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Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 20

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Big Tits

Daisy was naked, and her titties bounced and jiggled wildly as she ran, hitting her in the chin and face, but she managed to make it to the house.

She expected to run into her mother immediately, but there was no one in the kitchen, or the living room. She rushed up the staircase to her bedroom and flung herself onto her bed, crying. She didn’t even care that she was naked, or what her mother would say if she came in the room. She hated her mother, just as she hated her father and her best friend.

She lay on her bed for five minutes until her weeping slowed and finally stopped. Then she heard a sound behind her. She looked over her shoulder, and gasped.

Her father’s friend Nate stood in the doorway, looking uncertainly at her. “Veronica? Oh my god, are you okay? Why are you crying?”

Daisy scrambled to cover herself, but there was too much flesh for her little hands, so she grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself in that instead. “What are you doing here?”

Nate frowned. “I just stopped by to have a beer with your, um…with your boyfriend. He mentioned his wife was out, and…” He looked down at her. “I didn’t realize you’d be here. I’m an idiot. I should have known you would be.”

“No, it’s okay,” Daisy said, realizing abruptly that she had forgotten her accent. But Nate seemed unaware. He came and sat down on the chair at her desk, looking wary. “Did you two have a fight?”

Daisy nodded, sniffling. “I don’t think he loves me anymore. I mean, I don’t think he…I don’t think he wants me.”

Nate looked at her. “How could he not want you? You’re…you’re gorgeous.”

Fresh tears spilled from Daisy’s eyes. “You really think so?”

“Of course I do,” Nate insisted. He slid down to his knees and crawled across the floor to the bed. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“I think you’re just saying that,” Daisy sniffled, rolling over so that her back was to him. The blanket rolled with her, exposing her backside. She heard Nate’s intake of breath.

“No, see, now I have proof,” he said softly. She felt a hand on her side, felt it slide down her hip and over her ass. “This is just beautiful.”

“How about this?” Daisy demanded, rolling onto her back, but without the blanket this time. Her enormous tits bulged atop her narrow chest, though the cylinders must have come off somehow, leaving her nipples bare. They had been pumped so hard and for so long that they were obscenely large, nearly an inch thick and several inches long. Nate stared at them, and Daisy couldn’t tell whether he was aroused or disgusted.

“Or this?” She spread her legs, directing his attention to the flesh bulging inside the plastic cup between her thighs. Nate’s eyebrows shot up, and he immediately moved down to investigate. “What is this?”

“He makes me wear it,” Daisy sobbed, though she knew now it was only for sympathy. “Take it off and see what it does to me.”

Nate tugged gingerly at the plastic cup, but it didn’t budge.


He pried the cup off with a grunt, and out popped her enormous twat. Thick folds of swollen pussy flesh, slick with juice, protruded five inches from her body. Nate swore under his breath.

“See? I’m disgusting. No one will ever want to fuck me.” Daisy’s tears were real this time. She had seen the expression on his face, and in that instant, any thought burdur seks hikayeleri of ever feeling sexy or desireable had been eradicated from her memory.

Nate reached out and stroked the purple flesh. “I still want to fuck you.”

“You’re just saying that!”

“No, baby,” he insisted, touching her gingerly, getting a feel for the shape and texture of this expanded cunt. “I bet you’re even tighter like this. I bet you’d feel so nice around my cock.” He stood up suddenly and began undoing his belt.

Daisy looked up at him, suddenly afraid. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to fuck that fat pussy,” Nate said as his jeans and boxers fell to the floor. He stepped out of them and knelt over her on the bed. “You’re so tiny,” he whispered. “You’re too small to have such a big cunt. But I’m gonna fuck it, okay? I’m gonna fuck it like your man should.”

His cock split her open with a single satisfying, almost painful thrust. She moaned, and so did he. “Ohhh god, yes, you are tight, Veronica. So swollen my dick barely fits inside you. Oh yeah, that’s good. You’re fucking wet too, just like I remember. Let me see those tits.” Daisy had been covering them, self-conscious, but he pushed her hands away. “Let me suck on those big nipples. Yeah, you’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you? You let a man do this to your beautiful body. You’re a good little slave, aren’t you? You’ll do anything. I remember. You satisfied more than one of us that night. I bet this body could satisfy a whole fucking group of guys, couldn’t it?”

