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Cottage Caper Ch. 02

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Although not stated, all characters are 18 and over.


Nick’s eyes opened lazily in the way that only a good night’s sleep could deliver. A grin spread across his face as he recalled where he was and what had just happened to him. He had recovered from his breakup masterfully by sleeping with a very sexy and awfully forceful friend of his, Sarah. Nick, Sarah, and Nick’s best friend Max and his girlfriend Christina were all staying in a tiny cottage for the weekend to celebrate their recent high school graduation.

A soft slurp and a warm feeling broke Nick’s revere. Looking down his grin only got bigger as he saw a head bobbing up and down on his morning wood. Hands folded behind his head, he settled into one excellent blowjob.

But wasn’t Sarah blonde? A quick check confirmed that a black haired girl was going to town on his dick. Then who was this?

“Christina!” Nick scrambled up the couch he crashed in, his dick slipping out of Christina’s mouth, “No! You cannot do this! No!”

“Come on Nick you were clearly enjoying yourself.” Christina said slyly, wiping her mouth.

“Nope! No! You are Max’s girlfriend! This is not ok!” Nick grabbed as much of his blanket as he could, trying to cover himself while trying to notice Christina’s near naked state as her matching purple lingerie showed off her fit body and perky B-cup breasts. “Where’s Max? What if he walks in!?” Nick said snapping out of his lustful gaze.

“Oh he went out to shop for groceries!” Christina said, still beaming. “And Sarah is still asleep in your room after the fucking you gave her last night.” She crawled up the couch between Nick’s legs, “So we have some time to ourselves.” Grasping Nick’s dick with her hand she leaned into Nick and kissed him fully.

Nick’s resolve was broken as their tongues intertwined and her hand started a gentle illegal bahis stroking, while moving the blanket in between them out of the way completely with her other hand. Nick slid his hands over her tight body as he relaxed into a sitting position with Christina between his legs stroking his dick. He groped her ass and slapped it to her delight as she moaned into his mouth.

She detached her mouth from Nick’s, and with another naughty smile she dropped from the couch onto her knees in front of him and took his throbbing dick into her mouth. Nick eased back to the way he was as he woke up, completely relaxed and receiving some killer head from his best friend’s smoking hot girlfriend.

SLAM! A car door slamming shocked both of them out of their lustful state, Max was back! Nick and Christina exchanged a shocked glance and then sprung into action, Christina released Nick’s cock and bounded into her and Max’s shared room while Nick found his discarded boxers, slipped them on and threw his blanket over him and feigned sleep just in time for Max opening the door to the cottage.

Noticing that his friend was sleeping, Max quietly closed the door and entered the tiny cottage carefully. Nick heard him walk into the kitchen behind him, the realization of what he had done setting upon him. But Christina didn’t seem to want Max to find out either, she jumped back into her room immediately so he was safe there. Hopefully this would not be a problem for the rest of the trip.

Nick’s hopes of that would be dashed as the day went by with many problems.

It started in the lakeshore shops the group went through in the morning, any time him and Christina were alone she would caress his dick through his pants or grind her ass against him in order to tease him. This continued at lunch when she rubbed his legs under the table casino siteleri with her feet and Max was beside her the whole time! Luckily Nick found some time away from her while her and Sarah went shopping while he hung out with Max on the beach.

Afternoon turned to night and a bonfire party began on the beach, with drunken teenagers frolicking everywhere and booze flowing freely. By the time Christina approached Nick that night, he had some time to think and some time to drink. He had decided to give her exactly what she wants.

Christina sauntered up to him, wearing a bright blue bikini and a pouty lip as she began her torment anew. But before she could get a word out, Nick grabbed her arm and lead her out to the dark forest beside the beach, no one would see them unless they were right next to them, and no one could hear them for the massive party behind them.

“Alright bitch,” Nick said forcefully, “you want this cock so bad? Here you go!” He pushed her to her knees and removed his swimsuit which was his only garment. He told hold of his hardening cock and thrust it into her mouth, resulting in a gag.

After that initial hiccup, she was all into it, happy to be taken and used. She bobbed her head up and down, savouring every inch of his meat, and treating it with the care that she intended to give it that morning. Using one hand to stroke and one hand to steady herself against Nick’s thigh, she was set on giving him the most pleasure she could. Nick was loving the attention his cock was getting, but he was sure to check around the tree he was hiding behind just in case anyone were to find them out. So far no one had noticed their disappearance. Nick decided it was time to finish what they started this morning and give Christina what she wanted so badly.

He pulled his dick out of her mouth and picked her poker siteleri up. He lifted her against the tree trunk and she spread her legs wide for him to enter. Nick latched his mouth to her breast and eased her bottoms aside, and then himself into her depths. Chris moaned ear-splittingly loud above him, digging her nails into his back and spreading her legs wide. Nick thrust into her, gravity his aide, as he moved to her other breast, her sweat leaving a sweet tang in his mouth. He suddenly remembered where they were and checked behind the tree.

To his surprise, someone had walked into the forest to pee, although he had not come as far as Nick and Christina were. To his horror he realized it was Max.

Max looked up and saw Nick’s face, and could clearly hear the moaning. Nick couldn’t stop plunging into Christina’s fold sand it was apparent Christina didn’t want him to stop either.

“Ohhhhhh fuck me Nick ohhhh yesss!” Nick looked back at Max, expecting the worst and Max was … giving him a thumbs up?

Nick realized all Max could see was his face and two legs popping out from either side of the tree! With renewed vigour Nick drove into Christina’s warm folds, causing another bout of moaning from his best friend’s girl.

By this time Max had returned to the party, probably to look for his girlfriend, so Nick saw the coast was clear and he lowered himself out of Christina to a disappointed groan then he lowered her to the ground.

“I’m going to cum all over your face.” Nick started jacking himself to finish the job. On her knees again she turned to face him, and Nick was treated to the most beautiful sight. Before him was his best friend’s girlfriend, on her knees, wearing a torn and displaced bikini, with two of her own fingers plunged in her, the other hand full of her breast, and her mouth wrapped around the end of his dick.

The finishing touches were complete as her face contorted as she started to cum with a loud squeal, and he finished too, coating her face with his cum.

Christina smiled through her veil of cum, “Better get back to the party before they miss us big boy.”

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