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Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 05

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We slept in each others arms until the wake-up call in the morning. We both groaned our way into our clothes, washed our faces and checked out after asking for a good restaurant that served breakfast. By 8 we were headed towards Van Horn. We played with each other for hours on end, never allowing the other to cum–well, almost never anyway. My fingers brought you to two or three really good hard shaking orgasms that you screamed your way through at 70 MPH through the Arizona and New Mexico deserts. By afternoon we had reached Las Cruces and turned south towards El Paso.

In El Paso, the interstate paralleled the Rio Grande and the hills just two miles to the south and west were in Mexico. The day was hot with a searing sun so we stayed dressed more to prevent sunburn than for modesty. Another two hours would find us in Van Horn where I told you I knew a great steak house called the Texas Cattle Company. You told me that you felt like you could use a steak to regain some of the fluids that I had been so diligently draining from you. Then, I demanded to know what about the fluids you were so carefully sipping out of my cock. We both laughed and played with each other some more.

Van Horn, Texas is a small southwest Texas cattle town with one main street that parallels the interstate. It consists of maybe three motels, a couple of restaurants which feature steak or Tex-Mex (as if we needed any more spice in our lives), and a couple of dusty gas stations. It’s the type of town that has absolutely no night life because people interested in any kind night life don’t live in Van Horn.

Still, we checked into the Comfort Inn and went up to our room to freshen up and nap before supper which was still about an hour away. We slowly and sinuously undressed each other and filled the tub with warm water. I slid in and sat down and you sat your asshole right on my erect cock, slowly sinking down on it until you were totally impaled. We then started to wash. I paid particular attention to your pussy and tits. By then you were squirming trying to move my cock within your ass and really succeeding very well in your efforts. I tensed, my cock twitching as it spewed forth my creamy load deep in your bowels. You felt the cum enter you and it set off your first orgasm of the evening. I reached around you and played with your sensitive clit with one hand and your supersensitive nipples with the other.

Raising off me, you turned around facing me. You washed my cock to make sure it was clean and sat your pussy on my erect spear of flesh.

“Do you want a repeat of dick?”

“I think I could stand that. How about you?”

“Wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t.” You raised yourself up again and grabbed a towel, only drying the essentials. “Come on. I’ll get dick and we can both get fucked with it at the same time.”

I needed no second invitation. This time I took dick from you and fed it up your ass without turning on the power. You then inserted the other end into my ass. “Ready?”

“Yep.” I almost screamed when you turned the power up to full. My cock grew in stiffness and length. Your hands jacked me up and down as we slowly inched our bodies towards each other on the bed. Soon our ass cheeks were not only touching but pressing against each other.

“Honey, I’ve never had anything this deep inside me. It feels so good.”

“Neither have I. I think it’s going to come out of my mouth any second now.”

Five minutes later, both of us had experienced powerful orgasms that left us limp but happy. You licked my cum off my stomach and chest while I ate your pussy to yet another cum.

Then we dressed and went to supper. After supper we decided that we needed to get ready for escort bayan our visit with my cousin in Dallas so we just cuddled and slept. We slept like logs, totally satiated by our explosive earlier orgasms.

The sunburn was beginning to turn to a tan on both of us so the next day found us a little more skimpily clad than before. After we got on the road, I dialed my cousin on my cell phone to let her know that I was coming to town and about when I would arrive. I made no mention of you other than to say that I had a surprise for her. When she asked what, I said, “You’ll have to wait until I get there to find out.”

Then I asked the big question. “Hey cuz, are you still horny for my cock?”

“You betcha! You get here and I’ll find some way to fuck the daylights out of you.” Of course I was holding the cell phone so you could hear. You smiled from ear to ear. After I hung up, I looked at you and asked “Are you ready for a surprise?”

“Yeah, what?”

“I think I want to suck a cock.”

You merely smiled.

The miles soon passed beneath the wheels and we approached Dallas about 2:30 that afternoon pulling up to my cousin’s house shortly afterwards.

As we got out my cousin came running down the sidewalk and threw herself into my arms, wrapping her legs around her cousin and almost devouring me with her mouth as her wonderfully full tits pushed against my chest.

“You must be the surprise he was talking about.”

