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Crimson Coated Kisses

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He’d just packed his bags and was headed for the door. Every last bit of her soul cried out for him to stay but she said nothing. It was always like the little imp to keep her mouth shut when she should speak and had it rambling when she should be silent. His steps took him ever closer to his final exit and she just couldn’t take it.

A strained whimper turned into a desperate cry. The sound breached the silence and made him stop in his tracks. The plopping sound of his bags hitting the floor ensued. It couldn’t be this easy. Not with a temper that rivaled the fires of hell when it was in full swing motion.

He barely had time to duck before the vase hit the wall beside the door and sent shards flying toward him. The twist of his body bending over and down was instinct pure and simple. The look of unadulterated anger with a tinge of hatred bore into her once he let his eyes fall on her. “You little bitch.”

She remained in his visage a shaking lump of emotion that was coiled around the inner fear she could no longer hide. “I don’t want you to go….please don’t.” Glistening amber eyes met his dark orbs and pleaded with him. The disheveled look suited her despite the pain that tormented her soul. She was the epitome of a raging brat with a sensual core full of adoration. And despite her own good she couldn’t pull back even for him. It would be up to the man before her to show mercy and curtail the downward spiral they had plunged themselves into.

Thick fingertips graced a shard of glass and held it in a threatening manner. “Prove it. You’ll fucking do as your told or the mess I make will require a stay in the hospital. Do I make myself clear pet?” His words hit home and to make sure he knew it she placed herself on the edge of the bed, perched on her knees so she could still look up to him.

She rubbed her palms on her denim clad thighs to ease the itching sensations that began to inflame her flesh. What was she supposed to do with her hands? Her nerves were beyond frazzled and he was descending on her fast. His shadow fell upon her and forced her to gaze up at him, amber eyes full of unshed tears. “I’m sorry Daddy…”

With the back of his hand he swept her tangled hair from her face and caressed her cheek before landing a swift blow that nearly knocked her to the side. “Get up.” he muttered while she righted herself. “Not another word princess or I’ll stitch that pretty little mouth up myself. And as delicious as it would be to force my cock into that bratty mouth of yours all stitched up, I’ve got other things in mind.”

The hand holding the shard of glass slipped up to caress her face. She couldn’t help but sob and tried her best not to squirm. The tip of the broken glass bit into her with a smooth stroke that parted the line of flesh where her skin and lower lip met. The tiny cut immediately burst with tiny droplets of blood that expanded and lazily ran down her chin.

“The next time you use this mouth, you will think of what comes out of it. And every spasm of pain that comes to you is well earned. I believe you need the simple reminder don’t you pet?” Dragging his fingertips through her essence he took a firm grip of her chin and nodded her head for her. “Good girl.”

Thick lashes lay on her cheeks when she closed her eyes. The fresh blossom of pain he’d created bloomed bright in her senses. She never felt more alive than when she was in his grasp. To have him leave would have been a tiny death in and of itself. Turning her eyes back up to him she parted her lips and swiped her tongue along the fresh wound and groaned.

His tongue shared in the delight when his lips crushed hers in a rough kiss that simply made the wound deeper. “Mine…” he whispered against her lips just as his teeth sunk into her Pendik Yabancı Escort lower lip and tugged back. The cry that escaped her was muffled but hit a pitch that proved he’d marked her with pain yet again.

“You’re to unfasten my belt with your mouth. Keep in mind while doing my bidding that it’s your mouth that’s managed to get you in trouble pet, and you are going to be punished over and over again for your transgressions.” Crimson covered lips were licked clean before he stood up in front of her and waited with arms crossed.

He’d put her on the spot knowing full well she never performed well in such situations. But this time she put herself in such a position. She almost had to pinch herself. He was here….he wasn’t leaving. The relief flooded her senses and fueled her fire. And if it meant she had to take whatever sadistic punishment he came up with…she’d take it and ask for more.

The blood continued to seep from the cut to her mouth and coated her chin with a thin veil of red. Closing her eyes and bowing her head she lifted herself on her knees and moved closer to him without leaving the bed. She welcomed the coarse sensation of his jeans against her palms when she slid her hands around his hips and leaned in to gently roll her head against his abdomen.

