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Courtney: The Massage

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I couldn’t stop thinking about Courtney’s petite body that was in my arms for the first time the night before in her apartment’s hot-tub. The little fooling around we had done was fantastic. I barely slept a wink, and the next morning in the shower I took the liberty of soaping up my stiff cock real good and stroking it until I spewed as I remembered our first encounter.

Back behind the bar that evening I kept hoping she would come in, and finally just before midnight she made her entrance. Same tight, faded jeans showing off her firm little ass, and a baggy sweatshirt that, unfortunately, concealed her perfect young breasts. She slipped onto a bar stool with her devilish grin and the same gleam in her eyes that she had the night before.

“‘Bout damn time,” I said sarcastically.

“Sorry,” she replied. “I didn’t think I could sit here all night watching you work and not able to touch you.”

I was a little shocked at her reply – such a sweet, little thing talking like that. I smiled at her, and I think I even blushed a little, too. “Don’t worry, Courtney. I’ll be out of here in two hours and then you can touch me all you want.”

She smiled, as if satisfied with my response.

Those last two hours seemed to drag as I dreamt about what would happen later that evening. “Since everything is closed when I get off work, I figured we would just go back to my place. I’ve got some beer in the fridge, and we can just kick back and relax. How does that sound to you?”

“Sounds wonderful,” with another devilish grin.

Finally closing time came and we headed for my apartment. I shut the door behind us and the cool air from the AC felt great against my sweaty body – I obviously worked too hard. I opened two beers and handed her one. I felt pretty nasty from all the sweat – “Mind if I take a quick shower?”

“Not at all,” she said. “I’ll just make myself comfortable here on the couch.

I quickly went to my room and stripped out of my clothes, wrapping a towel around my body in modesty as I had to walk through the hall to get to the bathroom. From the couch you can see into the bathroom – right through to the frosted glass of the shower doors. I made a half-hearted attempt at swinging the bathroom door shut behind me, but enjoyed the fact that it remained open about six inches. I dropped the towel and stepped into the shower. As I lathered up, I wondered if she was watching through the open door, or if she hadn’t even noticed. Just the possibility of her watching got my cock twitching, and I gave a special cleaning to my little soldier for her viewing pleasure. When I was through, I shut off the water and waited a few seconds, giving her time to return to the couch – just in case she had been watching – then stepped out and dried off. I skipped the boxers and threw on a pair of sweat shorts, along with a t-shirt, and made my way back into the living room. She was still sitting on the couch, rubbing her neck with one hand as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. “Stiff neck,” I asked?

“Yes,” she replied. “Long day.”

“Care for a massage?”

“I don’t know,” she said shyly.

“Tell you what,” I said, understanding she may still be a little modest since we only met the night before, nothing too much happened, and it had been dark. “Take off whatever you feel comfortable taking off. Whatever is uncovered, I’ll massage – whatever is covered, I won’t touch.”

“OK, that sounds fair.”

I quickly threw the long couch pillows on the floor, grabbed a long beach towel from the cabinet and spread it on top, lit several candles, poured some massage oil on my porcelain holder and lit the tiny candle beneath to warm it up. When I turned to face Courtney, she was standing there in just her white, lace panties. Her elbows were tight to her side, her hands clasped together under her chin, and her forearms covering her bare breasts. She looked so fantastic. “Here,” I said motioning to the make-shift bed on the floor. “Lay down.”

Seeing that beautiful, slender body stretched out, hands neatly folded beneath her head, the soft milky-white sides of her breasts pressing out on either side, tiny waist, her scrumptious little ass barely hidden behind the sheer white lace of her panties, and her luscious legs got my cock twitching again. Fortunately she was laying face down so she didn’t notice the tent quickly forming in the front of my shorts. I pulled off my t-shirt and slowly lowered myself until I was sitting on the back of her thighs. Reaching over to the porcelain oil holder I found the temperature to be just right, so I dipped my fingers into the oil and placed them softly on her back. With slow, circular motions I began rubbing her smooth skin – a soft moan escaped her lips.