Daisy moaned as he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. She let her hands slide up and down his back, not knowing what to do, but wanting to give this man pleasure.

Nate lifted his head and the fat nub popped out of his mouth. “Oh yeah, do you hear that? That’s the sound of your nasty wet cunt getting fucked. You really like this, don’t you? You’re fucking soaked. But even with all that pussy juice, you’re tighter than a virgin. Oh god, I think I’m going to cum. Oh baby, I’m going to fill up this beautiful fucking cunt! Are you ready? I’m going to fill you with cum.”

Daisy wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper into her as his cock started to pulse. She was too numb to feel his cum shoot into her, but she could feel him expanding and contracting inside her. He moaned into her ear, one hand groping her ass underneath her, the other on her right tit.

When he was finished, he pushed himself up and looked down at her. “You really are beautiful, Veronica. It’s a shame your man can’t appreciate that.”

“Her name is Daisy, and I can appreciate that, Nate.” Her father was standing in the doorway, fully dressed, arms crossed. “And while I am her man, it’s not like you think.”

Nate had leaped off of Daisy, and was hastily pulling on his boxers. Tom took his former place on the chair and motioned for him to stop. “Don’t worry, we’re all friends here. And you may find yourself needing that cock soon anyway.”

“What’s going on here?” Nate asked quietly.

“Daisy, why don’t you tell him who you really are?”

Daisy’s eyes were wide. She looked from Tom to Nate and back again, terrified. She was too scared even to cover her naked body. “Dad, I…”

“Wait,” Nate interjected, standing suddenly, “‘Dad’?!”

“That’s right,” Tom said, “I’m her father. What, you don’t think anything that beautiful could come from me?”

Nate shook his head, staring at Tom, then at Daisy. “That’s…you’re…I…”

“Yes,” Tom said, “that’s my daughter, and you just fucked her. So I’d say you owe me a little something.”

Nate looked at him, immediately suspicious. “Owe you what?”

“Just a little favor,” Tom assured him. “I’m sure you won’t find it too unpleasant. Why don’t you two join me downstairs for a beer? I presume that’s why you’re here to begin with, isn’t it, Nate?”

Nate nodded, looking wary again. He glanced at Daisy, and saw she was getting to her feet as well. “All right. I guess.”

“Daisy,” Tom instructed, “I don’t want you to leak Nate’s cum all over my floor. Why don’t you put on a pair of panties? Nothing on top, please.”

She obeyed, automatically, searching through the top drawer of her dresser for a pair. There were still some in her room, though most of her clothes were kept out in the shed. She found a pair of boyshorts, which she slid up her slim legs and over her bulging cunt. She moved unsteadily, the flesh wiggling awkwardly between her thighs. Her tits swayed on her chest, fat nipples bobbing.

Nate followed her downstairs. In spite of the situation, he found himself eyeing her round little ass, admiring the way it shook and bounced a little as she moved. He remembered burying his cock in her asshole and filling it with cum. His cock, still exposed, began to harden.

Tom cracked three beers in the kitchen. “Cheers, guys,” he said, sounding cheerful. “Here’s to new beginnings.”

“What’s this all about?” Nate asked after a long swig.

“Okay, okay, let’s cut to the chase,” Tom said, leaning against the kitchen island, beer in hand. “I’m punishing my daughter for dressing and acting like a slut. I’m using humiliation and degredation to teach her that it’s not okay for my daughter to behave like that, especially when she’s living in my house.”

Nate looked over at Daisy. She was drinking her beer and following the conversation with polite curiosity.

“Poker night was just one of her lessons,” Tom went on. “I’m teaching her that if she isn’t careful and she puts herself in the wrong situations, wearing those kinds of clothes, she’s going to suffer consequences.”

“Like gang rape.”

“It wasn’t rape,” Daisy said suddenly.

