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Daddy Issues

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Jamie looked down the end of the smoking pipe to see her bare feet. Her best friend had run to the bathroom and left the last few toes of her left foot unpainted. Her best friend, Sarah, with the long blonde hair that Jamie would never admit to being jealous of, was her roommate and partner in crime. Together they made the last four years of college the best years of their life.

Sarah entered the room and froze at the doorway. “Smoking all my fucking weed, are we?”

There she was again, with her perfect hair and bright green eyes. Jamie set the pipe down and twirled her fingers in her own hair—silken brunette curls. “Bitch, this is nothing compared to last weekend. Remember the party? Where do you think all the paraphernalia came from?”

“I thought Robert brought it back from Mexico.”

“He brought something, but it wasn’t worth smoking. Well…come to think of it.”

“Oh my God, Jamie. You total slut. You know he got engaged a few days ago. He was probably with her when you two—”

“Railed each other in his parents’ bedroom?”

Sarah laughed and walked over to finish painting the last two toes. “You’re out of control. What’s this weekend gonna be like? Finals are literally two weeks away, then everybody will graduate and be gone.”

“I don’t know. It might be a dead weekend—Bengal spice tea, flip flops and cigarettes on the balcony. Maybe I’ll actually do some studying for once.”

“Jamie, you never study. You’re GPA is a constant 4.0. You can recite Proust with a hangover. And you talk Latin in your sleep.”

“Bitch, what do you know about Proust?”

Sarah showed her teeth and dug her knuckle into Jamie’s foot. An open bag of pretzels was nearby and Jamie swung it like a bat, casting them across the room.

“Oh my God,” said Sarah. “You have no restraint. What did your parents’ teach you?”

“Chaos and order. You see? When I party too much, I need to find a quiet place.”

“Just make sure it’s not in my room, or in someone else’s bed. Okay, Hunnybun?”

“Pinky promise.” Jamie curled her freshly painted toe. “I need to go get groceries anyway, and you know that’ll take half a lifetime, or all damn night.”

* * *

Being a broke college student was not always fun for Jamie. Sure she had her youth, plenty of friends, and what seemed like a guaranteed diploma—but there was still the fear. Fear of the future. Fear of relationships. Fear of life after college.

Jamie was about to enter the grocery store when she spotted something familiar in the parking lot. A sangria-red Mercedes. What a beautiful car.

Inside, she grabbed a cart and started pushing it under the bright lights of the store, trying to remember where she saw it. It was a party. Just recently. The beer was out in a cooler, in the garage. Jamie had gone out to grab one and saw the Mercedes that night.

“Oh crap,” Jamie said in a whisper, walking slightly faster now. She remembered. It was Robert’s parents’ car!

They were probably both here in the store, she thought. But they couldn’t know who she was, could they? How would they know who put those dents in the wall above their headboard? Or how many wet spots they had left on the furniture from them screwing.

She remembered what came out of her was white, almost as white as Robert’s cum. It was unusual to see because she was usually just very wet. And even if she got her nipples sucked and her neck kissed, which she thoroughly enjoyed, she would just get sticky down there. Never white.

She thought it might be because she had been fucked so good that night. Her pussy was really hammered, her insides churned and pumped. They did it on his parents’ bed of course, but also in the master bathroom, bent over the sink with hot water running, and on an oddly placed chair in the corner of the room.

“Oh no,” she whispered. “What if it stained?”

Jamie felt something crash into her cart and realized she had forgotten to look up. There, in front of her, was the man from the framed wedding picture. She had seen him in his wedding tux while she was on her knees, working Roberts dick. As she twisted her tongue and wet hand in long strokes, she had studied his parents’ room, and now she remembered the face. The guy from the picture was standing in front of her.

“You know,” Robert’s dad said, “you can’t remove stains with tea.”

Jamie looked down at her cart and saw the only thing in it. The Bengal spice. When she looked up again, he smirked with powerful, knowing eyes. I’m busted, she thought.

“How stupid do you think we are, Jamie? You think we wouldn’t find out about the party at our house? We were both college students, and not that long ago.”

Please don’t say you have cameras, she thought. Please don’t say you have cameras.

“We saw the stains, you know, on the furniture.”

Oh no, this is unbelievable, she thought.

