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Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 03

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Continued from chapter 2. I know it’s been a long time since the first two chapters and I apologize for that. In order to understand what brought Crissy and I to this point, you should really read chapters 1 & 2 of this series.

I got into the office at 7:15 AM and took care of things in less than 10 minutes. I was able to escape and be back in my car before anyone even knew I was there. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up what we needed for breakfast and was back at the house by 8:15. I tried to be quiet so Crissy wouldn’t wake up.

I peeked into the bedroom to see that Crissy was still nestled in the bed, curled up in a ball under the covers. It was kind of sweet seeing her like that and I recalled all the times I had seen her sleep the same way – granted she hadn’t been in my bed, but it brought a deep sigh to me seeing her so lying there so serene.

Making my way into the kitchen, I whipped up some bacon and eggs and set them in the oven to keep warm while I went to wake Crissy up. Arriving in the bedroom, I sat on the bed and watched her sleep. Looking down on the floor, I saw the shirt she was wearing when I left. Realizing she must now be naked under the covers, I smiled to myself knowing I might have another chance to see her tender body again. My cock began to grow at the thought of her nakedness rubbing against my sheets.

I shook her arm saying, “Crissy… Crissy… time for breakfast.”

When she didn’t wake up, my hand unconsciously moved to the sheet covering her and I pulled it down to her waist. I don’t even know what I was thinking as I did it, but, once the sheet was down, I found myself taking in the beauty of her tiny breasts, watching them slightly rise and fall as she took each breath. I’m not sure how long I stared at her dainty breasts, but, when I finally pulled my stare away from her pristine nipples, I glanced up to her face to find her looking at me, smiling. FUCK! Busted again.

“I’m sorry, Kissy,” I said, “I, uh, don’t know what to say… I was trying to wake you up for breakfast…”

“Daddy, it’s okay. Really, I don’t mind at all. They’re small, huh?”

She rolled over on her back and let me look at her. Her breasts flattened out and lying as she was, there was almost nothing to them, just a small mound where her nipples sat upon. She reached up to cup them, squeezing her flesh between her fingers and causing the nipples to rise up. I could have easily pulled my cock out and masturbated myself right then and there, squirting my cum all over her, but, after all, she was my daughter – even though she was naked and letting me look at her.

“Honey,” I said, “they are beautiful and, oh, so perfect. If I could, I would love to look at them all day.”

I can’t believe I said that and blushed profusely. Snapping myself back to reality, I added, “Come on now, it’s time to eat. We have a lot of things to do today and a lot of shopping to get done. We have to get you a bed and some furniture and some clothes. Come on… the day is wasting away.”

I got up to walk out of the room as she sat up. Her tiny breasts, now showing their form, caught my eye again. She raised her hands to cover them and said, “Stop it. You’re embarrassing me.” I got a little chuckle out of hearing her say that, knowing damn well that both of us had used the same line already several times in the last 24 hours. I look one last look at her breasts, smiled and then walked back into the kitchen.

She appeared in the kitchen doorway a few minutes later in a pair of panties and the t-shirt which had been lying on the floor. As she stood across the kitchen from me, I could see a crease in her panties, as if she had run her finger between her pussy lips and then left the material of her panties bunched up between her labia just for my benefit. The material was stretched across her mound in the most alluring fashion, puffing out to show off her sex, and I took in the sight much longer than I should have. “Oh, that’s a cute outfit,” I said jokingly. She walked to me, put her arms around me and hugged me asking, “Daddy, when did you learn how to cook? I smell bacon.”

“Kissy, you would be surprised,” I said, “I’m actually a pretty good cook, or, at least I think I am. I guess you’ll find out, huh?”

She sat down and I dished up the eggs, bacon, toast and juice and sat the plates down on the table. This was the exact same table I had squirted my cum all over when I sniffed her panties and jacked off last night. Her arms were even touching the part of the table where my sperm was smeared. I started to panic for an instant, wondering if I had cleaned the table well enough, or if she could see traces of my sperm in front of her.

We ate our breakfast and chatted about her Mom, Chad, and all the things we had to do today. “Daddy,” she said, “can we talk about the furniture thing?”

“Sure,” I answered, “do you have something in mind that you want?”

