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Cuckolding for Beginners Ch. 04

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Chapter IV

Arranging infidelity

To say my wife was horny as our new neighbours left that evening would be an understatement. She grabbed my hand and ran up the stairs, breathlessly closing the bedroom door the moment we were in the room. Her remaining clothes pooled on the floor in seconds.

Her hands darted over my body, mine over hers. She panted as she sat on the bed, looking up at me with fiery lust consuming her every thought. “Go down on me.” She slid her buttocks onto the bed. The naked woman groaned as my lips touched hers, sliding my hands over her wanton body.

My tongue swept over her desperately moist cunt, teasing the delicious woman with gentle nibbles of her thighs, and skirting over her hairless mons. She snarled in expectation, demanding more. I glanced over her delicate curves and breasts; the light sparkled on her body, undulating across the bed like waves on a sea.

Her impatience was clear, frustration gushed from her pores as my lips teased and tormented. I could taste her horniness, so eager for me to devour her sapid wetness and plunge my lips across her desperate slit.

But I adored the scent of her aching cunt, and my sadistic streak aired as I enjoyed her frantic visceral cries. She howled; ordering then pleading with me to “do it properly” until my own lust could stand it no more, and my lips enjoyed her button.

Her cunt oozed wetness. Her body flinched and writhed as my tongue flicked and lapped her sensitive clit. My cock pressed hard against the mattress as she groaned, and panted, breathlessly squealing my name until the lust inside peaked and an avalanche of passionate satisfaction engulfed her.

She slumped against the bed.

My wife was rarely sated with one orgasm, and a few seconds later she pressed my moist face into her cunt. “Again,” she mumbled, squealing as my lips swirled against her delicate button and my fingers pressed into her hole, twisting and sliding into her slippery wetness.

I pressed against her G-Spot, I lapped at her clit and I rocked my erection back and forth against the bed, slowly humping the satin to provide relief for my aching cock. Erin was way ahead, crying loudly as her body neared her second orgasm and a wave of lustful pleasure cascaded through her desperate body.

And she still wasn’t done; a few moments later, my lips were pressed against her desperate snatch and she coated my cheeks with a blast of her feminine juices, squirting as my fingers caressed her G-Spot into a release of overwhelming ecstasy.

She reached into her bedside drawer as she came down from her orgasm and pressed her vibrator against her clit, inches from my face. My fingers rotated into her hole and she looked at me with glazed eyes, turning to her side, as her grip pushed the vibrating wand against her insatiable arousal.

“Come here,” she ordered, and I slid up the bed, she pressed my fingers into my mouth to taste her juices, sucking the lust off my fingertips as she ground the pink toy into her aching cunt and squealed, doubling the size of the wetspot in seconds.

Her eyes twinkled as the hot pink silicone wand was pressed against my erection. I shuddered, feeling the vibrations through the female underwear, tented by the hard cock appreciating the erotic shenanigans of my wife.

I groaned as I panted. She giggled. “You’re not going to cum in my underwear are you? You naughty little boy!”

“Ummm…” I squealed. The vibrations were intense as she rubbed yalova seks hikayeleri the toy on the underside of my cock, pressing against the frenulum and glans of my erect prick.

“Naughty little boys make their lovely little panties messy!” She teased. My hands went to remove them; she slapped them away. “If Peter wants to come tonight then he’d leave his panties right alone.”

I sighed, closing my eyes as my thoughts drifted to the intense fire in my loins as my wife teased me, bringing me moments away from my orgasm before removing the wand.

All the time she reinforced what she was doing. “Peter’s going to come in my panties,” she taunted. “What a good little slut Peter is.” I loved her dominating nature, and she pulled one of her favourite black dildos from her drawer. I watched as she pressed it into my groaning mouth.

“Have something to enjoy,” she teased as the rubber toy entered my mouth by a few inches. I pressed my tongue against it, spluttering. When my hands went to my face, the wand left my cock and she slapped the outstretched fingers away. It was cruel. “Just warm it up for me,” she taunted, pressing the vibrator onto a higher setting.

