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Daddy’s Girl Ain’t a Girl No More

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(All characters in this story are above the age of eighteen)

The dusty grey four wheel drive pulled up at the campsite around midday. There wasn’t many other people around this time of year and Patrick noticed that the sites were all completely surrounded by trees. He’d wanted to camp at Blackwood River for years but was told it was a very busy spot during school holidays and weekends so he’d always chosen to avoid it. Now that the kids were all grown up though, he decided a mid week trip towards the end of summer would be the perfect time.

Jeremy, his oldest son, had left home to go work in the city about four months earlier. He used to come on all the camping trips with the family, but Patrick’s wife Emma often chose to stay behind. It wasn’t really her thing and it was easier to have someone stay at home and look after the dogs.

Kaitlyn was looking out the window at a Kookaburra who was peering down from a nearby tree, intrigued by the arrival of the four wheel drive. She was always the most excited about the family camping trips and at the age of nineteen, she was still more than happy to come along when her father suggested a trip to Blackwood River.

“Anything to get out of this place for a few days,” she’d said.

Even though Kaitlyn loved her home town and had chosen not to move out yet, she was really struggling to find a decent job and that was getting her down. She worked two days a week at a local clothing store, certainly not her dream career by any standard.

The father and daughter hauled in all their gear through the narrow opening at site number fourteen. As they got through they were both impressed by how the site opened up into a decent sized area. On top of the red dirt sat a wooden picnic table and nearby to that was a barbecue made out of stone.

“Over there looks like a good spot,” said Kaitlyn, pointing to an area to set up the tent.

“Yep, okay I’m happy with that,” her father answered, and plonked down the tent nearby.

On the way into the camping area, Kaitlyn noticed several bush walking tracks marked out on the information sign, and once they were all set up at the campsite, she suggested going on one of the walks. Patrick liked the idea and so he packed a small backpack with some water and snacks while Kaitlyn got changed inside the tent.

It was a fresh sunny afternoon, with a gentle breeze blowing that took the edge off the heat. Just as Patrick finished packing the bag, Kaitlyn emerged from then tent looking as cute as ever. She had tight white shorts on and a thin pink blouse that he could just see her polka dot bra through, and matching the top she was wearing a pair of pink Dr. Marten boots. Patrick thought she looked like the perfect balance between practical and goofy, Kaitlyn’s idea of a great outfit for the walk. He couldn’t help think she also looked sexy though, her ass looked great in those tight shorts, and her blouse was buttoned down enough to give him a great view of her bulging creamy white breasts.

Kaitlyn had only recently started dressing in ways that showed off her body, and Patrick was more than happy with this development. He’d also started to realise his parental love for her was now developing into a physical attraction. At first it was little things like how her quirky smile made him feel. She would look at him through her glasses and give him these funny little expressions about things, her lips pouting to one side of her face with her eyebrows raised. When they were chatting and she looked at him in those ways, he wanted to kiss her. The kisses he thought about were no longer little pecks on the cheek for being a cutie though, he dreamt about giving her a soft passionate kiss on the lips.

For a while he chastised himself for having such thoughts. Kaitlyn was so innocent and he truly loved and cared for her. He never wanted to be the cause of any uncomfortable experiences in her life, and even though he was thinking about her in these ways, he really wanted her to have a good happy relationship with someone she loved.

So despite his impulses, Patrick tried his best not to think of her in a sexual way, or when he did he would always reassure himself that it was just a fantasy that would never come true.

When they were about to set off on the walk, Patrick took a good look at his daughter.

“What?” she said with her usual cute quirky smile.

He was caught by surprise not meaning to stare, “uhh, nothing, you just look pretty that’s all.”

“Aww, thanks Dad!” she said, accepting his compliment well.

He wanted to tell her that her tits were looking great and that he appreciated how she was showing them off, but he decided that would be inappropriate.

Kaitie, as Patrick often called her, had grown into a beautiful young girl. She had an eccentric personality and was very intelligent, she just didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. Her favourite movie was Harry Potter and she spent most of her spare time hanging out with two male friends playing genç gaziantep escort computer games and watching movies.

Patrick definitely thought she was a sex kitten though, she had a nice curvy body and her boobs were large for her size, they pushed out from her tight tops in a way that most men would agree how fantastic they looked.

