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Curlew Ch. 03

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Ch. 3: Curlew contemplates a little landscaping maintenance, and plants some new seeds:

Pam awoke before Bob and decided to make a fantastic Sunday breakfast for the both of them. She had remembered Bob raving about having “grits” with his breakfast on a business trip he went on in one of the southern states. She had recently picked up a box of individual serving packaged grits on her last grocery shopping trip. She decided this would be the perfect time to surprise him with the addition. She hoped they’d compare to the ones he’d had down there.

After showering and while dressing, Bob said, “Mm, something smells good.”

“Your breakfast awaits, my husband … You better hurry, eggs get cold fast, and they’re delicious. I might eat them all up before you get here,” Pam said, in a melodic voice, then giggled.

Bob came out and sat at the table. In a surprised voice, he exclaimed, “”Wow, grits! Where did you find them? They look just like what I had in South Carolina, even in the same type small bowl with a square of melting butter sitting on top of the piping hot grits. What a nice surprise! Honey, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you.”

“Yeah, I know … I’m a pretty amazing woman,” then giggled. “I hope it tastes as good as you seem to think it looks,” as she examined the grits with a dubious eye. It didn’t look all that appetizing to her. She watched as Bob shook a little salt over them and mixed it all together with his fork. She felt a little anxious, worried that Bob wouldn’t like them, not wanting to disappoint him. Bob took a fork full and swished it around his mouth and swallowed. He looked at Pam with a smile and said, “Wow! These taste just like the real thing! They’re great!” Pam’s face lit up with a sense of accomplishment and pride. She loved making Bob happy.

Bob asked, “Will you be going to the beach today? “

“I don’t know. Do you have any plans?”

“Nah, just going to wash my car, then watch the ballgame.”

“Then it looks like I’m headed to the beach, if you don’t mind.”

“I’ve already told you that I didn’t. Go and see what kind of story you can come home with today,” Bob said, as he sniggered. “Damn! These grits are delicious. Good job, sweetheart.”

“Kiss me you fool! Finish your breakfast so I can be on my way,” giggled Pam.

A little while later Bob was relaxing on the couch, completely content with a full stomach.

Pam was ready to leave for the beach. She said to Bob, “I’m going to leave now, do you need anything before I go?”

Bob looked up and said, “Look at you … Curlew’s gonna have a hard time keeping his cock down today. Wow!”

Pam was wearing her tight fitting, green, white polka dotted short-shorts one piece jump suit. It zippered in the front from just below the waist to her neck. The outfit accentuated every luscious curve of her perfect body: her full breasts with their pencil eraser-like nipples, her firm round ass, with the thin material tucked deeply in the crevice of the cheeks, and a perfectly shaped “V” at her crotch outlining her puffy labia and pubic hair.

Bob asked, “How in the hell do you fit a bathing suit under that?”

“I’m not wearing one, it’s packed in my beach bag,” Pan teasingly said, with that devilish smile she always displayed when she was feeling naughty.

Bob just shook his head, and said, “Poor Mr. Huttleston.”

Pam giggled and said, “He prefers to be called Curlew.” She then leaned over and gave Bob a sweet kiss, and asked, “Do you think he’ll like it?” She then did a pirouette in front of Bob. She once again giggled and said, “See ya later, honey,” as she sauntered to the door with an exaggerated ass wiggle and closed the door behind her.

Bob said nothing as Pam left, and just thought to himself, ‘She’s in a rare mood today, I hope Curlew got a good night’s sleep.’ He then sighed and shook his head once more.

Pam put her bag in the car, sat behind the wheel, and immediately unzipped her outfit, showing a great deal of cleavage, then backed out of the driveway.

Pam didn’t have her bikini on under her jumpsuit because she had already decided to sunbathe in the dunes today, “Au naturel”. She packed her bikini for when, and if, she decided to go for a swim. She didn’t want anyone to see her naked that had, by happenstance, cruised by in a passing boat.

Pam arrived at Curlew’s around 11 A.M., and noticed Curlew’s car parked in its usual spot. ‘Oh good, he’s home today,’ she thought. She parked her car in front of his and got out carrying her beach bag. She walked up the front stairs and noticed that the front door was open with the screen door being the only barrier. She chose not to walk through the house thinking that it would be improper to walk in without knocking, as a possible invasion of his privacy. She walked to the back of the house by using the porch, like she always had. As she rounded the corner to the back porch area she saw Curlew sitting in his usual chair reading the morning paper and smoking his pipe.