“Well, sort of…,” she said, “do you have an open mind this morning?” Beşiktaş Escort I nodded as I sipped my juice and ate my breakfast.

“So,” she said, “I was thinking we could save the expense and the trouble of shopping and I could just sleep in your bed.”

I almost gagged on my eggs as she said it.

“Kissy, do you have any idea what you’re saying?” I asked.

“Sure,” she replied, “we slept together last night, didn’t we?”

“Come on, Kissy,” I answered, “you know you were pretty drunk when I put you in my bed and if you wouldn’t have pushed me to sleep there, I would have crashed on the couch, or something.”

“Daddy,” she said, “it’s no big deal, really. And besides, it was really nice to be close to you and, well, it just felt… you know… it just felt good.”

“Kissy, you need your own room, with your own bed and with your own stuff. A girl needs her private space…”

“Daddy, I don’t want a private space,” she said.

“Look,” I said, “let’s talk about it later and I’ll think about it.” She smiled and looked at me like she knew she had won the argument. In my mind, I started to think about her being in my bed daily and what that would mean. My cock had already voted, raising itself to be counted and throbbing ‘YES’.

We finished our breakfast and as I started to clear the dishes from the table, she stood to gather up some things and together, we had everything picked up fairly quickly. “Come on,” she said, “let’s finish our coffee on the couch.”

Grabbing my hand, she pulled me into the living room and we sat down on the couch. She sat down a foot or two away, then she turned toward me, cocking one leg up, leaving me a fantastic view of her panty covered crotch completely open. Her mound, which I could clearly make out, was plainly visible underneath the thin panties.

The way she sat left no question in my mind that she was allowing my stare and even if she wasn’t inviting me to look, I couldn’t have looked away. Just the sight of her sitting there with her legs so vividly open was pushing me to a point where I was going to forget she was my daughter. Instead, she was a cute young woman treating me to a glimpse of heaven.

“Daddy,” she began, “please don’t make me sleep by myself. I promise I won’t be any trouble…”

I heard her speak, but, my mind was still locked into the sight of her crotch. It’s hard to describe, but, the faint outline of her lips pushing against the material were almost more than I could deal with. Just knowing her tender pussy was within arms reach created a vacuum in my brain and no other thoughts were registering.

“Daddy?” she said, closing her legs. As I looked up at her she asked, “Did you even hear what I said?”

“No, Kissy,” I answered, “I’m sorry, what were you saying?” I didn’t even bother to apologize for staring this time

“Come on, Daddy,” she said, “there’s no reason why we can’t sleep in the same bed and you know it… I felt so warm and cared for last night next to you. Plus, I really have no one now – except you, and I think I’m all you have, too. There’s no reason to make a big deal of this.”

I tried to explain to her that I was her Dad and just having her with me was going to be awesome enough as it was, but as I spoke, she opened her legs up again and my eyes were immediately drawn down to her crotch and I resumed my zombie-like stare, completely forgetting what I was saying. I happened to look up at her to see her just sitting there with her legs lewdly open, looking back at me.

“Oh, shit,” I said, “I’m sorry. Damn! I didn’t mean to…”

“Oh, Daddy, you’re such a bullshitter. Why are you trying to make excuses for looking at me? I don’t mind, in fact, I kinda like it – it’s the first time someone I really cared for has paid any attention to me as woman. It makes me feel desirable, it’s flattering and I take it as a compliment.”

I began to reflect back on the whole Chad situation, and I could understand her point of view. She had been rejected by her mother and by her so-called boyfriend. I started to speak, but, she interrupted me saying “I’m not a little girl anymore, you know? We’re not really blood relatives and neither of us are with anyone…”

So, there it was. The innuendo was lying there as thick as dense fog. I understood what she was alluding to, and surprisingly enough, I was beginning to be okay with it. In fact, I was more than okay with it – I wanted it. I was lusting after her. I wanted her. My mind started to race through all the possibilities and it led to one destination… I would end up fucking her and most likely, enjoying the hell out of it.

Sensing my state, Crissy got up, swung herself over and sat in my lap like she used to do when she was a kid, snuggling into my chest and wiggling her butt down in my lap. Only now, she wasn’t a kid and the wiggle of her bottom pressing down on my cock was more like foreplay. I knew damn well she could feel it through her thin panties, but, I Beşiktaş Escort Bayan did nothing to stop her.

