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Darla Seduces Tim Conclusion

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Thank you so much for your feedback! You don’t necessarily have to read part 1 unless you want to know more about how the two find themselves in the motel room but there is a quick recap in the beginning just the same. I hope you like and comments are always appreciated.

Dave Rollands, is a 30 something year old, lean built, 5’11” happily married man. He is wearing what he usually wears when he goes out with the guys on Thursday nights: sneakers, jeans, and buttoned shirt. He has two secrets. One of them is wearing the frilly white French cut panties with the sexy, white stockings carefully hidden underneath his manly clothes. The other is the semi-hard cock in front of his eyes. That dick is no longer hard because the semen carrying balls are now empty with its contents deep in Mr. Rollands’ belly. The remnants of the fourth spurt from that delicious cum-shooting cock are on Dave’s (oh excuse me: Darla’s) cheeks, chin and a dollop of sperm on his/her tongue.

Yes, Dave enjoys being Darla once a week. His first, and only guy, is out with his own wife tonight. Dave would not have known what to do if not for one of his friends saying, “Earth to Dave.”

That is correct. The owner of the freshly sucked cock is Dave’s other married friend, Tim. Tim thought something was odd between Dave and Bill and wanted to know more-MUCH more- about the two of them. And he Found out! And he liked it! MMMM. If only his wife enjoyed sucking his seven-inch cock, deep-throating him, and swallowing his load.

Tim’s trembling and excited hands are in Darla’s hair. His breathing is slowly returning to normal. Tim’s eyes still glazed over with post orgasmic lust. Looking down at his expert cock sucker and excitedly saying, “That was fantastic, Darla!”

Still kneeling on the motel floor, Darla is happily massaging his balls, stroking lazily up and down the lovely cock, and looking up at its sexy owner. The two match eyes while Darla slowly rises, opening her mouth to show Tim that she still has his flavor, his cum, on her lips and a dab of his sperm on her tongue.

Sliding her arms around his neck, Darla moves closer to kiss him on the lips. Tim looked at her open cum filled mouth, then into her eyes. Shaking with nervous anxiousness, he opens his mouth and presses lightly against Darla’s lips, tasting his own cum.

Emboldened by his actions, Darla slips her tongue into his mouth while lips press softly together. Tim swallowed her tongue, tasting himself and moaning softly. Soon, the two are avidly French kissing, swapping his cum, as he tastes more and more of his maleness into his throat, gulping nervously.

Tim feels Darla’s jeans covered hard cock rubbing against his spent dick. Darla’s hands are on Tim’s naked ass cheeks, pushing their pelvises tighter together. Her breathing is more labored. Her excitement leads her to slowly grind, rocking and humping against him as their passionate kissing continues.

Tim breaks the kiss. Sweat is forming on his brow and he is shaky but still holding onto her, “Darla, I don’t think I can. I mean, I mean this is all new to me. I am sorry.”

Darla keeps her eyes closed, temporarily lost in the sensual moment. She composes herself, gently stroking the small of his back. Easing her eyes open to look up at her lover. Quietly and calmly, with seemingly unshaken confidence, she says, “I know Tim, honey. Relax. I… There is so much I want to show you! I know you are going to be sooo excited when you see the fully dressed ‘Darla’! Bill Always is. (She smiles lasciviously while her pointer finger and thumb massage his dick tip, and licks his nose.) So I know I am sexy!” Darla releases her fingers from his soft cock and removes her hand from his back. Slowly turning away, taking her paper bag toward the bathroom, wiggling her ass seductively.

Ten steps from Tim and without turning, Darla kicks off her sneakers. She then unbuckles the pants, letting the jeans fall silently to the floor. Leaning over (slightly exaggerated to emphasize her curvy ass and shapely legs) as she steps out of them, giving Tim a glorious view of her ass covered white panties and smooth legs enclosed in white stockings. With only feminine attire from the waist down, Darla rises and cutely jiggles her sexy ass and carrying the paper bag as she swishes into the bathroom.

Stepping one stocking clad leg out from the door, the rest of her concealed from Tim’s view, Darla asks so sweetly, “Tim, why don’t you put on some music and hand me a glass of wine in a couple of minutes. I want to take a hot and scented bubble bath.”

“Yes, yes. Sure. Good idea.” He stumbles out the words while pulling up his pants, his cock beginning to swell from watching every swiveling, sexy motion of Darla’s rear.

