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Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 28

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cuckolded by Her Mother

Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Kao…” Sasha purred, one leg crossed over the other as she relaxed on the front porch, the seat of the swing moving gently beneath her simply from the weight of her own body. “You’re so thoughtful, sweetheart.”

The drake smiled, tossing the tool (he probably didn’t even know the name of it but he knew how to use it) from one paw to the other. The sun shone brightly, although it was not quite strong enough to bring much warmth to anyone’s scales or fur, but Sasha wasn’t going to be put off by such a minor thing, relaxing back on the front porch swing that her sweet son had so very kindly installed for her that very day.

“It’s no trouble,” Kao said as pleasantly as ever. “I’m glad I’ve got something up for you know where you can put up your paws, mom.”

Sasha tipped her head back, paws folded neatly across her stomach, her blouse a soft floral pink that didn’t really match her scales, even though it seemed to be what all the furs of her age were wearing. Fyr wasn’t so sure that it was a step up from the dungarees or the band T-shirts but it was still better, if only marginally. Sasha, however, didn’t seem to be a dragoness any more who did anything by half and Fyr was quite sure that that demure blouse and faded jeans concealed some very seductive lingerie that would make her look like the much younger dragon in mind that she actually was. And she hated it, just a little bit, that she wanted to see what her mother was actually wearing, still caught up in her wiles and lust regardless of all else going on around.

The dragoness chuckled lightly, although there wasn’t anything truly there to raise her mirth, patting the painted white wood beside her to coax her son closer. Her eyes fell half-lidded, a lazy curl of smoke rising from her nostrils as if she was just on the very edge of sleep, the tip of her tail curling back and forth beneath the swinging seat, the very picture of relaxation.

“Come join me…”

Kao obligingly perched beside her, although he perhaps did not sit as close as the dragoness would have liked, maintaining a polite kind of distance between them that she simply wasn’t used to since bending seemingly everyone and anyone around her to her whims and needs. But Sasha was neither a dragoness anymore that was going to take no for an answer and she could even get away with more again, skirting under the radar, with a motherly glint in her eye, set on having her son right there where she wanted him regardless of anything else.

“It is a pretty nice bench,” Kao commented, rapping his knuckles on the wood. “Nice and sturdy…”

“And I simply can’t thank you enough for putting it up and together for me, darling!” Sasha crooned, laying it on a little too thickly for comfort as she slunk her arm around Kao’s shoulders, her head fluttering down to his chest. “It’s going to be so lovely to sit out here when the sun’s shining… I can read my book too!”

“I built it,” Fyr muttered off to the side, lips pressed together, although she did not speak loudly enough for anyone to actually hear her. “You’re welcome for that too, you know, very much welcome.”

But no one heard her and neither were they meant to, although Fyr could not imagine what kind of book her mother thought that she may possibly read on the bench; she hadn’t picked up a book for months even before things had changed for her, Fyr was quite sure of that. No, her mother was more one who liked watching a movie curled up on the sofa, though perhaps even that had changed for her too. There was little need for such entertainment anymore though with Sasha being so caught up in more lustful activities – she was really the sort of dragoness who made her own entertainment now in and out of the bedroom department.

And so Sasha snuggled up to her son as if she was a much older and frailer dragoness than she actually was, Kao completely and utterly ignorant to the fact that she was using him as, pretty much, a body pillow. Kao smiled, however, and sat up tall, even letting out a light chuckle of his own as he teased his arm back around his mother’s waist in turn. Only a discerning eye, however, would catch that their tails touched even as the bench, very gently, swung and swung and swung.

Fyr sighed. As always, she was the one left out on the sidelines. But she was no longer the only one.


And that one who also found himself strangely left out of the little family with Kao’s return was Scott, the stoat revealing his new gender to Fyr with a blush and, well…his tail up in the air. He was on all fours with his nose buried between Sasha’s thighs, licking to his heart’s content, when Fyr walked in on them only after making sure that Kao was set up in his room to sleep and wouldn’t be at risk of disturbing anyone (least of all finding out about Bayan Escort everything…). Although she’d stopped dead in her tracks, jaw dropped, Fyr could not have honestly have said that she was all that surprised that something had happened in her absence, even though she hoped that that was well and truly the extent of it.