She put her arms around my neck, laid her head down my shoulder and I heard her sigh. As she laid there, I put my arms around her and held her, rubbing her back up and down as if I was consoling her. After a minute or two, she said “I need someone to love me and care about me as a woman, Daddy, I’ve never had that. You need the same thing, too, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I answered, “that would be nice.”

“We can have each other,” she said, “I’ve never, you know, gone all the way, ‘er, had sex with a man, and you could be my first…”

She reached for my hand and brought it to her chest between her breasts, and holding it there, raised her head and looked me straight in the eye and said “can we just try it? Sleeping together?”

Sometimes fate takes a hold of you and makes you do things that you don’t expect. I didn’t expect or plan to move my hand to feel her breast at that instant, but I did. Before I knew it, her head was back on my shoulder and I was feeling her up, her hand guiding mine gently from one breast to the other.

I gently tweaked a nipple and I heard her breathe deeply and press my hand into her breast harder. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh,” she moaned, “does that mean ‘yes’?”, she asked.

“Sure, Kissy, that means yes,” I said, “we can sleep together.” I didn’t have to answer her implied question about having sex with her. Right now, I was so consumed with the feelings between us that it didn’t even matter and I’m sure we both knew where this was heading.

“So, tell me,” I asked, “what kind of experience do you have? I mean sexually speaking – what have you done?” There was a long silence between us and my hands were moving from breast to breast, feeling her and cupping the tiny orbs and touching her nipples. While I waited for her answer, I moved my hand to the bottom of her shirt and reached under it to find her breast again. As I touched her bare flesh, I felt her shudder and press herself against my hand.

“Tell me the truth, Kissy, will you do that,” I asked, “will you tell me everything?”

“Uh huh,” she said, “I will.”

“Okay, so let’s start out like this,” I said, “I want you to tell me the truth now, okay? How many guys have touched your breasts?”

“Three, Daddy,” she said, “No, make that four now with you, and uh, one girl.”

“Who were they?”

“The first one was Doctor Ross. He’s never touched them like this though… “

Ross was the family doctor, actually Jim Ross was his name. Our insurance makes us have a primary care physician and we’ve always had Dr. Ross. He’s an older guy – good doctor, too. I bet he loved seeing and touching Crissy’s breasts. A twinge of jealously momentarily streaked through me, but, I forgot about it as she continued speaking.

“Then, the next one was my friend, Beth. Do you remember her, Daddy?” She asked.

“Uh-huh,” I said, “you’re still friends with her, right?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “she’s my best friend, Daddy. We do almost everything together.”

“So, when and how did all this happen?” I asked.

“It started about a year ago, it was the weekend after her 18th birthday, and we were going to spend all weekend together. She was staying over with me and we were getting ready for bed. She kept complaining that her boobs were sore from her period and I finally asked her if she needed them massaged, or something. I was just kidding, but, when she said yes and took off her top and came over to me, I didn’t know what to do other than start massaging them for her. Then, she wanted to massage mine – what there is of them. By the end of the night, we were touching each other all over and kissing and, you know, other things.”

I was a little shocked, but, Crissy didn’t seem to be embarrassed to talk about it, and I was really curious, so I asked her “Like what, tell me what you did with her. It’s okay, just tell me everything.”

“You have to promise you won’t say anything, Daddy.” She asked, “she’s my best friend and I don’t want her to feel weird around you, okay?”

“I’ll never say a word or do anything to make you or her uncomfortable, Honey,” I answered, “you have my word on that.”

“Well, she’s been like my girlfriend, I guess. We hug and kiss, you know, and touch each other, you know, down there.” She said.

“You mean her vagina? You’ve touched her vagina?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she answered, “we’ve looked, touched and kissed each other there, too.”

“She’s touched you here?” I asked, reaching down and placing my hand on the front of her panties. As I did, she moved her legs apart and I slipped my hand down between her legs and placed my fingers right in the middle of the gusset of her panties. Very gently, I pressed my fingers in, found her slit and started to slowly rub her up and down on top of her panties.

She threw her head back onto my shoulder and gasped as I rubbed her sex. Escort Beşiktaş I could feel the warmth and moistness under her panties. As she spread her legs even wider, I looked down to watch my fingers as they found a deeper path into her slit and I started to rub with more pressure.

