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Daddy Surprises Daughter

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I was sound asleep, and I knew it. The dream always came. I never get over it, and it never leaves my mind. I did my best to try and forget the events to follow never happened, but I dream about it every night. Every morning I wake up feeling anguish and guilt, but I can’t seem to forget. So, when I’m asleep I let myself remember…

I walked in the front door of my two-story home. As is my routine, I put my briefcase down just inside the door and took off my shoes. As I’m bending over pulling off my shoes, I hear a banging coming from upstairs. I tense straining to hear more wondering what is going on. The banging continues, so I bound up the steps two at a time trying to keep my imagination from getting ahead of me. As I reach the top of the stairs, my senses quickly tell me the sound is coming from my 18 year old daughter’s room. I take off my belt wondering if I will have to use it to defend myself, then I walk to her door.

Slowly and deftly I start opening the door, as the door opens I hear grunting noises. My mind starts to cloud, and I begin to question what I am in for. When the door is half way open, I put my head around the end. What I see makes me stop dead in my tracks. There in my daughter’s room on her bed is my daughter. It takes a moment to register, but the banging is from the headboard to her bed hitting the wall, and there is my daughter with her butt facing me humping the large Winnie the Pooh bear I had bought her for Christmas. My little girl had Pooh on his back on her bed, and she had straddled his face and body and was humping for all she was worth. Then something registered. The groans I heard in her room were hers, my daughters’.

I stood there just inside her room with my head around the end of the door watching my daughter masturbate with the bear I had bought her. I couldn’t move. I was stuck in time only aware of the steady banging of the headboard and the soft grunts coming from my daughter’s throat.

As the fog in my brain began to recede, I realized her grunts are coming faster and heavier. I’m transfixed, unable to move in or out. I just stand there watching. Suddenly, without warning I hear my daughter scream. “Fuck, fuck me Daddy. I’m coming for you Daddy!” and then she moaned from the depths of her soul and fell forward. I heard little purrs coming from my little girl, and I knew she would be getting up soon or at least coming out of her orgasm high. I didn’t want my daughter to know I was there, so I quietly pulled the door shut and walked down the hall to my bedroom.

When I closed my bedroom door, I tossed the belt on the bed and moved into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and walked back into the bedroom peeling off my polo shirt. I unzipped my pants and pulled them off, reached for my underwear and tried to pull those off too, but I met with some resistance. When I looked down, I saw the biggest hard on I had ever had. ‘Oh shit” I thought, I was turned on by watching my daughter get off. I quickly finished getting undressed and jumped into the shower hoping it would go away but no such luck. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see and hear my daughter, and before I knew what I was doing my hand was wrapped around my cock, and I was jerking off while picturing my daughter masturbating along with me.


Over the next few weeks I tried to forget about what I had seen and heard in my daughter’s room that day. I tried to act as if nothing had changed, but in the night in my room I allowed myself to remember. The guilt always came, but it had been so long since I’d had any canlı bahis sex or any desire for sex. My wife died of cancer a year ago, and when I lost her, I had lost my sexual desires too. This new development had me in a quandary. I’d tried dating, but I’d never found myself responding to any of the women. Now, my daughter had brought back my sexual desires. I kept reminding myself that she wasn’t my flesh and blood daughter, but I had raised her. I had adopted her. See, my wife was raped on her way home from a date. On our first date we fell in love. I know she isn’t MY daughter, but I had raised her like she was, and I had never thought of her any differently, all of the sudden I found myself using that to assuage my guilt over fantasizing about her. The fantasies were always there in the back of my mind, and I was at a loss, what to do with them, until one day my daughter took it out of my hands.

I came home from work early one day, and I heard the familiar banging. I hadn’t caught my daughter again, but I could never forget that sound. I knew that she was in her room and her headboard was hitting the wall. I felt my cock stirring in my pants, and I couldn’t help but slowly go upstairs. I knew I shouldn’t, but I wanted to hear and see her again. As I reached the top of the stairs, I stopped. I heard voices this time not just grunting. I heard my daughter’s voice and a deeper voice. I walked over to her bedroom door, and I realized that it was a boy’s voice. My anger and jealousy started to stir. How dare she bring a boy up to her room, but at the same time I felt my curiosities become aroused? Why was there a boy in her room? I put my ear up to her door, but I couldn’t quite make out any words or sounds. I just heard two voices. So, I decided to take a chance and open the door. Grabbing a hold of the door knob I started to inch the door open.