“My wife put a lot of work into that living room. Do you know how much that couch cost? We still can’t find a glass from our wedding. And I’m pretty Escort Bayan sure that was glass we vacuumed out of the carpet.” Jamie just stood there before he spoke again. “Your stunned silence isn’t helping your case.”

Jamie looked away, embarrassed that she had been caught, but relieved that the stain wasn’t found in their bedroom. “Right, but it wasn’t even my party. It was Robert’s idea to invite everyone over.”

“We have already dealt with him. He gave up the names of his friends pretty fast when we threatened to take his new car away. Sounds like you invited more than half the party over without running it by Robert.”

Jamie felt anger bubbling up inside. “That’s because the loser has no friends.”

His dad leaned in real close and put his finger in Jamie’s face. “Listen here you little bitch. I know you come from a broken home and you’re trouble. You’re fucking trouble. I won’t hesitate to call your parents either. I bet your dad would love to hear all this. I bet you haven’t talked to him throughout your whole college career. Have you?”

“How do you know my—my parents?” She looked around, hoping his wife would show up and dissolve this whole thing.

“I know more about you kids than you think. So if you want to avoid that, I strongly suggest you take some initiative and clean up after yourself.”

“What are you talking about?” she said.

“You’re going to clean the stain off my goddamn couch. Tonight!”

Who was this guy, Jamie thought? He definitely had Robert’s Arian genetics—high cheek bones, broad shoulders. But he was bigger and more demanding. Fuck, how embarrassing this whole thing had become.

“Well, I don’t have money for cleaning supplies,” said Jamie. “I’ll have to walk back home and get them from under the sink.”

“Normally I might just buy them since we are at the store. But you wouldn’t learn your lesson would you?”

“Probably not,” she said, smiling a little.

“Wow you really are pushing it. But I guess I could at least give you a ride. I don’t have all night.”

* * *

They arrived at Jamie’s apartment fifteen minutes later. On the drive over, Jamie had texted Sarah to see if she would be there when they arrived, but she had just left on a date. It was funny how her friend could make her jealous, when just hours ago she said she was ready to lay around and have a quiet weekend to herself. Perfect, she thought.

“So what are you waiting for?” Robert’s dad said. “Let’s get this stuff and get to it. My wife has put me in the dog house all week, and I’m sick of dealing with it.”

Jamie shook her head with a condescending look. “Okay, lets go.”

They walked up the steps to her door. The key was turned and they entered her dark apartment.

“It’s pitch black in here. Can’t see a damn thing.”

“We only have a floor lamp in this room. Hold on a second while I turn it on.”

“How do you live like this? I would think someone could—”


Jamie felt the wooden bat in her hand shake as it make contact with the side of his head. There was a deep thud as he went down. She dropped the bat, feeling it hurt her hands more than she expected.

“Fucking asshole. Fuck your stupid couch.”

* * *

When Robert’s dad awoke thirty minutes later, he discovered he couldn’t move his arms or legs. The welt on his head was throbbing and he had to blink several times to steady his vision. He had no idea where he was. He just realized he was on his back, in someone’s bed.

As he regained his senses, he studied the room. There were several collages of pictures on the walls—pictures of girls at parties, hanging out in restaurants, in cars they probably shouldn’t have been driving.

Looking above him, he saw teddy bears and stuffed rabbits all over the bed. Pink ears and purple bellies. Preteen girly shit everywhere. A rainbow colored rocking horse sat in the corner of the room. Unicorn posters stuck to the walls.

Trying to move his arms again, he looked over to see they were tied down by a metal beam that ran beneath the bed and connected with the opposite wrist on the other side. His shoes and socks were gone and his feet were bound by similar restraints, but with something that looked like a spreader bar between them.

“What the fuck?” he said.

The door knob began to twist and in stepped Jamie, wearing a pink princess outfit not intended for girls, but for something more masochistic. The skirt was cut super short, so when she turned to close the door, her ass showed just out the bottom, revealing a matching pink thong.

“What the fuck indeed,” Jamie said. “It seems you bumped your head in that dark room. Poor, clumsy, old man.”

“You fucking crazy bitch. You hit me with a steel pipe or something.”

“Now, don’t be getting an attitude with me. You’re not in any position to be mouthy.”

The man tried to rip free of the restraints, but it was solid. He wasn’t going anywhere, unless this psycho decided to unlock him. She walked closer to the bed, the dim light in the room now showing pink fishnet leggings over her long legs, high heels clacking on the hardwood floor.

