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Daughters of Sol Ch. 06

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This is a continuation of the story. Please read the previous chapters or this won’t make much sense.

It was cool, but not very windy. As we crested the hill, the old Keeper stopped to rest a bit. I caught her from falling down; she was breathing quite heavily.

“I… am not the young girl I used to be,” she said. “I’ll be glad to finally lay these bones to rest.”

“But Keeper,” I protested. “You still have much life in you, and so much more to give. Everyone loves you and respects you deeply. Why would you want to be in a rush to leave all that behind?”

“Girl, help me to that rock over there.” She pointed as I helped her to a large nearby rock, then I sat down with her. “I’ve given so much, sacrificed so much for this place and all the people here. I watched most of them grow up from little babies into fine men and women. But I was the youngest of the council, and now I’m the last.”

I could see tears start to well in her eyes from the nearby fire stand as she continued, “Oh how I miss those days. Eric and I— well all of us, really, we’d stay up till the wee hours of the night fucking each other’s brains out, basking in the glow of the Goddess. The work was hard, but so rewarding. To see what was built… I am proud of what we did.” She smiled as she looked out over the village, and then slowly turned to me to add, “—and what you became.” The way her eyes reflected the fire reminded me of the eyes of the Goddess.

“But,” she said, putting her hands on her knees and pushing herself up. “The past is past. There is one final rite to perform.” And she started off toward the circle.

As we approached, I saw the braziers being lit. There was a very large circle of wooden benches and fire pots. In the center of the circle was a huge stone structure of some kind. It was somewhat dome-shaped wiith a dragon’s head on top, supported by pillars with animals carved into them.

“Keeper,” I said. “What is that in the center? Do the shapes have some signifigance?”

She pointed at the structure as she spoke, “This is the embodiment of the covenant we made with the Goddess, so long ago; to gain so much in life requires giving of the self. On top, there is a platform for a bonfire, where the light of the Goddess can spread hope and comfort all around the valley. On the outside, the animals holding up the dragon’s head represent the original councilwomen, with the head representing Eric, himself. These are shaped according to our Fylgja—our spirit companions. In the center with the wood is for our Hamr, and through the flames our Hugr will turn to light and we can finally be with the Goddess.”

“The Hamr…” I wondered outloud. “You mean this is Eric’s grave?” She nodded, and started to say something before I corrected myself. “Well I guess you don’t use thode words… I still have much to learn. The statues… this is where the other councilwomen are buried? And I guess one day…” I stopped myself, not wanting to bring up the topic.

“They’re not buried yet,” she said. “Their bodies were preserved, and their remains lay inside the pit. Eric is up there, too. The fire will consume all, and then it will be sealed up forever.”

“Forever?” I asked. “But, where will you—” A loud horn interrupted us.

“Oh, we’re late!” she yelled and practically ran to the gathering. I wanted to ask her more, but she just walked up the small steps and stood to address the crowd.

“Tonight!” she practically, shouted. “This is the night where we honor our great Jarl Eric and his companions. I stand before you—the last of them. We gave all for you and for the Goddess of Light. I implore you to be generous with your heart, your posessions, and your love. Now,” she pointed to Embla’s father, who stood by a large cauldron. “Get to pouring! These people aren’t nearly drunk enough to give as much love as the Goddess desires!”

The crowd roared with laughter, and mobbed the cauldron. Drinks were passed back towards the outside, and everyone drank deeply from bursa eskort the well. Music started playing in the background… horns and flutes, drums and beads. I could see they were made of wood, animal horns, hide, and other natural implements. The men were dressed in leathers, and the women in silky white robes—good thing the fire pits were burning hot, or I’m sure they’d have been pretty cold in such light clothing.

“Astrid!” she said, shoving fabric at me. “You’re not in the proper festival attire, so I brought this for you.” She was wearing a silky white dress, which was form-fitting and fairly see-through. It wasn’t hard to see all her shapes through the fabric. As I unfurled mine, it looked even more skimpy than hers! She rushed me behind the monument; we were not totally alone, but at least there were much fewer eyes.

She proceeded to rip my clothes off of me so fast I thought she was going to ravish me right then and there. But instead she handed me a cup and said excitedly, “Drink this!” I took a sip; it was sweet like honey, and had a powerful fragrance. “No, silly, the whole thing!” She said again as she tipped the cup up into my mouth. I gulped it down as fast as I could, trying not to drown.