Once again, as I opened the door, I could hear noises. This time though there were moans and purring sounds coming from my daughter, I couldn’t help but store them in the back of my mind, so I could remember them for my fantasies. I took a step into her room, and tried to be as cautious as possible when putting my head around the door, but what I saw couldn’t keep back my gasp of shock and the subsequent happenings.

I saw my daughter and a boy. She was lying across the width of the bed with her head just hanging off one side while her legs were hanging off the other allowing her feet to touch the floor. The boy had his cock in her mouth, and he was pumping in and out of it while he shoved a huge, vibrating cock-like dilido up my daughter’s pussy. I could tell she probably wasn’t breathing very easily, because this little boy had his cock in her mouth up to his balls which were covering her nose. ‘What the fuck’ I thought. My daughter is a little slut. I know she is eighteen now, but how can she be with a boy. I would never have pictured that. As I stood there in shocked horror, I felt my crotch hurting. Wondering what was wrong, I looked down. My cock was so hard and swollen it was pressing against the zipper of my pants, and the zipper was digging into me. My cock wanted out of its confines.

‘I’m turned on’ was my next thought. Oh fuck, how do I handle this? “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUNG LADY?” I heard myself yell. The boy jumped and cried out, I didn’t realize until later that my daughter had been so startled that she had clamped her jaw, biting this little pricks dick. (When I thought about that later, I couldn’t keep a smile off of my face.)

“Daddy,” she said in a shocked guilt ridden voice. “I didn’t know bahis siteleri that you were coming home early.”

“What the fuck does that have to do with me coming home to find my daughter with a boy fucking her face and shoving a cock up her pussy?”

“Daddy, please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to see, to find out.” She turned to that little prick and told him he’d better leave. I heartily agreed with her assessment of the situation and my mood. So, I let him go, as he gathered up his clothes and ran out of her room holding his little shriveled up dick in his hand.

“Daddy, please, I’m sorry. Please,” she begged as she began picking up her clothes trying to find something to put on.

“Don’t get dressed, since you want to be a little slut, you can stay naked.”

“Daddy, please,” she said in that quavering female voice that says she is getting ready to cry. I hate that voice.

“Shut up,” I screamed. “Lie down on your stomach on your bed, without any clothes on. If you insist on being a slut, I’m going to treat you like one.” Before I knew what I was doing, I was taking off my belt. I hadn’t spanked my daughter in years, not since she was ten years old, but somehow the practice came back rather quickly. My daughter looked at me with fear in her eyes as she saw me taking off that belt. I could see that she wanted to argue, but something in my stance or my eyes must have told her she had better do what she was told. She lay down on the bed. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice that my cock was still burgeoning in my pants begging to be released. I didn’t really realize it myself. As she lay down, I walked over to the bed. I could hear her muffled crying through the pillow, and it seemed to get me even more excited. I tried not to think about that. I pulled off my suit coat, and lay at the end of the bed and brought the belt back preparing to give her the first lash.

I could hear my heart beat. It felt as if it was beating out of my chest. She looked back with some fear but also excitement in her eyes. I registered this, but I didn’t take the time to think about it…. the belt came down. My daughter’s scream was music to my ears. “You like that, don’t you, honey,” I calmly stated. She looked at me with tears glistening in her eyes and a small smile on her face. At that moment our gazes locked and our breathing accelerated and some how we both knew….. we were thinking the same thing.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned. My cock continued to stir in my pants. “Daddy, I liked that, but I am sorry that I had that boy in here with me. Can you forgive me?”