Kaitlyn had hazel-brown eyes and long dark hair with tight curls. She usually wore her hair tied back in a pony tail or sometimes in pig tails, and wore glasses for reading. Her face was soft and delicate and she had a few light freckles that crept over her nose.

Kaitlyn was one of those girls who at first glance seemed kind of nerdy and innocent, especially when wearing her glasses, but upon noticing her large boobs, soft skin and cute little lips, it was easy to see that she was very sexy.

The sun was high in the sky as father and daughter set forth down the walking trail just after lunch time. They reached the river after about twenty minutes and then continued to walk around the edge of the river bank, not passing a single other person as they went. It was a fairly warm afternoon and the fresh clear water looked very inviting.

“Ahh, it would be great to go for a swim!” Kaitlyn said after getting to a particularly nice spot along the river.

“Yeah you’re not wrong,” Patrick replied, “shame we didn’t bring our bathers on the walk.”

“I know right? what were we thinking?! Well I guess we can always come down here and swim tomorrow.”

“Yep, that’d be nice … we could jump in today but we would have to go au naturel,” Patrick joked in a characteristically Dad kind of way.

Kaitlyn laughed, “haha yeah that could be fun, maybe on the way back!”

Her answer wasn’t really what Patrick expected and he probably read more into it than there was. Usually when he joked about something like that, the reaction would have been something like “uhh, Dad don’t say stuff like that!” This time Katie didn’t exactly object to the idea and that made him think she might possibly be up for skinny dipping at some point.

As they walked on a bit further and the bank of the river rose higher, Patrick warned Kaitlyn not to walk so close to the edge of the water.

“It’s okay Dad, I’m not a little girl anymore, I’m not going to fall in okay.”

“Okay then.”

He reflected that she was indeed not a little girl looking the way she did. She might have grown into a sexy young lady, but of course she would always be his little girl.

Despite her confidence however, Patrick had jinxed the situation. They walked on a bit further and Kaitlyn was walking right near the edge of the water, looking at a group of ducks that were floating on the river. They looked quite amusing as they stuck their heads under the water looking for fish, while others ruffled their feathers and gave themselves a little bath. Katie was encapsulated by them and she pointed to one of the baby ones while continuing to walk along the edge of the bank, not looking where she was going.

“Look at that little one Dad, oh he’s so cute!” she said.

At the very moment Patrick went to reply, Kaitlyn slipped and before he could do anything she plunged sideways into the water. She let out a scream and then came the splash as her entire body went under. At first Patrick was quite worried and hoped she was okay, but when she turned around with her wet hair and a feigned look of self pity on her face, he couldn’t help laughing.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Kaitlyn giggled, “oh my god, yes I think so!”

Patrick put his arm out to help his daughter get back onto the river bank and she sat down on the grass dripping wet. He immediately noticed how sexy she looked in that moment, and now he could quite clearly see her polka dot bra through her wet top, and her nipples poking through it.

“Kaitie, you silly girl, I warned you!” Patrick said laughing.

“I know, I know, I’m an idiot. Go on laugh at me it’s ok!”

At least she was seeing the funny side of it.

“Have you got a towel or anything in the bag?”

“Nope, sorry there’s just water and snacks in there.”

“Bugger, that’s not very helpful then is it!” she said still giggling.

Patrick immediately thought this was a chance to see his daughter in less clothing, and even though he initially felt bad about his desire, he told himself it was only practical. He decided to push his luck straight up and see how Kaitlyn responded.

“Guess you might have to go au naturel for a while after all!” he said.

Katie just shook her head, evidently reflecting on the futility of the situation.

“Fuck,” she said, “yeah this isn’t good.” She paused for a moment thinking and then said, “I’m probably going to have to take my shirt and shorts off I suppose, hopefully my underwear will dry pretty quickly.”

Loving the thought of seeing Kaitlyn’s body in nothing but her wet bra and undies, Patrick immediately supported gaziantep genç escort this idea.

“Yeah I suppose so, I’ll wring out your clothes and put them in the bag for you.”

She nodded and began unbuttoning her pink blouse in front of him.

