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Confessions Ch. 01

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Chapter 01 – Bowen

Thank you Musicloverxo91 for editing.

When I started my profession of psychiatry I never thought that it would bring me such an adventure. I, then a man in my fifties, a well educated, and proper person, never thought I would succumb to the desires of a nineteen year old patient of mine. The outcome was a journey of epic proportions for me. I decided to search for some of the adventures of sexual pleasure from others, and list them in my book. I longed to know of peoples desires, and to see that others gave in to the pleasures of passion.

Before I share what I have found in the years since, it is only proper to share my own story, the story that started them all. I have to tell you about the girl that made me think of untold fantasies and desires. The girl who would open my eyes to a whole new world. Emma was a pretty young lady, just past her nineteenth year. She had big brown eyes, long dark hair that she always wore in a tight braid, and skin of snow. She was an athletic girl, and kept her body in wonderful shape. Her legs were long, her stomach tight, her breasts smaller then many, but not tiny, just right for a handful.

Emma had been coming to my office for a few years, shortly after her father had passed in a car accident. I thought I knew everything about her throughout our sessions, but I was taken by surprise that wonderful, fateful day. She came into my office with a smile, a rarity for her. Her attire was not her normal jeans and shirt, but a red skirt that dropped to mid-thigh, with a flimsy white blouse. She had on black heels that she kicked off as she laid upon the sofa in my room. Her lips were painted red, her face flush. She had an air around her that was different then I had ever seen before.

I lifted a brow and gestured to her, “Is it a special day for you?” She giggled, another rarity, “yes, it is” I stood and closed the door, per usual, for her confidentiality, and leaned against it, “Do you care to share?” She took in a quick breath and responded, “Today, I get laid.” It took me a few moment to collect her statement and form a response of my own, “Is this a common thing? To get laid? A friend? A lover that I have not heard of before?” She shook her head, “No Doctor Bowen, nobody I have played with before, but I want to play with him, and I know he wants to play with me.”

I scratched my chin for a few moments and walked to my desk, sliding upon it, a position I had adapted over the years, made the clients feel more comfortable. I relaxed my shoulders, “Well, Emma, we have never talked about sex before, so is this going to be your first time?” She giggled, “Of course not doc, I’ve had sex before. Several times.” I nodded and tried to think of what to write in my notebook before I continued, “So is that several times with one man, or several men a few times?” She sat up, her face bright, “that would depend. I’ve sucked off many different men, but only fucked a few, several times.”

I rubbed my hands together, a nervous habit of mine when I am entering a dangerous area, “You say fucked, is that because there was no real feelings for them, or because it was wild and furious?” She swung her feet off of the sofa and straightened herself, her words were slow, and deliberate, “Because I fucked them so I could cum hard and fast over their hard cocks. So I could make them cum inside me, my mouth, my pussy, my ass, anywhere that I could feel them.”

I adjusted myself on my desk, “Do you think that, perhaps, you do this for a longing to be loved by a man? Your father passed some time ago, it is not a stretch to think any love of a man could be an attempt to fill that void.” She laughed aloud and I could feel her eyes upon me, “No. I think I do it because of the thrill, because of the excitement it gives me. Because the excitement you are going to give me.” I was taken back by that, I must confess. I had no idea what to do, never had any ataşehir escort patient implied that they wanted me to bed them, never had I even thought it would ever happen.

I went with a generic answer, “That would be highly inappropriate Emma. For one, I am your doctor and that would violate every rule there is. And two, I am far too old for you.” She licked her lip and lifted her butt off the sofa. Her fingers moved to her skirt and she slowly began to slide the cloth up her legs. I held my hand out in front of me, gesturing for her to stop, “Emma, please, this is highly inappropriate.” She giggled as the skirt moved to her hips, exposing her thin red panties. She sat back down and grinned, “I’m sorry, just getting comfortable. I have to be comfortable right?”

I cleared my throat and took in a deep breath, “Comfortable is good yes, but this is beyond that. Showing me your panties is extremely inappropriate Emma. A very bad thing to do. This will not help you cope.” She moved her hand to the buttons on her blouse, popping them open slowly with two fingers and purred, “But without comfort I can’t cope Doctor B. I need to be as comfortable as possible.”

I watched in amazement of what was happening before me, here she was, a young woman, in my office, her panties showing and now her small breasts completely exposed, her nipples hard. I tried to collect myself, “Emma, you are naked in a doctor’s office, this is not appropriate, you need to put your clothes back on.”

