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Daughters and Fathers Ch. 12

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With his arm around Maren, they fell asleep.

He wasn’t awakened by the sound of Britta quietly opening the door and going to the girls’ bedroom. He also didn’t hear her use the toilet without flushing, nor her snort, when she saw Maren’s clothes and her empty bed, nor her snort when she came in the bedroom and in the gloom recognized him and her sister together in bed. He was, however, stirred by her slipping under the covers behind him. As he slowly woke up, for a moment, he assumed that they were still back at the cabin, just wondering why she wasn’t already in bed with them. Then he missed the cabin’s scent of bare wood and remembered that he was at home, recalling the evening. He turned his head back and whispered:
“You too; nice.”
“Didn’t mean to wake you,” she whispered.

Then she cuddled up closer behind him with her hand on his side, and they were silent and soon sleeping.

When one and then the other moved, they all rolled over, hardly waking after having so often slept together. His arm slipped around Britta, and Maren’s around him, and they dozed off again.

His cock liked the familiarity of their position in its own way. It had already been light for a while, before a ray of sunshine lightened the bedroom and wakened him. He wasn’t surprised that his cock was stiff and had found its way between Britta’s thighs; it had happened so many times before. His hand closed around her breast. She stirred, then apparently aware of his cock, she gave a soft “uhn-hnn.” He moved it slightly, and she nodded slightly with a confirming “um-hmm.” Then she murmured sleepily: “If you want to,” and her hand slipped down and found the head of his cock, pressing it closer to her opening. He squeezed her breast, and she started to press it between her pussy lips. Then she snorted and whispered:
“Oh! We’re here!”
“Um-hmm, … if you want to.”
“Hmm? I was thinking we were still at the cabin.”
“Like I did, when you got in bed.”
“Hm-hmm! And you said we wouldn’t – here.”
“That was before last night.”
“Hmm? Hm-hmm! Nice.”
“Um-hmm, so if you want to; … we did.”
“That’s good. We felt a little bad about leaving them; it was so obvious what we were going to do.”
“Good, I hope.”
“Um-hmm! Very.”
“What are you talking about?” Maren interjected.
“How we all spent the evening,” he replied.
“Good, real good. I hope yours was too.”
“Um-hmm. As I was saying: ‘very’.”
“Hm-hmm! I can imagine!”
“Aren’t little sisters a nuisance?!” Britta replied facetiously.”
“If you invite yours to join you for a week with your friend?” he replied.
“Whose idea was it to sleep here?”

Britta’s fingers rubbed the now soft head of his cock. He snorted and remarked:
“You’re right; little sisters can be a nuisance – or maybe not. My idea, I guess, she said: ‘Come, sleep with me.’”
“I think he was just to lazy to move.”
“Hmm! But then he did?”
“Um-hmmm! … Hm-hmm! I hope Lars did too,” Maren replied.
“Like you can imagine.”
“Okay, don’t tell us. We just did it once, but real good.”
“Um-hmm,” he agreed cheerfully.
“We did too, not just once. Took a nap and then …. He had suggested setting the alarm so that we would have time before his parents came home.”
“We didn’t need to do that, just made it take so long that it was so good that we just wanted to go to sleep.”
“Hmm! We did too, but couldn’t plan to wake up in the morning together.”

By now, they were all lying on their backs, looking at the ceiling. He snickered and remarked:
“It was so good that we didn’t think about that, … but maybe we knew that we had the whole weekend before us – with you too, of course.”
Hmm! Thanks. … I did think about that, … well, when I got home and saw that Maren wasn’t in her bed.”

Maren snorted and remarked:
“And got in bed with us, … just to make sure?”
“I didn’t want you to feel bad about sleeping here.”
“So thoughtful of you.”
“Big sisters are like that, trying to help you feel good.”
“Oh, I was feeling very good … when I went to sleep.”
“Hm-hmm, me too,” he added.
“Hmm! And me too, before I had to get up and come home.”

They all chuckled. Then Maren quivered slightly and asked:
“Anyone else have to go to the bathroom? Can I use yours?”

He nodded, and they all did, snickering as they got out of bed. Maren used the toilet, and he turned to the washbasin, while Britta stepped into the tub, snorting at their immediate solution of how they could all go. When they had, he asked:
“What shall we do now? … Shower, breakfast?”
“It’s too early for breakfast,” Maren replied with a slight smirk, adding: “for a Saturday morning.”
“Hmm! Just shower, then?”

