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Date Night: Dinner for Two

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Date Night

(Dinner for Two)

It was date night. Not a night out on the town or a chance to dress up like fancy adults, but instead, an after the kids go to bed plan for delivery, cocktails, and intimacy. It was actually the last part that was planned first. I was trying, without success, to fall asleep in our bed alone while she worked a night shift at the hospital. I wished that she were with me, and I decided to text her. The conversation took a sensual turn, and eventually I sent a gif of a man and woman locked in a sixty-nine. I was hoping that it might turn her on a little or better yet plant the idea in her head for the future. She has often gone lengthy spans time without letting me lick her, but lately she has been letting me at least get a short taste on a regular basis. It’s been a wonderful change. In my opinion, the sexiest act in the world is a woman being pleasured by her lover’s mouth. That can be made even hotter if it is another woman doing the pleasing, but the sexiest version is when my wife is one of them.

Of course, in reality, she has only been on the receiving end, and only from me. But, in my mind’s eye, she has given, received and sixty-nined with a harem of beautiful women. See, in my imaginings, it always has to be her. She is the only way for me to come. If I watch videos or read Literotica, I must be able to make it about her. If my mind can’t make it her being pleased, it won’t work, because there is just no other person on earth who compares to my wife. It is in no way an exaggeration to say that I have not cum a single time without thinking of, or being with her, since the first day we spent together over 18 years ago.

To describe her, I feel I should start with her skin. To me, it is electric. The instant I touch her, I feel her current surge back to my spine and diffuse throughout my body from all points of contact. From the slightest graze, I feel nearly two decades of shared experiences and deep-rooted love wash over me like slipping into a warm bath. That soft smooth skin is crowned with beautiful, voluminous red hair. Her eyes have their own light that makes them shine through any expression, and when they look right into mine, I am entranced. The world is sucked away until she is the center of what is left of the universe. Lower down, her lips are full and soft. She compulsively licks them all day, fueling my imagination with every place I’d like them to be.

These features down to the base of her exquisitely kissable slender neck are already enough to make her a beautiful woman, but then, there is her body. Her curvaceous, womanly, maddeningly sexy body. The perfect amount of give and firmness on every inch from her supple wine glass breasts capped with delectably puffy pink nipples to her irresistible hips rounding out under her smaller waist. She is every bit of the ideal hourglass that people throughout time have carved in stone and painted on canvas to represent the great sex symbols of history and mythology.

Again, that would be plenty to make her a desirable beauty in any era, but with her, there is always more sexy to be found around every curve. To put it simply, she has the most perfect ass ever granted to a living being. It’s a fantastic, perfectly shaped, rounded, tucked under, bubble butt. Every move she makes drips with sexuality, be it the shake in her walk or the bounce from a smack. When paired with her smooth full thighs and the mouth-watering puffy lips beneath her neatly trimmed red bush, I can’t help but think of putting my mouth all over her.

So, imagine my excitement when after I sent her the gif of the two intertwined lovers, the exchange went like this:

Her: That looks like fun

Me: More like Heaven

Me: You on top of me, thighs around my head, pussy on my face, juices running in my mouth, two hands full of perfect ass, and you bobbing your mouth up and down on me with your boobs against my skin

Me: Pure Heaven.

Her: Monday Night?

My heart jumped into my throat and my breath caught on it causing me to cough and gasp for air when my smoking hot wife suggested we schedule such an event. My mind began racing to seemingly ancient memories of when we had done it in the past, but for several years that act been either a memory or a fantasy to help me when I was alone. Now it was on the calendar. We don’t ever schedule sex and even though it was still two days away, I don’t think my heart rate dropped down to normal again from that moment until days after what became our in-home date night.


She wanted to make fun cocktails with kinky names and order Chinese food. She even wore her “I love tofu” pajama shirt in anticipation of her general tso’s tofu, but really it was to drive me crazy. The form fitting, curve enhancing shirt separates the letters so that at first glance it reads “I want TO-F-U”. She also strategically chose her pj shorts. She wore a pair of cheerleader style shorts left from high school that she alert missing persons unit izle knows have been turning me on for most of my life. The drinks were wonderful, and she decided to order a pizza instead of Chinese because it would go better with them. To me it didn’t matter in the least what was for dinner, because whatever it was would just be an appetizer.