“Yep. I’m happy to say that I am. I’m Fiona”

“I’m Erin and…well, I just want you to know that I’m gonna fuck your boyfriend silly. You don’t mind do you? I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time.”

“I’ll mind only if I can’t join in. Hope you don’t mind if I return the favor and fuck your husband silly.”

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I think I like your attitude. Todd won’t mind at all. How long can you two stay?”

I looked at Erin with a smile and said “As long as you want us. A couple of days at least, maybe more. Depends on how Todd takes to me fucking his wife.”

“If I know Todd he won’t have a bit of trouble as long as he can fuck Fiona and we can do it all in front of each other. We sort of are into the swinging and swapping scene. Did I tell you Todd was bi?”

“No, I don’t think you ever did. That could open up some real possibilities.”

“Oh, don’t worry none. He won’t fuck you unless you want him to, but he won’t say no neither. And I dearly love the taste of pussy and your pussy looks lovely there girl. In case you didn’t guess, I’m kinda bi myself.”

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We’ll see what happens. Who knows, we could all end up fucking each other at the same time.”

“Yeah, we could.” I agreed, wondering if I was going to end up with a cock shoved up my ass before the night was over. The thought, while new wasn’t really an unpleasant one. Strange, but if I could take a dildo up my ass, I figured I could certainly take a cock up my ass.

Fiona and I grabbed our bags and followed Erin into the house where all of our clothing quickly became unnecessary and non-existent.

Erin and I were quickly locked together at the mouth suctioning each other’s saliva and with dueling tongues. You came up behind me and grabbed my balls, rolling them gently in your hand before you bent over and took them into your mouth. The suction of your mouth on my balls was exquisite and I moaned my appreciation. Erin dropped down in front of me and engulfed my hardening cock to the base. My cock and balls were soon going into sensory overload and I could feel the beginnings of my impending cum.

“Girls. I’m going to cum real quick.” Both of you increased your sucking and licking. Erin altıparmak escort bayan locked her lips tight around the head of my cock as my sperm jetted forcefully into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and what did drip down from the corner of her mouth you licked up with your tongue before joining your ravishing mouth with hers in a mean French kiss.

“Welcome to Dallas, land of the greatest fucking and cock sucking in the entire world.”

“If everybody in Dallas sucks cock like you do, I just might have to move here. I’d be in cock sucking heaven.”

“Ahhhhh, cock sucking is for fun. Fucking is the real thing, baby! Right Fiona?”

“Yep, and I think it’s time he fucked both of us, don’t you?”

“Yeeeeeaaah–eeee! You betcha. I want him to plant a baby in my belly before he leaves here. Think you’re up to it, Stud?”

“Yeah. I can make you pregnant. That’s easy and it’s fun. But how is Todd going to feel if I get his wife pregnant?”

“Why don’t you ask Todd that question?” I whirled around and saw a rather burly man standing in the open doorway. “I see y’all got started without me. To answer your question, I can’t father no children. Not enough sperm the doctor says. Erin wants a kid. You get her pregnant and I’ll be in your debt. Oh, by the way, I’m a better cock sucker than Erin is any day of the week.”

“I don’t want you in my debt. I just don’t want you shooting my ass for getting her a baby in her oven.”

“Won’t happen. I want that baby, too. You fuck her. You get her pregnant. And we’ll even name him after you.”

“How do you know it’ll be a boy.”

“Oh, it’ll be a boy, one time or another. Ya get to keep trying until Erin has a boy an’ I don’t care how many girls she has ‘long the way. Only thing is, you don’t do nothing behind my back. No cock sucking unless ya cum inside that cunt. No back door antics unless ya cum inside her cunt. And, no shooting it anywhere but inside her cunt. Ya can fuck her morning, noon, and night and sometimes in the middle of the night. If I suck your cock, ya cum in Erin’s cunt. If ya stick your cock up my shitter, ya cum in Erin’s cunt. Ya fuck your girlfriend here and Erin gets yer cum. Y’hear?” I nodded my understanding of Todd’s terms for fucking his wife. He looked at you and said “Hey! Sweetheart, what’s your name?”

“I’m Fiona. Did you really mean what you just said? About him fucking Erin?”

“Sure ’nuff, little darling. Wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it. Ask Erin, she’ll tell ya.”