I hesitated, “Maybe some day, Princess, but I won’t forgive you today. You need to be taught a lesson, and I am just the man to teach it to you.” I brought the belt down again and again reveling in her screams of pain that followed each blow. Her screams were always followed with a purely sexual moan.

I caught sight of some robe belts in the corner of her room. My mind started working in overdrive. “Flip onto your back, Princess, and close your eyes don’t make a sound.” I walked over to the belts, and as I did I realized I could smell her excitement. Her scent was in the air calling to me, begging to be taken care of.

Grabbing the belts I headed to her bed. I stood there watching the rise and fall of her C cup breasts. I examined them with my eyes tracing every curve, thinking of how I would taste them soon. Slowly, I bent over and tied a belt around her eyes… she didn’t need to see right now. Then I took her hands and tied them together with another robe belt and tied her bahis şirketleri hands to the bed above her head. I slowly ran my hands down the length of her arm, rubbing her neck and collar bone too. Then I glided my hand over her soft smooth skin to the luscious curvy…. “WHAT THE HELL,” I yelled. I saw her entire body flinch. “When the fuck and how the fuck did you get your nipple pierced young lady?”

She gasped obviously having forgotten about her transgression and my lack of knowledge on the subject. “Ummmm, well, Daddy, I got it pierced for my 18th birthday two months ago. It was ummmm…. I’m sorry, Daddy!”

I was shocked until I realized what I could use the piercing for. Maybe her little stunt of freedom would provide me with some interesting fun some day. Right now, though, I decided to continue my exploration. My fingers ran around the meat of her breast, relishing in the size. Then slowly, I allowed the palm of my hand to rub back and forth over her nipple. I was rewarded with a small moan of pleasure.

Oh god, I’m in heaven, I thought. This quivering body was mine, and I was the one making it quiver. I was in control of everything. My brain was once again in overdrive and my cock was throbbing painfully in my pants. Since she was blindfolded, I decided to let it out. I heard her small intake of breath when she heard my zipper. My cock sprung out of my pants to its full hot, hard, throbbing and bouncing eight inches. I was more then ready. I just had to stroke it, but I needed something to ease the friction, so I pulled her legs apart spreading her for my attention. I could smell her sex calling for some loving. I reached my fingers down and pinched her clit bringing her round ass off the bed. Her breath was coming in shallow gasping sounds as my palm cupped her mound. It was slick with her dew giving my hand the lube to stroke my cock.

“Daddy,” she murmured, “Please, I need you. I need you to fuck your Princess…. Please, I beg you.”

Having stroked my cock while she begged me, I was more then ready. I allowed myself to climb onto the bed. My body nestled between her legs and my mouth descended on her nipple. I started to suckle. I couldn’t hold back my moan of pleasure. I was in a fantasy, a dream. My daughter was bucking under me groaning, “oh, Daddy, oh Daddy,” over and over again until finally she screamed, “Please Daddy, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

My hips responded of their own accord bringing my cock up to her slit, so her dew spread over the tip of my cock. I began to push into her cunt, until I had a couple of inches inside of her. “Oh god,” my daughter and I gasped at the same time. “Please, Daddy, hard, fuck me hard. I need you ramming my cunt until I cum.”

How could I fight that? I put my hands on either side of her head, putting my weight on my arms, and I began to pound my daughter. After all, she had begged me to. “UHH, UHHH,” I grunted. God, she was wet, hot and tight. Her muscles gripped me tighter then anyone else ever had. She was going to milk me dry. I could feel my body tensing, I knew I was close. My tempo picking up until I was lifting her ass off the bed as I pounded her, I felt myself begin to lose control. My daughter gripped me tighter and tighter, until she screamed, squirting (boy was that a surprise) and convulsing into orgasm around me. My full sac began emptying into her cunt. Stream after stream shot out of my cock into her womb, as I stroked in one last time before collapsing to the side of my daughter’s body. I untied her hands and undid her blind fold. She looked at me with loving tender eyes, and our lips reached for each other at the same time. A slow sensual kiss that made me weak in the knees, we fell asleep with my leg over hers, my knee resting on her sex, our heads side by side and my hand spread over her breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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