“Don’t worry, Daddy,” she said in a innocent voice. “I know you’re not feeling well. But I’ve got you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just get some rest.”

“You’re crazy. I’m calling the police. Let me the fuck outta here.”

“Daddy, just lay back. Don’t fight it. You’ll get a hemorrhage in your brain and die. I’m a medical major, you know. You want to keep stress levels down after a serious concussion.”

“So why are you wearing that, instead of a nurses outfit, dumbass.”

“Because I’m also a princess, dumbfuck. Now let’s get the tape on so I don’t have to listen to you.”

Jamie stood up at the end of the bed after applying duct tape over his mouth, and pulled out a pair of scissors. He made a muffled scream and raised his eyebrows. She though this meant he was feeling fear, but it just made her pink panties even more wet.

“Don’t worry. I’m just removing your shirt and pants and underwear. You need to be completely naked if you want that boo boo to heal on your stupid head.”

She ran the scissors up and down his legs and chest, removing every scrap of clothing. When he was stark naked, she stood and admired him, thinking briefly back to his son. But unlike Robert, his cock was just laying there, so she had to do something about that.

“Wake up, Daddy.” She bent over a blew a kiss to his cock with her pink lips. “Why are you not waking up?”

A muffled yell.

“Oh yeah, the duct tape. I’ll take it off, but that’s only because I’m going to need feedback from what’s about to happen to you. You see, tonight is not about you. It’s about me and my needs. I could really give a fuck about your stupid family or your couch or whatever the fuck you think is important in life. I need fat cock, and you’re going to give it to me. So don’t look away.”

Jamie ripped the duct tape off his mouth and used the scissors to cut her pink bra off. It hit the floor and her perky tits were freed. Her nipples were pointed and hard already, even though the room was comfortably warm. She twisted her shoulders ever so slightly to show them off. And Robert’s dad began to twitch in the restraints.

“You’re crazy. You don’t even know what you’re doing.”

“By the looks of your growing cock, I’d say I know exactly what I’m doing.”

He couldn’t help it. Her body was something his wife could only aspire to. She was lean, supple, but surprisingly mature for her age. It took him by surprise how tight his balls had become for her, his cock now hard and pointing up toward his belly button.

“We don’t need these either I’m thinking.” She snipped her pink panties off and a drop of wetness followed them to the floor. “Oh, fuck. Look how wet I am for you, Daddy.”

“Stop saying that. You fucking nut job.”

“Does Daddy want to nut in my mouth?” She grabbed his cock at the base and attached her mouth there, then began running it slowly up toward the swollen head.

“Ohh, shit,” he gasped.

“What’s that matter? Too sensitive from being in the dog house? Your wife not giving up the pussy like she should?”

“I love my wife.”

Jamie slowly jerked the cock in front of her face. “But you love your special little girl even more! Isn’t that right?”

She jammed her mouth down over him, sinking his cock into the deepest part of her throat. Stroking up and down with her mouth. She wanted it wet and lubed up for her pleasure. What was coming later was a big surprise. This was the fastest way to get it done.

It made a GLUG, GLUG, GLUG sound as she throated him. The spit was really starting to add up and she could no longer keep it in her horny little mouth. It began to slide down around her hand still gripped tightly around the base of his shaft, then dripped off his balls.

“Gahh.” She pulled off his cock for a second to catch her breath. “That’s really getting big, Daddy. I don’t know if my little whore mouth can take it. You have to train me better.”

“Holy shit this is fucked up. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to enjoy this.”

“That’s the spirit. Keep your little princess happy.” She jammed her mouth back on his dick and talked out the side of her mouth. “And keep her fucking pussy wet.”

“Ugh. You dirty little girl.”


Jamie lifted her head again and a trail of spit swung from her mouth to his cock. “I know what will make this even better. Don’t go anywhere!” she said, laughing and skipping to her closet.

She returned a second later with a box of toys and rope. The writing on the box spelled out Play Time.

“What—what the fuck is that? Just make me cum and let me go. I don’t give a shit about the stain. Okay?”

“Oh no, Daddy. We’re just getting started. Don’t you wanna play with me?”

Jamie slid a purple cock ring over his dick and made sure it hugged tightly around the base. Then she doubled up a few hair bands and put them around his balls. More blood pumped into his cock than left, and it looked harder and longer than before. Then she pulled out a device that worried him.

“Whoa, whoa. What’s that thing?”