Starting the water for the tub and dropping some scented bubble bath oil into it, Darla undresses, leaving the door slightly ajar. Looking into the mirror, tweaking her nipples with her left hand and fondling her very hard cock with her right, thinking bahis siteleri about all that has happened so quickly!

Darla thinks to herself, “I just sucked off my friend, fed him his own cum and he liked it! And by the looks of things, (she giggles as she just Knows Tim was staring at her wiggling ass) this could be one hell of a night! This is so much fun. I feel so fucking desirable. I must tease him some more!”

Darla shaved her face quickly. “Fourth time today,” she mused. Then she decided to put on some make-up and her shoulder length, curly, brunette wig. Feeling incredibly sexy, Darla checked her profile in the full-length bathroom door mirror. She saw her slim and hard five-inch cock sticking out and bobbing slightly up and down. “Don’t worry, sweety. We just might get lucky tonight!”

While admiring her slim swimmer’s build, she suddenly panics, “What if he chickens out and leaves?” Tweaking her nipples and pursing her lips, “No. I am too sexy. I have to stay confident. I am his Lover for tonight. I told him that and he seemed anxious enough.” Smiling confidently again as she remembered his hard cock. A cock that was hard because of ‘Fantastic, Darla.’ She is still glowing from one of his previous comments as she was swallowing his loads of cum.

She checked herself out in the mirror again to see how pretty and sexy she is before slipping into the hot, freshly scented and bubble filled tub.

As Darla’s feet tentatively stepped into the hot water, she is even more confident, relaxed and sexy as she hears soft jazz in the background.

“I got him!”

Darla congratulates herself as she let her legs slide under the bubbles, followed by that jumpy and hard clit. The rest of her sleek body slips in and soon the bubbles and water envelop her feminine form. She takes out her special bar of scented soap and begins to lather everywhere and humming joyously.


Tim cannot believe what has just happened! His mind is doing tumbles. He is almost beyond comprehending the ramifications of his actions!

“Not only did I kiss a guy, but I just let him blow me! And, to top it off, ate my own cum from his mouth! This is disgusting! But why am I staying so fucking hard?”

His six foot two well built frame paces the floor a few times. His dick is still stiff in his pants. “Okay.” Deep breathes, “Let’s rationalize this. This is not Really Dave-it is ‘Darla’. And she is a great cock sucking, sensuous, sweet moving Darla. Mmmm. She is the one doing the cock sucking-not me! That is right!” Pumping his fist in the air in psychological triumph. “I can do it. I would love to fuck her in the ass. Oh. I mean her, ‘pussy’. The way she moves that hot ass around is just like any other sexy bitch I have ever been with anyway. And I will definitely score! Something I haven’t gotten from my wife lately, that is for sure. I will just take her from behind with her on all fours. And whom is she going to tell that I am fucking her? Not my wife and not Bill for sure.” He chuckled to himself at that thought.

With renewed confidence, Tim looked at the motel radio and turned it on. “What station-something sexy, romantic-jazz. Yeah, that is the ticket.” He increases the volume so it could be heard throughout the room, not too loud, not too soft.

Walking toward the table and pouring the burgundy wine into two glasses, other thoughts cross his mind. “Hmm. And another reason I can have my go with ‘Darla’ is Bill is fucking her. Wow! I wonder how many times that lucky bastard has experienced Darla’s mind-blowing, cock draining blowjobs? I sure as shit would have a hard time not wanting that regularly! Maybe she would be into it…”

Holding the bottle with one hand, two filled glasses in the other, Tim slowly walks toward the bathroom. Hesitating a moment, “What if she expects me to suck her off? What do I do then? Has Bill sucked her ‘clit’? Is the only way I can fuck her is if she fucks me?!?”

“There is no way this is going to work. Dave does not look like a chick and I bet his legs and chest are hairier than mine! I just want a good fuck and then I am out of here!”

So, with new found confidence and a plan of action (and, of course, the raging hard cock in his pants!), Tim eases open the bathroom door, cautiously, carefully, preparing himself for the worst, hoping for the best.


“Darla!” she thinks to herself while shaving those slim legs for the second time today and luxuriating in the hot soapy tub. “This is better than I thought. I am sooo glad I brought my bag with me. I know I can turn him on! Oooohh. Just the thought makes my clitty all hard and my nipples tingle.” (Again giggling to herself as to how more feminine she is becoming while waiting for – Her MAN.)