I got a little more oil and began working on her shoulders and neck, then working outwards down her bakırköy üniversiteli escort arms, then returning to her back. With my thumbs on her spine and fingers flared outwards, my hands glided smoothly up her well-oiled skin. Then more circular motions – each time moving my hands further from the center of her back, eventually coasting down along her sides, and finally letting my fingertips brush across the outer curves of her breasts.

My shorts were standing straight out in front of me now as I was getting extremely turned on by our little session. I looked down and even noticed a tiny wet spot at the tip where a drop or two of pre-cum had seeped out and soaked into the material.

After a few more innocent brushes across the sides of her breasts, my hands began working their way further down to the small of her back, then outwards to her waist. I allowed my fingertips to trace along the thin elastic waist band of her panties several times – each time sensing her lifting her delicate little ass to meet my touch. As I had promised, however, I withheld from the temptations of grabbing the firm cheeks in my hand. I dabbed a little more oil on my hands, shifted position, and began massaging her toes, feet, then ankles. I was kneeling to her side and lifted the leg I was working on to place it on my lap as I massaged her calf. With her legs slightly parted, I admired the view I had of the crotch of her panties snug against her – dreaming of the delicate treasure so close yet so far.

I leaned forward to massage her other calf and realized the throbbing pillar of Roman manhood trying to get out of my shorts was pressing against her first leg still resting on my lap. Afraid I might scare her off, I repositioned myself once again – this time casually parting her legs a little more and kneeling between her calves. I dabbed for more oil and continued rubbing her calf as my eyes followed her shapely legs upwards. I admired the soft curves of her bottom and the tiny crease where each cheek met the back upper thigh of each leg. I was dying – wanting desperately to just devour this beautiful creature laying before me.

My hand slowly began to work their way up the back of her thighs – my thumbs and fingers kneading the tight, young muscles. I almost exploded when my fingertips brushed along that crease I had been admiring just moments before, and as my thumbs brushed upwards along the inside of her thighs, then up and outwards, I ‘accidentally’ allowed them to ever-so-lightly brush against the thin material of her panties. Again, a soft moan escaped her lips. I watched intently as my oiled hands massaged the small area of her ass and hips that wasn’t covered by her panties.

Then, without a word spoken, she brought her hands down to her sides, hooked a thumb under the elastic waistband on either side of her hips, seductively lifted her ass a little ways off the pillows, and very slowly began to slide her panties down. My heart was racing, and once again I almost lost it when the elastic band dropped below her ass and edged slowly down her thighs. Because her legs were slightly spread with me kneeling between them, she stopped…and in a barely audible whisper, “Please take these off for me.”

‘No problem,’ I thought. ‘With pleasure!!’ And I crawled over one of her legs as she brought them together. I carefully grabbed the sheer material and slowly pulled them down, past her knees, past her ankles, and off. I tossed them aside and watched as she brought her hands back to their folded position beneath head, but modestly kept her legs together. What a beautiful sight!

Without a second thought, I dropped my own shorts to the floor – my cock bouncing free and standing proud. I straddled her legs, sitting lightly just below her ass, my balls nestling between her thighs, dipped my fingers in the warm oil and finally lowered my hands onto those two perfect mounds of flesh. I saw my cock jump in excitement at the first touch as electricity shot through my body, and I began to massage her exquisite naked behind. I started good and strong, kneading the muscles expertly, starting in small circles and getting bigger, then soon lightened up as my thumbs began to slide deeper and deeper into the crack between her cheeks. I notice every outward stroke parted her ass just slightly, yet enough to offer a glimpse of the fresh bottom outer lips of her pussy.

After a few more good circular strokes, I took just one finger and, starting on the small of her back, slowly slid it downwards, down between her cheeks, pressing a little firmer as it crossed her anus, but stopping just before it reached her lower lips. Her body quivered from my touch and I watched a wave of goosebumps shoot across her ass and up her back.

I leaned forward, placing a hand on either side of bakırköy bdsm escort her for support, and lowered myself to drop a few butterfly kisses between her shoulder blades. As I did this, my rock-hard cock lay conveniently along the crack of her ass. Another soft moan escaped her lips and she gently rocked her hips, as if welcoming my new massage tool. I reciprocated by rocking forward and back allowing the length of my cock to glide easily up and down between her well-oiled buns.

