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Dad’s Adventure Ch. 01

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Very special and big thanks to redwing2655 for his editing expertise, which made this story great. This is my second submission and appreciates your comments to get myself improved and encouraged.


Dave had dreamt of this for Weeks. He needed every minute detail to be clearly recorded in his DVD camera. He had studied and planned this for the last couple of weeks. Today he had his best opportunity. For a perfect job, he was well positioned on the upstairs balcony, covered with huge glass frames that assured maximum visibility.

Beneath the balcony was his swimming pool with a fairly large deck area. Dave’s 21 year old stepdaughter, Amanda was finally going to satisfy his incredible craving to film her young, sexy body for him to use as jack-off material. All he’s waiting for is his target to appear.

Mandy was under the impression that nobody is at home on a weekday morning. Her stepfather would be at work and her mother wouldn’t be back home until the weekends. She’d carefully planned her own agenda and looking forward to a hot, horny day.

She walked through the pool door, nude…a walk that would bring her into Dave’s view. She got half way to the pool when her feet felt the cold tiles of the pool deck. The cold sent a shiver up to her nipples, which instantly got rock hard.

“Damn! She’s is gorgeous,” murmured Dave as started his video cam, capturing the stunning image of the curvaceous body of his young stepdaughter.

There were no neighbors close to Dave’s house, a mansion with a large garden around it. Dave watched with awe as Mandy jumped into the pool, stark naked. She swam around. Dave felt himself getting hard, watching the LCD panel of his video camera, enabling him to get an excellent look at her body. He filmed her swimming for quite awhile, including several dives from the diving board, as she spread her legs apart, exposing her pink wetness in the center.

After a few more dives, she got out and walked to a lawn chair at the side of the pool. Dave heard the sound of a small gate to pool area opening, something he had not expected. To Dave’s surprise, the tiny figure of Tina – the girl next door- emerged through the opened gate. Two years younger than Mandy, they had become very close friends since her family had moved in to the adjoining house couple of months back. She cheerfully greeted Mandy and gave her a big hug.

“Geez… what is this little creature doing here?” thought Dave, disappointed that Mandy’s presence might curtail the exercise that he planned so well. But he was radically wrong. What he was about to capture in his camera would be far beyond his imagination.

From the day one, Dave had secretly admired the slender body of this beautiful 18 year old, Barbie doll. Today she wore a Pink skinny and a tiny, flared, checked skirt. Compared to Mandy, Tina was half the size of Mandy and, in some ways, much sexier than his stepdaughter.

“Hi… am I late?” asked Tina as she approached Mandy’s lawn chair.

“You’re late and have wasted my time too” said Mandy, in annoyed tone. Mandy grabbed her skirt and forced Tina gets closer, taking a seat on Mandy’s lap.

Mandy tilted her head and glanced towards the balcony, Dave stood behind the glass and, for a moment, it seemed as though she was looking up at him. He quickly moved to the side, out of view, his heart pounding in his chest. Waiting a few moments, he carefully turned and looked out again. In reality, Mandy was looking at Tina, showing no sign at all that she’d seen him filming them.

All the same, Mandy felt like they were being watched by someone. She doesn’t pay that feeling much attention. The only person who could be watching was her step dad. In fact, the thought of being watched by Dave turned her on. She started to feel wet between her legs.

That’s when the action started and Dave got busy, recording what he could only think of as an erotic bonus.

Mandy placed a wet kiss on Tina’s lips. Her blue eyes stared into Mandy’s, melting into hers. Mandy’s tongue pierced Tina’s lips and danced with her tongue. Tina let out a soft moan as her hand started moving around Mandy’s neck. Mandy started playing with Tina’s tiny erect nipples, twisting them and pulling them over the fabric of her skinny.

“Tina, look how lovely you are! Your boyfriend must be very impressed,” said Mandy, breaking the kiss and looking in to her young friend’s eyes with a growing lust.

“I… I… I don’t have a boyfriend,” said Tina in a trembling voice.

“A girlfriend then?” questioned Mandy.

“Oh…no!” Tina said blushingly.

Now, Tina sitting on Mandy’s knee, her skirt pushed up and bare ass cheeks pressed on Mandy’s flesh.

“Then I can teach you everything you need to know about sex,” said Mandy.

“Oh Mandy, I’ve wanted you since we first met.” said Tina in a soft voice.

“I too wanted you for a long time, too, honey.” said Mandy. She pulled Tina’s skinny over her head, revealing her perky breasts and erected nipples.