After we ate, I was rubbing her feet and legs while sitting next to her on our L shaped couch, when she began to reposition. I thought she was just swapping out which leg to massage again, but instead they spread. She put one leg behind me and hooked me with her heal pulling me down between her thighs. I dropped to the floor and wrapped my arms around both legs with my hands coming to rest next to my ears as I eagerly mouthed over her pussy through her clothes and kissed the innermost parts of her legs now fully exposed by the loose shorts. I could tell that she was just playing. She wasn’t ready yet. My main course still needed more preparation.

Earlier in the evening I had stashed a remote vibrator that works with a phone app in the room. I retrieved it and, at first, she said she wasn’t ready for that. I explained that I wanted to use a feature we had never used before. I began playing a song by The Weekend on the app and held it to her. She quickly realized that the toy was mimicking the rhythm and intensity of the song. That idea visibly turned her on. I quickly moved it inside her shorts and between her plump lips. This toy makes her soaking wet and it was clearly working its spell on her as she pushed it inside of herself with the pink antenna still sympathetically vibrating against her clit. I kissed her and touched her everywhere I could reach while The Weekend continued to play on my phone and please the redheaded vision with her legs wrapped around me. Eventually I sat up on the couch and she stood. I thought it must be time to move on to the main event, but this night was full of surprises and would not be rushed.

Instead of walking past me she seductively swung herself around facing away from me, and slowly sat down on my lap. She began to grind back into my crotch which stood at attention in response. She stood to reposition, and I took off her shorts exposing her panties. They were white with black accents and barely contained her entrancing hips and ass as she turned around and straddled me. I needed more hands. I stroked her thighs and kneaded her hips. I wrapped my hands around and inside her underwear to squeeze her ass. I ran them up her shirt to cup her chest. All the while I could feel the toy inside her pulsing to the music. My erection was so hard it ached. When she repositioned, I pulled it out before she sat back down and ground her vibrating pussy into me again. With only one layer of clothing between us now and my hands all over her, I was already lost to the evening, but of course there was more.

When the song changed, she dropped to the floor and took me in her mouth. Her hips were still grinding to the music reverberating through her pussy that I had already felt soak through her panties when she was dancing on top of me. Her lips and tongue gliding over me were incredible. Her head bobbed to the rhythm with the rest of her body and in the slower sections she gave long slow sucking kisses up to the tip.

The time had definitely come to move to the bed, so I went to prepare the bedroom. I stripped the blankets only leaving the pillows we might need, and turned the color changing lamp by the bed to a deep pink magenta.

When I walked back into the living room, the vision that awaited me almost caused me to blow off the evening plans so I could take her right there. She had her arms and head on the couch cushion facing away from me with her knees on the floor gently rocking her perfect panty-clad ass back and forth. The music still playing outside and still pleasing inside. I dropped my pants, came up behind her, and began to pound myself against her already filled and still covered pussy. Her breathing began to quicken, and she moaned as she let her body weight fall into the cushion no longer supporting herself. Any other night we would not have left that spot before one of us came, but tonight was not any other night. Tonight, we had plans.

The second the door closed I had her shirt over her head. I put my hands over her from behind and sucked on her neck before dropping down and removing her panties, leaving them in a wet heap on the floor. The entrée was finally prepared, and my mouth watered at the sight. Even the few seconds required to position ourselves seemed too long to wait to get my tongue on her.

I ripped off my shirt and jumped into the middle of the bed. I couldn’t feel anything but gratitude as I watched this vision of a woman climb into bed with me and place a knee on each side of my head by my shoulders. We had left the toy in, and she chose a new song while alice in borderland izle I moved the antenna aside and pulled a pillow under my head to make separating me from her lips an impossibility.

