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Couple Use Hotwife Dating App

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It was early afternoon when the two arrived at the hotel and casino. They checked in and dropped off their things as planned. She had been using the app for about a month, and to her surprise, she had plenty of men wanting her.

Her profile was clear. She was married, looking for a male in his twenties or early thirties, married or girlfriend with verified permission. She wanted the man’s wife or girlfriend to know that her partner was going to be inside of her. It turner her on to think that this stranger is going to fuck her and then go home to his partner. She thought about his partner sucking her off of him, and imagining how turned on she would be.

The husband and wife had planned this scenario of the course of a month. She would use the app to narrow the selection to three. The couple would then select the best one together since he would be in the room and watching his wife get fucked by this stranger.

She wanted her husband help lead this scenario and encourage them while they fucked. Although his wife was quite the nympho, she was also a loving homemaker who’d never done anything like this.

The couple showered and got ready for their evening together. He wore a nice button down with jeans, looking nice but not over dressed for a casino. She dressed rather conservatively, wearing a loose maroon top, with jeans, and strappy wedge shoes. What was underneath though, was not so conservative. She had on a crotch less garter styled body suit, underneath her clothes. This was not some random choice of attire either. She knew that he had desired a mature woman, and thing for lingerie, especially hosed lingerie.

Around 7:00, they headed downstairs to the casino. The man they had selected would be meeting them later that evening at the bar around 9:00. They played a few slots they settled at the bar for a few drinks hoping to relax their anxiousness a bit before he showed. They talked again about ankara escort how to approach moving to the room or backing out if they didn’t feel comfortable. They were both excited and nervous.

They knew a few details about him and exchanged pictures with him so they would know what to expect. The wife was really turned on by his body, and especially his cock. He was quite large. His cock appeared to be at least 8in and pretty thick from the pictures. His girl was in the pictures too, she appeared to be a young attractive, blonde with smaller breasts. She verified her consent and disclosed to the wife that she and the man were in fact married. She was also very attracted to the wife, but had never experimented with women. She was more turned on by the thought of her husband fucking an older woman. She explained how she wanted him to come home un-showered and tell her about the experience while he fucked her.

9:00pm came around and right on time, the handsome man from the pictures walks in. Her husband greeted him at the entrance and escorted him to their table. They sat and had drinks while making small talk. It was as if they were all friends already. As they loosened up, the conversation grew more and more sexual. The man told them about his sex life with his wife, and how she had encouraged the date.

Knowing that his partner was turned on by it, and the man was genuinely attracted to her now, the wife began to really loosen up. She began to flirt with him and kind of tease a bit, telling him what she wore underneath her outfit. His face wasn’t all that gave him away, the couple could see his pants swelling. It was then the wife gave her husband the lustful look squeezing his thigh. It was her final okay to invite the man up if her husband also approved.

Shortly after his wife’s cue, the husband asked the man if he’d like join the couple upstairs. The man quickly responded with an enthusiastic yes. The husband instructed his wife very sexy like to meet them in the room, and that she should escort ankara remove her outer clothing, lay on the bed, and play with herself. Their new friend was clearly excited by the thought too.

The two men sat for a while longer talking about how hot the wife was probably getting. They settled the tab and headed to the room. When they walked in, she was just as the husband had asked. He sat down on the chair next to the bed and told their new friend “use her sexy body just like your wife wants you to.”

The man undressed as he looked up the hot wife playing. He began stroking his cock to erection and she motioned him over. She touched his chest and reached down to his hard cock and took him in her mouth. They both moaned with pleasure as she gently rubbed his balls and sucked him. After a few min he pushed her to her back and began fingering her soaking wet pussy. She pulled his head down and bucked her hips as he licked and kissed her.

He stroked himself while going down and the husband began to unbutton, freeing his cock. The husband told him how turned on she was. He could see in her face. She felt like such a slut as while her husband watched her.

She was driving the man crazy. He wanted his cock in her, and the husband told him to give it to her. Fuck my wife, he said as the man entered her. Make her cum on your cock. She’s a whore tonight, and she knows it.

She gasped as he drove deep into her cunt. Their bodies were slamming together harder and harder with every stroke. She started encouraging him, telling how good his cock felt in her. She said she had dreamed of fucking him so many times while her husband watched.

The husband was fully hard now watching his slut wife be fucked by this stranger she met from the app. He began telling the man to pound this bitch. She needs your hard cock. He turned her over on her knees, facing her husband. At first she felt a bit ashamed, then her eyes met his and she watched as he jerked his hard cock to her.

She starting ankara escort bayan thinking about the man’s wife waiting for him to come home and fuck her. She wanted all of his cum to herself though. She started telling the man that his wife is going to have to work really hard later if she wants his dick.

Her husband said, it’s your cock now baby, you got him here now work him. Make him remember your pussy. Cover him in it. Be his fantasy. Look in his face, he’s so turned on by you. He’s going to fill your gaping cunt full of cum tonight slut.

The man pulled her to the edge of the bed, right next to her husband and pushed he legs back with her pussy wide open and he slammed into her even harder than before. Her tits were shaking up and down furiously as he pounded her.

Her husband was so turned on watching her. In a way he was proud that she was fulfilling this man and his wife’s fantasy. She was really into it too. She felt completely used by this man and yet empowered by it knowing his wife would be sucking her pussy off of him later. She started to tremble as she neared orgasm, and begged for his cum.

Her husband said to her, push, push, squirt all over him before he cums in you. When he leaves you’re getting fucked again slut. That’s right, I’m going cum in you too whore, right after him.

He knew just when to take his cock out. She began to squeeze as he pulled out, rubbing his cock back and forth across her clit as she squirted all over his cock and stomach. Just before she was done he slammed into her and filled her hot cunt with his cum.

After catching their breath, they all chatted like friends again complementing each other. The man dressed as she laid on the bed. Before he left she snapped a picture her well fucked pussy and sent a message to his wife, he did just as you wanted.

After the man left, the husband stared at his well fucked wife, and she said to him, you were probably just talking sexy, I’ll get cleaned up. He immediately replied NO, I meant it, I want you like this. She was shocked for a moment, and then incredibly turned on. The couple fucked like never before.

Eventually they got dressed, and went back down to the casino finishing the date they’d started.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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