But who was she kidding? He didn’t seem like ‘her’ Scott anymore, just about the same as ‘her’ husband simply didn’t seem to be the cougar that she’d fallen in love with, those years back. He may as well have been another creature entirely in her own home, although that had been yet another thing to scrabble to find a way to explain away to Kao. A live-in ranch hand – that’s what they’d gone for and, not really being in the know with what was required on the ranch, Kao had swallowed it up hook, line and sinker. His lack of knowledge on the side of life that she enjoyed so much was the only thing that just about got her through fudging explanations that were half-assed at best and crudely cobbled together in the less appealing kind of scenario.

“Mine sucks better than yours,” Sasha teased Ropes, shoving Scott’s nose into her pussy as the stoat whimpered and lapped and lapped and lapped. “He knows better what a demoness likes… You know what I mean?”

Fyr groaned around Ropes’ cock, the cougar slamming crudely up into the back of his throat, but she couldn’t say anything at all against that when he had her in such a position. And it was nice too, in its own kind of strange way, to have her husband back inside her mouth, even if it had too been his welcome to her. He hadn’t actually turned up until the very night of the first day she’d come home and, even then, he hadn’t really said anything much more to her, slipping by with just a brush of his tail and tentacles to tease down the length of her body as he moved by.

But that was okay: she knew what her husband was like well enough in that regard and it wasn’t as if she didn’t have enough to distract her in the meantime. The smooth slide of his uncut shaft drew her attention in, commanding all she had at her disposal in the very best of ways. She didn’t want to think about anything else besides that cock, curling her tongue around it even as Sasha’s moans rose in pitch and frequency, the dragoness’ toes curling as she rocked her hips up into the stoat’s muzzle, grinding on him as if he was just like Fyr, in essence, a living sex toy that could be used and abused however she pleased.

When Ropes was done with her and fucking Sasha, half on and half off the bed, Fyr knelt by the side of the dangling duvet, licking her lips as if she just could not quite get the taste of him from her lips, wanting more of it even as the moments passed. It was the first time that they had both been cast aside as mere voyeurs at the same time and they lingered in uncomfortable silence as the stoat shifted his weight and Sasha moaned, if quietly, for Ropes to fuck her harder still. Of course, Fyr was glad at least that they were keeping it down, even if she wanted to keep one eye and ear out for Kao stirring in the room right at the very end of the upstairs hallway, as far from the master bedroom as it was possible to be without going downstairs. And Fyr had most certainly entertained the thought too of bedding him down in the barn for the first night too before she could well enough see whether or not her mother and husband could behave themselves.

The stoat coughed lightly into his paw, small ears tucked down to his head the little that they could move.

“So…” Fyr said, the words sticking in her mouth and throat as if she could not release them at the moment where they may very well have actually mattered. “I’m surprised you’re still here…and you’ve changed too.”

Her words came out with more poison in them, seething just beneath the surface, than she intended, but it was almost worth it to see the stoat squirm, tail flicking down over his backside. Not that she needed him to have his tail lifted to know that he was not wholly male anymore and, in all honesty, she could not say that his new sex drew her in, although she was not so much a fool as to think that Sasha would not take pleasure in forcing her to please the stoat that had lifted her spirits so much before, turning passion to twisted need. No, she would have been happier if he was still male but the distance between them could not be ignored, although she was beginning to wonder if the distance had always been there. If he had been so easily swayed, perhaps she had never ever been that close to the stoat at all, him being just an escape when she could not confide in her family.

“Yeah…” Scott shuffled on his knees and looked down. “It’s… Well… Ma’am?”

He slipped into a formality, although there really should have been none of that after all they’d experienced together and all that Scott had done since joining their family, for there could be no real question about that when he had her mother’s juices soaked into the fur of his muzzle and chin. And Fyr could have forgiven him for that, perhaps, if he hadn’t licked his lips at that very moment, a low moan rolling from his lips. If he hadn’t done that right then and there, maybe she wouldn’t have become so angry, curling, roiling anger boiling up from the pit of her stomach.