As soon as I took that first long lick, I was gone. I felt like I was floating in some faraway place…

I was only my senses. I was vividly aware of every point of contact: my tongue on her lips and creases, my cheeks against her inner thighs, and my bearded chin rubbing her short red curls. I had my hands, wrists, and forearms hooked firmly around the top of her, as if this magical creature I had found might be whisked away at any moment. I could feel her against my chest lowering herself down with the first brush of a nipple becoming both breasts pressed against my skin. Then, as if I’d forgot, my body jerked and arched when her mouth slid quickly, without pause or hesitation, to the base of me. As the pleasure melted me back into place, my hands slid down her back, feeling every curve, hill, and valley on the way.

When I could manage to get my eyes open, they were filled with ass and thighs and lips and bush. My ears were locked into the sounds of our mouths working on each other and the reciprocated moans escaping through the edges. My nostrils were filled with scent of her, a perfume that inhales deep into the animalistic parts of my brain, driving away rational thoughts and causing me to stiffen and twitch in her mouth.

The sensory overload was complete with the taste of her, the taste of pure joy, a consumable euphoria created in the heavens and fed to me by a goddess. The toy, still inside her dancing to the music, caused her to be a fountain of savory honey. I swallowed gulps of her while her tongue danced on me inside the pleasure cove of her mouth. I surrendered to it. All of it. My thalamus exploded from the sensory overload, and the rest of my mind shut down to help save it.

I knew nothing but the two of us and our love for each other. The world ended at the borders of our skin, and for a beautiful moment, it was just the two of us, slaves to each other…

I got too lost in the ecstasy of it. I became less of a lover as I became more overwhelmed. Her mouth was casting spells on me and my eyes were uselessly rolling around in my head. My hands abandoned their expedition and rested limply on her skin. Her mouth sucked away my muscle control and made my breathing labored and heavy. My mindless efforts to pleasure with my tongue were stunted by my own breathy moans.

She put her hands on the bed and began to rise up, but my body suddenly sprang back to life reflexively wrapping my arms around her back, my right hand just below her neck and my left covering her tailbone. I squeezed her into me. Her body rewarded my effort with a surge in the steady flow of her excitement. I had my focus back. My tongue rubbed and flicked with purpose and she twisted and rolled in response. Her head laid sideways on my hip, her gasping mouth still blindly grabbing at me as she rocked her whole body back and forth.

She didn’t want to cum yet and began again to switch positions by rising up against the fulcrum of my mouth. As she separated her body from mine, I felt cold and wet. I wanted, I needed one more moment to make sure I could record every sensation into my memories. I redoubled my efforts with my mouth and gently put a weighted hand between her shoulder blades. Her skin was hot with a perfect misty layer of perspiration. She lowered herself again, but this was not the wind down that I was expecting.

She attacked me with finishing moves as I had done to her a moment before. Her lips and tongue and mouth all seemed to be swirling in different directions at once. My body locked up. This incredible woman, this otherworldly beauty, was giving me all she had, and it was too much. I was completely overwhelmed. She was doing everything she knew I liked. Not only was the motion and tempo of her mouth total perfection, but she leaned away from the hand on her side exposing the previously concealed hardened nipple to my palm, she rolled her hips in circles against my other hand, she was swirling herself all over my face, she squeezed me with her thighs, and she intentionally increased the volume of her moaning.

She made every inch of her body into a machine for my personal sexual pleasure. I began to involuntarily bend in the middle as my stomach flexed. I felt the familiar warm rush of endorphins and my mind came back to me to remind me not to cum in her mouth, just in time to pinch off the ejaculation. It was harder than usual, and I had to hold that muscle tight while the rest of my body was wracked with orgasmic bliss. The effort caused me to jerk and convulse. I was squeezing her head onto me with my thighs and her pussy onto me with my arms wrapped around her hips in a bear hug. Finally, I relaxed back into the bed. Every cell was tingling. We were halfway done.

I was unaware americas got talent all stars izle that she was trying to do more. I was unaware of pretty much everything. It was like I was in shock. It was more like I was underwater. I could hear her saying something and poking me, but it was like she was far away. I lay there, face and dick wet with her undeserved gifts for her unworthy husband. She left me unable to speak or control my overstimulated body beyond some awkward hand motions. That is, until I realized she was trying to bend over.