Perhaps if I said it enough I would stop getting excited, but she would not allow that. Her fingers slid down her smooth stomach and over her panties, she patted herself and bit at her lip, “But, I am dressed Doc, my clothes are just on me differently. You can come help me if you want.” I looked away, trying to think of anything to remove myself from the situation without embarrassing her, “Emma, please stop. This is not helping.” She moaned softly and when I looked her panties were pulled to the side and she had a finger sliding inside herself.

She smiled to me, “No, not helping at all. You have to come a lot closer for that. Don’t you want to help me doc? After all doc, I need help, and I need help now. Come help me.” It was a plea, maybe a demand. I tried to remain calm, tried to remember where I was, what I was doing. She was gorgeous. Her body a work of art. I could smell her, the scent was intoxicating, invigorating.

I found myself standing, and moving towards her even as I spoke, “Emma, we can not have this, we can not think about sex in here, we have to remain professional, remain adults.” She moved her hips to her finger and released another small gasp, “Yes doc, adults, we are adults. Come help me, let me suck your cock, let me feel you.”

My steps were not my own, but the lust that was growing inside me, never had I had a woman tease me so quickly, excite me so much. I don’t know if it was because it was forbidden or because she was so hot, so sexy, but I wanted to help her more then I had ever wanted any woman, “Emma, you do not want to do this, you want to put your clothes back on and stop touching yourself. You want to sit up, and talk to me.”

She reached out and caressed my cock through my pants, “no doc, I want to do this, I want to touch you, I want you to touch me. I’ll stop touching myself when you take over.” I tried to resist, probably not as hard as I had intended, but she unfastened my pants and began to stroke my hard cock, her mouth moved towards me and she licked at it before sliding her mouth over my member. My words were spoken through deep breaths of the pleasure her mouth gave me, “No Emma, this is not appropriate, we have to stop.”

She hummed on my cock as her hand moved to caress my balls, gathering them in her palm and rolling them in her fingers. She released me from her mouth just long enough to lick up my shaft and talk, her voice ever so seductive, avcılar anal yapan escort “And why would it be wrong doc, we are both adults, we both need to feel. Let me feel you, let me help you help me.”

Her mouth closed back over my cock and I found myself reaching down to her panties. She moved her fingers and my own found her wet pussy. I slid my fingers over her experimentally, pressing her folds, tapping at her clit. Her mouth kissed at my cock and she baited me, “Mmm, yes doc, feel my pussy, feel how wet you make me. Slide your fingers inside me.” I could not hold off, and slid my finger deep inside her pussy. I wiggled my finger up and down when my palm pressed against her box, and I felt her hot breath in heavy pants over my cock. I pressed my palm hard against her, pushing my finger as far as I could inside her. I found myself completely taken by her, completely willing to please her in any way.

She moved her hips with my finger, fucking my hand. She kept her lips pressed against my cock as she spoke to me, “I want to suck on you while you taste me doc, can you do that for me doc, please doc, I need you to do this for me.” I withdrew my fingers from her and helped her stand. I kissed her lips, her sweet lips, offering her my tongue which she took greedily. When I released her from our embrace I laid myself upon my sofa and kissed at her leg.

She smiled to me and slid her skirt and panties from her hard body, her eyes glued upon my own. My excitement grew with every second, I could not wait to taste her, to feast on her. She leaned down and kissed me, then brought her lips to my chin. Her mouth was like magic on me as is moved to my chest, and further to my stomach. Her tongue rolled upon my flesh and I nipped at hers at every opportunity. She was like a silk goddess and I was the chosen one to have her and I savored every touch I was granted.

Her mouth moved down to my cock and she took me deep in her mouth as her legs moved over my head. She teased me, lowering herself just out of my tongues reach before lifting away from me, and lowering again. I moved my hands to her ass and pushed her down to my face. I slid my tongue deep inside her young pussy and flicked the tip as much as I could. Her mouth released me but she lathered my cock in kisses as her lips moved to my balls, where she lightly sucked on each of them. Her breath was hot, and her moans vibrated through her lips and onto my balls.

I slid my tongue out of her pussy, guiding it through her folds and lapped at her clit. My fingers reached down between her legs, first teasing her ass, then lower to her pussy, letting just the tip of a finger enter her, and wiggled it back and forth, teasing her, trying to drive her wild upon me. My mouth sucked on her clit, then I slithered my tongue into her folds once more, the musky sweet scent of her overpowering my senses, her taste was heaven to my tongue. She gasped upon my balls before taking me completely in her mouth again, muffling the sound of her ecstasy.

