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Daddy’s Shed Ch. 03

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I’d like to thank everyone who encouraged me to continue with this story. Your kind remarks did help me overcome the nasty and blatant rapist remarks. I will always endeavor to bring you as many good stories as I possibly produce.


Don had just cum again filling her pussy; it was leaking out and down to Amy’s puckered asshole. He eased back and then stood up; looked down at her as she lay sprawled on the carpet in front of the fireplace with a smile of contentment on her luscious lips.

“Amy,” said Don, “Sit up and lick my cock clean for me.”

Amy sat up and smiled; eager to learn how to suck Don’s cock.

“No teeth; just tongue and mouth Amy. Lick my balls too,” said Don.

Amy stretched placing her hands on the front of Don’s thighs and took his cock into her mouth; tasting their combined cum. Her tongue slowly swirled around and around as she softly sucked it into her mouth and then back down to the head. Don thrust forward and moaned softly encouraging Amy to keep going.

She removed his cock from her mouth and started to lap at his balls making sure she cleaned all around them to remove all their cum. She once again gently placed his cock in her mouth and it started growing again.

Don looked down at Amy’s head as she cleaned his balls; relishing the feeling of her hot tongue; stimulating him once again. He ran his fingers through her silky hair and breathed faster. When she placed his cock once again into her mouth, he fought to maintain control. “Amy, gently hold by balls and massage and squeeze them lightly,” he said in a husky whisper.

Amy did as he instructed her to do and cupped his balls in her hand, felt their weight and gently used her fingertips to massage and then squeeze them. He moaned and Amy increased her suction on his cock.

When Don felt Amy’s mouth sucking harder on his cock, he grabbed her head and buried her face in his pubic hair until she gagged and then drew back once more. “Amy; you’ve got to relax your throat so you can swallow me and learn to breathe when I draw out before I plunge in again,” he said.

Amy looked up at Don feeling that she had disappointed him by her gagging; she wanted to learn to do this better. She shook her head ‘yes’ and sucked him back down and into her throat. She kept repeating it and finally worked up a rhythm where she could breathe too. This time when Don grabbed her head and plunged she relaxed and took a breath before he hit the back of her throat.

Don grabbed Amy’s head and started to fuck her mouth; she had worked out a rhythm and he was happy she was willing to learn how to please him. “Oh yes Amy! That feels so-o-o-o good!!! Want it Amy; make me cum!! Oh-h-h-h yeah! That’s it! Suck me hard! Drink my cum!!!” and then he plunged hard into Amy’s mouth and started shooting in his load; it wasn’t a lot since this was his third time. Don kept Amy’s face buried while his cock softened.

When his cock had softened, Don looked down into Amy’s eyes. She was looking back for his approval. “Amy that was great! You learn quickly.”

Amy smiled and released his cock from her mouth. She buried her face against the inside of his thigh. “I love you Don.”

Don reached down and helped her stand, “Let’s go take a shower, get a bite to eat and go to bed. You got school tomorrow young lady.”

Amy just stared at him with her mouth Nevşehir Escort open, “School?”

Her response made Don laugh, “Yes school. Amy you still have to finish school and get your diploma. Now upstairs;” and he turned her around and smacked her ass making her squeal. They walked into the bathroom and Don took her into his arms and kissed her deeply once again.

He brought his lips up to her ear, “I love you Amy and you only have a few months left. With all the holidays, the time will pass quickly; you’ll see.” He kissed down her neck and then her mouth once again. Amy just smiled and held him tightly.

“Come on,” Don said “Let’s get cleaned quickly, eat and then into our bed.” He reached over and turned the water on in the tub, adjusted the temperature and then turned it on to make sure it was warm before they got in.

Amy just kept smiling at his words ‘our bed’. Now she knew why her mom and dad had slept apart in separate rooms. She was looking forward to being in Don’s bed and cuddled up next to his body all night.