The stronger pulses and vibrations on the underside of my cock had me teetering on the edge in seconds; I groaned into the fake phallus wedged into my mouth. I could feel my groans echoing down the rubber, feeling the sense of fullness in my mouth as my wife drove me to a climax in her underwear.

I gasped onto the dildo as my senses were overloaded, filling the satin panties with my cum as my cock pulsed to an intensity I’d not experienced before.

She watched as white globules appeared through the fabric, smiling as I sighed on the bed, and she removed her dildo. “I need a fucking now,” she moaned, “but as my boy’s now spent, I’ll just have to use this black cock you’ve warmed up for me!”

I breathed a deep sigh as the cock was removed from my mouth; it was barely in, but it was a large dong and it was worryingly close to my gag reflex. In a strange way, I wanted it back: my mouth felt empty.

She pressed her toy deep into her cunt. It swallowed the rubber dong effortlessly, and she sighed loudly, groaning as lust enveloped her. She moaned louder, and panted desperately, getting off quicker than when I went down on her.

She threw her head back and closed her eyes as my hands glided over her tits, squeezing her nipples as she squealed a range of obscenities.

“Fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck!” Her screams filled the room as my wife rode her black dildo to a shuddering orgasm, squeezing her stretched pussy around the toy and climaxing with a deafening cry.

She slouched on the bed. “Christina gets that every day at least once.” I shrugged; why was she telling me that our neighbour had a dildo?

“Well you can if you want!”

Her eyes sparkled. “Can I?”

“It’s kept in the drawer,” I replied. “Use it whenever you want!” Her excitement evaporated instantly. “I don’t mind.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it!”

I didn’t give her reaction too much thought as my wife used her hairbrush on my backside, slapping my rear a dozen times because I had “been teasing her.” She threatened to make me sleep in her cum-covered panties and only relented after I begged. I loved her cheeky smile and we cleaned up and changed the sheets, before we curled up in bed to drift into a slumber together.

But another day meant more horniness and Erin showed me her big black dildo the following evening after I had read to the children and put them in bed. “Let me show you something,” she demanded, pulling my boxer shorts to my ankles and comparing my flaccid cock with her oversized dildo. “That’s not really to size,” I moaned; the unfairness of the comparison was immaterial: my cock would never be the size of a dildo because her nine-inch rubber prick was not made to be realistically sized.

“Ahh but it is!” Erin cried and picked up her phone. “Wait here and hold that!” I sighed as I stood in the lounge, half-naked as she typed on her phone.

“Is there a point to this?” She slapped my bare buttocks for insolence moments later.

“Yes.” I smiled at the serious expression on my brunette wife; her tumbling brown hair bobbed as she hurriedly looked to me and the phone. I groaned when the doorbell went and she glared at me. “Stay there.”

Erin called through the unlocked front door and neither Bryn nor Christina were remotely surprised to see me naked in the lounge, holding a nine fake dildo next to my cock. I shuddered in embarrassment, but I was getting used to our new neighbours being aware of my wife’s crazy kinks and I am sure I blushed a little less than on previous days. Even so, I covered my cock with my left hand.

“Chrissy,” my wife asked, pointing to my crotch. “Is that based on a real man or not?”

“Of course,” Christina replied airily, knocking my hand away and smiled at my engorging cock. Her finger traced the length of my prick and I shuddered as she turned over my manhood in her hand, glancing up at me. “I see your boy has around an averagely sized adornment. Uncut, nice. Smooth shaft with gentle veining. Cute. But you need something bigger and better. Something different.”


She squeezed my balls gently as I went to speak and I gasped sharply as adrenaline filled my veins. “Now, this thing,” she continued, grabbing hold of the black dildo and twisting it in her hand. “This is a thing of niceness. I’ve seen bigger on some of my guys. I’ve seen smaller than him sure, but Jemal and Andy have huge cocks.”

