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Control Ch. 06 – A Trip to Town

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No one in this story is under 18.


I woke up in TJ’s bed for the second morning in a row. My ass was still burning from the pounding I took from Stephen and his huge cock. The boys had left to work without waking me and that was fine. I was tired.

I had broken Mommy yesterday afternoon. Making her watch while I fucked Daddy and then making her clean my pussy up afterward had been enough, but then to make her pray with me thanking God for it afterward had broken her will. She was upset because she liked it and could do nothing to change that.

One down.

I had not even showered after fucking Mommy and Daddy. I didn’t put anymore clothes on either. I was still wearing just a wife beater when the boys got home. We sat at the table and ate while I played with my pussy under the table.

Almost immediately, the boys and I were upstairs in their room. I had started sucking TJ’s cock on his bed and then I had felt Stephen pressing his cock against my still wet pussy. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, acknowledging my approval.

He had fucked me hard until he came inside me and I turned around to suck his cock clean while riding TJ. When TJ had cum inside me Stephen was hard again and I presented him my ass which he gladly took. Hard.

And then we had all collapsed in TJ’s bed, where I awoke this morning.

So, now it was just Mommy and me. I smiled as I headed to the shower.

Mommy stood at the sink wearing a drab cotton dress, her hair hung loosely to her shoulders, and she was washing the breakfast dishes.

I bounced over to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Good morning, Mommy. I’ll help.” I said as I took up a post beside her and started rinsing, drying and putting away. “Just me and you today. We should have some fun”

She didn’t acknowledge I had spoken. She just continued to stare blankly as she finished up the dishes.

“We are gonna take you to town and get you fixed up really pretty for Daddy.” I said, gleefully.

She turned to look at me quizzically.

“I know. I know. Daddy and the boys have the cars. But, it isn’t far to town and I am sure we can get a ride. Daddy will be so surprised.”

I took the washcloth from her hands and placed it on the counter. Taking her hand, I led her upstairs.

“The first thing we have to do is get you ready to go. Mommy, you are pretty and shouldn’t look this drab.” I said as I slide her dress off her shoulders beside the shower. Her arms continued to hang limply at her sides as I slid off her white cotton panties.

“Mommy, we need to fix that bush.” I said as I rubbed her bush as if I were petting a good dog. “Come on, sit down” I said as I pulled the stool into the shower.

She sat and I pressed her legs apart.

“Wait right there” I said as I got up to get the scissors and razor and shaving cream. She had not moved when I returned.

I started the water and got it warm before turning the shower head on her. I gently began snipping away at her unkempt bush, carefully avoiding her labia. When I had it down to a reasonable stubble I applied shaving cream and picked up the razor.

She still had not moved.

I pressed her legs further apart. I took off my shorts and top and climbed into the shower with her, I directed the warm spray on her and took my place between her legs. She had still not resisted nor spoken.

I began with gently strokes and she tensed visibly as I approached her labia, but she didn’t stop me. I continued without a word until I had finished completely shaving her.

“There Mommy, all better” I said as I gave her smooth pussy a playful kiss.

I looked up at her and she was looking through me. I looked into her eyes as I slowly moved toward her pussy again. She watched with no reply. My lips touched her labia, which were parting and hanging like curtains from a lifetime of fucking my Daddy’s enormous member.

I gently caressed her pussy with my tongue, stopping at her clitoris for a little added encouragement. Her legs spread a little wider, but she still didn’t comment.

I took her clitoris between my lips and began to gently suckle it and after a moment she began to involuntarily press her pussy into my face.

‘The slut emerges’ I thought.

She was obviously wet now, even though she didn’t want to be.

“Dear Lord” I said as I stopped to bow my head. “Thank you for my Mommy and that she loves me so much. Thank you for my Daddy and my brothers. Please bless my Mommy as we have fun today. Give her strength and courage for what is to come. In Jesus name, Amen.”

