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Coworkers on a Trip

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It all started with you planning a trip to visit the people performing the work. We were to drive up one day, look at the part and drive back the following day. But it was all ruined when the boss said you could not go. We were both bummed out. This story is a fictionalized account of what might have happened on the trip.

We met early that morning at the plant. You were going to leave your car there and I was going to do the driving. It was a six hour drive and I have Sirius Radio. The radio makes it so much better when you do not have to keep searching for channels. I happened to be driving my 2005 convertible Mustang for this trip. Since the temperature is already 78° I wore my shorts and a tank top. You wore those tight jeans that you like to tease the men with. Your top is a button up white shirt that is slightly see-thru. Your bra is visible thru the fabric. I tell you that you look very nice, just thinking to myself – WOW.

As we take off we talk about how the weather is going to get hotter and I tell you the car top would be coming open in a while. As we drive on we talk about each other spouses and how we met. We talk about the kind of relationships we have had in the past. You hint that even though you have not been married long, you are comfortable with an open marriage. My mind starts grinding with images of what that could mean.

After a couple of hours of driving it has warmed to the mid eighties. We stop for some drinks and to put the car top down. As I am putting the top down you grabs some clothes from your suit case and tell me you will be right back. As you walk away I watch that great looking backside. I think I am so happy right now. I enter the store to get the drinks and return to the car. As I get in you are exiting the bathroom. My breath leaves my body. The changes you make give me an instant hard-on. You walk towards the car in those white shorts that you wore to my graduation party. They are very short and form fitting. I also note that you have unbuttoned several buttons on your shirt and tied a knot on the bottom. This reveals your figure and your belly button. The most revealing part is the absence of your bra. As the shirt was already slightly see-thru, I can now see the dark outlines of your nipples. My mouth is still open.

You see my expression and smile. You turn and give me a 360° view of the change. I like it very much. As I look at your bottom I can see a thin strip of your thong disappearing between your legs. You look at beylikdüzü escort my lap and notice a hard-on has emerged. You ask me if I have a problem with your outfit. As I lick up my drool, I tell you I like it very much. As you get back in the car you give my head a small, friendly kiss. I tell you that it will be hard watching the road as we start back out.

As we drive the temperature is perfect and you recline the seat some. The wind blowing your hair makes it look as if you are flying. The wind is not just blowing your hair. It is blowing your shirt as well. You recline your seat as we head out. You say something about working on your tan as we drive. Every so often I glance your way and can see your shirt flapping in the wind. I catch glimpses of the side of your breast. The last time I look you see where my eyes are. You ask if I like what I see, most definitely YES is my answer. I tell you that if you really wanted to work on your tan, you would untie the shirt.

We drive on. There is two more hours until we reach our destination. We are now in a deserted stretch of road. We had to turn off the main road to reach the plant. The plant is away from all civilization due to the work they perform. You know that we will not see another vehicle for a long time and decide to tease me even more. You untie the shirt and pull the sides away from your breasts. And what wonderfully perky nipples you develop. It is really hard for me to drive now. My dick is pressed against my shorts trying to escape. You ask me if I would like to feel your breasts. Guess what my answer was. I reach over with my right hand and gently touch the sides of your breast working my way to your nipple.

This touch gets your blood flowing as well. You reach over and start rubbing my dick over my shorts. You work the zipper down and release my dick. A big smile appears on your face. I look at the clock and see that we are well ahead of schedule. With this in mind I see a cut-off ahead. It leads to a deserted pond that is very secluded. I tell you about the pond and you tell me to go there. When we arrive we exit the car. As you come around the back of the car you have lost your shirt and are in the process of losing your shorts. You look amazing. Both of your nipples are rock hard and headed my way. As you lower your shorts the only item left is your thong. You start pulling it down your legs revealing that mysterious pussy I have been dying to see.