She didn’t need him to compete with her for her husband! Or for Sasha!”

“Fyr, I -“

“Save it!”

The dragoness leapt to her feet, only a stray tentacle of Ropes’ darting out to pay attention to the movement of her body, although the furs in question were far too wrapped up in one another to really take note of her haste. But the dragoness couldn’t make herself stay there for even a moment longer, not even with the taste of her husband’s cum thick in her mouth, a lustful taste that would have, usually, had her coming back for more, begging and whimpering all the while. And yet she couldn’t, not at that moment in time where he hadn’t even actually said a proper ‘hello’ to her as his wife or even that he, maybe, had missed her.

Scott tried to make her stay, but his gentle paw on her arm only brought up a pang of pain right from the bottom of her stomach where she had pushed it down, buried it where she thought she would not have to revisit it again. And yet, as he was there, the stoat so easily brought up all those old feelings again, however fleeting they had been in the heat of the moment, a snarl ripping up from her throat for past wrongs rather than the reality of what she perceived to be the current one.

“Forget it. I’m going to bed.”

It was unlike her to leave without being dismissed but perhaps something had changed while she was away or she could have just been setting herself up for some manner of punishment – there was no way to tell until it all played out, after all. And Fyr could not bring herself to care as she dragged on a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt that may have been her husband’s (she didn’t pause to look), making good her escape before their moans rose too loudly. If they were too riled up, fucking and humping like beasts in the dead of the night, they’d wake Kao and she really didn’t want to open up that can of worms when she could, at least for the moment, do a little something to avoid it.

In the dark of the hallway, however, she wasn’t so sure that the secret could be kept. Sasha and Ropes had been too restrained, making all the usual pleasantries over dinner that would have been just fine coming from anyone else but seemed strange and foreign coming from their lips. They could say and do the right things for a time but she had no faith in them whatsoever that they could keep it up long-term, their demonic natures claiming dominance above all else. Then there was the egg to worry about too, something that she’d hidden in her room (quickly vacated by Scott – just another thing that ground her gears, the fact that he’d been sleeping in her bed!) where she hoped that Kao would not accidentally stumble upon it. Knowing how futile her plans had been in the past, however, she wasn’t going to hold her breath against some manner of an explosion.

The moan that rose from behind the bedroom door just then had her gritting her teeth as if to seal away angry words, although her balled up fists told a different tale entirely. The dragoness shook her head slowly from one side to the other, simply to move it even though it did nothing to ease the soreness at the base of her neck. Had that just been from sucking his cock? Had she really gotten that into it that she’d made herself sore?

Screw them. Let them moan. She’d be the one getting some sleep.

Yawning just as they quieted, which was a blessing, at least, she stretched out her arms above her head and arched her back to push into the motion, shifting her hips from one side to the other to work out the kinks in her lower back. The tension ran down her tail too and she was groaning to herself in an almost sexual manner, eyes closed for the briefest of moments. It was a good feeling to stretch like that but what was less than good was opening her eyes to the grinning figure of Kao standing before her, the drake with his teeth bared and face twisted into a grotesque expression that would have had her screaming in her younger days of being a hatchling.

As it was, Fyr merely cursed and leapt back, tail stiff for balance as her heart pounded.

“Kao!” She spat, eyes wide. “What are you doing here? You nearly scared the scales off me! Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“Now, now, sis,” he chuckled, folding his wings back against his back as he returned to a more neutral outlook. “I didn’t mean to scare you… But that must have been, ah, fun for you to be so zoned out, hey?”

He grinned widely and wiggled his eyebrows, the tip of his tail twitching in time with his facial tick, although she stared at him with her jaw dropped. Again… He thought she was with Ropes. Well, what else would he think? Ropes was still her husband, after all! He didn’t know that the other bedrooms weren’t set up for guests, assuming that there were only the rooms that he already knew about, the lock on the others keeping him out, even if he did decide to go snooping. Whereas Fyr had not thought of everything, she had, however, thought of most things, which was just the way of things when it came to her plans.