I stood up and got a towel to dry her. She continued to sit as I lovingly brushed her hair. I occasionally diverted Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort my attention to her big, but slightly sagging, breasts. She had enormoud nipples which only got bigger when I played with them.

I massaged her clitoris with my fingers as I kissed her lips gently. I stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes. Millimeters from her lips I whispered “Mommy, I love you” and began to kiss her. My tongue circled her clenched lips, but they parted and I felt her give in.

Her pussy was soaked now and she was beginning to moan. She began to cum.

“Thank you, Lord” I whispered, knowing that would make her feel more shame for even the fact that her body had betrayed her. She was a slut, just as I was.

“Let’s go get dressed, Mommy” I said.

She stood on her own and led the way to her bedroom.

“Go ahead and sit on the bed while I find you something pretty to wear” I said over my shoulder as I went through her closet. She didn’t have much and she had even less that could be called pretty but I finally found a floral dress that would hang to her knees.

I throw it over my shoulder and went to her dresser. She had great tits, but at her age and with their size, they were sagging a bit. She would need a bra.

I found a plain lace white bra that would provide sufficient support. She wouldn’t need panties.

I got her dressed in silence, but she started to help me.

She looked good in a middle aged frumpy Mommy sort of way. But, she looked good.

I took her hand and led her out the door grabbing her purse as we left. We held hands and walked the distance to town in silence never seeing a vehicle.

I took her to Cramers department store first. We went first to the ladies department looking for an appropriate dress, which I found shortly.

She would never have picked it, but I found a reasonably short black skirt. It was cotton/polyester and very thin so it would hang gracefully. It had a gold chain around the waist which hung down to the left of center in the front

I led her into the dressing room and pulled her dress off. The skirt fit her perfectly. I lifted the front of the skirt to get a glimpse of her freshly shaven pussy.

“Touch that, Mommy” I said. “You should feel the difference. I’ll be back as soon as I find a top and a bra.”

I shut the door behind me and smiled as I saw her fingers touching her pussy.

Immediately, I saw a cute top. Baring the midriff, it tied above the belly button allowing generous cleavage. Mommy was too old for that, but it would be very cute on me. I would come back for it. Some cute tees and some button up blouses, but nothing struck me.

Then I saw it. A really pretty white halter. It looked elegant but playful at the same time. I would borrow it from her occasionally. I found a white push up bra with straps that would show when she wore the halter allowing that slut look that I was really going for.

I burst in the dressing room and giggled slightly as I saw that she had not stopped playing with her pussy. Her head was thrown back slightly and her eyes were closed. She was enjoying it.

“You can stop Mommy” I said. “We have to get dressed now.”

First, I put on the bra, which fit her perfectly. That bra made her breasts look fabulous. Pushed up and together, they looked firm and young and as big as mine. A generous amount of acreage was visible outside the cups too. That would look great in the halter.

I pulled on the skirt and adjusted it so that it hung correctly. Then the halter.

“One more thing, Mommy!” I said as I burst from the dressing room.

Shoes. Fuck me shoes. But, I didn’t know what size she wore.

I found a nice pair of black stilettoes that were available in several sizes. So, I took a 7 and an 8 back to the room with me.

Entering the room, she was playing with herself again.

“Mommy, you slut!” I teased her. She stopped. “Don’t stop for me, Mommy. Continue.” She resumed.

I watched her play with her own pussy as I got too my knees to slide on the shoes. It was too awkward, so I told her to sit.

She did and continued to stroke her wet pussy. The shoes were all too big, so I left her to get a 6. When I returned, she was still playing with herself, her eyes closed and obviously ready to cum.

I put my mouth to her pussy and began to suck her clitoris and caress her pussy with my fingers. She convulsed immediately.

“Thank you Lord, for my Mommy’s orgasm” I prayed under my breath so that just she could hear.

The shoes fir perfectly. She stood and was stunning. Just had to fix her hair now.

I bid her come with me and she followed obediently as we paid for the clothes. She was still wearing them and I had left her old dress in the dressing room. I paid with her credit card and we left.