“OOOOOH Mandy bursa otele gelen escort that feels so good” said Tina, as Mandy cupped a tiny breast with her right hand while the other hand went between her thighs, under the little skirt.

“I see someone is already soaking” said Mandy. “Does that feel good? Do you touch yourself like this, late at night, in your bed?”

“Yes,” Tina whispered.

Mandy took Tina’s nipple between thumb and finger and rolled it gently. “Do you make your nipples hard like this?” she asked.

“Yes,” Tina whispered again and stood up, making room for Mandy to pull her skirt down. Mandy removed it and threw it aside. When Tina sat back down, Mandy’s fingers slid to her sex, parting the lips and circling the tiny bud.

“Do you touch yourself like this Tina?”

“No.” Tina said blushingly.

“No? Don’t lie, little girl, I know you use your finger, rocking back and forth just a little!”

“Oh God, how does she knew my secrets?” thought Tina. She couldn’t help herself, and began to rock back and forth on her leg, Mandy’s fingers push into her youthful channel.

“That’s good Tina, give into it. Let me love you.”

“Oh…. Oh… Oh God, oh God.” said Tina quietly. She’d now gone further than she’d ever done with herself. Approaching a point of no return, she began to buck and writhe on Mandy’s finger, moaning and whimpering as her pleasure increased to an almost intolerable level. Mandy parted Tina’s legs a bit more and began to thrust her finger in to Tina’s wet cunt as her thumb stimulated her little clit. Tina groaned as Mandy massaged her aching clit with experienced fingers. Tina bucked hard against those fingers, grinding down as hard as she could. She whimpered loudly as the throbbing pleasure seized her, making her tremble in ecstasy.

The climax was almost painful. It was so strong that Mandy noticed that tears came to Tina’s eyes. “Dear dear, don’t cry!” said Mandy, burying her face in Tina’s neck. Tina sobbed, kissing Mandy’s hair softly.

They held each other a little longer. Just then, Tina slid her hands up to Mandy’s breasts. Mandy took Tina’s hands and kissed each palm and suddenly realized how public they were. She helped Tina up and said “Tina, dear, we’ve spent far too long here already, you must go now and we will meet again later.”

Glancing towards the balcony to check on any peek by Dave, she again got this funny feeling about being watched…and wanted to know it for sure.

Mandy watched Tina disappear through the pool gate. She gathered her clothes and walked, naked into the house. On her way, she glanced towards the balcony for any sign of a voyeur. She was almost sure that there was someone watching her and wanted to find out if it was true.

Mandy made a bee line to her room and then her bathroom for a shower. As usual she didn’t close her room door or bathroom door. She started the shower, relieved as the warm water splashed on her young boobs. She has cupped one of her breasts with her right hand and, with the other, started to stimulate her swollen clit.

Dave had been mesmerized by the show presented by the two girls. He’d recorded the whole thing on tape. This was going to be his everyday material when he needs relief.

Dave was so engrossed in recording the girls that he hadn’t realized his cock was a rock hard. As he began stroking it feverishly, he watched Tina leaving the pool area and heading home. He felt as he is with two girls as he watched Mandy walking towards the house. Dave imagined that he was on the bed with them, sliding his cock deep inside Mandy’s upturned pussy. He tightened his grip, in an attempt to recreate the feel of a tight young girl. He groaned loudly and let his load loose. It shot over the video camera, splattering on the floor about 4-5 feet away.

His cock had not had a chance to deflate when he heard the shower in Mandy’s room. Without a second thought, he picked up the camera, left the balcony and walked towards Mandy’s room. As he tiptoed down the hallway, he could hear water running. Dave peeked around and then slid into the room. He inched along the wall, listening to the moans coming from the bathroom. He switched on the video and walked across the room naked. He flipped switches on his DVD for several moments, to find a camera view of the shower. When he finally caught sight of Mandy, he froze in his tracks.

Mandy was bucking feverishly against her fingers as a wild orgasm ripped through her pussy. Dave quickly flipped on his camera and captured every moment of her fascinating orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, Mandy lifted her head and glanced towards bathroom door. She was shocked to see the shadowy outline of Dave on the wall, holding the camera. “This fucker is not only sneaking a peek but he’s recording, too!” thought Mandy. She saw Dave’s shadow turn back and move away.

Mandy took her time getting her perfect, young body dried with a large towel. She succeeded in drying the wetness bursa eve gelen eskort from her body, but realized it was next to impossible to stop the wetness between her thighs.