Her eyes turned to me. “You see, God did you and my husband a double disservice. He gave every man 4,000 nerve endings in their cocks, but guys with big, big cocks have them more spaced out.” I was scared of challenging her rudimentary grasp of male anatomy as her body was sizzling with sadistic confidence and she had already squeezed my testicles. “So they last longer. So poor little boys come quicker and never fill their woman up properly where as big men not only fill the cunt they give them a proper fucking. It’s a shame, for you at least.”

My wife’s expression wavered for a moment as I looked straight at her.

“That’s not to say you don’t make your wife very happy, Peter. But you can make her even happier,” she continued. “Let her have her freedom to play with others and I guarantee she will come back to your bed from now to the day you die.”

I gasped and spluttered. “Errr… that’s for me and my wife!”

“Peter,” my wife cried. “Listen. You know how much I need sex at the moment. You know how much I am desperate for it. Christina’s promised to help me explore.”

“And we can give you want you need.” Christina stroked the back of my hand, soothing my scowling mood. “I know you like to be submissive. I know you like to be dominated and I know you secretly want to go further. I bet you came so very strongly in that underwear!” Her mischievous expression sent shivers down my spine.

“We’ll play safe,” my wife promised and she sat on the sofa calling for me to sit next to me. “I’ve called Christina and Bryn round to help put your mind at rest. I know you got burnt with Holly many years ago.” She proceeded to explain about my cheating girlfriend to our guests as I listened to my painful memories being replayed to near strangers.

“You should know that my experiences with Holly didn’t end too good. She fucked my brother, for God’s sake!”

“Sure. But Holly cheated on you by doing it behind your back. I don’t want to. I’m going to be open with you, tell you about every man, every fuck and every touch. And sometimes I’ll want you there. Sometimes I might want you to join in.” She squeezed my hand as I had visions of a threesome.


Christina cleared her throat. “I can tell you my relationship with Bryn has never been stronger.” She held the hand of her husband, smiling into his eyes. “And I might screw one guy a week or one hundred, but the only man I will ever love is him. He is secure enough to let me explore, and that’s such a sexy thing in a guy. Secure enough to let me host parties and then be my cuckold subbie. And he has fun as well with his little parties, but we have freedom to play. And I love him for it!”

“It’s true,” Bryn added. “Men are born to be cuckolds. Nature says women should fuck loads.”

My mind was overloaded by the casual acceptance of our visitors to the appropriateness of the infidelity of both spouses and I was a little shocked that Erin wanted to play away.

At that moment in time, I still in denial, believing that the marriage vows we had both taken to “foresake all others” trumped every aspect of reason. I was certain infidelity was wrong and Bryn’s assertion that men were hard-wired to be cuckolds was poppycock.

I scowled. But Erin’s face punctured my pomposity and I thought. I sat and I pondered what her expression told me; what she wanted. That brief yet blunt explanation by Holly many years ago flooded back — she doesn’t do all her shopping at one supermarket so why should she not have lovers that make her see stars and lovers who she loves?

She said she loved me that day in McDonalds, but she couldn’t give up her sex life for me, and I took that as an insult. But she never meant it as one, and neither did Erin. She wanted to play and explore with her sexuality but do it with my blessing. And I was holding her back. The man who professed to love her, was all that stood between her and a sex life that she wanted and craved.

I felt conflicted. Confused and dumfounded.

“Love,” Erin soothed, sensing my disarray. “Christina has shown me something and I just want to try it. I think it would be great for us as there’s a whole world of fun and sex for us to explore together that will make our love so much stronger. And we can go further into BDSM too!”

I barely heard the words of her explanation; her pacifying tone was comforting and her gentle reassurance was desperately needed.

“Perhaps we could show you. Perhaps if Bryn went down on your wife here and now, she could be satisfied and you could see how you feel.”


Erin implored me with her expression as I hesitated. As much as I wanted to say “yes” to her it was a massive step and I knew if I let the genie out of the bottle there would be no way to put it back in.

It was a monumental moment in our relationship. Nothing would ever be the same again.

“OK,” I muttered slowly, my heart pounding in my chest. “Ummm… I think.”

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