A masculine hand reached down and slid through her hair with an adoring touch. She wasn’t sure what hurt more, the tenderness that rang clear through his sadistic reign or the actual application of pain. Either way she adored him for it. It hurt to open her mouth, knew it would. That was the whole point after all.

Gingerly she parted her lips and winced, grabbing the tip of his belt with her teeth to ease it through the buckle. She had to use her tongue to slide it past the metal, swiping at the leather until she could grasp the loop with her teeth and tug his belt past the first metal obstacle. The act pulled at the vicious cut until it began to tear further. A protest was lodged in her throat and two seconds shy of passing between her lips when she heard the telltale grunt of approval from him.

Biting back her words, again she grasped the leather with her teeth and pulled the belt back to work it free from the buckle completely. Black leather held a sheen of crimson and the indentions of her teeth where her mouth had been. But she’d managed to bite and pull at his belt until it was worked free from the first loop of his jeans.

The clatter of metal ensued coupled with the distinct scent of leather. She raised a hand to grab for his belt and was met with another cut from the glass. A whispered gasp filtered up to him as she clutched at the cut and looked up to him. “I told you no hands pet.” A smile that was tender beat her down more than his hand ever could have. To prove his point, the sharp point of the glass now held a healthy dose of her blood oozing from the tip.

His face was set when she searched it for any signs of mercy. This was her mercy. He was going to drive her to the ends of sadistic distraction in order to claim the wicked beastly little brat she’d become. Without looking at her he whispered, “The belt pet…finish what you’ve begun…now.”

Lowering her head she eased back up to him with a graceful motion that arched her back and jut her ass out at a sharp angle. He landed a sharp crack to her denim covered ass and reprimanded her for still being dressed. Every trick in the book was going to be used to get her off track. In a flurry he removed his shirt and tossed it aside.

Blazing eyes watched her continue to work his belt out of the loops of his jeans while he landed another cracking blow to her ass. Before she could pull the belt any further, his hand was thundering down on her ass at an alarming rate Pendik Yeni Escort and she was dancing in the fire that burned her flesh regardless of her clothing.

Finally she had completely worked his belt free and held it tight between her teeth, offering it to him with a whimper that implored him. He paid no attention to the fact that she’d done as she was told. Instead he pushed her back on the bed and yanked her legs from beneath her so she was prone before him.

Stepping in-between her legs he reached down and ripped her shirt from her body and was met with the rippling motion of bare breasts springing free from the confines. She used the belt now, biting into it to ease the angst that was starting to grow. The need was so great she was almost thankful for the makeshift bit.

Dark eyes roved over her jeans and settled on her waist. The smile that curved his lips scared her and warmed her heart at the same time. “Hold still pet, I’d hate to have you bled dry before I’m done with you.” With a precision that was frightening he jammed the sharp edge of the glass into the crotch of her jeans and violently ripped up to split the stiff seam.

A sharp scream exploded from her as the glass bit into her labia but only knicked her flesh. Her heart was pounding and rivaled the roar of blood rushing through her ears. The shaking of her body told him that he had her right where he wanted her. She was pliable and would listen. Had any other man other than a sadist had her in his clutches, the claiming of the little beast would have been nigh impossible.

The rest of her jeans were ripped apart and disposed of by a man that was in no mood to be trifled with. He’d discarded the piece of glass for the belt and yanked it from her mouth. Cracking it down at her, he told her simply to lay her hands flat on the bed and lift her lower body up and hold the position.

This required her to spread her legs and leave herself completely open to him. Her breasts eased down with the rise of her ass from the bed. Before she had herself in position he’d swung the belt and landed the first blow to her bare cunt. He was pleased by the scream that burst from her lungs. “Higher pet….now.” he growled softly.

Shaking her head back and forth she braced her feet and let out a strangled cry when finally lifting herself from the bed. Raven locks curled against the seeping wound beneath her lower lip, blood clinging to silken strands that caressed the cut. It was the stinging bite of the belt that now held her attention. The belt kissed her again and marked her flesh with a welt that raised her skin with a strip of white that turned a garish pink then red.