* * * * *

Amy made sure that her routine didn’t vary the next day at school. Although she was caught daydreaming one time during Mrs. Miller’s class; afterwards she explained about the death in her family and her mother now gone to help her sister. She apologized for ‘blanking out’ during class because she had so much on her mind and promised that she’d try not to let it happen again. Mrs. Miller expressed how sorry she was and would let the rest of the faculty know and not to worry about this incident. Amy thanked her for her understanding and then left to go home.

Amy had planned to do her homework while preparing dinner. It was Friday, but if she got it out of the way early, it would give her more time with Don. As she entered the house the phone was ringing. When she answered it, her mom wanted to know how everything was going. Amy told her everything was fine, school was going great and dad should be home any time now.

She told Amy she didn’t want to hear about him and it hurt Amy very much. She was making plans to come and get Amy soon. Amy hung up the phone on her and just stood there uncertain about what to do. She jumped a bit when the phone rang again, but refused to answer it and sat on the floor and cried.

Don had a good day at work and was looking forward to an even better weekend. He had two different companies interested in giving him a job and each with better benefits and perks. Amy should be home be now and they had all weekend to play. What he didn’t expect when he opened the door was to find Amy crying on the floor. He kicked the front door closed and rushed over to her, “Amy what’s wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt?”

Amy reached up and put her arms around his neck and cried into his shirt. She finally stifled her tears and looked into his worried eyes, “We’ve got to leave. Mom called and said she was coming back to take me away. I hung up on her. Don I don’t want to leave!” and she hugged him tighter.

Don rubbed her shoulders and hugged her back just as hard; his mind was spinning and jumping through loops. If he accepted Henderson’s offer right now, the relocation would be perfect and could probably be done within two days. It didn’t pay as much as the other offer, but Amy and he could be together. He picked up the phone and quickly dialed hoping that Nevşehir Escort Bayan Henderson would still be in his office.

“Mr. Henderson, Don Thomas here. I would like to accept your offer providing two provisions can be met. First you pack me up and move me tomorrow and second I prefer the Montana location. Okay, I’ll be here for another thirty minutes.” Don placed the phone back in the caddy. He gathered Amy in his arms and went into the living room to wait.

Don shot up off the couch when the phone rang. “Hello?” he answered. “Yes Mr. Henderson. We’ll expect the movers at 8 am then. Thank you. My wife and I will drive there and locate an appropriate home. Yes, two weeks will be sufficient. Thank you. Good evening.”

Amy was standing in the hall when Don turned around, “Wife?” said Amy trying to control her tears.

Don came over and put his arms around her and hugged her, “Yes; you silly. You’re my wife. It’s a new start for us now Amy. It’s perfect; your mom won’t be able to locate us, no one else knows about this job and the company office is in one of their most remote locations. We’ll swing through Las Vegas and get married. Oh and Amy, no more school unless you want to that is.”

Amy laughed and smiled and hugged Don harder. “What do we do now?”

Don kissed her hard and with urgency. “Right now we have sex and relax. The movers will be here tomorrow morning at eight to pack everything up.

“Don; let’s go bring in the boxes from the shed. I don’t want to forget those at the last minute.”

Don smiled, “Okay let’s go.” It took them four trips to lug all the boxes in, but they finally made it.

Don hauled the last one in by himself and when he returned, Amy was sitting on the living room floor with an armful of various pornographic magazines and looking through pictures. She had taken her top and bra off and was sitting on her knees.

Don smiled and quietly snuck up behind her, bent down and placed both of his cold hands on her breasts. “Noisy are we?”

She squealed but didn’t move away from him. She covered his hands with hers and rubbed them to warm them a bit. “What did you find Sweetie? Something peak your interest?” and he started to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples; just like in the shed.

“Yes Daddy,” she said. Don’s cock just got harder. He knelt on the floor behind her and kissed her neck roughly. “Show Daddy what you’d like Sweetie.”