“Good morning,” Pam said, in a friendly and maltepe escort cheery voice.

“Pamela! So nice to see you again … come … sit down,” Curlew said in a pleased and welcoming voice. He immediately took notice of her outfit. How it revealed every single contour of her delicious body. His eyes were directed to her revealing cleavage, and particularly her nipples that were clearly outlined by the tight fitting suit. His eyes immediately ventured down to the “V” between her thighs, which was also very visible, and well defined. He felt the beginnings of arousal instantly, as he said, “You look absolutely radiant today … I love your outfit.” As Pam sat across from him his instant thought was, ‘Damn, I wish I hadn’t told her to sit.’

“Oh, thank you, hon. It’s just a casual summer outfit I wear around the house and in the yard. It’s very kind of you to comment.”

“Well, you look absolutely ravishing as always, my dear. And that outfit was made for a stunning woman such as yourself,” Curlew said with admiration, as he slowly examined her wantonly.

“Oh, shush,” Pam said sheepishly, but in a humorous way. “Flattery will get you everywhere.” She then displayed that gorgeous smile of hers and giggled her naughty giggle.

“I certainly hope so,” retorted Curlew, in a naughty tone of his own, then returned her smile with one of his own.

“Well, I should head down to the dunes and leave you to whatever you have to do,” she said, as she got up and bent over to pick up her beach bag. This gave him a clear and unobstructed view of her lovely firm breasts. She then looked at Curlew while still bent over and gave him another seductive smile, and said, “You know, there’s plenty of sun for everyone. If you get bored, or feel the need for some sunshine of your own, I have no problem with you joining me … only if you want, of course.” She then picked up her bag and turned towards the walkway leading to the dunes.

Only then did Curlew see that her outfit contoured her ass as well as it did her tits and pussy. He watched her walk away with the material tucked deeply into the crevice of her young, round and firm ass. He thought to himself, as he could feel an erection beginning, ‘Damn, if I had the nerve I’d try to fuck that young lady. Nah, I’m just an old man … old enough to be her grandfather. Besides, I haven’t got the guts to even try.’ He then grabbed his hardening cock and took a few vigorous puffs of his pipe, then sighed in anticipation and wishful fantasy. Pam then disappeared behind a dune.

Pam arrived at what now had become her favorite spot to sunbathe. She removed the blanket from her bag and meticulously spread it on the sand. She then unzipped her jumpsuit and wriggled out of it, tossing it near her bag. She removed a pocket-sized transistor radio, a book and her tube of Bain De Soleil suntan lotion, and sat on the blanket. She then applied the lotion to her shoulders, back, and legs, as best she could, and began taking in the sun while lying on her stomach. She listened to her favorite radio station and began reading her book for an hour or so, then decided to give her front side an equal and even dose of sun. She rolled up her towel and used it as a pillow, and continued to read.

As she was in that position, she saw movement at one of the second floor windows of the house. She concentrated on the window while glancing over her book, giving the appearance that she was still reading. Sure enough, there was an image, barely visible, standing at the window looking in her direction. She knew it had to be Curlew, so she just remained in the prone position, her naked body in full view of him. She would keep raising her eyes periodically from the book, to ensure he was still watching her. She was feeling a strong tingling sensation throughout her body, and butterflies of excitement in her stomach, knowing that Curlew was being like a voyeur and getting pleasure from secretly viewing her naked body, and whatever else he might be doing. Those tingling sensations were primarily concentrating in her vulva area, and making her very horny and wet.

Curlew, while walking through his office on the second floor, had passed by the window and glanced out. He noticed Pam lying on a blanket completely naked. He came to an immediate stop and eased closer to the window. He remained far enough away where he figured Pam couldn’t see him, if she glanced up in his direction. He just stared at what he could see of her, in awe and desire. The growth on top of the dune between him and her concealed her bare pussy and legs from his view. He stood still, admiring her young beautiful upper body, and became hard and rigid. He grabbed his cock and began squeezing it gently in a massaging motion. He thought to himself, ‘If only I could see her young pussy, I’d —,’ pausing in mid thought. Then disgustedly said aloud, “I’ve got to remind myself to cut back that freaking dune grass before next weekend,” as he continued grumbling and walked away from the window, still holding his erect cock.

