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Cul-De-Sac ONE Door Latch

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The lady at number one was having trouble getting the door between the garage and the kitchen to stay closed. She liked to keep the garage door open during the day, but the door to the kitchen would blow open if the wind was just right (or maybe just wrong). Anyway, she ran into Mary and me while we were voting in the local school board election. She stood in line ahead of Mary and we chatted while the six or seven people in front of us took their turns in the little curtained booth.

“The damned door keeps blowing open,” Shirley started to explain. “It scares the cat, and the breeze knocks stuff off the kitchen table.”

“Why won’t it stay closed?” I feigned interest.

“It doesn’t seem to latch.” She was trying to picture it in her mind.

I couldn’t see the picture, so I continued, “Doesn’t latch? How do you lock it at night?

“I just close the garage door,” she admitted. It’s locked when it is closed. I feel safe enough, it’s just an annoyance to have it keep blowing open into the kitchen.”

Mary gave me one of her ‘why don’t you help the lady’ looks so I said, “I’ll stop by tomorrow and have a look – OK?”

Shirley brightened right up, “Sure, I’ll be home all day.”

Mary looked satisfied and I just tried to look neutral. The fact was, the lady at number one, Shirley, was a fairly good-looking widow lady. Her husband, Luke, had passed about three years ago from a very unanticipated coronary. He left Shirley fairly well off but not so that she could just up and move away. She had decided to stick around and look for another man, another opportunity, or social security, whichever came along first.

My guess was that she was just about fifty even – give or take no more than one or two. She was in excellent shape with a nice rack, long legs, and as I stood in line looking at her, a great caboose. She dressed well but not overdone. Her makeup was appropriate and she always looked like she was about to giggle. I’ve seen her serious but not too often.

Shirley voted and came out of the booth. As she walked past Mary and me, she gave us the ‘thumbs up’ signal like we knew what that meant. There were a few issues in this election that had gotten a lot of people excited and I guess that Shirley had voted the way she thought that we would too. Anyway, the ‘thumbs up’ was delivered with a great beaming smile and Mary waved back for the both of us. Mary started to give her voting ticket to the person operating the machine so I turned to watch Shirley walk out of the room. Did I mention that she has a great ass?

Mary and I voted, and as usual, we went on down to the Legion Hall to await the results and suck a little suds. This is not a big town. The polls close at eight PM and the results are generally known by eight-thirty or so. This election was no different. Mary and I had quaffed a couple of beers each when the results were put up on the chalkboard. The budget was defeated again! Hot damn, score another one for the old farts!

The free election night keg started to blow air at about a quarter past nine. From then on, you were expected to pay for your drinks. I learned how to be cheap from my bother Tom. He taught me well, so Mary and I slowly sipped our last free one and skipped on out at about nine-thirty.

We had taken my pick-up truck since her car was already in the garage. It was parked behind the legion hall and it was a little dark back there. I had no trouble finding the truck since it still has a CB antenna sticking up. When we got to the Truck, somebody with a big van had parked really close to me on the drivers’ side. There was enough room on the passenger side to open the door, so I got in first and slid across the seat with Mary right behind me.

I got in position behind the wheel and was about to put the key into the ignition when Mary kept on sliding across the seat and right up against me.

“Well, it looks like I lost the bet,” she whispered.

“It sure does,” I said in a full voice.

Mary looked around the darkened parking lot for a moment or two. I just sat there and gloated. “Did you see the numbers?” I tried to sound a little abusive.

“Yeah, I saw them,” she replied, still whispering.

“You didn’t just loose, you know,” I let it drag on, “You got stomped on!”

“Oh it wasn’t that bad,” she sounded a little whiney. “It was less than two hundred votes.”

“That was for our district,” I corrected her. “Overall, the budget went down by almost seven hundred votes.”

“I know,” she sounded defeated. “The budget went down and now I have to, too.”

Without giving me a chance to reply, Mary put her hand on my crotch and felt for my zipper. She found it and pulled it down and started fishing around inside my pants for the top of my underwear. Finding that, she slid her hand down and guided my semi-hard cock out through my fly. Mary started to gently stroke my cock while she took one last look around the parking lot.