Amy was breathing harder and leaning back into him. “There Daddy; this one,” and she was pointing to a picture of a man taking a woman in the ass.

“Are you sure you want my cock in your ass Sweetie?” and he undid her jeans and she rose enough to remove them so she was naked. He reached his fingers down and dipped them into her wet pussy and then trailed them back to her little puckered star. He eased them slowly into her; god she was tight. He finally worked both in and started and started to finger fuck her ass.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so good. Please put your cock there. Please Daddy!” she moaned as she humped back on his fingers. He withdraw his fingers and stood up, “Go into the kitchen and bring back the oil; I’ll undress.”

Amy raced to the kitchen and grabbed the olive oil and then raced back to the living room and handed it to Don.

“Get down on all fours Amy; like in the picture.” said Don and he Escort Nevşehir then got down on his knees. He coated his fingers in the oil and then inserted them back into her ass. The oil drizzled down her crack and into her hole to lubricate her. He poured some over the head of his cock and shaft, set the oil down and took his free hand to smear it over the length of his cock.

He was still pumping his fingers in and out of her ass and she was moaning and humping back onto him. By the time he worked in three fingers; he had stretched her enough to guide the head of his cock inside.

Amy did an intake of breath when she felt his cock enter her. “Breathe Amy and push like your having a bowel movement; I’ll be able to slip in with less pain,” said Don. She did as he instructed and felt the cock pass through her ring and slowly make its way deep into her bowel. She felt so full and the sensation was so different; good but different.

When Don started to slowly fuck her tight ass, he only prayed that she would reach an orgasm before he did. He kept his eyes closed concentrating on not cumming, but to keep fucking her hot tight ass. He reached under and guided two fingers into her pussy; she screamed in pleasure and moaned and humped back harder.

As Amy sped up the tempo, Don started to fuck her harder and then faster. He felt his cum rising and knew it wasn’t going to be long now. Amy was breathing harder, humping faster and more or less in a continuous moan. He removed his fingers from her pussy and started to rub her clit hard. She screamed and her muscles clamped down on his cock as she started to orgasm. He couldn’t hold back any longer and dove into harder and faster and felt his own release as he shot load after load into her ass.

Don held Amy tight against him while his cock was softening in her ass. “Damn Amy; that was great!” he said as he held her into his body and breathed heavy by her neck.

Amy was coming down from her orgasm and could only nod in agreement. Don’s cock soon plopped out and Amy felt empty. She had enjoyed the full feeling his cock had provided and told him so. “Let’s go get cleaned up now Amy. Look’s like I’m going to have to introduce you to butt plugs,” said Don.

Amy gave him a questioning look. Don smiled, “There are sex toys to make it more pleasurable Amy.”

“Do we have any here?” she said as her eye gleamed with all kinds of possibilities.

“No,” said Don, “but we’ll pick them up along the way as we travel. Some I’ll use on you and some you’ll use on me.”

Amy smiled and started upstairs toward the bathroom, but stopped at the top of the landing. “Don; I saw something else in one of the pictures.”

“What’s that Amy?” and he smiled.

“Well; how would you feel about tying me up and restraining me for sex?” she asked hesitantly. “I don’t know if I’ll like it or not, but thinking about you doing things to me and I can’t move is really turning me on.”

Don smiled again as he reached the landing, “I think we can arrange that, but lets wait until we find a new home and get settled in. I’m sure we’ll do a lot of experimentation, but promise me that if you don’t like something, to tell me right away and we won’t do it. Promise?” and he cupped her face in his hands.

“I promise Don. I only want us to be happy and together,” said Amy.

Amy kissed Don passionately as he hugged her tightly to his body. “Oh and Daddy can we have a shed on the property? Just for us and a few magazines?” she smiled and kissed his lips again.

“I couldn’t imagine not having one Sweetie,” and he covered her mound with his hand. “Now let’s shower, have a bite to eat and go to bed Amy.”

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