“Daddy, I’ve been waiting for you to touch me there for so long…” she moaned.

She buried her head in my neck and started to nuzzle me. I could feel the warmth of her breath down my neck and I started to get goose bumps. Pressing in between her pussy lips, I asked my question again, saying “Has she touched you here? Did she lick and kiss your little vagina?”

“Yes.” She moaned.

“Did she put her fingers inside you?” I asked.

“Uh-huh, as far as she could,” she answered, “I told you I was a virgin, Daddy.”

“You mean you still have your cherry?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she said, “but, not for long, I hope.” Turning her head, she kissed me. There was some urgency in her mouth as she covered mine and slipped her tongue between my lips and eventually sucking my tongue into her mouth. “Daddy,” she said, “I want you to be my first. I’m ready and I’ve been ready for a long time. I want you to take my cherry, Daddy. I’ve dreamed about it being slow and wonderful. You can have it anytime you want it, it’s yours.”

“Oh, Kissy,” I said, “I will, Honey, I will.” Once I said that, she stood up, reached for my hand, pulled me up and led me back to my bedroom. She pulled her shirt off, leaving her panties in place and pulled me down on the bed with her. As I lay next to her, I began to feel and kiss her tiny breasts. As I did, I asked her to finish telling me about Beth.

She told me that she and Beth were lovers and how they would give each other oral sex and how they would masturbate each other. Since Crissy was a virgin, Beth never tried to put anything inside Crissy’s pussy, but they had done everything else two girls can do together.

She was lying on her back with her legs spread. I was still feeling, licking and kissing all over her chest, moving on and off her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples – never leaving her untouched. I never looked up at her, but as I reached down with one hand to stroke her panty covered pussy, I asked her to tell me who else had touched her breasts.

“Then,” she said, “Next was two guys at a party over the spring break at Beth’s house – both on the same night. Everyone else was gone except these two along with Beth and I. They started asking us if we wanted to play strip poker, the kissing game, truth or dare – you know, stuff like that. Finally Beth told them we would get naked if they did first. I almost died when she said it. But, the next thing I knew, the boys were getting undressed and when they were naked, Beth looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.”

She went on to tell me that Beth started to strip, so she did, too. They boy’s cocks got hard and Beth asked them to play with themselves. Pretty soon, all four of them were sitting on the floor watching each other masturbate. As she told me this story, I was sucking her puffy nipples and fingering her pussy through her panties. I could feel the slippery wetness of her vaginal secretions on the outside of her panties and I knew she was literally soaking through her panties. I could smell the aroma of her virgin pussy, too. The sweet musky smell was driving me crazy.

“Did you see the boys cum?” I asked.

She spread her legs more and hunched herself down on my fingers. She was starting to breathe heavy and I could see the start of a red blush coming upon her chest. “Oh, that feels so good, Daddy,” she said, “Ooooohhhhhhh.”

“Finish telling me about what you did with those boys, Honey,” I said, “you just relax and tell me everything. I’ll keep touching you. If you feel like you want to cum, just go ahead and let it go… Daddy’s here.”

I knew she was building toward an orgasm. It was pretty obvious with the sexual blush taking over her chest and the way she was moving her hips under my touch, I knew it was just a matter of time. I kept stroking her pussy through her panties with one hand while I kissed and sucked her little titties.

“Hmm, well,” she continued, “we were all lying on the floor in kind of a circle, watching each other. One of the boys said that he was going to cum so all of us watched him. It was so cool to see the sperm shoot out of him. It was like a fountain and spewed all over his chest. Then Beth said she was going to cum and we all watched her. She pulled her knees way up to her chest and spread her legs wide so we could see. When she came, she squirted a little bit…”

“Oh, Daddy!” She moaned, “Oh, oh, oh…”

Her story has exciting both of us. I could tell by the way she was saying things and the way she was breathing that she was starting to go over the edge. I had finally found her clitoris beneath her panties and I was starting to concentrate on it, rubbing it up and down. The gusset of her panties had long since given way to my probing fingers and there was now a very wet panty groove shoved in between her lips. As my fingers traveled up and down that groove, I carried her wetness up to her clit where I concentrated for a minute and then moved back down to the opening of her vagina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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