As I beylikdüzü eve gelen escort look down you have your hair shaped as an arrow pointing down. It leads to a dripping cunt. You are as hot as I am. I already have my clothes off and my dick is pointed at you. We reach each other and do some serious kissing. As we kiss your hands reach my dick and my hands are on your breasts. We lower down onto the grass and continue the kissing and our hands move all over each other. I start kissing down your body and take each of your nipples into my mouth, one at a time. I continue down your body. As I go lower I start to smell your sex. I reach the hair arrow and follow the direction it points and reach your clit. It is soaked with your juice and tastes wonderful. You tell me to roll of and lay on my back. As I do you raise up over me and place your pussy on my face. As I start licking your nectar I feel you grabbing my rock hard dick. You kiss it around the head before you take it into your mouth.

My tongue and fingers are working on your clit as you swallow my dick. I feel you starting to tense up and you start pumping up and down faster and faster. Your legs tense up and squeeze the sides of my head as your orgasm sweeps over you. This triggers my release. My cum pumps into your mouth and you swallow the whole load. Your pussy juice covers half of my face. You get off of me and turn to kiss me. You taste your juice on me and I taste my cum on your tongue.

After we recover we both go into the pond to clean up. We see that we need to get moving and dry ourselves off. We both dress in our work clothes as the next stop is the plant. As we leave from the pond you reach over to hold my hand. You bring it to your lips and give it a gentle kiss. We make it back to the road for our final ten minute drive.

We arrive at the plant and conduct ourselves as professionals and give the others that we are colleagues that work well together. If only they knew what just happened down the road. We enter the work area and inspect the part we came to see. Everything appears as we expected and tell them to proceed with cleaning the part. We tell them that we will be staying overnight and will be back in the morning to check it again. We get back in the car and head back to the motel that we had booked two rooms at.

When we get to the motel they give us our rooms. We head up to check them out and discover that they are side by side. beylikdüzü masöz escort You go to yours and I go to mine. We discover that they also have a door that connects the rooms. We open the doors and have access to each others room. I tell you that I am going to take a shower and you tell me that you are going to call your husband and tell him how your day has been. I ask if you are going to discuss our pond visit and you say no, that is between us. After I enter the shower I notice the door open. You have entered my room and have opened the shower door and slip in next to me. This is a wonderful surprise. You say that your husband said to have fun on the trip and that is exactly what you plan on doing. I take the soap and start lathering you up.

I clean your front side and your nipples are slippery in my hands. I re-soap my hand and slip it down your body. I feel the hair above your pussy and know that I am close. At the same time you soap up your hand and move it down to my dick. Your touch is magical as it slides on my dick. I slip a finger into your clit and you let out a soft moan. As I slip my finger along your clit you get hotter and hotter. I can tell as you are giving my dick a work out with your hand. You grab my dick hard and guide it to your pussy, moving my hand out of the way. I back you up to the shower wall as my dick enters your pussy. The wall of your pussy clamp down on my dick. It almost feels like a virgin pussy as you have not had any children. It has been a while sine I have felt a pussy grab my dick. I start moving in and out and we exchange passionate kisses. As my tongue enters your mouth you suck it into you. At the same time your hips grind against me. You force my dick all the way in and start having an orgasm. Even with the shower running I can feel your hot juice running around my dick. The feeling causes me to shoot my load deep inside of you. We kiss even deeper as we come down from our loving.

We exit the shower and you return to your room to get dressed for dinner. I wear Dockers and a good shirt. You return to my room wearing a short dress that has a slit down the front to your naval. The sides of your breasts are visible as you spin to show me. I catch a glimpse of another thong. Dinner should be fun.

The dinner is a seafood place with low lighting and secluded tables. We sit opposite each other and talk about a wide variety of things. When the meals arrive you have crab legs and I have shrimp. You break a leg and raise it to your lips. You seductively suck on the meat and pull it out of the shell. You give the appearance of sucking a dick. As you are doing this you remove your shoe and place your foot in my lap. You start rubbing my dick under the table. And it feels great.

To be continued, if the feed back is good on what I wrote so far ……………

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