She scowled and smirked again. Britta snorted and remarked:
“If it’s too early for breakfast, maybe we should save the shower for later, too.”
“Hmm! Then you two have to come up with a better suggestion.”

The girls glanced at each other with smirks. Maren nodded to her sister antalya escort to reply. Britta snorted again and remarked:
“I was thinking we had a good idea, until my little sister butted in.”
“Oh, sorry! But you were talking; didn’t know you were doing anything else.”
“Just starting to,” he replied.”

Britta nodded, giving him a smile. Maren nodded, also smiling, and said:
“Like that; maybe I can help you, … to make up for having ‘butted in.’”

They all nodded with chuckles and returned to the bed. As he and Britta lay down, Maren chuckled and said:
“I guess I should get him back to where he was before.”

The others nodded with smirks, and she joined them, curling down to suck his soft cock. Britta’s hand found her pussy, rubbing. Soon, his cock wasn’t soft, but Maren continued, until her sister said: “Enough, get over here and help us.”

Maren sucked and licked a last time, nodding with a chuckle, and raised her head. As she clambered over them, he rolled towards Britta. She turned her back to him and reached between her thighs and guiding his cock to her pussy. It was in it before Maren settled comfortably with her thigh under Britta’s head and began to lick her pussy. He moved to push his cock deeper and then passively enjoyed how Britta’s pussy responded to what Maren was doing, encouraging them with pleased moans as he fondled the breast of one and then the other. What could be nicer and more arousing for a man, he thought, than to have his two daughters’ knowing they were giving him such pleasure – and each other.

When his hand slid over Maren’s hip, he found that Britta’s was already there, her fingers deep in her crevice. But that seemed to inspire Maren’s hand to reach over his hip, her fingers unhesitatingly finding his asshole. Oh yes! She knew that she wasn’t licking her sister’s pussy just to arouse her! He encouraged Britta’s fingers to show his appreciation, pleased when Maren chuckled so that he could hear her and her fingers probed. Britta moaned in response to Maren’s more intensive licking and sucking, her pussy clutching his cock, as her hips twitched.

He tried to prolong his pleasure by holding still – except for his cock’s throbbing in Britta’s clutching pussy – recalling his telling Maren that getting there was half the fun. But then he couldn’t control his hips and wanted the other half too.
Maren added a chuckle to her moans in response to what Britta was doing, and her hand encouraged him to fuck her. Britta moaned more sharply, and then they were all coming: his cock spurting in Britta’s pussy, as it flooded warm pussy juice past his cock. Maren moaned, as her hips twitched, and Britta’s mouth made wetter noises.

He groaned again with a final thrust of his cock and found Britta’s breast and squeezed it. After they had recovered a little, he squeezed Maren’s breast. She rubbed his hip, and then they all rolled back, the girls’ heads still on her sister’s thigh, sighing together. After a few deep breaths, Britta snorted and murmured:
“Oh, that was good! Being fucked and tasting your sweet pussy juice.”
“And yours, but not as much of it as I wanted,” Maren replied.
“Hm-hmm! Try again; it feels like I’m still leaking.”

The girls immediately rolled back together, and Maren did. She snickered and remarked:
“That wasn’t just you, but I love that too.”
“Hmm! And I didn’t get to taste anything,” he remarked.

The girls snickered, and Maren replied:
“Next time. … Any time you want.”
“Or me,” Britta agreed with a chuckle.
“Hmm! Thanks. Not before breakfast.”

They all chuckled. After a few moments, they got up, chuckling again as they crowded into the bathtub to shower together. They didn’t worry about legs and feet but were quite thorough about soaping breasts and crotches, four hands sharing the effort on each of them as they chuckled. They had to share two towels to dry themselves. Then the girls offered to start making breakfast while he shaved.

When he joined them, they smiled impishly, and Maren said:
“Britta said she would finish making breakfast, … or I could, if you didn’t want to wait till later.”
“Wait for what? … Oh! Hmm! To taste one of you?”

The girls nodded, again with impish smiles. He snorted again and remarked:
“Thanks, but I can wait, maybe not just till after breakfast. Maybe we should go shopping or something before lunch.”

Maren feigned a scowl, but then smiled and replied:
“It was just a suggestion, … in case you wanted to.”
“Hmm! Sweet of you to offer. Hope you weren’t … uh, getting all excited by the thought.”
“Hm-hmm! Maybe Maren was; it was her idea.”
“Hmm! I can imagine. And I was going to have to make a choice?”
“Oh, I thought it was her turn after … well, what we did before.”
“I would have, too. Breakfast.”

