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Cooking with Carly

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Big Tits

The rain splattered against the windshield in fat, bursting droplets and the wipers swished furiously in defiance. Ryan pulled quickly into his driveway and glanced, grinning, at Carly, the gorgeous woman in the seat next to him. She met his gaze for a second and peered quickly into the back seat at the bags of groceries that they had just recently bought at the local Quick-E Mart, and then out the window at the torrential sheets of rainwater that was bombarding them. Thunder rolled softly in the distance.

“We’ll have to make a dash for it,” Ryan said teasingly, enjoying her obvious disdain at the idea, “because it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.” She groaned in acceptance and braced herself for the mad dash up the long walkway to the gigantic and wonderfully dry house. “On three now… one… two… THREE!” They kicked open their doors and hurriedly grabbed the groceries and ran like maniacs to the door.

Carly hopped around on the doorstep in unhappy impatience as Ryan slowly and meticulously slid the key into the lock and turned it, opening the door to his beautiful summer home. Her hair was soaking and her clothes clung tightly to her womanly curves, her nipples standing at frigid attention through her sopping shirt. Ryan paused when he noticed this, and she groaned again, hitting him playfully to hurry up already.

The two were inside soon after, and as Carly stood dripping in the hall, Ryan ran to the bathroom to get towels to dry them off. He reached for the towels and looked up to see Carly’s reflection in the mirror. She was standing, helplessly wet, in his front hall, unaware that she was being watched. Again, Ryan paused, suddenly overwhelmed by her beauty. He and Carly had been friends for a long time, and he had always been attracted to her, but he became overcome with the feeling that he had never really noticed or appreciated how truly gorgeous she was until now. Her face was beautiful, much like Cindy Crawford or another of the beautiful supermodels, and she had always had many admirers. Her body was just as good, with round, perky breasts and a perfect, firm ass that he could just take a bite out of. Ryan jumped nervously when he felt his crotch wake up, and he quickly tried to push the sexual thoughts from his mind.

He returned to Carly and handed her the towel, and watched in hormone-driven awe as she massaged the towel through her hair and over her arms, legs and chest.

“Ooh that feels good. Ngh I hate being wet, don’t you?” She asked him casually. Wet.

“Not all wet is bad…” he replied before he could stop himself. Oh shit, now she’s going to think I’m a pervert… he thought embarrassedly. But instead of shooting him an evil look, she only giggled and threw her head back bahis siteleri to dry her neck. Mm that neck… suddenly Ryan had the urge to grab her and nail her right there in the hall, lick her from head to toe, hear her moan again, except this time with pleasure from being the “good kind of wet”… His dick throbbed in his pants, and he quickly picked up the bags and headed to the kitchen, hoping she wouldn’t notice his increasingly large crotch.

“So now that we’re dried off we should get started on this dessert thing you wanted to make.” He called back to her. She followed him, marveling at the amazing house they were in, and commenting on how impressed she was with oohs and ahhs that only made Ryan wonder what noises she made in bed.

Carly had been taking a summer cooking class because she had nothing better to do with her time, and Ryan had offered to help her make a supposedly difficult dessert. He knew nothing about cooking, but enjoyed spending time with her, and was glad she accepted his offer. They were both still in college, entering their junior year in the fall, and so both lived at home during the summer. Ryan’s parents had gone on a vacation to Greece for three weeks and so he had the house to himself, which was very nice.

They reached the kitchen and set their things down, unpacking the ingredients and getting out the needed utensils and pots and pans.

Ryan helped out where he was needed, but on the most part he watched Carly as she mixed and stirred and pinched and created, which was fine with him. At one point she put a finger in the mix and slowly licked it, closing her eyes and smiling with pleasure.

“Mmm this is good. Here, try some.” He reached in and took some himself, finding it very tasty, but did not pay much attention to the batter because his eyes were fixated on her lips and tongue, slowly licking and sucking on her finger. He briefly closed his eyes and imagined those same lips and tongue sucking and licking his shaft from base to head. It grew larger still in his pants, and he sat abruptly on a stool so she wouldn’t notice his trouser snake standing at nearly full attention. He watched intently as she bit her bottom lip and carefully poured the batter into a pan of some sort, and then placed it just as carefully into the preheated oven.

“Whew, I’m done for now. Hey, could you give me a hand untying this apron please?” she asked cutely, fumbling blindly with the knot behind her back. She walked over to him, and glanced back, flashing him a gorgeous supermodel smile. He stared into her eyes for a second too long and then quickly attempted to undo the stubborn knot. His fingers trembled slightly as his hands rested partially on the top of her ass. She was wearing canlı bahis siteleri very short shorts and he suddenly had the urge to reach up one of the legs and thrust his fingers furiously in and out of her delicious cunt. The thought of this made him tremble more, and his penis was fully erect now. He undid the knot and dropped his hands quickly so as not to lose complete control of himself.