Yet pretending to fuck Ropes… She swallowed a grimace, pressing her lips together. Did sucking him off before he went on to fuck her – no, their – mother count? A little white lie… Oh, but how many white lies could she tell before the whole sky itself was black with them – a swarm of clacking, cawing crows?

“Uh… Yeah, Kao, I don’t really want to talk about that with my brother,” she muttered, a nervous laugh bubbling up from the back of her throat. “Come on now, we don’t do that.”

Kao shrugged and sashayed past her, putting a little sway and jig into his step as if he was a femfur himself trying to seduce a male (or a female, for that matter), the swish of his adding a little extra flirt to the motion. Fyr’s eyes could not help but drop and she groaned in the back of her throat as he inadvertently showed off the bulge in the front of his loose pyjama pants, something that he hadn’t really been all that into wearing back when they had lived together. Of course, that had only lasted until she’d moved out and he’d gone off to college, Fyr working to put herself through courses back then that had not really amounted to anything.

Yet that still meant that she’d never before had the chance to look at him in that way – he’d been buck naked with Chem! And that was different! Very different, in fact! But she didn’t have a chance to say anything as he hip-checked her out of the way, completely and utterly oblivious to what was going through her mind as a trickle of drool seeped wantonly from the corner of her lips.

“Sure thing, ‘sis,” he chimed in a singsong voice that would have grated on her nerves if the dragon had even felt as if she had any left at all. “We don’t… But I know what you’re doing with your husband! Things can’t be that bad then, can they, you devil?!”

But her brother was so very far off the mark that she could not even feel that he warranted an answer in the slightest, shaking her head and rushing with a muttered curse under her breath to extricate herself from the situation as quickly as possible. Kao’s laughed followed her even as he slipped away, that little flick in his tail reminiscent of her mother in its own strange, little way, smug to the last knowing that he’d got one over on her, even if not quite in the way that he had expected.

Fyr inhaled deeply, breasts rising with breath that did nothing to ease the ache in her chest, something that she neither wanted to acknowledge nor explain away without thinking about it first of all. What the hell was she doing? The dragoness shook herself, hustling down the hallway as if she actually was going to get herself a glass of water but really just listening to see if he disappeared back into the guest bedroom. What was she on, thinking about her brother like that? Looking at him like that? It was, probably, by the by considering that she had, of course, spied on him and Chemical having sex when she’d been over in his swanky apartment but neither did she wanted to admit that there was something… She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as her heart pounded and tightened in her throat.

No. No, she was a voyeur, nothing more: that much she could not deny about herself. And her mother and husband had twisted her desires, turned them into something sordid and seedy so that she didn’t even know what she wanted anymore. Maybe it truly didn’t matter what she wanted, only that she was there to serve Sasha and Ropes, enjoying them as much as she hoped they enjoyed her.

Leaning her head against the wall, she sighed, nostrils puffing out with breath. Why did things have to be so complicated?

But the dragoness was only just beginning to find out the extent of that, for what forces were working in the background of what she saw had far darker intention than she could have ever imagined.

She would soon see.


“So, sis… What is the deal here?”

Fyr tensed, sitting up straight, her back up against the seat of the truck. Just why did he have to keep pressing things? Couldn’t he just go home already? Oh, it would all be so, so very much easier if he would just go home, but she couldn’t ask him to do that, not when he’d flown all that way from the city to be with her. Kao had followed her back to her home entirely out of the kindness of his heart and, of course, brotherly love for her too and she simply couldn’t, she couldn’t, ask him to go!

The crops flashed by, not yet due to be harvested. Again, they would be due into winter soon and Fyr could only be grateful that she had managed to get the bulk of the work done on the ranch during the calmer, warmer months, even though sweating through her scales with the physical labour had not been the most pleasant part of the experience. No, it was more what came up on the mental side of things, the change of the seasons drawing her down into hefty, bulky clothing and a more sullen state of mind. She’d never really liked freezing her tail off, as pretty as a winter landscape could be. But her brother… She winced, trying to shrink away. He’d done so much and just how was she supposed to ask him to leave after all that? It was quite like a farmer simply not harvesting his crops at the end of the season – illogical at best!

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