft breasts. Soon he was rolling my sensitive nipples between his fingers. I knew they were getting hard, reacting to the attention they were receiving.

I know I should have stopped him there but I was really falling for this new found hunk and how he made me feel alive. I let him pull my bra up over my boobs and soon he was sucking on my sensitive nipples. I could feel my love juices starting to flow and knew I that I could not deny him as he had made me feel so comfortable around him.

Bill’s hand slipped under my skirt and soon managed to work a finger inside my panties and into my now wet pussy. He asked if we could go to the back seat and I knew fully well what was going to happen there. I had reached the point of no return and eagerly accepted. Once in the back seat it didn’t take Bill long to remove my panties and skirt. Resistance was not even in my thoughts at this time. I guess I was feeling guilty when I suddenly had the thought of what my Sunday school pupils would think of their teacher naked from the waist down with her bra up over her boobs ready to spread her legs for a man she had only known for a few hours.

Bill had unzipped his pants and now moving between my legs. He began to rub my pussy with his cock and I am sure because of my wetness he knew that I ready for him. I could tell Bill was an experienced lover when he slowly began to work his cock into me, not like Dean who had to push in on one thrust. Bill was kissing me all over as he began to work his cock into me.

I soon came to realize that he had a much bigger cock than I had ever experienced before. I didn’t have a ruler with me but I was sure he was at least eight long and very thick. Bill slowly worked his erection into my tight wet eighteen year old pussy. I soon began to feel his big cock start to stretch and fill me. I must admit that it did hurt a little at first and I thought that I would never walk the same again. Bill was telling me how much he enjoyed my tight pussy as he kept up a slow and steady rhythm, gradually going deeper and deeper with each stroke he took.

He must have fucked me for ten minutes or more and there were times I had to have him back out some as he was hitting my cervix. I was gradually was able to take all of his manhood in my now sore, wet pussy. I had relaxed and was really enjoying our lovemaking as I let out small moans. Bill asked me,” if I was on the pill?” I said, “yes.” It wasn’t very long after that that Bill let out a low groan as I could feel my pussy being filled with his hot cum. I was in casino siteleri seventh heaven as I had never experienced love making like this before.

Bill explained that he still lived at home with his parents but was saving money to buy a house. (thus explaining why we only made love in his car or at a motel)

Right or wrong, I liked my new found boyfriend and the sexual heights he was able to take me to. I had never experienced real love making like this before. We talked for quite awhile after that as I told Bill I had never let anyone make love to me on the first date. Bill said he was glad that I had made him the exception and complimented me on my “great set of tits and my super tight pussy.” I just blushed and looked away.

Bill was a very experienced lover and had made me feel like no other man had ever made me feel. He was so sensitive and gentle with his love making ability. His big cock didn’t hurt either. That weekend I had a date with Dean again and we ended up making love. It was then I realized my heart was with Bill and did not like being with two guys at the same time. The next time I saw Dean I made up a story and got into a fight with him. We argued for quite some time and I ended up giving him his engagement ring back.

Bill had asked me out on another date and I eagerly accepted his invitation. We went out and had dinner at a little out of the way cafe. Of course I could have cared less what the food was like as I was already anticipating what was to come later. Dessert?

After our meal we followed the same routine as our first date in that Bill pulled down a dark side street a few blocks away from my apartment. It didn’t take long and we were kissing and necking like a couple on teenagers which I was. Bill began to play with my boobs and suck on them telling me what great tits I had. I ran my fingers thru his hair as he continued to feast on my soft breasts. He asked if I wanted to go to the back seat and with no hesitation this time I said “Sure.”

Bill immediately had his hand in my panties and began to slowly work a finger into my pussy. I was moaning in pleasure as I knew what was coming. I removed my skirt and panties and spread my legs a little wider apart to allow Bill easier access to my wet pussy.

He must have finger fucked me for 5 minutes all the time alternating between kissing me and sucking on my boobs. He had me squirming and moaning in pleasure as his fingers and mouth had me wanting him.

He kind of took me back when he asked “is your tight pussy ready for my big cock?” I assured him that I was and with that he mounted me and began to work that wonderful big cock into my open, wet, and willing pussy. I have to admit it was much more pleasurable this time as I was able to accommodate his size easier this time.

I shocked myself by even thrusting my hips back into his thrusts. Who keeps track of time when you are enjoying sex so much? I wanted his cock to stay in me forever. Soon Bill let out a grunt and filled my pussy with his hot cum. After he withdrew I could feel his cum running down my leg.

I know it was naughty but when he was dressing I scooped up some of his cum and for the first time in my life I tasted cum. It tasted a little salty and sweet at the same time. We talked and kissed some more and I knew Bill was ready for another round but I told him I was tired and needed to get some sleep as tomorrow was a work day.

We enjoyed several more car romps and great sex when Bill asked me if I was, “free for the weekend?”