“Are you ok?” she asked, concerned, noticing his odd behavior. He nodded dumbly, unable to form words. Her nipples were hard again for some reason, and he wondered if she was cold. She studied his nervous movements for a few seconds and then shrugged minutely, turning to wash her hands.

“Wait…” Ryan said quietly, and she turned back around to face him. A smudge of batter was on her face, and he signaled this to her. “You have, a uh, you have something on your mouth…” She laughed and wiped her mouth, attempting to clean herself.

“I’m the sloppiest eater in the world. I get half of my food on my face!” Ryan wondered what it would look like to have his cum all over her face. His rod stiffened. “Is it gone?” She asked, looking at him questioningly. He laughed—despite her efforts, the batter was still there. He stepped up to her and, feeling particularly brave, delicately wiped the batter from her mouth. He paused again, suddenly dizzy with sexual, animalistic desire. She looked at him with her huge, blue eyes and her unbelievably sexy pouty lips that his dick just yearned to be enveloped by and before he knew what he was doing, he grabbed her close to him and kissed her mouth with intense passion. He felt her nipples harden against his chest and his penis did likewise as it throbbed against her thigh. His hands groped blindly at her ass, her breasts, he ran his fingers through her silky dark hair… suddenly he pulled back, realizing what he had done. They both breathed hard and stared at each other. His face grew red with embarrassment.

“Oh god, I-I’m so sorry. God, I don’t know what came over me, I just.. I ..” He trailed off from his apology and gawked at her. His staff pulsated and pushed against the inside of his pants, and he could not find any more words. Her eyes studied him, not with malice or anger, but more with curiosity. Time stood still.

She slowly stepped closer to him until she was so close that they were nearly touching. He trembled slightly and suddenly he felt her hand on his shaft, squeezing gently yet firmly, stroking it through his pants teasingly. She ran her fingers through his hair and his heart thudded in his chest. She looked into his eyes.

“Do you want to be with me?” She whispered sexily, her grip on his fifth appendage lessening. He yearned for her to tighten güvenilir bahis her grip on him, for her to touch his sex with more than just teasing strokes. It literally throbbed in her hands. He wanted for her to take it into her mouth, into her pussy… he wanted her pussy. He nodded, unable to make a noise. She lightly kissed his mouth and he tasted a mixture of strawberries and the batter she had been making. “So why don’t you take me?” she said even softer, pulling back from him entirely.

Ryan could not take it anymore. He grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, kissing and licking and sucking her neck and face and cleavage. She pulled her shirt over her head and he quickly undid her bra, and suckled and stroked and massaged her hard nipples and aching breasts. She moaned with pleasure and stroked his penis again. He picked her up and placed her on the table where he slid his hands up her shorts and his fingers slipped in and out of her very wet pussy. Now this is good wet… he thought to himself, grinning. She moaned as he massaged her cunt, teasing and pleasing her simultaneously. He sucked on her breasts and finger-fucked her, and with his other hand unzipped her shorts and slid them off. He bent down and inhaled her smells before nearly tearing off her sexy panties and diving mouthfirst into her glistening and quivering pussy. He sucked her thighs and then the outer lips of her delicious sex, visiting the clitoris and then thrusting in as far as he could with his tongue. She groaned and screamed in pleasure and was set into shaking spasms.

“I need you inside me!” She panted out, gasping for breath. He was more than happy to oblige, as he slipped out of his pants and freed his penis, which felt ready to explode. He crawled on top of her and was about to enter her, when she flipped him over to be on top. She kissed his mouth and then slowly and ravenously kissed down his stomach until she reached his gigantic shaft, which she then took into her mouth and sucked and licked up and down, sending him into near orgasmic ecstasy. She suddenly readjusted herself so that she was sitting on his face and still blowing his brains out. He reached up and fingered and sucked on her quivering pussy, which made her suck and lick his shaft with more and more sexual desire. He felt cum begin to accumulate at the base of his shaft, and as she came on his face he tried to warn her of his nearing explosion, but his voice was muffled in her cunt. She screamed and orgasmed multiple times, which set him off and he shot out burst after burst of hot semen into her face.

It was at this moment when the batter in the oven caught fire, setting off the smoke detector, and sending the two copulating lovers sprawling to the ground. Carly giggled, still with an orgasmic high, and rolled over to face Ryan, who was shocked and amazed at what had just happened. His cum was dripping from her face.

“I told you that was a difficult recipe.” She said, and she slowly leveled herself on top of him, feeling him inside her at last.

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