After finishing with her legs and dropping the razor blade to the floor, Darla ran her fingers over her smooth chest, lightly pinching her nipples. She eased one hand down to the insides of her thighs. Her fingers moved closer and closer canlı bahis siteleri to the sexy vee between her legs. Those delicate fingers lightly touching herself, moving closer and closer to the hard clit below. Darla so enjoys teasing those sexy five inches while caressing her cum-filled balls. She then unhurriedly, slips a finger lower onto her puckered and clean ass-pussy.

Darla shifts her ass cheeks upward slightly. Slowly easing a finger inside, sensuously fingering her pretty hole. Darla’s chest is rising up and down with no sense of rushing the moment, languishing in her own femininity. She loves the feelings of the bubbles rubbing up and down her nipples; her hand wrapped around her hard clit, stroking slowly up and down. The digits, now two, are pushing in and out slowly, then quickly, then slowly again.

With the left soapy leg draped over the tub, her body rising and falling in motion with her self-pleasuring, Darla tosses her head back, her painted face exposing her self-induced rapture. The soft and pretty moans escaping from her sexy red-lipstick covered lips.

This is how Tim finds Darla!

He slowly opened the door and the first vision he had was seeing Darla’s smooth and sexy leg over the side of the tub. Transfixed at seeing how sexy she Really looks, he opened the door wider, his expectations rising. The opening door reveals her moving liquidly in self-pleasuring though her hands were not seen. The softness of her body, the feminine movement of her soapy, incredibly sexy form excites him greater. Her hard, red nipples were, at moments, provocatively revealed through the bubbles. Tim smiles and thinks to himself, “This is not baaaddd at all! Bill is one totally lucky bastard!” His eyes and mind becoming more filled with lust the longer his eyes grazed across her body and then seeing her lips, her pretty face, and her sexy hair.

The soft jazz is playing in the background and Darla’s sweet female sounding sighs filled the bathroom.

“Oh my god!”

Darla’s reverie is broken upon hearing Tim’s shocked voice. She composes herself, fingers slipping out of her pussy-ass. While washing her hands quickly under the water, hesitantly she looked into his eyes to gauge his reaction. Jumbles of emotions run through her mind as she considers the implications of the current situation.

“You look fucking hot!” is all Tim can muster to say as he continues to stare hungrily at Darla.

“Mmmmmm.” Darla thinks to herself, confidence regained. She smiles while thinking to herself, “This can be one HELL of a night!” She then gazed hungrily to the thick bulge in his jeans.

Tim is ogling her prone and sexy form from head to toe. His cock is so hard in his jeans as he admires and adores her body.

Darla likes his reaction. She even thinks it is cute. Teasingly and sensuously slipping the one exposed leg back into the tub while sliding the other out of the soapy water to caress the lip of the four poster basin, her toes pointing in his direction, waving wickedly at him. She shifted her right arm over the lip of the tub and leaned closer to him, her prettily painted lips puckered in his direction.

“Do you like the way I look, Tim?” Darla asks seductively while licking her lips to help make them shine in the bright bathroom light. She slyly eases one ass cheek above the soapy water to give him a better view of her sweet, feminine offerings. Her right foot is hanging over the edge and moving slowly up and down suggestively.

Tim watched her smooth motions, her seductive body gliding with ease in the bubbly tub, her sexily exposed and soap speckled ass cheek. Thinking to himself, “Wow! I can’t fucking believe how sexy Dave is! Almost makes me forget he is a guy! No. I have to think of her as ‘Darla’. That won’t be hard (Chuckling to himself at his own pun.). Sexier than most of the women I have been with.” He is grinning widely while absorbing all of her with his eyes. His body hardening, muscles tightening, reacting to his lusty thoughts.

“I love it!” He says to her. “Bill is one very lucky guy.” He kneels down to the tub, offering her the glass of cabernet wine.

“You are so incredibly sexy!” He moves his lips to touch hers.

A swirling of emotions run through Darla’s mind as she drinks in the events; along with Tim’s hot tongue and firm, thick, manly lips. “This guy is more of a romantic than Bill! I have to give Bill some tips if he wants to stay with me.” She thinks these naughty thoughts as Tim is working his best to seduce and please her. “Maybe Tim can give him the tips while I watch!” Darla’s hard clit jumps as she thinks wickedly to herself.

With continuing confidence, she presses her lips softly to his and feels his mouth push back. Tim shyly tongues her teeth then slips between to play with her tongue. Tim, unsure of himself or his actions, touches lightly upon her soapy shoulder, pulling Darla closer to him. She slides a wet arm around his neck and invites him sweetly in her mouth, canlı bahis mewing pretty sounds of complete satisfaction. The tongue touching becomes a little more heated as Tim probes deeper inside. Excited, his hand moves from her shoulder then down to her ribs. His slow but insistent fingers sliding across her skin and, skimming the water, creating little ripples in the tub, to feel Darla’s hard, red nipple.