“We’re gonna push your limits today. I know you want me to be a big girl, but you need to be a big boy about this. Okay?”

“I don’t know what I’m agreeing to.”

“It’s a silicone pussy on a robotic arm, and a dildo on the bottom. You see? I’ll strap it to your waist like this and—”

“Hold on, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“—and the pussy slides over your head like this. Wow, that shut you up pretty fast. Let’s add more lube.”

Jamie squeezed a black bottle over the top of the rubber pussy. Then she stroked some lube on the dildo.

“Now hold on to something while I use this vibrating wand on my cunt over here. I control your stroke speed and pressure with this remote control. I’ll be watching that silicone pussy fucking Daddy’s cock. Don’t even think about cumming. Say, yes princess.”

“Yes, princess.”

“Okay, here we go.”

Jamie sat on her dresser with her knees up, moving the vibrating wand over her clit. She pushed a button on the remote and the device on the guy started moving. The silicone pussy began stroking up and down, while the dildo slowly fucked into his ass.


“Oh I forgot to tell you about that part. I’ll be fucking you like you’ll be fucking me later. Fun stuff, huh? Moan for me, Daddy.”

Jamie reached down in her drawer and grabbed her butt plug. She couldn’t let this bastard have all the fun, so she spit on it and jammed it into her horny tight little asshole. It popped inside her and she felt her pussy opening up to the wand and all it’s sweet, relentless vibrations.

Robert’s dad was in a daze on the bed, getting stroked more quickly by the rubber pussy as she turned up the speed, the dildo sliding in and out of his ass and hitting his prostate. She stared at his cock and wanted to take it for herself, but knew she had to be patient. She wanted the biggest, thickest cock she could imagine and would stop at nothing to get it.

Jamie felt an orgasm mounting deep in her belly and removed the butt plug and wand before it could finish her off. She still had plans and needed to make a few adjustments. Standing up with weak legs, she walked to the edge of the bed and dug a new toy out of the box. A rope with a steel ball attached to a rod.

The rope would suspend her from the ceiling so she was hovering over the bed. From here, she could make Robert’s dad eat her pussy while the machine fucked him, or even better, swing back and take his cock into one of her waiting holes.

“Take this fucking thing off,” he said.

“Why? Are you about to cum, Daddy?”

“No, I just need a fucking break.” He tried to pull free from the restraints.

“There are no fucking breaks. As long as you are in my playground, you will be fucked senseless, and you will fuck me senseless. Got it? Now let’s apply some numbing gel to your balls. I really need you to last a long time in my pussy.”

Jamie turned the silicone fucking machine off and put it aside. Then she strung herself up with the ropes so she was hanging, legs spread, just above his aching cock. She placed electrode shock pads all over his thighs and on her own hips and ass. The electrodes would deliver a little shock in intervals.

“This is gonna make princess feel good. Think you can handle it? What’s that matter? Can’t speak? Oh, you’re too fucking horny to talk. Just relax, Daddy. You’ll start feeling better real soon. Promise.”

Jamie inserted the steel rod with the ball into her asshole and strung it up. She turned on the electrodes to shock at one-second intervals. Then she pulled the hard cock up and slid it into her pussy.

“Ugh. This is better than a pony, Daddy. Much better.”

“Damn. Whatever my little girl wants, she gets.”

“Oh fuck yeah.”

Jamie held onto the ropes, lifting her hips up and down, stroking the length of his cock with her wet cunt. The pulsating shock therapy kept a steady stream of blood flowing to their most sensitive areas, making them all the more receptive to the penetration. Their juices seemed to multiply as they fucked harder.

“Aaahhh, fuck me, Daddy. Aaahhh. Aaahh.”

The steel ball in her ass tugged on something just right and she was pushing more wetness around the hard dick thrusting inside her. Her nipples were licked by the warm air of the room. She felt flushed—hot and horny.

“That’s it. That’s it. Fuck this princess pussy. I bet your dick would stay hard even if your wife walked in and saw us fucking right now. Wouldn’t it? You would just stay hard inside me, probably wanting me to ride you faster. It would probably even make you cum.”

“You’re fucked in the head.”

Jamie laughed. “You’re already addicted. I can feel—oh, fuck yea—I can feel you throbbing inside me. You like thinking about your wife watching us fuck like this? Would you want her to fuck me with a strap on while she encourages me to ride your dick? You sick fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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