His eyes were filled with his pet, yielding and begging for forgiveness, just where he liked her. Raring back he let the belt mark her flesh again, his hand soon to follow with a smack that landed on her mound with a grip so tight she had to fight to hold her place. Thick fingers curled deeper into her flesh and held her unyieldingly, digging into her cunt to feel just how excited she was for him. He yanked her forward onto her knees and relented for a moment, leaving her lying back perched on her knees.

“Is my pet wet for me?” he whispered in her ear while leaning over her body. He answered his own question by sliding two fingers between her nether lips to jab them straight into her molten core. The evidence was before him, coating the belt in his hand with a slick patina of pure desire. A needy groan was his answer along with the clenching motion of her inner walls daring to drag his fingers in deeper. She twisted her hips and bucked up into his hand only to find he’d withdrawn his fingers and given her what she deserved.

The belt slapped against her cunt and curved around Pendik Masaj Salonu her thigh to create half of an x, soon to be crossed by another lashing blow. The tears poured from her eyes when he ground out from between his teeth, “Mine…all fucking mine!” In a fury the belt released every bit of anger he contained. Her body was his fucking canvas and he was going to mark her with every cursed hue of pain he could manage.

She cried out over and over again within the rain of leather breaking her flesh with welts that now bled and coated her body with blood stained precision. The belt inched up her body and soon her stomach and breasts were covered with the marks of a sadist. She could barely catch a breath and broke her silence with pleas that begged for forgiveness, “Please Daddy…I’m sorry!” she sobbed.

“Be still!” he snapped at her. They were both breathing heavy as if their life depended on that last breath. He braced himself with one arm, nearly lowering himself across her body, a primal growl telling her that he wasn’t going to wait any longer. His pants had been ripped down to allow his rigid cock to spring from them.

Agony claimed her and grew stronger when rough hands flipped her so that her beaten body was crushed into the bed. The softest of sheets felt as rough as sandpaper and seemed to cut into her as harshly as the belt had. She couldn’t help but scream but was soon silenced by his hand clamping over her mouth to pull her neck back and bow her body.

Her legs had been forced apart by his so he had the freedom to fuck her however he wanted. The sharp edges of her teeth sunk into his hand and he allowed it…even welcomed it. With a deep groan he shoved his cock in her pulsing cunt and began to thrust like a mad man.

He pressed her body into the bed so hard she screamed against his hand and bit down even harder. The sheets claimed the crimson depths of her pain and turned from a stark white to a gentle pink and finally a harsh red. His body shoved her down solidly into the bed with each and every thrust there after. This was about his pleasure and her punishment. There would be no command to cum.

Her cries died down to a mere whimper. Clear vision grew blurry with the crimson hue of passion. The slick sounds of their bodies colliding drove them both into an esoteric oblivion. Closing her eyes she felt each thrust in a slow motion that did not match the exact action. He spread her wide and made her squeeze down around him even harder to keep him, to hold him deep within and never let go.

The tip of her tongue played against his flesh that she’d just bitten, moaning with the sweet turn of pain into pleasure. The harder he fucked her the more she wanted. It was a hunger that he fed, a give and take that they fell into when in one another’s arms. And although she felt so very lost among these heady sensations, she knew she’d been found once again by her Master.

The plea he knew so well vibrated against his hand, she was begging for his cum. Another cry encumbered by pain erupted from her, soon to be replaced with the fervent cry of pleasure. He was her obsession and every dark sadistic dream in between. He thrust in firm and true, spearing her so hard her slick little cunt was about to split.

Both hands grabbed her waist to propel her back on his cock while he thrust with abandon. He seized up, crying out to her, letting her know just how much he adored her, knees locking as he shoved his cock in one last time and filled her with his white hot cum.

He rolled his hips and pumped into her slow and leisurely so he could feel how hot and tight she was for him. She’d coated every inch of his shaft with her own silent release. He knew the little minx would cum from the brutal attack. Leaning over her body he kissed her shoulder and nuzzled her neck while she lay spent and quite unable to move. His cock remained inside her as he lay down beside her and pulled her in his arms, shielding her from the world.

“Mine.” he whispered quietly.

“And don’t you forget it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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