“It wasn’t rape,” Tom agreed. “She liked it. I bet she’s wet right now just thinking about it.” Daisy blushed.

Nate shook his head. What the hell was this? “All right, so, what’s this got to do with me?”

Tom gestured to Daisy. “Why don’t you go in the next room, sweetie? Maybe you could clean up your face a bit, brush your hair.”

Obediently, Daisy got to her feet and left the room, her ass cheeks swaying inside the tight panties. Nate watched her go.

When the door closed behind her, Tom said, “I’d like to teach my daughter the dangers of teen pregnancy.” Nate’s head snapped around at the word. “I don’t think it would be a good idea for Daisy to get pregnant by some random guy, and I’m her father, so of course I can’t be involved. But I know she really liked you, so I would appreciate it if you would get my daughter pregnant.”

Nate stared. He couldn’t speak.

“Drink your beer and think about it,” Tom said, laughing. “You did, however, fuck my daughter in her bed, in my house, so it’s less of a decision on your part and more a matter of acceptance. So think about it all you want, but you will do it.”

“Tom, I can’t.” Nate nevertheless downed the rest of his beer in one go. “She’s a child.”

“She’s eighteen, and you’ve already fucked her,” Tom corrected, fetching him another beer. “And I seem to remember you liking it. Wouldn’t you like to have that tight, hungry pussy whenever you want? In fact, you can fuck any hole, so long as you cum in her pussy. She likes you, Nate, and she’s a slut. She’d do anything for you.”

Nate closed his eyes. “What are you going to do if she does get pregnant?”

“We’ll give it up for adoption,” Tom said.

Sighing, Nate drank the second beer. “What about your wife?”

“Well, there’s that too. She can’t be involved at all. At the moment, she believes Daisy is at some kind of summer camp. What I’d like for you to do is keep Daisy at your place until she’s definitely pregnant and beginning to show. Then we’ll take her back here and care for her until the birth. My wife will come around to the idea, especially if she knows Daisy will put the baby up for adoption.”

Nate sighed. “And there’s no way I can get out of this?”

“Get out of this?” Tom looked confused. “Man, you get to fuck my hot little slutty daughter as often as you want. How is this a burden?”

When they brought Daisy back into the room, Tom ordered her to bend over one of the padded bar stools in the kitchen. She obeyed, her tits hanging down in front of her. Her pussy bulged out between her thighs, straining against the tight cotton of her panties.

“Pull them down,” Tom instructed him. Nate reached out and slid the panties down over her curved ass, spilling her pussy flesh. “Fuck her.”

But Nate had a better idea. He went around to her head and rubbed his cock across her lips. She opened them, and he slid into her mouth. She was warm and wet, and he could easily fit half his dick inside. When he pushed into the back of her throat, she only gagged a little, getting his shaft nice and wet. He fucked her face for a few moments, then pulled out and returned to her backside. Tom was grinning at him.

Her cunt was even tighter than before. He reckoned she must be even more swollen from the fucking he had given her. She was hot and wet, too, and he slid in smoothly until he bottomed out deep inside her. She moaned, and he did too. “Oh, Daisy, this is the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked. You’re already such a tiny young thing, but with that pump on your fat cunt, it makes you even tighter. Oh fuck, I’m going to enjoy cumming inside you every morning and every night. Tell me how much you want my cum.”

The girl bent over the stool in front of him moaned. “I want it so bad, Nate. Fill me up. Fill my pussy up until it leaks out of me.” He pounded into her harder and harder until her words were lost amidst a series of incoherent grunts and moans. Every thrust made her ass jiggle until Nate gripped both round globes in his hands and used it to pull her back onto his cock. Her asshole peeked out from between her cheeks and he looked at it with surprise. He remembered her ass, remembered filling it up, but he hadn’t remembered it looking quite like this. Her anus was so swollen. Nate found he wanted to fuck it nonetheless. He wouldn’t be able to cum inside it, but he would certainly give it a good hard reaming.

When he came, he groaned her name, her real name, and filled her pussy with his cum.

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