“Fuck, that means if we do pass anyone they’re going to see me in my wet underwear! Maybe we can just hang up my clothes on a tree and wait here a while for them to dry.”

Patrick knew her clothes wouldn’t dry any time soon, but he was starting to get excited about his daughter removing them and just went along with whatever she said for now.

“Ok then honey, I’ll hang them over here, they’ll be in the sun so hopefully they’ll dry pretty quickly. We can hang back behind those trees in the meantime so no one will see you.”

“Good idea, okay thanks Dad.”

So Kaitlyn peeled her soaking wet blouse up over her shoulders and handed it to Patrick, revealing the full shape of her breasts to her father. They were definitely large, perfectly round and absolutely lovely. With her blouse removed he could see her nipples even better through the wet bra, and at that moment Patrick started to get horny.

You shouldn’t be thinking like that, he said to himself. The poor girl is in a hopeless situation and you’re dreaming about her tits, stop it.

Patrick squeezed out the blouse and hung it on the tree as Kaitlyn removed her shoes and socks and then began removing her shorts. They were even tighter now being wet and as she pulled at them, she started pulling down her undies too. They didn’t come down enough to reveal anything and she quickly pulled them back up, but her father’s eyes were glued to her every move.

The shorts came off and she handed those to Patrick to hang in the tree and then he turned around to have a good look at her. Her undies were white with a pink lace trim and pink polka dots on them, matching the bra she was wearing. Wow she is such a cutie, he thought. Oh who am I kidding, she looks fucking sexy as hell!

Standing there with droplets of water running down her skin, Katie looked at Patrick with that same feigned look of self pity, her shoulders turned in and her arms held tight against her tummy. Even though it was a warm kind of day, it would definitely have been a bit chilly being wet like that.

“Fuck, I wish we had a towel.”

Patrick’s eyes ran over the dripping skin of her arms and legs, returning up to her beautiful breasts which were barely contained by her soaking polka dot bra. She looked cold and he felt sorry for her.

“Do you want to wear my shirt sweetie?”

“Umm, no then that will just get wet too, but thank you.”

They walked further behind the trees so they were no longer in view of the path and Kaitlyn sat down on a log, looking quite annoyed with herself now.

“These undies aren’t going to dry like this and it’s so uncomfortable,” she said. “It’s quite a way back to the campsite isn’t it?”

“Uhh yeah probably a bit over half an hour, I can go back and get you some dry clothes while you wait here if you like?”

That was the last thing Patrick wanted but he had to try and help his daughter figure this out.

“Umm, no, thanks Dad but I don’t want to sit here on my own for an hour while you do that. And besides, some creepy guy might come along and I would be sitting here on my own in wet underwear.”

“Hmm, good point, that wouldn’t be good at all.”

A few moments passed as they pondered what the best course of action would be. Patrick was thinking of suggesting his daughter should take her bra and undies off to dry, but not sure how she’d actually feel about being naked in front of him. As he pondered the right way to possibly suggest it, Kaitlyn spoke up.

“Dad?” she said.

“Yes sweetie?”

“I know you were joking with the au naturel thing before, but my bra and undies aren’t going to dry like this and I’m feeling really uncomfortable.”

Stunned and excited about what she was suggesting, Patrick didn’t reply.

“I know you probably don’t really want to see your little girl naked, but I’m not sure what else to do. I can use my hands to cover myself up, you won’t really see much.”

Patrick couldn’t believe Kaitlyn thought she had to talk him into taking her clothes off. If only she knew! He was obviously more than happy for her to strip and not attempt to cover anything at all. He did think it was good that she thought this way though, she obviously had no suspicion that he fantasised about her like that.

“Oh okay then honey, it’s probably the best idea I suppose. I can just turn the other way and we can hang your underwear up to dry with the rest of your clothes.”

Kaitlyn smiled, “we’re going to be here for a while Dad, I’m not going to ask you to face the other way the whole time.”

Patrick loved where this was going now. He seriously could not believe Katie was going to be nude in front of him, even if she did try to cover gaziantep genç escort bayan up her bits.

“To be honest I don’t really care about being naked, but I’ll cover up as best as possible so it’s not awkward for you okay.”

Awkward for me? it’s going to make me incredibly fucking horny, that’s what’s going to happen!