“A bet is a bet,” she said, and promptly lowered her face down onto taksim escort my lap. She used the tip of her tongue and gently traced around the head of my cock. She used light touches of her tongue for a few minutes while she gently pumped the shaft with her hand. I leaned back and stretched out to enjoy it.

Mary pulled herself up onto the bench seat and lay on her stomach. This gave me a good access to her butt which I immediately took advantage of. I put my hand on her ass and rubbed around a little to let her know that I was there. Mary just concentrated on paying off the bet. She started to bob her head up and down while her lips slid up and down the shaft of my cock. She kept up the stroking with her hand and the combination felt really great.

I managed to gradually pull up her skirt until my hand was right on her fresh white panties. I could just see the whiteness of her panties in the faint light inside the truck. There was about a half moon that night, but the light was a little feeble because of some high clouds. I indulged myself further and began to play with her ass. Mary’s ass always felt great, but it was really special when she was wearing white silky panties. Not to mention how special it was having my cock in her mouth at the same time!

Mary took her free hand and went down between my legs with it. With her palm up, she slid her hand under my crotch and began to massage my balls while she kept at my dick with her mouth and other hand. This was really great. Soon, I could feel those familiar urges when the cum starts to well up in my balls. She was really getting into it and so was I. Mary started to roll her hips a little as I rubbed her ass through her panties. Apparently she was beginning to like this a little too.

Mary opened her legs for me and I slid my hand down onto her crotch. Man, she was wet right through her panties. The combination of her wetness and the silky material was intoxicating. My balls were about to erupt and Mary apparently sensed that I was getting close. She started to bob up and down with a new vigor and her hand followed along right next to her mouth. I managed to get my fingers inside the crotch of her panties and I quickly found her honey pot.

I pushed my finger into her cunt just as I began to cum. It felt like I was pumping a quart and a half into her warm wet mouth. Mary let out a long low moan while I was spurting into her and she sucked even harder on my dick. It felt like she was draining every drop of cum out of me. I had a nice long throbbing orgasm. After a few moments, things started to quiet down for me and I looked down at the back of Mary’s head.

Mary turned her head towards the dashboard and whispered, “Are we even now?”

“Not yet,” I responded. I slid my finger out of her cunt and moved it a little forward until I found her pussy lips. Spreading them, I had no trouble finding her swollen clit. I started to rub it gently while she just lay there with her head on my lap. Her left hand was still on my cock and her right hand was still cradling my balls. Since she had turned her head, my cock was against her cheek, probably next to her ear.

I continued to gently rub her clit and soon noticed the telltale rocking of her hips again. I was always able to get to Mary this way and she really liked it. Soon she was pressing her pubic bone against the seat of the truck and rocking a little more strongly as I continued to rub and tease her love button. I could tell that she was starting to get close to cumming by her grip on my cock. She was tightening up her hand a little and it was in time with her hips. I wasn’t getting real hard but the rhythm was starting to feel good to me.

Mary let out a long moan and sucked in a quick breath through her teeth. She was cumming. She bucked hard a couple of times and pressed herself down against the truck seat while she rode wave after wave of orgasm. Her grip tightened a little more around my cock and I started to think that she would squeeze the poor little thing to death. She loosened her grip as the orgasmic waves started to subside.

“Mmmmmm, I like loosing bets to you,” she whispered. “You pay off too.”

“It’s always my pleasure,” I reassured her. “Besides, I never pass up a chance to play with that great ass of yours.”

“Mmmmmm, well, this ass wants to go home now,” she said as she started to get up again.

Soon she was sitting up next to me, looking around the parking lot again. She had her clothes straightened out and was fussing with her hair as I started the truck.

“Pull up your fly before we go by the lights,” she cautioned.

“I didn’t open it,” I said with a smart-ass tone.

Mary reached over and tucked my cock back into my pants. She pulled my shorts up and re-zippered my pants.

“I have to do everything?” she asked.

“You did everything and so well,” I said as I took her face into my hands and kissed her long and hard on the lips. I could still sense my presence on her topkapı escort lips and in her mouth. Oh well, we share everything anyway.