“Oh god! This is wonderful. He is feeling me up and I feel sexier than ever.” Darla thinks to herself. “I love his manly touch caressing my body, feeling my nipple, sucking face with him!”

Darla runs her wet hand across his shoulders, down his back then lower to his jeans to squeeze his ass cheek. His lower body tenses as he moans quietly into her mouth.

She thinks to herself, “Mmmm. I have to make this moment last. Who knows when or IF this will ever happen again. Wow! I feel so like a real woman when I am with him.”

Darla breaks the kiss and looks into his eyes, her fingernails brushing along his face. “Let’s not rush this Tim. You are making me feel so special. So much like a woman.”

Darla brings the glass of red wine to her lips, sipping the cool liquid. Her clit is so hard she can’t believe how excited, sexy, and horny she feels!

Tim looks anxiously into her eyes, keeping his fingers, lightly pinching, on Darla’s nipple as he finds his glass and brings it to his lips, gulping hungrily.

Darla can tell by his body language that he is beside himself wondering what the fuck he is doing. “Hmm. It is not that he is going to leave me. He is clearly turned on by this sexy transgender guy-ME! (She gives a sidelong glance at the near-pants-splitting bulge in his pants) It is something else. Something more but I can’t pinpoint it.” Darla sighs while reminding herself that she doesn’t have the experience with men yet. (Quietly chuckling to herself at the thought she is hoping for more experience in that area-MEN.)

Darla does not even realize it but her fluttering eyes; the pensiveness spreading across her smooth and pretty face is so feminine, so like a woman. So much a turn on for Tim! He is watching her with a confused, lust filled, excited, and taboo filled mind. Stealing glances at her as she leans over the tub exposing more smooth, soapy, and sexy skin. Watching how every move she makes is subtler, sexier, more like a woman.

“Tim, why don’t you remove your shirt? I am making it all wet.” (Darla says, giggling as she traces her soapy finger across his chest)

Refilling his glass while keeping his one hand on her nipple, feeling it, pinching it lightly between his thumb and forefinger, his eyes caressing her body and face.

He smiles and admits to her and himself, “I, I, uh guess I should. I did not even notice.” He looks at his wet shirt, Darla’s hand still sliding across his chest and around his belly, ever inching lower.

The two shy and soon to be lovers are still close as he puts his glass down, unbuttons his shirt one button at a time, never taking his eyes off her.

“It is not that he doesn’t trust me or anything like that”, Darla considers. “I think he really wants me to watch him undressing. That he is doing it to tease and please me!” She feels her clit harden more, thankfully hidden in the soap filled bathtub.

Putting down his glass and kneeling in the basin as he removes his shirt, he sees Darla’s eyes are drawn to his naked chest. She then slowly, sensuously leans forward to kiss and suck his nipples. Feeling his hairy chest between her fingers and pulling on each nipple with her lips. Darla hears him sigh as she continues to lick and suck each one delicately.

“Mmmm Darla!” He sighs with pleasure.

He tosses his shirt aside as she takes her wine glass and drips it over each of his nipples, sucking quickly. Making loud sucking noises and enjoying him squirm and moan quietly. The mixture of his sweat, hard body, and tasty nipples keeps Darla on sexual edge.

Kneeling in the tub, her hips are exposed but her very hard clit is still in the water as she continues to lick, dribble more wine on his chest, and lick, suck, and nibble some more.

“Oh fuck! That feels sooo good, honey! Mmmm. Yesss Darla!” Tim moans and utters again and again.

Darla drips some more wine onto his chest and let it trickle down to his hard stomach, licking and sucking with more desire. With more hunger. Looking up into his eyes as she spills more of the wine on him, letting him, wanting him, needing him, to see her enjoy herself sucking on his body.

As Darla kneels and leans over the tub to undo his pants, Tim’s hands are on her waist as he watches her excitedly. His strong fingers rubbing around her hips and slowly up and down her back. Silently and almost without thinking with the words fumble out, “Darla, please stand. I want to see.”

Darla is almost shaking with excitement as she hears those words. Her finch inch clit is jumping with excitement under the bubbles as she looks at him. Her fingers are undoing his belt and slender fingers unzipping his jeans. “Are you sure?” She asks, concealing her eagerness.

In a quiet and unsteady tone while gazing into her eyes Tim replies, “I, I think so.”

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