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Craigslist Hook-up

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I happened upon the Craigslist personal ads one night, when my misery mixed with my insomnia. I perused them all. I had been bi-curious for awhile so not much was off limits, at least for reading. Hours later I came up for air. This became a nightly routine before falling asleep. Read the want ads for sex. I had no intention of ever doing more than reading.

I would go in spurts of reading nightly then not. One particularly crappy day, when my miserable sexless marriage was at its peak of crap, I posted one of my own. FFM. “lonely sad married women, early 40s seeks man over 18 and less than 60”. That was it. I put “curvy” in my bio, because I was. The emails started almost right away. Reading them filled time and made me feel wanted. I would often slip my favorite vibrator between my legs as I read.

Many were from losers I never emailed back but one had a different tone. ‘I’m sure lots of guys have emailed you, but none will be as charming as I am.’ I emailed him back, telling him to put his money where his mouth was. We exchanged emails several times a day for a few days. His charm was real. I gave him my cell phone number.

His name was Ben. He was in a miserable marriage much like myself. We connected. I would sit in my living-room with my husband on the other couch, and text Ben. I had named him ‘Justine’ in my phone just in case. Not that I had to worry. Not really. My husband didn’t notice anything I did any more.

The longer we texted the more sexual the texts got. I drove my kids to school every day, 13 miles each way. I would put my phone between my upper thighs when I drove, my phone on vibrate and Ben would message me. Over and over. It was exciting. I started sending him nudes and he sent me dick pics and eventually we both sent videos of us playing with ourselves. I was on a constant thrill high with every exchanged message.

He was from Philadelphia, had lived in Boston and now owned a pub in a town over from where I lived. He had brought his wife and 1 year old daughter here to The Berkshires, to a better area. His only fault thus far was he was a Steelers fan. He wanted out of his marriage but was trapped not unlike myself.

We were a few weeks into the messaging when I decided I want to meet him. I would bring my kids to school and come home. He would park down the street sarıyer escort and walk in. 8am. I didn’t have work that day. He requested I be without underwear when he arrived. I had no idea what would happen. As the clock got closer to 8 I reached for the bottle of vodka on top of my fridge. I down two shots. My nerves were gone.

He knocked and I let him in. He was not a small guy. 6’1 and built. I had seen pictures but I wasn’t prepared for him right there. We went into my kitchen. We talked. He was as charming in real life as he was in text. We moved to the couch. He was adorable and I couldn’t resist my urge to kiss him. I moved to straddle him and kissed his lips. Then bit his lower lip gently, he reacted and I slipped my tongue in.

It had been years since I kissed anyone. My husband and I had not been intimate in years and it had been even longer since I let him kiss me. This guy, this guy I wanted to kiss and wanted to kiss me. Fuck he was good at it. It didn’t take long for it to heat up more.

I stopped kissing him and got off his lap. I dragged him to my bed. He asked me if I was sure. I had never been more sure. I pulled off my shirt and laid down on the bed. He pulled off his shoes and joined me on the bed. His mouth found my left nipple as his fingers engulfed my right. I hadn’t been touched like this in entirely too long. He had a beard and for the first time ever I didn’t mind facial hair touching me. He spent time between both breasts, learning them, enjoying them.

My hand went to his crotch, I rubbed and squeezed through his jeans. I could feel the swell get bigger and harder. Before I could unzip his jeans he was tugging on my leggings. He had them off in an instant, seemed pleased I had nothing else on. His fingers went to my moist pussy, his thumb pushing on my clit. He ran his finger up and down my slit as he nipped at my nipples. My back arched as he worked me. “Fuck”.

He moved up and kissed me again, then crawled down my body and plunged between my legs. It became clear quickly he was very good at this. Better than my husband had ever been. He licked and flicked me to the edge then inserted one finger and slowly pushed in and out, finding my g spot along the way. Moans escaped my mouth and he inserted another finger. He sefaköy escort kept his working my clit as his fingers pumped. My body was building to climax and exploded in his mouth. I could feel myself gush. He lapped it up, cleaned me up. Then came back up to my lips.