I drove us home. We had ice cream and went to bed.

The next morning we got up at around seven. Mary made a light breakfast for us and I went out and got the papers from the front yard. As usual, we sat at the kitchen table reading our own sections of the paper while we drank coffee and ate the muffins and fruit. This usually took the better part of an hour and a whole pot of coffee. I usually finished up by doing the crossword and Mary did the Jumble. Routine, very routine, but I loved it.

We had a few errands to do in the morning and I decided to go over to Shirley’s after lunch. Mary agreed with the plan and we went out together, in her car this time, to do our chores.

“Looks like it’s going to be a nice day,” I started.

“The paper said rain this afternoon,” she replied.

“Wanna bet?” I looked at her with a genuine leer on my face.

“No sense, these are bucket seats,” she said, not even looking back at me.

We did our chores and returned home in time for lunch. After lunch, Mary announced that she was going over to her sisters for a while. She expected to be back in time for dinner and I could get her there if I needed her. I reminded her that I was going up to Shirley’s to look at her door,

Mary seemed to remember and said, “If you’re home by four, start the grill – we’ll have steaks tonight.”

I acknowledged these instructions and went out to the garage. I put a few tools into my toolbox. Mary left at about one fifteen and I headed up to number one a few minutes later.

Shirley met me at the door after the first ring. She was wearing a nice short summer skirt and blouse set. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she seemed in a very good mood.

“Too bad about the election, huh? She started.

“What do you mean?” I wasn’t following.

“The budget got defeated last night,” she said as we walked through the living room to the kitchen.

She was wearing a nice pair of heels and her legs looked great from the back. By the way that the short summer skirt was swishing back and forth, I could tell that she was wearing a nice sheer pair of stockings. I was wondering if they were pantyhose or stockings with a garter belt. I figured out that she was apparently on the same side as Mary in the election. Too bad I didn’t have a little bet with her too.

“Yeah, I saw the numbers in the paper this morning.” I went on, “they’re blaming the defeat on the senior population, you know.”

“Them old farts would vote against anything that might cost them a few bucks,” she started to raise her voice a little.

“Well, what’s done is done,” I said in a conciliatory tone. “We’re just going to have to work a little harder next time.” I said this trying to defuse this conversation and let her think that I agreed with her.

“Yeah, next time,” she said as we reached the kitchen. “There’s the culprit.” She said, pointing to the door.

I walked across the kitchen and opened the door. I could see out into the garage where her car was parked. There was a very neat, small workbench where what remained of her husbands tools were neatly organized. The door mechanism appeared to be in working order but the strike plate showed some wear just below the opening. Apparently the hinge side of the doorframe had settled a little bit but the other side hadn’t. The big money fix would be to re-hang the door but the quick (cheap) fix would be to move the strike plate to allow the door to latch closed properly.

“Well, you’ve got two choices here,” I said

Shirley was standing by the table watching me, “Did you find the problem already?”

“Yeah, the latch isn’t lining up with the hole in the strike plate,” I said pointing to the offending hardware.

Shirley came over and stood in front of me looking at the doorframe.

“Where?” she said, looking up and down the entire doorframe.

“See the scratches and rub marks on that brass thing, there?” I said, as I looked her over closely. Man, she really smelled good, up close.

“Oh yeah,” she sounded happy to find what I was describing. “The metal is real shiny there.”

Shirley bent over at the waist a little, to get a better look at the hardware. I took the opportunity to look closely at her butt while she bent forward like that. The back of her skirt rode up a little and I could see where her stockings started to change to a darker color, but I couldn’t tell if they were pantyhose or stockings yet. But she really looked good like that. She held the pose for a minute or so then straightened up and turned around to face me.

“What can we do about that?” she asked.

I immediately thought of an answer like, ‘Turn around and bend over again, and I’ll show you what can be done.’ But, I thought better of it and just said, “I can fix it now by moving the strike plate or you tesettürlü escort can get the entire door re-hung.”

“How much will that cost? She was looking right into my eyes and standing nice and close to me.