Sensing her excitement and no signs of resistance, I mustered the courage to go for more. “Roll over and I will do your front,” I managed to squeek out – my voice cracking a bit like a young teenage boy hitting puberty.

Without a word spoken, she rolled onto her back – her eyes still closed. I was still kneeling – straddling her thighs. Her arms came to rest by her sides – her delicate hands resting on my knees. I stared in awe at what lay before me. Beautiful, full, perky breasts defying gravity and reaching to the heavens…topped with erect, light pinkish-brown nipples…flat, taut stomach and slender waist…my aching cock bobbing eagerly just inches above a neatly trimmed bush…soft, swollen outer lips rolling into an intricate maze of dark pink folds.

A few seconds (maybe minutes) of devouring the view before I snapped out of my dream-like state of consciousness. I leaned over and gathered a little more warm oil onto my hands, then deftly placed them at the top of her chest and continued the massage. Leaning forward to reach this area once again brought my cock into contact with Courtney…lightly oiled from its brush with her ass, it glided across the base of her stomach…the soft curly hairs of her bush tickling its underside.

I allowed my hands to slowly make their way lower, gently rubbing the upper curves of her breasts – my wrists occasionally brushing against her proud nipples. Wanting to prolong the evening I brought my hands down along the outer curves, gently pushing her magnificent globes together, but making sure my thumbs just missed her areoles, then down and along the bottom curves. Cupping her mounds in each hand, thumbs on the inside and fingers along the outside, but still avoiding her sensitive nubs, I gently squeezed upwards. Her lips parted for another soft moan, and I felt her fingers grip tighter on my knees.

I squeezed upwards a few more times, each time stopping just before reaching her nipples. Then, one last stroke, and I allowed my finger and thumb of each hand to continue all the way until they held each held her fresh swollen nips between them…then very gently twisted a pulled. Her whole body quivered beneath me.

After a few more gentle tweeks I gave each breast a good smooth squeeze then continued my journey down the body of the goddess that lay before me. A little more warm oil in my hands and I worked my way down to her stomach, massaging outwards, down along her tiny waist and across her hips, then back up. Each stroke I moved lower and lower until the palms of my hands brushed across the soft curly hairs at the top of her bush. I let my thumbs trace around the neatly trimmed mohawk patch of hair…across the top and down the sides until my thumbs brushed against swollen outer lips of her pussy.

I felt Courtney beneath me – arching her back and trying to lift her mound to meet my touch. I took one hand, palm down, tracing from her neck…down between her heaving breasts…down across her stomach…until it came to rest on her pelvic bone – just a hair above the beginning of her slit. Her I pressed a little firmer with my palm and offered tiny circles of massage. Courtney’s fingernails dug into my legs…again lifting her hips to meet my touch…again letting out a faint moan.

I shifted once again, this time lifting Courtney’s legs up and apart and kneeling between them. This time my knees spread and hugging her hips…her thighs draped over mine…my cock just inches from her sweet opening. She was definitely excited – I could see flickers of candlelight dancing off her wetness like tiny dew drops in the morning sun. I dabbed for more oil and placed my hands on her knees, then slowly began to slide my hands upwards…up the inside of her thighs…until my fingertips of each hand met amongst her soft curly pubes and my thumbs rested against the sensitive flesh between her ass and her pussy.

It was finally time to touch her treasure. My thumbs slowly slid upwards. Lubed by the warm oil and her own wetness, they easily glided between her tender pink folds….very slowly upwards…until they pressed against her engorged clit. Gently, I pinched the tiny nub of flesh between my thumbs, and Courtney’s body responded again with another good quiver. She arched her back and lifted her mound. I figured it was time to stop massaging with my hands and start using other bakırköy elit escort parts of my body.