After maltepe escort bayan a short period of time, Pam looked up and became somewhat disappointed. Curlew was gone from the window. She thought, ‘Perhaps he wasn’t even looking at me. Maybe he was looking at something else in the far distance.’ She went back to her book, still somewhat excited sexually from what might have been. It was just a young girl’s vivid imagination, along with some wishful thinking of her own. Pam rolled back over on her stomach and went back to reading her book.

A short while later, Pam caught some movement in her peripheral vision and turned her head. She saw Curlew standing at the opening between the dunes, just staring at her naked body. “Oh, Curlew, I didn’t know you were there. How long have you been standing there? Why didn’t you say something?”

Curlew, with a guilty and embarrassed look, stammered, “Uh, I …, I …, I’m sorry I startled you. I …, I just thought I’d come down and see how you were doing. I didn’t know you were naked, sorry. I haven’t been here long … sorry.”

Pam could see the large bulge in his loose swim trunks. Those tingling’s immediately returned to Pam’s body, and particularly, her vulva. She smiled, and said, “Don’t be silly. You didn’t startle me … come join me on the blanket,” as she motioned with her arm and hand. “There’s plenty of room, come on.”

Curlew looked down towards his feet and said, “Oh, I don’t know if I should.”

“Why not? I invited you, and there’s no one else around to see us. Come lay down and take in some sun near me. I don’t bite.”

Curlew hesitated, then placed his rolled up towel over his nearly fully erect cock as he slowly walked over to the blanket, apologetically saying, “Well, I suppose it’d be alright, seeing you invited me. I’m not really a voyeur, you being naked just surprised me. I just couldn’t help but admire your beauty. I’m …, I’m Sorry, really.”

Pam moved towards one edge of her blanket to make room for Curlew, and said, “Don’t be silly. It’s not like I’ve never been looked at by strangers while naked before. I like that you get pleasure seeing me like this. It gives me pleasure too.”

Curlew nervously sat beside Pam.

Pam gave him her comforting warm smile, and said, “There, that wasn’t all that bad, now was it? Relax hun. Why don’t you remove your trunks and get like me? You may like it … It’s such a wonderful feeling, being naked outdoors.”

“Uh … I don’t know that I could do that … I don’t think it would be the proper thing to do,” Curlew replied, still, although somewhat unsuccessfully, struggling with his old perceptions of right and wrong.

“This is the 60’s, a lot has changed since the 40’s. If it feels good, it’s proper. Now go ahead, take them off, no one will see, so who’ll know anyway?” Pam got up on her knees and grabbed the waistband of his trunks with both hands and began slowly pulling them down.

Curlew laid there frozen in fear, feeling a bit self-conscious, but feeling the strong sense of arousal beginning to take control of him.

As Pam got his trunks down to the beginning of his butt cheeks, she said, “Lift your hips, I need a little help here.” Curlew complied, as his trunks slid down, causing his semi-hard cock to spring out from its confinement. Pam made a long Mm sound, and said, “Such a lovely, uncircumcised cock you have here, Mr. Huttleston. I imagined it would be appealing, but the size is bigger than I thought … very nice indeed.” When she got his trunks completely off, she laid back down on one elbow and asked, “There, now doesn’t that feel so wonderfully free?”

Curlew, still struggling within, with the right and wrong of this action, said in a dubious tone, “Uh…, yeah, I suppose.” He was somewhat reluctant, but couldn’t help the physiological affect all this was having on his otherwise deprived cock. It hadn’t had this much attention by a woman for almost two decades.

“I should put some suntan lotion on this area of yours that hasn’t seen the sun in a very long time … you don’t want a burn in such a sensitive area.” She put some of her suntan lotion on her small, tender hands, and began rubbing it gently on his lower belly and legs, paying particular attention to his genital area. She carefully avoided his cock and balls.

Curlew closed his eyes, thinking, ‘I never imagined her doing this, and never thought I’d be lying next to this lovely young, vivacious woman with both of us naked. This feels wonderful and like something out of a dream.’ He found himself succumbing to Pam’s attention, with the battle within losing out to his natural animal instincts.

Pam leaned forward and gently kissed the head of his cock and then rolled her tongue under the crown after pulling the foreskin down, exposing his cock head.

Curlew’s eyes opened wide, and found himself saying aloud, “Oh my goodness Pamela, that feels absolutely out of this world.”

“Mm, you taste wonderful too. You like?”

Curlew escort maltepe moaned, “Oh, my God. Yes.”

Pam took hold of his still semi-erect cock and placed her tender lips around his cockhead, then slid down his shaft with a slight sucking action.