My body knew what to do before my mind really cleared. I was up and behind her pulling the toy out too quickly for comfort before she even finished getting positioned. Then she had her pillow supports sorted out and stuck her ass up in the air. This is always a vision too good for any poet to describe. She is too much for the eyes, and I can’t figure out where to look or where to put my hands. But she wasn’t like this to be felt up. She wanted…she…this spectacle of femininity…wanted to have sex with me. I really am a lucky bastard.

She was so wet and accepting. She swallowed me up. I stroked slowly for a while, still trying to see all of her, to take her all in with my eyes as though she might evaporate if the dream ends before I visually record the dimple on the back of her right shoulder. We swayed as I rolled my body into her and ran my hands around her cheeks. I sank my fingers into her too perfect hips and a light slapping sound could be heard as I added a snap to the still slow motion of my thrusts. The pace quickened as did the forcefulness of the motion.

Eventually, I was whipping myself into her, smacking her sensitive areas with my balls like a paddle, and crashing my hips into the back of her sending ripples to the top of her ass. The taste of her was still on my lips and when coupled the sensations she was providing; it drove me wild. She moaned progressively louder as the minutes ticked by. At first a soft sound when she would accept whatever change I’d make. Eventually, she was throwing herself into me, meeting each thrust, head up, mouth open, calling out a melody of oh’s.

I held her with my hands on her ribs and drove into her with the ferocity that my passion for her demanded. It’s hard not to lose myself completely and use too much strength with all the lust in my veins. My forearms try to crush her in my grip, my biceps want to pull her into me until we are a single being, and if my thighs and back had their way, each thrust would drive her through the wall.

It had already been several minutes and neither of us could keep up that pace for much longer. She collapsed on to her pillows and I went back to work. The sensations were deeper and more complex than the straightforward intensity of her mouth. Different points of contact with every motion in either of our bodies, every one impossibly seeming better than the one before. Each stroke is an anticipation of a journey to discover what pleasures this magic land may yet hold.

The pace ebbed and flowed sensuously. Much like before, I knew when it was probably time to move on. She wasn’t going to come like this, but how could I stop doing something that feels so good. The sounds of ecstasy were reduced to breathy reactions or gasps. I could sense that she was just pleasing me with her body now. In a way, she would have liked for me to go until I pulled out and came on her ass, but I take forever. I’m here to have fun with the love of my life. Stabbing at her long enough for me to finish especially after so forcefully stopping myself earlier would go way past fun and into frustrating work. Then the payoff would be unequal to the cost of losing the passion we were in. But… she could come right now….and that’s always fun.

Standard procedure for us at this point is, I pull out and lie next to her with my hand between her legs until I get to see and feel and hear her having an orgasm, a privilege I cherish and do not take lightly. But tonight, she was too sexy to leave alone even long enough to turn over. I slipped my middle finger into her and hooked it toward her g-spot, causing a fresh rush of her seemingly inexhaustible fluids. To my delight she perked back up all the way on her hands and knees. I moved my hand to rub her clit, but the sight of her swollen dripping lips, framed by all of her other perfections, was too much.

I doubted she wanted more of my tongue, but I had to try. I flipped on my back and wiggled between her legs expecting rejection but receiving none. We hadn’t been like that before and I tried to keep my finger in her in hopes that the combined stimulations would pay the rent, so she’d let me stay. The way she moved her hips made that too difficult and my hands instead slid up to her chest, and she rose all the way up until she was sitting straight above my face.

Like I said, I have fantasized about my wife every time I have masturbated since for over 18 years, and that, in my mind, a woman receiving oral is the most sensual sexual act. It is completely accurate to say that the fantasy that has made me come more times in my life than any other, is my wife riding either my or another woman’s face. It is a deeply ingrained fantasy, and yet I have never asked for it because I didn’t want to take the chance of her not being into it, ruining the fantasy.

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