When they sat down to eat, Maren asked:
“’Shopping or something’, thinking of anything special?”

He looked her and then at Britta antalya rus escort – looked at their bare breasts – and replied:
“Not really. Hm-hmm! Oh, it looks like you two need more underwear.”

The girls snorted with smirks, glancing at each other – at the other’s breasts. Then Britta replied:
“You think so? We’ve been trying to save what we have for when we really need them.”

Maren nodded, then with a sly grin giggled and said:
“Oh! You want to come along and help us choose panties and bras?”
“Hm-hm-hmm! I don’t think so. … Hmm? And wouldn’t want your mother asking why you had new ones that I might choose.”

They all chuckled, while it quickly went through his mind that it had been a clever remark: playing on the girls’ fantasies about what kind of sexy underwear he might like, while also reminding them that their mother didn’t know how they might be having such a conversation. The devil, she didn’t know! – maybe not envisaging then sitting naked in the kitchen, but he had to remind himself that the girls didn’t know she knew. Maren was already replying:
“Hm-hmm! You can just show us what you would like. We don’t have to buy them.”

His thoughts caught up with her and said:
“Not even that, … and don’t think about trying to surprise me with any.”

Britta snorted with a grin and remarked:
“Can’t remember that you’ve ever seen us wearing bras.”
“Hmm?! I can’t either.”
“I showed you my first one,” Maren volunteered.
“Um-hmm, and your mother told you what she thought about your doing it.”

Maren looked almost embarrassed at being reminded, but then smirked and replied:
“You probably like us better like this, anyway.”

She moved drew her shoulders back and shook them, her firm breasts moving, but not jiggling. They all snickered, and he replied in his fatherly admonishing tone:
“Just eat your breakfast.”

She obediently took a bite, and they finished their meal talking about other things. As they were finishing cleaning up, he was putting away the things that one of the girls had dried, the last action of the effort. He noticed that the girls were both watching him, and recalled his comment about ‘not before breakfast,’ and was more aware of his cock, and then heard one of them remark: “Now it’s after breakfast,” only surprised that it was Britta’s voice. He was about to ask: what do you want to do, but bit his tongue in time before turning to face his naked daughters and replying:
“It’s after breakfast all day.”

The girls smirked slightly in response to his recognition of what Britta had been referring to, who then asked:
“Guess so. So what do you want to do?”
“Something we can tell your mother about.”
“What would she think we would do.”
“Hm-hmm! I’m not going to ask her.”

As the girls snorted with grins, he added:
“NO, shouldn’t have said that; something else … we can tell about.”

Maren snorted and said:
“Buy beer?”
“Did that yesterday.”
“We can just go downtown and look around. Maybe we can pick out a shirt for you. … Hm-hmm! Show the tourists again that we don’t wear bras.”
“Hmm! Can’t tell her you said that. Besides, it could rain again.”
“All the better. And, anyway, she knows that we don’t.”
“With me having to accompany you?”
“Um-hmm, that’s why.”
“Hmm! … A shirt then, but I have to agree – no Hawaiian shirt.”
“How did you know we were thinking of one?”
“I remember the necktie you gave me a couple of years ago.”
“And you never wore it.”
“Go get dressed.”

They chuckled and went and put on clothes. He remade the bed, thinking that if they spent the next night in it, they would have to put on fresh sheets, knowing that his wife could imagine why. He joined the girls again, smiling wryly when he saw that they were wearing short shorts, revealing lots of leg, Britta’s tanned ones contrasting with the pale ones of her red-headed sister. Their faded polo shirts that must have been a couple of years old, barely reaching the top of their shorts and a size too small. They grinned. He snorted and remarked:
“Guess I could have expected that; you don’t need to hope for rain. Have to tell your mother to give them to your younger cousins.”

The girls snickered, and Maren and then Britta rubbed her breasts, making their nipples even more evident. Britta replied:
“Only if you buy us new ones.”
“Not that size.”

They all chuckled and set off. The girls insisted that he buy them shirts first, and then they teased him with their suggestions of one for him, eventually picking one that he also liked. As they were leaving the store, Maren said:
“Now to tease the tourists; lets go to Bryggen, where they all are.”
“Hmm! Maybe you should put on your new shirts first.”
“Here on the street?”

Maren grinned and plucked at the hem of her old, tight shirt.
“No, over that one.”
“No way! Just come along. You can follow us; don’t antalya ucuz escort have to look like our father.”
“Hmm! Just look like an older man following you?”
“Then stay with us. Hm-hmm! We can speak English and pretend we are tourists there for the first time.”