“Todd meant every word he said. We’ve tried hard to get me pregnant. That’s one reason we like to swing so much, but none of the wives want their husband giving me a baby. We even offered to pay them and the wives wouldn’t go along with it. If I don’t get pregnant soon, I’m gonna be too old to have babies.”

“Listen, both of you. I don’t know about this keep fucking Erin until she gets a boy. I’m willing to make her pregnant, but you’re gonna have to be satisfied with what you get.”

Erin and Todd looked at each other. Erin shrugged her shoulders and a silent message seemed to pass between the two of them. Todd nodded. “OK. You win. You just have to make her pregnant once and we’ll live with it, boy or girl. Now, Fiona, how ’bout I show ya some down home Texas cock?” Todd began unbuckling his belt as you stared at his crotch.

“Bring it on cowboy!” You said in your best imitation Texas drawl. Todd dropped his pants and underwear and I sort of felt sorry for Erin. What Todd had in height and weight elsewhere didn’t filter down to his pencil thin 4″ cock. Your face almost fell to the floor with a bang, but you regained your composure nilüfer eskort and dropped to your knees in front of him, easily inhaling his entire cock into your mouth. I could see your eyes roll back in your head as you stared straight at me and I nodded my head in agreement.

Erin saw the looks we had given each other and pulled my head near her mouth. “It ain’t only a low sperm count, it’s also a lack of a delivery system, but don’t you ever tell him I said that.”

“I won’t” was my whispered reply. In the meantime, I dropped my head to her tits and sucked deeply on each nipple as I started my job of getting her pregnant with their child.

Erin heated up quickly and was soon moaning in my ear. “Suck it. Suck that tittie. Make that nipple hard. Suck it. Suck it. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Her body shook in a mini-orgasm as I released her nipples and trailed my tongue downward towards her dripping womanhood at the juncture of her legs. I ran my tongue around her navel a couple of times before continuing on my journey towards the promised land.

As my tongue licked at her pussy lips and found her clit, Erin screamed out a major orgasm. By this time my cock was rock hard and I moved up Erin’s body until my cock entered her with one thrust. Her pussy was so small that I only got half of my dick inside before I hit her cervix. Then I felt that ring of flesh give and knew that I was directly inside her womb. My cock erupted without warning and soaked the inside of her womb.

“I’ve never had anybody this deep inside me before. That felt wonderful. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome. That was a special delivery to the addressee only. If those sperm don’t find an egg, there isn’t an egg to be had.”

“You were really that far inside me?”

“Yep. Past your cervix and inside your uterus, dearest Erin. You might get pregnant tonight.”

“I sure hope so. We’ve been wanting a baby for a long, long time and nothing has worked yet.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” You screamed as tried to make Todd think that he had brought you to a fantastic climax. Erin and I watched her husband put his pencil dick inside you. I could tell from the look on your face that he wasn’t going to make you cum again using just his dick. Erin and I laid down on either side and, without a word being said, each of us took one of your sensitive nipples into our mouths.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeeeeeesssss! Suck my nipples! Fuck my ass, Todd.” You pulled away from us and flipped Todd over onto his back impaling your ass on his dick. Then you told me to stick my cock in your pussy. As you leaned back on Todd’s chest, you motioned for Erin to sit on your face. “I want to taste some of that cum that my lover put in his cousin’s cunt.”

Erin squatted over your mouth and your tongue went to work on her clit. Within minutes you and Todd screamed out your pleasure as your bodies shivered and shuddered through very strong orgasms. You rolled off each other and lay helter-skelter on the bed. My dick was back inside Erin’s small cunt and pushing her to another orgasm just as I released another hot load of sperm into her receptive womb. We all dosed off after our orgasms washed over us and slept with smiles on our faces.

Erin was the first to stir and suggested we have something to eat since the party was just beginning. Beef short ribs and beans made a very tasty supper especially washed down with just the right amount of imported German beer.

We had another round of fucking after supper and my cum once again sprayed the insides of Erin’s womb. Todd and Erin seemed to have the libido of wild rabbits in rut and it seemed as if they were willing to go all night. But you and I had driven more than halfway across Texas that day making us tired enough that the multiple orgasms drained us and we begged off. Erin showed us to our room and we collapsed in the bed, too tired to do much more than kiss each other tenderly on the lips and whisper “I love you” to each other.

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