I shifted out from under her thighs and laid between her open legs, propping myself on my elbows and cupping her tight little buns in my hands, lifting her hips towards my face. Her sweet little pussy with perfect pink fleshy folds now just an inch from my nose – I could smell her sweet musky aroma…so fresh…so appetizing. I stared up across her pubic mound…up her stomach…and saw she had taken her tits in her own hands, squeezing them softly, pinching and tweeking her nipples…her eyes closed and head back…anticipating what was soon to come.

And I obliged. I nestled my nose amongst the curly hairs, and through my lips softly blew on her pussy. She practically bucked right out of my grip. I patiently waited until she relaxed again, watching her stomach rise and fall in rapid rhythm. I gripped her ass a little tighter and dabbed my tongue at the spot between her anus and her vagina, then masterfully slid it upwards…between the wet folds…finally tasting her sweet juices. My tongue traced each individual fold, occasionally taking a piece between my teeth and gently tugging on it. Courtney responded by grinding herself harder against my face. I allowed my tongue to dart into the deep recesses, lapping up the wetness, then dance across the folds…flicking and teasing. Finally I took one long lick – my tongue parting her lips as it slid upwards until it pressed against her aching clit… pressing…. flicking… twirling in small circles…then taking it gently between my teeth for a brief nibble.

Courtney again bucked frantically against my face. I could feel her thighs trembling and tightening against my ears…so I pulled away. A disappointed grunt came from deep in her throat and she looked up at me with a ‘why-did-you-stop’ expression on her face.

“Not yet, my pretty little thing,” I told her.

I once again knelt between her legs – her thighs again draped over mine. I leaned forward and braced myself with one hand by her side. My other hand grabbed my throbbing cock as I guided it towards her opening. Her pussy lips seemed to open up, welcoming the gift I was about to present, but I only allowed the very tip to trace between the folds…upwards…gently rubbing against her clit…then back down through her wet crevasse. I bent down and took one of her nipples between my teeth as I teased her with a few more strokes with the tip of my cock….until I thought I was going to explode.

I sat back on my heels and easily lifted Courtney’s young body up towards me so she was sitting on my lap. She wrapped her legs around my hips, locking her ankles against my back as my cock gently slid between her folds…deep into the warm wet depths.

Her oily breasts mashed against my chest…her arms holding tight around my shoulders…her nails digging into my back.

My one arm wrapped around her waist…my other hand placed at the top of her sweet little ass with my middle finger draped into the top of the crack. And I gently lifted and lowered the sweet goddess impaled upon my swollen shaft. My hand on her ass slid lower for more support, until my middle finger, buried between her cheeks, pressed against the tight little hole.

Quick whispery moans escaped Courtney’s lips…her nails dug deeper into my back…her legs tightened around me…the inner walls of her pussy gripping and massaging my cock…and I felt her body explode in waves…one after another…her juices flowing across my cock.

We just held each other tight as her breathing began to calm. I wasn’t done, but I knew she needed a minute to collect herself. I slowly lowered her down onto her back – her legs still wrapped tightly around my hips. Finally she opened her eyes. “Pull out for a second,” she ordered as she unwrapped her legs.

I did as I was asked. As soon as I was pulled away, Courtney turned over onto her knees…her chest and face down against the pillows…that spectacular sweet little ass hiked up in the air right in front of me…her legs slightly apart. I didn’t need any coaxing here – I crawled forward and knelt between her knees. With my hands on her hips, Courtney reached back between her legs, took a tender grip on my cock and guided it once again towards her pussy.

With all her juices lubricating her opening, I slid in easily until the base of my stomach slapped against her ass. I began pumping as fast as I could. Watching my cock slide in and out, all slick and shiny from her wetness, coupled with her tiny little ass in my hands was more than I could handle. I could feel her flexing the walls of her pussy, gripping my cock, as she rocked backwards meeting each thrust. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls as all the blood in my body flushed towards my loins. One last solid stroke, gripping her hips tight and slamming her ass against me, and my cock erupted, spewing load after load of cum deep in her warm little snatch.

I finally collapsed beside her, laying on my back. Courtney turned onto her side facing me, her hand resting on my chest. I leaned towards her and we kissed a soft kiss. I thought to myself as I stared into her glistening eyes, ‘Could it ever be better than what I just experienced?’

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