When at last I could breathe, I hacked and coughed. My head was swirling. While I steadied myself against the stone, she put the dress on me and fastened loops of string in various places. I looked down and saw why I apparently needed to be drunk so badly. The fabric cupped my breasts and traveled around the sides, leaving my cleavage and all of the rest of my abdomen wide open; it was held with a thin string between them, which would be almost invisible from a moderate distance. The skirt opened up on my sides and just sort of hung on my hips perfectly, with a low cut exposing the skin just above my vagina. It looked like it would fall off at any moment, but it fit surprisingly snug.

I gave her a puzzled look, “What is—” I started, but she cut me off.

“I made this for you, when you were passed out for 3 days; I measured it to every inch of your body,” she said with a large smile. I cupped my breasts under the thin fabric; she has a good eye for detail, apparently. I lifed my head to smell the incense in the air and listened. The music was upbeat, and people were clapping and dancing.

The two young men who always seemed to be around helping me came over and accosted me. With one hand in each arm, they lifted me up and carried me around to where everyone was dancing the most. Normally I would have been angry, but the drink must have had some strong alcohol in it… I giggled like a young girl again as they twirled me around, passing me back and forth between them. I didn’t know how to dance, but everyone seemed to be doing their own things; I just followed the lead on what the other girls were doing. Some men came by and smeared some kind of paint on my face and body. Before long, I was shaking my chest and gyrating my hips; with the outfit and makeup, I’m sure I was quite the sight to behold. I felt so free and happy…and incredibly horny.

Soon, I noticed it was just the girls in the center around me. Each of them had paint and skimpy outfits as well, so I felt totally at ease. I just moved as the music moved me, and they all somehow synchronized their movements to mine. My body was an instrument of fluid music; I had some idea of things that looked sexy, and I led the girls into the movements.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my Mom and the old Keeper up in the pit. I found it hard to stop dancing, so I just kept up with it. My muscles were on fire, and it just felt like the only thing I could do was keep moving to stay sane.

I stole glances out of the corner of my vision. I saw they had removed their clothes entirely, and were…kissing! I had never seen an old woman kiss, but she did so with the same vigor and passion my Mom gave.

As I danced and twirled, I found myself face to face with the older brother of the pair bursa escort bayan from earlier. He was bare-chested, with a loincloth. I was so wet right now, and he was so cute. I planted a playfully little kiss on his lips—and then kept it there—and now I was in a full-on makeout session. His brother came up behind me and turned me around to kiss me as well. As I kissed him passionately, I felt the older brother’s hands around my abdomen, caressing me. I could tell I was going to enjoy this whole Seeress thing immensely.

One pair of hands dropped my pants, and the other slid the top off my shoulders. The motion of each hand against my breasts and pussy sent waves of fire through my body. I felt my mind slipping into ecstasy and madness. I found the younger brother was dressed in only a loincloth, too—and there was a huge rock-hard penis under it. I untied the strap and it practically threw itself to the ground. I felt something inside, a deep need for passion that I have never felt before. I took the cock in my mouth and sucked the life out of it. My heart was a dry sponge soaking up passion like water, yet never getting full.

I felt a cock slip into my dripping pussy. It buried itself deep, and my womb felt so full inside of me. The pressure built up intensely. I felt like I couldn’t release, something kept me back; it drove me insane. I wanted it—NEEDED it so badly. Focused as I was on the pleasure, I noticed it when they both stopped. They were pouring their creamy delight into me from both ends, and I was filled with disappointment just as I was being filled with semen.

I put my hands on my knees to hold myself up as the boys backed away and collapsed. We were all breathing so hard, but it looked like they just literally couldn’t stand up anymore. All around me I saw people in various stages of sex; some were fucking with wild abandon, and others were resting in the afterglow. Embla and Runa were both nude and embracing deeply. From their expressions and the juice on their legs, it looked like they had both come pretty hard.

“Goddess, don’t leave me like this!” I cried out.

I saw a hand in front of me. I grabbed it and was raised up to see a familiar face. “Astrid, my sister.” Hagen whispered tenderly. “Your brother will always be there for you. Let me help you.”

Runa ran over and threw a mat down on the ground, and Embla brought pillows. Hagen laid me down gently on the makeshift bed, and began to make love to me.

He tenderly kissed me, rubbing his hands on my tits and stroking the nipples. “My body is on fire, I need you inside me now.” I whispered into his ear. He agonizingly put his finger into my cunt, slowly rubbing inside me.

“Brother, please!” I begged him. “I need release!”

He started kissing down my chest, agonizingly slow, towards my pussy. He kissed all around it.