She walked across the room and headed towards Dave’s room. Mandy peeked around the corner before entering. Dave was seated on the bed, his camera connected to the TV, watching the orgasm she’d had a few minuets ago. Watching herself on the screen turned Mandy on again. She barged in to his room without any warning and stared at his erection.

“Dad, what the hell are you doing with those pictures of me?”

“Mandy? I… I… I’m sorry” said Dave, trying to get up from the bed.

“Mandy, I want to talk to you.”

“Oh no, you don’t.”

“Oh yes, I do,” said Dave, getting to his feet.

“I know what you’re going to say, so forget it.” Mandy stared at her step dad with defiance, pouting her lips in a satisfied smile.

“Mandy,” said he, raising his voice.

“Yes, Dad,” she said in a husky voice, pushing him back on to the bed. Dave’s nakedness of was suddenly embarrassing. He realized how exposed his erection was to his step daughter. Her beautiful, naked body and the amazing sexuality made him speechless. “What the hell is happening?” he thought?

“Mandy…” he stammered. “You can’t…”

“Dad,” she uttered, almost in a whisper. “What can’t I do? I’m 21. You can’t say anything. I’ll do what I want and you can’t do anything about it.”

“Mandy, please,” he pleaded, still embarrassed by his hard-on. “You can’t go on like that. You can’t” “Mandy, what…”

“Dad, you are a bastard and you want me!” Mandy said as she came closer to him.

“No, Mandy, it’s not like that.”

“Oh…no? What is this then?” asked Mandy grabbing his stiff cock. The unexpected warmth of her hands made him moan.

“Mandy!” he exclaimed…and she giggled.

“Are you telling me that you don’t want me? So why don’t you remove my hand from your cock?”

Dave shuddered as he felt his daughter’s fingers slide up and down his cock. “This girl is hot and she is correct!” he thought. Dave was desperate to throw Mandy on his bed and fuck her brains out.

“Oh dad, you like it, don’t you?”

“Mandy, we can’t do this!” Dave whispered, making a weak effort to pin his step daughter’s arm, preventing it from moving, but that did not remove it from his erection. It felt too good and he felt pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock. Dave couldn’t remember ever being this excited, not even when he was a teenager.

“Dad, you’re efforts aren’t convincing. If you don’t want this to happen, all you have to do is push me away!” said Mandy.

Dave was now convinced that he had sufficient permission to fuck his step daughter.

“OK Mandy, if this is what you want, open your mouth and suck me like the sweet little cocksucker I know you are,” said Dave.

Mandy leaned down and took his cock in her hand. Her fingers couldn’t touch as they went around the shaft. Mandy licked the pre-cum soaked head of his 9″ cock and heard him suck in his breath. Mandy looked him in the eyes and sucked the head deep into her throat while rubbing his sack. Dave began bucking into Mandy’s mouth.

“Oh god Mandy, you have a hot mouth, oh yeah, suck it girl, Mmmmmmmm deeper, faster, Oh Mandy, suck me sweetie, suck my cock.”

She moved on his cock like a starving woman and applied as much saliva as she could. The slurping and plopping noises turned Mandy on. She liked sucking and slurping her way to a mouth full of cum. She was sucking him so deep now that his balls were hitting her bottom lip. His hands were on the back of her head holding her so he could fuck her in her mouth. She felt him thrusting in and out as he moaned in rhythm.

“Oh yea, Uhhhhh, oh yeah, FUCK! Mmmmmm, yes, uhhhh suck me Mandy, harder sweetie, that’s the girl. Oh god…I’m goanna cum sweetie…sweet god.” moaned Dave as he pulled out of her mouth, controlling himself without cumming. He pulled her up, along his body and took her mouth in a tender kiss.

He rolled her onto the bed as his hands and tongue licked, kissed, and touched every part of her body. He started with her neck, kissing her there while his hands played dangerously close to her wet pussy. Mandy open her thighs, hoping he would take the signal and stroke her swollen clit. But his teasing game was just started.

“God… this fucker knows how to treat a woman!” thought Mandy.

His tongue lingered for only a moment before moving onto a hardened nipple. Mandy surrendered to his mouth as he begins to bite. The pressure deep in her pussy was throbbing now, wanting release.

She cried out for him to fuck her. He leaned up onto his elbow and smiled. “We have all the time in this world and are going to go slow my sweet little pussy cat. Just lay back and enjoy” said Dave in reply.

Dave started his assault again, taking her nipples between his fingers and pinching them, while sliding down her body and bayan escort bursa lowering his face to her awaiting cunt.

Mandy stretched her legs as wide as she could, inviting him in. Her clit was swollen and he blew on it, sending shivers through her aching body. Dave smiled as she bucked her hips, searching for contact with his tongue.