On the weekends I usually went home and helped my parents with chores around the farm. I called my parents and told them that I had to work the weekend and wouldn’t be able to come home. I called Bill and told him I was available for the weekend. Bill said he had a special surprise for me this weekend as he had rented a motel room and we had the whole weekend just to ourselves.

Bill picked me up after work on Friday. I brought an overnight bag I had prepared for the weekend. I also had a surprise for Bill as I was not wearing any panties or bra, having removed them before I left work.

The motel was not the Ritz, but it would serve our purpose for the weekend. We got settled in and began to immediately start kissing and hugging. You should have seen the look on Bill’s face when he began to feel my tits and realized that I didn’t have a bra on. I told him I came prepared this time. In no time he was playing with my bare pussy and began to finger fuck me.

We both went over to the bed and collapsed on the bed. I didn’t need any help in undressing this time and Bill complimented me on my great body, telling me that I was, “as sexy as they come.” This was the first time he had seen me totally naked, and in bahis siteleri a lighted situation. Bill immediately got undressed and I complimented him on his toned and fit body, telling him he was a real stud muffin.

Bill’s large body loomed over my small five foot two inches tall body. Bill looked like a Greek god to me with his dark hair, hairy chest, and muscular build.

In no time Bill was on top of me working his big cock inside of me. He wasn’t as slow as he had been in the past this time he pumped his cock into me like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped my legs around his legs enjoying the feeling of his powerful body on mine.

We must have made love for 20 minutes with his big cock giving me sensations that I had come to enjoy so much. I wrapped my arms around him, closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure.

Finally Bill exploded in my pussy and filled me with his cum. I kept my legs wrapped around him as I never wanted to let him go. Gradually his limp cock came out of my pussy. We were both exhausted and decided to get something to eat. After our meal we returned to our room for another love making secession.

Bill surprised me when he told me get on all fours on the bed. I was still well lubricated from our previous love making session as he easily slipped into me from behind. He smacked my butt a few times which surprised me and also turned me on. I could feel his thighs slapping against my butt as my tits were bouncing around. Bill then reached around and grabbed my hanging tits and pulled and squeezed on them. I began to thrust my hips back into him as I could feel myself being filled like never before. I was sweating, panting and moaning as Bill once again filled me with his hot sweet cum. We both took a shower and I fell into a peaceful, contented sleep.

I awoke with a start the next morning as I realized that Bill was between my legs and licking my pussy. I was startled as I had never had my pussy licked before. I wanted to resist but it felt so good I couldn’t stop him. This was new sensation for me and I was really liking it. He found my clitoris and started to gently lick it and suck on it as he inserted two fingers into my wet pussy. I ran my fingers thru his hair as he continued to work his magic on my quivering pussy.

The feelings were coming too fast for me to comprehend and without warning my body began to shake and tremble. I arched my back and let out a scream, AHHHHHHHHH as I had my first orgasm. I was like a limp dishrag after that. I could hardly breathe as I was panting so hard and realized my boobs were hurting from my grabbing them during my orgasm. Bill asked me if, ” that was the first orgasm I had ever had?” I told him, ” it must have been as I never experienced anything like that before.”

Bill wanted to have sex but I told him to wait and let me recover from my earth shattering orgasm. We both laid back on the bed and I hugged him and held him close. I was sure I had found true love in my very short life. After resting and kissing for awhile I rested my head on Bill’s hairy chest. I could feel his hand gently pushing my head down towards his cock. I broke away and asked him if he wanted me to, “suck his cock?” He said he did. I explained to him that I had never done that before. He said he would guide me that the most important thing was to keep my teeth out of the way.

I eased myself down to his cock which by now was standing at a full erection. I eased his cock into my mouth which was difficult due to his size. I started to suck on his cock as best as I knew how when his hand touched the back of my head and began to gradually work his cock deeper into my mouth. At some point I started to gag and he then released his hold on my head. He then began to bob my head up and down on his cock so that I would get the idea.

I was now bobbing my mouth up and down, sucking on his cock. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given to me. After a period of time I began to slide my hand up and down his shaft and increased my sucking and bobbing. I felt his hand grab my head and hold me deep down on his cock when I heard a small grunt and his body tensed up as he released a full load of cum down my throat. I tried to swallow it all but some leaked out and started run down my lips. Bill informed me that I had given a good blow job for the first time. It wasn’t long after that that Bill got a phone call and had to leave for work on some emergency that had come up.

Bill dropped me off at my apartment as he left for work. I bounded into the apartment with the biggest smile on my face. Jane was home and immediately said, “it looks like someone is really happy.” I told her I had spent the night with Bill at a motel. “He’s really hung isn’t he?” Jane said. I looked at her surprised as she quickly said, “at least that’s what I’ve been told.”

This was the beginning of a relationship that would take lots of twists and turns. When your eighteen, young, naive, and in love, an older man can talk you into just about anything. MMMMMM, define anything?

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