“I can move the strike plate today for a cup of coffee, or I can re-hang the door in a couple of days but that will cost some bucks.” I was having a difficult time looking directly into her eyes, I wanted to look at her tits.

“Will I still need to have the expensive fix done?” she went on.

“Maybe, we wont know for a while,” I was starting to enjoy her closeness.

“Well, I’ll put on a pot of coffee and we’ll see how long it takes then.” She smiled.

“OK by me,” I said.

With that, I took a step back. Shirley walked over to the counter and started to busy herself with the coffee pot. I looked at my toolbox and realized that I would need a couple of small chisels and maybe my roto-tool.

“I’ll have to go back home to get a few tools,” I told her.

“Why don’t you look around out there in the garage,” she said without turning around. Luke had a lot of tools and they’re not used anymore.”

I said “OK,” and stepped out into the garage. The workbench was neat and organized. I quickly found a couple of small chisels, they were nice and sharp. There was an almost new roto-tool in a box on the shelf. I looked inside the bit case and found a couple of burrs that would do the trick. I took these tools and a small tap hammer and went back into the kitchen.

“Looks like I’ll have enough stuff to do the job,” I told her. I could already smell coffee cooking.

“Oh, that’s good,” she smiled. “Nobody uses those tools anymore. I’m glad to see them get some use.”

I took one of the kitchen chairs and placed it in front of the doorjamb so that I could sit and work on the strike plate. This worked out OK but there was little room to put the tools down. The table was about six feet away and I didn’t feel like moving it. So, I used the chair as a seat and a table while I worked on the plate. I removed the plate with a screwdriver and sketched an elongation on the hole with my pencil.

Shirley brought over a mug of coffee and said, “Milk and two sugars OK?”

“Just right,” I said as I took the mug from her.

She had a couple of cookies on a small plate, which she offered to me. I had the small hammer in the other hand, so I took it and slid the handle under my leg to keep it from falling to the floor. I noticed that Shirley was watching where I put the hammer and noted that it was nice to have this lady looking at my crotch. I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to look at hers.

Shirley smiled at me and walked back to the counter. I watched her as she poured herself a mug of coffee. Those legs just don’t quit. She looked really good standing there and I really liked the way her skirt swished back and forth when she walked. She opened the cabinet and reached up to get a small box off the top shelf. This caused her skirt to ride up in the back giving me another great look at the tops of her legs. I could only imagine how nice her butt looked.

Shirley took the small box down and opened it. She came back over to me carrying the box in one hand and her coffee in the other. “Are these anything important?” she asked.

The box contained a bunch of small screws, some springs and a few other odds and ends that I didn’t recognize. “Well, you never know when some of this stuff might come in handy,” I said as I looked over the contents, “but generally no, they’re not really important unless you know what they are for.”

“They’ve been in this cabinet since Luke passed, I didn’t want to toss them if they were important.”

She was still looking at the box of junk when I said, “Then you’d better hang onto them for a little while longer.”

This seemed to be the answer that she was looking for. Shirley turned around again and walked the box back to the counter. I was treated to a great view again when she stretched up and put the box back on the top shelf of the cabinet.

Shirley turned back toward me and she leaned against the counter. I ate the cookies and finished the coffee while we just looked at each other. She was a real prize. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and I’m sure that she noticed that I wasn’t just looking at her face. She didn’t seem to mind, in fact, she appeared to like it when my eyes drifted down to her tits and her great legs.

Shirley came back over and collected the empty coffee mug and plate from me. I thanked her and went back to work on the strike plate hole. I was tapping out the wood with a small chisel and tap hammer when I sensed Shirley standing right behind me. She was looking over my shoulder watching me work. The hole seemed almost big enough so I decided to finish it up with the roto-tool. I tool the chisel and put it on top of my tool box and slid the hammer, handle first, back under my leg. The hammer handle was actually almost under my crotch.

“That looks like fun,” she said.

“Working with wood?” I didn’t follow her.

“No, the way you store your tools,” was her reply.

I looked down and noticed how the hammer was sticking out from under my crotch. It kinda looked like a ‘hammer-head’ dick “Well, sometimes I have to improvise,” was all I could think of to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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