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Daddy and Cat Ch. 02

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“It feels like I’m your Daddy’s girl again,” Cat said, as we walked back to the beach house after lunch, along the trail up to the top of the bluff.

Cat squeezed my hand and I felt, or perhaps imagined, her finger move up toward my wrist, tracing the crease in my palm, vividly reminding me of the way I followed the outline of her labia most intimately, only moments earlier.

With her scent still fresh on the back of my hand, I reconsidered the temptation to revisit where we both left off, in the prohibited and forbidden nature of our father-daughter relationship, and the possibility of more teasing, flirtation, and touching to come.

Cat released my hand and led the way, charging up the last few steps to the front door, giving me yet another sneak-a-peep moment, or the slightly too close look at her inviting ass and the way it squeezed out from below her hemline, with each muscular stride.

“Daddy, I’m going to take you up on your offer to share the bathtub, if you wouldn’t mind.”

From the sun-drenched corner sofa, I watched Cat climb the stairs to my bedroom, heard the bathroom door close, tunceli escort and the freestanding tub begin to fill.

My imagination ran wild, at the image of her naked, leaning over the edge of the tub, testing the warmth of the water, swirling the bubbles, the sight, as she settled down into the warm water, her neck, knees and nipples just above the foam.

“Daddy, unless you have a disposable razor, please bring up one of mine. It’s in with the cosmetics; check the outside pocket of my carry-on.

Cat’s luggage was piled in the corner of the guest room, under what already looked like a flea-market of modeled and discarded clothing.

I located her pink razor, along with a scramble of other pharmaceuticals, including birth control pills, condoms, a tube of lubricant, and a somewhat petite, blue silicone vibrator. Cat obviously knows how to play with herself or get along with others or both, I thought to myself.

As I opened the door to the bathroom, the sight was even more than could be imagined, complete with a candles and and the scent of essential oils, tunceli escort bayan including vanilla, almond, lavender and peppermint.

“This must be your romantic moment,” I joked.

“I’m always in the mood,” she replied, smiling back at me, her lips full, her eyes big and blue, her heart-shaped face framed by wet blonde hair.

“I guess that helps explain our moment at lunch today,” I said, with a questioning tone, met by silence.

I watched at she lifted her right leg up out of the water and pointed her toes, red like cherries, floating above whipped cream. The pink razor slid down from ankle to calf, curved under her knees and stopped at the inside of her slick wet thigh.

She shaved her left leg in much the same way; then with both feet against the end of the tub arched her back. Her mound of Venus surfaced from below the succulent sea, and took shape, with each smooth strop from the double edge blade, until it was bald, blushed, taught from the tug of her hands and the knife.

“Hand me a towel, Daddy.”

As she squeezed and lifted her hair, escort tunceli I wrapped the towel around her shoulders, and moved closer, following the sound of her sigh, and feeling the slight touch of her behind, against the front of my shorts.

She let go of her hair and took my hand, leading the way down over the wet curve of ass and into the gap between her legs. She bent over, spread her legs wide and held onto the edge of the tub with her other hand.

The familiar warm wetness greeted my middle finger again, this time right along with hers, as she guided our fingers into her pussy, then back out and over her clit.

“I guess we’re still hungry, Daddy,” she said, as I reached for the button of my shorts and felt my growing erection, as it strained against the fabric and pushed against her hot tight ass.

“Daddy, be gentle,” she said, with the voice of a tease, as she looked with anticipation in the direction of the essential oils, arraigned like pawns, at the foot of each still burning candle.

The sound of soft coos accompanied each drop of almond oil, as it drizzled down onto her ass and my hard cock, which I used like a brush, moving the oil in between her cheeks, which she spread with both hands.

She sighed with each push of my cock, then got down on her hands and knees.

“It’s OK Daddy, cum in my ass, this feels so good; I don’t think we’ll be able to stop this time.”

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