“Hagen!” I practically yelled. Everyone at the ritual site who wasn’t otherwise occupied were staring at me. I was angry now with his teasing. “Make love to your Seeress! The Goddess commands it!”

He started licking on the outside of my labia, and then slightly inside. He was playfully flicking his tongue at me, enough to keep aroused, but not enough to give me the resolution I so needed.

“She has something to say, doesn’t she?” he asked, softly. “Let your pleasure connect you to Her.”

My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and words flowed from my mouth. “Daughters, hear me! You have faithfully honored your vows, and executed your duty. I release you now. You and your Jarl will be at my side tonight.”

As I spoke, Eric’s tongue went down into my pussy, licking furiously. The passion fueled me; brought me closer to Lys. Eric’s face lit up brightly. I leaned my head back on the pillows to see behind me; there was a raging fire in the altar pit, and a beam of white light shooting up into the sky.

He crawled up and plunged his cock into my pussy forcefully, grabbing on görükle escort my accentuated breasts. His motions were quick and powerful, and I felt his manhood entering me deeper than anything I’ve felt before. My body was focused on the pleasure, but my eyes were transfixed on the fire. I saw what looked like lights traveling up the beam to the heavens; six of them—no, seven.

Hagen was still furiously pummeling my pussy, my body uncontrollably humping back against him. I closed my eyes as energy washed over me and cried out in a great primal scream that echoed across the whole valley. I bucked and shook violently, but Hagen held on tightly as his own scream merged with my own in the harmony of ecstasy.

The pressure faded along with all of the energy in my body. Hagen and I laid there in the glow of the fire breathing heavily. I felt so peaceful and happy.

Runa and Embla came over to help me and Hagen up. My legs were weak, but I managed with Runa’s help. The village gathered around to stare into the fire with us.

The five young councilwomen approached. Lily, the Keeper, stood out from the group and all had their heads bowed.

“Seeress,” she said. “Now that the Goddess has released them, it is our time to take their place fully.”

“Yes,” I closed my eyes and nodded. “The Goddess says you have already been informed about who the new Champion shall be.”

“We…have, Seeress.” She said, meekly. The women formed a circle around Hagen. The villagers backed up to give them room, and all eyes were upon them.

The voice of the Goddess came to my mouth yet again. “My Daughters, the pennance was paid. You have served me faithfully and willingly in your hearts, and I now release you from the oath of your ancestors. No longer are you and your kin slaves to the Champion. Each of you are free to serve or not serve as you wish.”

The girls looked at each other, not sure what to do.

“Lys, Goddess of Light!” Hagen shouted into the sky, causing the girls to back up a bit. “I am Hagen, named by you as Protector. I have seen your truths for myself. I have walked the path with your chosen. I have stood against the darkness, even in your own sacred temple! The world has had enough war, evil, and darkness. Let all others do as they wish, but I vow to bring your peace and light to the world unto my dying breath—alone if no others would join me.”

The girls looked at each other. One by one they approached Hagen again, forming the circle. One by one, each of them disrobed and grabbed the hand of the one next to them, nodding to each other. The girls started chanting as one voice:

We are the Shieldmaidens of Lys.

When the night is dark, may our lamps guide the hearts of men.

When the air is cold, may our fires warm the hearths of our kin.

As the breath of our fathers pass, we will breathe anew.

Through us Daughters of Sol, the world be filled with light.

“Jarl Hagen,” Lily said, and he turned to face her. “You are not alone; we will light the way with you.” And they bowed on one knee to him.

The whole village around them also bowed. Some shouted affirmations to him. “We’re with you!” “Yeah!” “Lead us to our destiny!” Hagen started smiling, and tears of joy welled up within him.

“First,” said Lily, “He will lead us to his bedchamber.”

As the girls walked away with him, I turned to ask Runa and Embla, “Did you guys see Mom and the Keeper?”

Runa replied with a hint of sadness in her voice, “Yes. We knew it was coming though and I have accepted it. I’m happy for them.”

“Yes,” Embla chimed in. “Their bond was unbreakable. It wasn’t just for duty or honor, but something they chose. Now they are whole again, and happy.”

I looked at them blankly.

“I… didn’t see. What happened?” I asked. I was confused; part of me knew the answer, and the other part of me didn’t want to.

Embla explained, “They went into the pit to re-join with Eric and the rest of the Council. They worshipped the Goddess one last time before departing.”

“Astrid,” Runa put her hand on my arm and said, “it was done quickly before the pyre was lit. They knew only happiness in their final moments.”

I cried and smiled at the same time, and we hugged.

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