“Dave, you are a bastard, don’t tease me… for God sake. Ohhhhh God, please Dave” Mandy pleaded.

Dave spreads her pussy lips and sucked her clit, bringing her to a quick orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, he put his arms under her tight ass, lifted her wet cunt and sucked up all her pussy juice. Mandy tossed her head from side to side in ecstasy.

“Mandy, will you give me everything? I hope you know what I’m asking for,” said Dave.

“Yeah, Dad, I’m yours. Please take me!” said Mandy sighed deeply. That’s all Dave needed to hear. He positioned himself between her thighs and started to rub his cock head between her pussy lips, which drove her out of her mind.

“Mmmmh! That’s nice, I need you Dave. Fuck me! I want to feel your cock buried deep in my pussy,” cooed Mandy in a sultry voice, begging him for more.

He pushed the head in slowly, as her pussy became accustomed to the size of his manhood. She moaned and he stroked her clit with his fingers while pushing deep in to her cunt.

Dave looked at her face for any sign of discomfort and found none. He continued to push in to her wetness while rubbing her clit vigorously. As he began to move inside, her nails dug into his shoulders and she started to scream. She reached her third orgasm of the morning…the second from Dave’s efforts, this time on his enormous cock!

Dave moved his cock inside her cunt with a considerable ease, a clear indication of how seasoned her cunt was. His thrusting became faster and deeper. She loved every minute of it, his cock thrusting into her shaved pussy, faster and faster. She was very well lubricated, thought Dave.

“What made you want to do this Mandy?” asked Dave.

“I knew you were in my room and recording me masturbating. I wanted you then and there, but I wasn’t sure you’d go for it. The only way I could be sure was to get catch you with your pants down”

“I’m very happy you approached me baby, I’ve always wanted to fuck you and I can do it all day!” said Dave in a very assuring tone.

Suddenly, Mandy realized that he hadn’t reached an orgasm with her…something she had never experienced with any of the boys she was dating. There was no clue about Dave shooting his load…and that surprised her. With that, she pushed Dave off of her, making his cock pop out of her cunt with a plop

As Dave knelt there, Mandy moved to a doggy-style position, reached around and, with one hand, guided his cock back to her soaked pussy. Dave spread her ass cheeks with both hands and pushed forward until his shaft was almost all the way. He began humping back and forth, slipping between her cunt lips as they enveloped his shaft. As he pushed in further, Mandy began to move her ass from side to side, allowing Dave to sink deeper into her snatch. Soon, he was moving back and forth, matching her movements and bent towards Mandy so he could use his hands to fondle her lovely tits, swinging back and forth with her rocking body.

Mandy was in another world and managed to whimper “Yes, Dad, shove that lovely cock all the way in… let me feel that stiff cock… cum on, baby, flood me with your cum! Shoot it deep inside me.”

Her words almost took Dave to the point of no return. But he had other ideas. He wants to save his load for a very special moment. Demonstrating a great deal of self control, he slowed down and moved out from Mandy’s pussy with.

“It will be a lot easier if you’re on top. You’ll be able to control things better.” said Dave.

It took only few seconds to change positions. Mandy poised herself over Dave and they caressed one another, his cock pressed along her slippery slit. Then, Mandy sat up, reached down, placed her hand around Dave’s monster and guided it to the slippery wetness oh her pussy.

“Take your time baby, we’re not in any hurry!” said Dave, feeling the pressure of her vaginal muscles on his cock, as she guided it in, controlling the passage of his cock inside her. Mandy placed her hands on his shoulders as he squeezed her breasts, stimulating her swollen nipples with his thumb and forefinger. She moaned again, pressing herself down, harder, against him.

When Mandy was fully impaled on his cock, Dave felt her pubic bone against the base of his prick. To go as deep as possible, Dave reached up and drew her towards him.

“Ah… Ah… Oh… dad, fuck me, fuck me hard!” she cried out.

“Easy baby, easy,” Dave assured her.

Mandy’s pussy was unusually slippery, with her juices combined with Dave’s pre cum. “What a wet fuck!” muttered Dave, as her pussy contracted and throbbed around his shaft. She started rocking her hips up and down with reckless abandon. It seemed like forever that they fucked like that. Dave watched her pussy slide back up the length of his shaft before easing itself back down again.

By this time, both Mandy and Dave were deeply engrossed in what they were doing. Just then, an intruder entered the house downstairs, without their knowledge. A trespasser who had no clue about what was happening in upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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