That brought Curlew over the edge. There was no longer any internal battles going on in his head. His male, sexual instincts took over. Pam continued sucking, placing more of his cock in her mouth with every downward motion. Curlew’s cock responded, as it began to become fully erect and thick. His now rigid cock was standing tall and eager, just as it had when he was in his 30’s.

Pam hungrily devoured his cock in its entirety, increasing the speed of her upward and downward sucking motion. Curlew had now placed one hand on the back of Pam’s head, not directing the action, but more as a confirmation that this was actually happening and not a figment of his imagination.

Pam removed her mouth from Curlew’s cock, looked up at him, smiled and said, “See? I told you I didn’t bite,” then giggled and went back to hungrily sucking his cock.

Pam was burning up with desire herself, as she could taste evidence of his pre-cum. Her pussy was now soaking wet. She could not hold out any longer and felt the need to immediately feel his old, 72 year-old cock deep inside her. She slowly removed her mouth from Curlew’s cock, causing a loud popping sound, exposing his now completely engorged cock with its veins exposed through his foreskin. She straddled Curlew, placing her ravenous pussy over his waiting old stiff cock, and seductively said, “And now it’s time for both of us to be pleased.” She then lined up her vaginal entrance with Curlew’s cock, and slid his cockhead into her pussy by slowly moving down.

All Curlew could say at this point was, “Oh, it’s been so long … I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Don’t even think about dying right now! I’m gonna make you cum, and you’re gonna make me cum with you,” she said, as she motioned further downward, burying his, larger than average, cock deep inside her. She began moving up and down, fucking him slowly and seductively.

Curlew gently placed both his hands on either side of Pam’s young, firm hips. He said, “It may take me awhile to ejaculate, but I’ll let you know beforehand so you can get off me.”

“I don’t want to get off you … I want you to explode deep inside my pussy. I want to feel your cock throbbing with pleasure inside me and your semen filling me deeply.”

“But, I don’t want you to become pregnant. I may be old, but I’m sure my ejaculate will still be able to impregnate you.”

Pam could feel his cock inside her, stretching her vaginal walls and touching places that had never before been touched. Curlew’s cock felt different than all the others she’d had, and was sending her into a new and different realm of euphoric pleasure. Her erogenous zone was being stimulated like it had never been stimulated before. She did not want these wonderful feelings to stop.

Pam whispered, with heavy labored breath, in Curlew’s ear, “You don’t have to worry about that, I’m on the pill. You just let it go and fill me with your nice old cum. I want to fall asleep tonight with a part of you inside me. Now fuck me, fuck me hard and rough,” as she placed her lips on his, stuck her tongue deep into his mouth and hungrily intermingled it with his own.

Curlew began meeting her moving hips with movements of his own, causing his cock to go even deeper inside her hungry pussy.

Now that Pam could feel him fucking her equally and vigorously, she had the first of multiple orgasms. She knew she was making Curlew feel good and giving him more pleasure than he’s had in years. Curlew, at the same time, was pleasing her like never before. This just increased Pam’s passion and intensity.

“This may not happen as quickly as you may want,” Curlew said, “You don’t have a young, virile cock in you.”

“Take your sweet time, I’m loving how you’re fucking me. I want you to remember this day forever. I intend to.” Pam continued sliding this magnificent feeling cock fast and hard into her pussy, as she continued kissing his lips and tonguing his ear, alternately.

After a lengthy and most enjoyable fuck, Curlew whispered, “I can feel it getting close. I want to shoot my seed deep inside you, my love.”

“Yes, sweetie, you feel so good. I’m not very far away from you giving me my third orgasm during this fuck. When I feel you pumping your glorious seed into me, it will make me explode along with you. Now, fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before. Make your young baby girl scream with euphoric excitement and pleasure.”

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…” Curlew kept saying, louder each time he repeated those words.

“Give your little girl your seed! Fuck me, hard!” Pam began screaming with excitement and intense pleasure. She now felt Curlew’s cock swelling more and becoming harder and more rigid. She knew he was about to cum, and she was about to make him feel wonderful and special. Suddenly, Curlew gave out several loud grunts and Pam felt his cock throbbing, shooting his cum deep inside her. She was beaming with satisfaction and began to have the most intense orgasm that she’d had in quite a while. She screamed, without fear of being heard, “You are wonderful, your cock is wonderful, and I love your cum in my pussy!”

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