“Well whatever you’re comfortable with sweetie, it won’t be awkward for me, we’re both adults and it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Ok cool!” she said standing up with a big smile on her face.

Kaitlyn was obviously happy she’d come to a solution about getting her clothes dry, and Patrick wasn’t sure but something made him think she actually liked the idea of getting naked in front of him. So with no hesitation, she turned her back and reached around to unbuckle her bra, placing it on the log next to her. Then she pulled her undies down, revealing her beautiful pear shaped backside right in front of her father. Her cheeks were nice and round, definitely enough to grab a good hold of Patrick thought, and as he looked at that smooth bare bum he immediately wanted to go over and give her a good spanking.

Then Kaitlyn turned around to face him with a shy expression, trying to use one arm to cover her big tits while her other hand covered up between her legs. Patrick’s dick immediately began to get hard as his daughter now stood naked before him, just barely covered by her attempts to conceal herself.

He dreamt of how much he would love to grab hold of her, giving her a nice kiss on the lips while putting his hands on her cute little ass. Having those amazing breasts in his mouth would be so wonderful, he thought, and he would caress her gently like the innocent sexy angel that she was. Maybe they could fuck each other right here on the grass, his beautiful daughter naked on top of him, touching her smooth wet body while he thrust his cock deep inside of her.

Now that Katie was naked and looked so god damn sexy, Patrick started to feel less guilty about having these thoughts.

Kaitlyn sat back down on the log looking shy and nervous now that she’d actually stripped everything off.

“Can you grab my underwear please?” she asked, obviously not being able to hand it to Patrick and conceal herself at the same time.

“Sure sweetie,” he replied, and walked over to take her bra and undies off the log, hanging them in the tree with her other clothes.

His heart was beating fast with excitement, not that he thought anything was actually going to happen, but the thrill of seeing his daughter nude in front of him was obviously a huge turn on.

Patrick sat down on a nearby log and started chatting to Kaitlyn.

“Guess we just have to wait it out now hey?” he said.

“Yeah I guess so, at least it’s still pretty warm.”

“I still can’t believe you fell in the water,” Patrick said, smiling and shaking his head.

Kaitlyn giggled, “yep, that’s the last time I look at any bloody ducks!”

They both laughed and the tension started to fade away. As they talked and Kaitlyn was feeling more comfortable, she started to give up on the idea of trying to conceal herself. She was mid sentence telling one of her weird stories when she used her arm to emphasise her words, not returning it to conceal her chest afterwards, but instead resting it with her other hand between her legs.

Patrick now got to see Katie’s lovely big breasts in full view and she looked absolutely amazing. They were firm and pointy, pushing out from her chest slightly to each side. Her areolas were small and pale with firm pink nipples poking out from them. Those nipples looked like they were ready to be licked, Patrick thought, and in that moment he was quite proud that his daughter was so well endowed.

Kaitlyn continued chatting away with her breasts exposed and after a while she started to become completely comfortable with it. Patrick watched as her confidence grew and her body language relaxed, and as he was getting more horny, he really wanted to tell her how nice she looked. He started to imagine that something might happen between them if this kind of thing kept up.

So after a pause in the conversation he spoke up, “so, don’t take this the wrong way sweetie but I just wanted to say that you have really nice boobs.”

As he spoke he looked straight at her breasts and hoped she would take the comment well.

“Oh … thanks Dad,” she said with a smile, “why would I take that the wrong way?”

“Well I just meant it as a compliment that’s all, I didn’t want it to sound creepy or anything like that.”

“It didn’t,” she replied, “it’s a nice compliment, thank you.”

Well that went down well, Patrick thought. What the hell was I worried about?

“I was pretty nervous about getting naked in front of you to be honest, but now it actually doesn’t seem so bad. I mean it’s not like you haven’t seen a girl’s boobs before right?!” she said with a laugh.

“No, no you’re right about that. I definitely have seen boobs once or twice in my life!”

They both giggled and continued chatting. After a while they started talking about what they were going to cook for dinner when they got back to the campsite. While they were discussing whether they’d cook up the sausages or the rissoles, Kaitlyn moved her hands from where they were resting and put both of them either side of her on the log.

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