On main street, we looked like a couple of hot girls out for a stroll. We went next door to the hair salon.

A girl that had gone to school with me was free. She had been one of those girls who thought she had made it when she had gone to cosmetology school. She had looked down on me throughout school, and by her expression, it was apparent she still did. But, she was coldly polite.

“Fix my Mommy’s hair. Trim about six inches and make it pretty.” I instructed. “I’ll be right back, Mommy.”

I left her and went to the ATM outside in front of the bank next door. I got out 100 dollars, just in case.

Money in hand, I started down main street.

Past the newsstand and the fish market, next was a garage. It was probably the only competent mechanic within thirty miles. My Daddy acknowledged how good they were, but he would not patronize them because they were black.

One of the mechanics nodded in my direction as I started by, so I stopped.

“Hey” he said.

“Hey yourself” I said as I bounced over to him. “What’s up?” I asked.

“Lunch. How about you?” he said.

“Waiting on my Mommy.” I replied. “We are going to have some fun today.” I said mischievously.

“What kind of fun are you and your Mommy gonna have?” he asked me playfully.

I looked directly down at his cock and smiled.

“Are you a bad girl?” he asked.

“Maybe” I said with a grin.

“We could have some fun while you wait for your Mommy” he said lecherously.

“OK” I said. “Is anybody else here” I asked.

“A few other guys, but they will leave us alone” he said, trying to reassure me.

“No need” I said with a smile.

“Let’s go then” he said turning to go inside and I followed him obediently.

There were five other guys working, and he introduced me to all of them. One of them I recognized from the day before.

I was in a garage, my tits half hanging out, surrounded by a group of black me, one of whom knew I was a slut.

He led the way, touching my shoulder and lowering the strap on my top. The rest of them descended quickly. Someone lifted my skirt to expose my bare pussy, which he immediately began to touch. I crossed my arms to cover my tits in feigned modesty, and they immediately grabbed my arms pulling them apart and pulling off my top.

My huge tits fell out. They began to fondle them and I reached down to feel for cocks.

I found one, already hard, and dropped to my knees to pull it out. I began to stroke it and then another that appeared immediately. I took the first one in my mouth and continued to stroke the other, noticing the rest of the guys had theirs out too.

I took the second in my mouth and started to suck it while stroking the first. My free hand found another, which I began stroking. I pulled the cock from my mouth and spit on it, rubbing the lubricating saliva all over it with my lips. I stroked it as I did the same to the second.

I began to work my way from cock to cock, lubricating all of them. Some were big and some were not, but with effort, I took them all balls deep. I felt someone from behind me touching my asshole, and I immediately pressed my ass into his finger, opening my ass to him.

One of the guys who had not been getting a lot of attention began to stroke my pussy, and I was tingling like crazy. My fever was building. I took the biggest cock, belonging to the guy from outside, and worked my way to the base. Once it was buried in my throat, I began to pump it gently. I looked up into his eyes and stared.

He fucked my throat harder as I stroked the others. Then, I felt him getting ready to burst, so I took him deep and held him there until I felt the pulses of his penis as his cum went straight down my throat. I backed off and cleaned him as I did.

Then, I attacked the second. I had taken the biggest first, so it was no problem to deep throat him, and I did the same thing. Pumping his cock with my throat until I convinced him with a look to fuck my throat. I took his cum down my throat and continued until I had finished off the whole group.

Once they had all fucked my mouth, I took the first gently into my mouth again. I licked the tip and slowly took it in. Just the head at first, then slowly deeper. I pulled it out, licking the tip as I did. I gently caressed his cock with my mouth, almost worshipping it.

I used my fingers to push the cum and saliva from my face into my mouth.

“Gotta go, guys. Mommy might be done” I said as I straightened myself and bounced out.

I heard them calling behind me, but I just kept going.

“Mommy, you are beautiful” I smiled, honestly believing that she may be the most beautiful woman in town. She had never, in my memory, looked so elegant.