He snorted again, but nodded. Britta also snorted, giving him a slightly wry smile, and they walked to Bryggen, the old, Hanseatic port area. Once there, they all joined in making tourist comments: “Oh, look at that. Is it really 300 years old?” “And the Germans were here back then.” “I thought the Norwegians didn’t like the Germans, – the war and all.” Why didn’t you bring your guidebook, or read it last night?”

He tried to suppress smiling at their game. The girls didn’t, cheerfully complaining to each other in English that most of the tourists were too old for them. He thought so too, but the men his age and older were giving them appreciative glances – their wives, less appreciative ones. Then a small group of American students approached them. He slowed down, letting the girls go ahead, then hearing them call:
“Hi, where are you from?”

He stopped and watched them, out of earshot, observing how the boys and girls looked at them, seeing the girls in their all-weather gear appearing to disapprove of the guys’ obvious interest in his daughters. After a minute or so, one of the American girls glanced pointedly at her watch and appeared to say that the group had to move on. They did, approaching him, as his daughters walked on ahead.

As the group walked past him, he heard a couple of comments:
“Nice Norwegian girls.”
“Just ’cause they had nothing on.”
“Still nice, spoke good English.”
“Hmm! You didn’t look like you wanted just to talk to them.”
“Sorry, but you’re my sister, can’t look at you like that.”
“You’d better not!”

He had to snort, wishing he could hear what the others on the far side of the group were saying, and then suddenly recalled his wife and her brother, then recognizing that the girl looked like the older of the two. He followed his daughters, snorting again softly with the the thought: bad luck, little brother.

The girls waited for him, grinning broadly. He smiled and remarked:
“I hope the guys eyes didn’t do anything.”

He was surprised when the more reticent Britta grinned with chuckle and replied:
“Oh, they did! Hm-hmm! Mine stick out more than Maren’s.”
“Just ’cause you’re older. Mine did too. Oh, that was good, and the girls didn’t like it. Oh, they all were impressed by our English. They’re from Minnesota, all from Norwegian families, student summer tour of Norway.”
“The girls were just as attractive, I thought, even if they weren’t running around half-naked.”
“You thought so? Probably wearing bras that kept anything from showing.”
“If you think so. One was an older sister, admonishing her brother, when he said that he couldn’t look at her like that.”
“Hm-hmm! Oh, that’s good! At least, an excuse for his looking. She was probably the one who said that they had to move on.”
“Probably. Hm-hmm! I was looking at the one who obviously had to wear a bra.”
“Hmm! You would, like the other men here.”
“You wanted them to, didn’t you? Why shouldn’t I?”
“Fair enough, … as long as you like to look at mine too,” Maren added in a whisper.

He nodded with a snort. As they started to return home, Britta also whispered:
“And mine, too.”
“Of course.”

They all snorted, and the girls took his arms for a few steps. Then they walked on a little faster. When they were back on their street, away from anyone, the girls’ hands brushed his, and they exchanged smiles, the girls’ thanking him for their new shirts, and he, for his. When they entered the house, Maren snorted softly. He suppressed his snort, not sure of what she would do or say, but pretty sure what it would suggest. When he had closed the door, and they were in the living room, she grinned and asked:
“Want us to put on our new shirts?”
“Hmm! Better to save to show your mother.”
“Hm-hmm! You just want us to take off these; you said that you liked to see them.”

She was already crossing her arms to pull off her polo shirt. Before her breasts appeared, Britta snickered and said: “And mine, too.”
A moment later, the girls were half naked, with nice erect nipples. He smiled with a slight nod, aware of his cock, liking the feeling and the girls’ initiative. He began to unbutton his shirt, receiving pleased grins. His agreement to getting naked again – and what would surely follow – made Maren’s next comment superfluous, but still witty:
“You didn’t say: ‘not before lunch’.”

He nodded with slight smirk and replied:
“Only ‘not before breakfast’.”

They snorted with smiles and began to take off the rest of their clothes as they moved towards the bedroom, hopping to get out of their pants. Naked in the bedroom, one and then the others nodded towards the bathroom, and they went again, like in the morning. “Don’t need to wash,” he murmured, and they returned to the bed. Britta opened it, murmuring:
“I know what you want to do, what Maren wants you to do.”
“And what I want you to do,” he replied.
“And what I want to do,” she agreed, licking her lips.”

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