Her orgasm was like a flood, wave after wave of her sweet juices fell upon my lips, and her mouth clamped upon my cock. Her hips bucked as she fucked my face throughout her release, and I grasped onto her ass with my free hand. She panted and released my cock as her orgasm subsided. She kissed at my thigh and reached back removing my hand from her ass. Slowly she moved off of me and stood before me, her body shiny with sweat, her trimmed pussy soaked from my saliva and her warm juices. She licked her lips, “Please take me doc, I want you inside me, I want to feel you.”

I returned her smile and stood before her. My fingertips caressed her face and I lowered my mouth upon her own. She took my kiss and we deepened it, pulling each other closer. Our hands feeling each others bodies. I kissed down to her chin, then up to her ear, sucking lightly on the lobe before nibbling it. avcılar bdsm escort My hands moved between us and I caressed her breast, squeezing in in my hand before moving the tips of my finger to her erect nipple and pinching at it.

She weakened in my arms at the touch of her nipple and I quickly moved my mouth to her neck, sliding it over, under her chin, then down to her breasts, kissing around each of them before rolling my tongue over one nipple and my thumb over the other. Her chest moved closer, pressing against my mouth and hands, and I lowered my free hand to her pussy, tapping my fingers against her folds.

She gasped as my fingers touched her, and I bit at her nipples. I spun us around and removed my hands as I guided her to sit back on the sofa. She smiled up to me and I knelt down, inching myself toward her. She ran her hand between her legs and caressed her pussy, “Fuck my pussy doc, give me what I need.” I needed little encouragement to take her. I leaned forward and she took a hold of my cock and guided me inside her sweet hole. I pressed just the head of my cock inside and waited a moment, her mouth was partially opened and I kissed at her lip. I kissed down her body to her breasts as I pushed deeper inside her, every inch drawing a moan of pleasure from her wonderful lips. I kissed and sucked on one nipple then moved to the other as I felt my hips press against her, my cock completely inside her, and I began to slowly rotate my hips as I withdrew from her.

She pushed toward me as the tip of my cock began to exit her, and I quickly slid myself back inside her honey pot. Her voice was husky, and her breath was hot upon my shoulder, “Fuck me Doctor Bowen! Fuck me hard, make me cum!” I slid my hands to her hips and began to thrust my cock in and out of her, moving my hips from side to side with each movement. I locked my lips around her nipple, and flicked my tongue over her. Her moans grew and she pushed my mouth from her. I backed my mouth off, and she lifted her legs in the air, “Now you can really fuck me doc!”

I held onto her legs and began to pump myself in and out of her hard and fast. The sound of my hips slapping off her thighs echoing within my small room. Her body began to shake and she bit at her lip as she released herself upon my cock, her words were through her gasps for air, “Oh fuck yes doc, I’m cumming again, you’re making me cum so hard!”

I felt her orgasm subside as my own began to build, raising up my cock. She felt it as well and pushed me back, and I fell onto the floor. She jumped at me like a crazed feline and took my in her mouth, sucking on me fast and furiously. She pumped my cock with her hand and mouth and I felt the most wonderful release I had ever had, and she took my many streams of hot cum like they were her life.

She kept her mouth upon me until I went limp, then sucked a few more times, draining any remaining cum I had left. Then she crawled up on me and kissed my lips, “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that to you doc. Every time you sat on that desk all I could think of was having you inside me. Thank you.”

I kissed her lips several times before finding words, “Thank you Emma. I had no idea how bad I would want you given the chance. But this was still wrong, we can’t let anyone know.” She giggled as she lifted herself from my body, “well, we will have to have a few sessions just to discuss my sexuality I guess.” I smiled to her, “If that is what it takes, we will have to do just that.” We both got dressed and she gave me a long, wonderful goodbye kiss before she left. Emma and I had many sexual sessions after that, twice a month for four years. When she married four years later we stopped, the sex at least. I still see her every month. I know everything she has ever done, and she thanks me every time for what we did.

To Emma, the release was needed, was required for her to release herself. To me, although the sex was wonderful, it was a guilty pleasure. I loved the moments we had, and will never forget them. Sometimes I get a bit jealous of her husband. But, it’s all good. Besides the pleasure she gave me, she also made me seek out those with other naughty pleasures. I began my search for such people, and I was not disappointed. What a wonderful gift.

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