Even in the halter with the exposed bra straps and fuck me skirt, she was stunning. She made even that outfit seem elegant beyond its station.

“Thanks” I said to Carla and handed her Mommy’s card along with a twenty-dollar bill.

We walked out and my Mom had a genuine smile on her face. She looked young and happy.

“Where are we going now?” she asked. Those was her first words to me since yesterday.

“To have some fun, Mommy.” I said.

A few blocks later, away from the center of downtown, we came to the porn store. She slowed her walk, almost stopping, and looked at me with concern.

“It’s OK, Mommy. I was here yesterday. There are a lot of nice men. She balked, but I took her hand and she came, albeit unwillingly.

We opened the door, and it took a moment for our eyes to adjust to the dark of the interior. Before my eyes had adjusted fully, I heard a familiar voice. It was the same cashier from the day before.

“Brought a friend?” he asked jovially.

“My best friend” I said with emphasis. Mommy smiled awkwardly.

I led her back to the same booth in the back I had gone to the day before. I put twenty dollars into the slot and left the door open. Mom was staring around with genuine fear in her eyes.

“It’s OK, Mommy. I did it yesterday and I survived. I even liked it so I wanted to share.” Leaning closer to her, I whispered into her ear, “Besides, you are a slut too. You know it and I know it.” And I smiled.

I backed up slightly so that any men around could see the booth was occupied but the door was not closed. Oh, and that it was occupied by women.

It didn’t take long before we were noticed. There were not as many guys as the day before, but they did seem to be, for the most part, better looking. Mommy had gotten lucky.

I took her shoulders and switched places with her, placing her at the entrance to the booth. She was visible to all, and most of them had probably never seen a woman as beautiful in person.

I started to fondle her breasts through the halter top, pushing them up creating even more abundant cleavage. When enough guys were looking, I deftly untied the halter letting it fall free. I put it in her purse.

I started to play with her tits through her bra. They looked enormous and full. I kissed her on the neck and stroked her belly down to her skirt, which I lifted to reveal no panties. I felt her tense, but she made no sound.

I felt her pussy while they all watched, and it was drenched. Fluid was leaking down her thighs. I got some on the tips of my fingers and put it to her lips. She obediently licked it off.

Everyone in the store was watching now. Even the cashier had come to the back. Remembering the day before, he figured that something was going to happen.

I pushed her gently out of the booth. She offered no resistance, and when I pushed her to her knees, she went willingly.

“Have at it. Mommy” I whispered in her ear and crooked my finger signaling the guys to come over.

They descended on her. Several guys had their cocks out before they were near her, but there were already several inches from her face.

I took the largest of the group in my hand and started to stroke it, pulling it closer to her mouth while gently pushing her toward it.

“Come on, Mommy! You know you want to. You love cock too. I got it from you. I know you want it because I do. You are a slut just like me.” I whispered into her ear.

A tear formed in the corner of her eye as she lunged at the cock, taking it deep in her throat. Years of sucking Daddy’s huge cock had served her well.

“Jesus, bless my Mommy, the slut. Let her get all the cock she wants. Let her orgasm frequently. Bless her pussy and her ass and her mouth. Amen” I whispered, knowing the association of church and sin would bite at her even more.

She was sobbing as she attacked the group of cocks with abandon.

She eventually stopped. Crying that is, and began to enjoy herself, as I knew he would. She took cum in her mouth from all of them, and she was still working on them voraciously when I touched her on the shoulder.

“Time to go, Mommy. Daddy will be home shortly, and heaven help if he ever finds out about this.”

I had her. And, the look on her face told me she knew it. I kissed her fully on the lips, letting my tongue explore her mouth sharing in the taste of cum rom half a dozen men.

I helped her straighten her clothes and hair. She still looked phenomenal, although a little worse for wear.

We left and walked the short walk home. A couple of cars passed and offered rides, but we were almost home when they did, so I declined for us.

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