“Fuck” was all I could say. My hands had started exploring once my body had calmed. I unzipped his pants, his cock sprang out. It was large and I took it in my mouth. The head only at first, I circled it with my tongue. I could taste his pre cum. My hand worked his balls as my mouth filled with him. My mouth and hands worked in unison to bring him to the edge. He had his hands in my hair, helping move my head up and down his cock.

“Almost there.” He warned me. I had no intentions of stopping until he filled my mouth. He exploded inside my mouth and I swallowed it all. I wanted more. I moved up to straddle him as he lay there, keeping his dick just under my ass. I kissed his lips, his neck, nipped at his collar bone. I put my nipple in his mouth and moved his hand to my pussy. He teased my folds as he sucked my tits. I felt his dick start to swell again under my ass. I was so wet I was certain I was dripping on his now hard dick.

We paused for him to put on a condom and I lifted myself higher on his lap and lowered myself on his cock. He moaned. I started slow, I hadn’t had a real dick in me in years. It felt amazing. He filled me as I began to ride him. He sat up more, cupped my breast as I moved on him. Suddenly he flipped me over, got on his knees, put his hands on my hips and plunged back in me from behind. He thrust and pulled me in harder and harder. “FUCK” exploded from my mouth as my body got closer to its second orgasm of the morning. He pulled my hair, holding me just where he wanted me. I clamped down on his dick as my body was hit with waves of pleasure. He pulled me tighter and held me as he came.

We both collapsed on top the sheets. I hadn’t felt this good in, well maybe ever. He leaned over, kissed me again. Grabbed my boob licked it kissed me again. I was already horny again.

“I have to get to the restaurant soon.” He said with his face buried in my chest.

“How soon?”

“Too soon.”

“Fuck.” I was mad. I wanted more. I pulled his hand and plunged it şerifali escort between my legs, hoping he wouldn’t be able to resist. His hand rested there, unmoving for a few seconds. Then slowly he started circling his fingers around. I was getting wet again.

“I only brought one condom.” He said as his fingers kept up their slow assault. I moaned and sighed at the same time.

“That’s okay.”

I moved, leaving his fingers abandoned. He gave me a questioning look then caught on. I straddled his face, lowered my dripping cunt onto his mouth. His tongue started licking and I leaned over and started licking his shaft. It slowly sprung back to life. His hips helped as I moved my head up and down, taking him as deep as I could. His tongue licked from my asshole to my clit, worked my folds , sucked my clit and entered my hole over and over.

We kept up a slow and steady pace, enjoying the moans escaping us both. The closer I got to climax the faster I worked his shaft. I started humming as I worked and that pushed him over the edge. My mouth was once again filled with him. I had not yet hit the edge and when he was recovered he attacked my pussy with a new fervor. I helped, rocking my hips and moving my pussy back and forth over his face. Soon my legs tensed and I was riding more pleasure waves. I soaked his face, he cleaned every drop off of me then I turned around and cleaned myself off his face. I hadn’t tasted that much of my juices ever. I tasted damn good. We kissed as he kneaded my boobs. We didn’t have time for another round.

He got dressed, I wrapped a blanket around myself and walked him to the door. He lifted me up and I kissed him. “Fuck you are a great kisser.” He said. This only spurred me more. I didn’t want to let go of his mouth. He finally put me back down.

“Next time bring more condoms.” I told him. He looked at me.

“When is next time?”

“When you can stay longer. I need to fuck you again.” I grabbed his crotch as I said it. I wasn’t sure who I was in that moment, in any of the moments that had just happened but I wanted to continue being her. He grabbed my ass and then my boob.

“I will fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before next time. I will message you after work.” One last kiss and he was gone.

I went and changed my sheets and took a shower, sending him new nudes in the process.

“I need to fuck that hole again.” Was all he replied.

“It’s all yours to fuck.”

We made plans to meet again in two days. My kids would be home on school break so it was at a hotel. I sent him a video of me fucking my vibrator to sustain both of us until then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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