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David and Laura

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“What kind of place is this?” Laura asked.

The car pulled into the last parking spot available. Her husband, David, looked at her with youthful excitement. “It’s the clinic that I was telling you about! I finally got an appointment for you!” he said.

She looked doubtful at her husband. David was a few years older than her at fifty years old and they have been married for a long time. She couldn’t remember the last time he had this look of pure excitement. “Dr. Brazier’s Enhancement Clinic” read the sign above the door. “So this place will make my breasts bigger?” She asked.

David’s smile grew wider. “They can make your tits huge in just a few minutes!” Now Laura really thought he was full of it. If this place really could do what he was claiming, how did she never hear about it before, especially since it was only a few minutes drive from their home?

Her doubt vanished when the front door opened and out strode this woman. Laura saw her and was immediately entranced. There, walking through the parking lot, was a real woman. Her stride screamed confidence. Sexiness. A real woman who could do anything she wanted, fuck anybody she wanted. It also wasn’t lost on Laura that this woman’s breasts were as big as her head and stretching out her tank top to the extreme. Turning to her left, both David and Laura could see that she had a huge ass to match. Laura was convinced.

Inside the lobby the two eagerly waited. The room was packed and David had to stand. All heads turned each time the nurse opened the door to the back and called the next name. At last it was their turn. The initial consultation and paperwork breezed by for David, he just let his wife handle the details. This was her choice after all, though he eagerly supported it and didn’t mind paying from his private account. The paperwork was signed and the very chesty nurse asked the most important question.

“How large would you like to be?” Laura thought for a moment. Then held her hands out about a foot away from her chest, fingers spread wide.

“About this big.” She said, the nurse nodded her head and took a quick note.

The nurse stood and gestured to a side door. “This way please.” David and Laura walked to the next room. It was large and clean and brightly lit. There was a large device on one end. It looked like a classic ray gun from a 50’s low budget film. It had a low wall with a computer and a tangle of wires running to it off to the right side. There was a large cushioned pad hung on the wall opposite of the machine. A big X was painted on the floor with two handrails bolted into the floor on the left and right.

“Put these glasses on and please stand on the X ma’am.” Laura handed David her purse and walked over and stood on the X. She brushed her shoulder length brown hair aside and slid on a set of clunky sunglasses. “We recommend you remove your bra before we proceed. And if you don’t have a change of clothes, wear your shirt, It might stretch to fit.” instructed the nurse. Laura removed her bra from under her white blouse and hung it on the handrail. “You’re going to see a flash of light followed by a stream of energy. Don’t worry, this is a part of the procedure.” the nurse said.

David was nervous for his wife but there was nothing he could do about it now. The machine hummed to life. The barrel began to glow steadily brighter. A second later a narrow beam of bright blue light shot across the room, striking Laura square in the chest. David was about to shout to the nurse to shut it off when he heard his wife’s moans. Looking across the room he was astonished. The beam was still holding on her chest but her breasts were bigger! Not only were they bigger they were growing with each passing second, stretching out her blouse as they grew konya escort to the size of large melons.

Laura held onto both rails. Her eyes were half closed in bliss as the strange device continued to enlarge her breasts to a massive size. When the beam shut off Laura’s breasts were spectacularly huge. Her white blouse struggled to contain the basketball sized masses of flesh underneath. Laura felt good, she felt better than good. There was no better way to describe it. She felt so…big. Everything was big, her breasts and her nipples. They were heavy too, but the weight only added to her arousal. A quick check over with the nurse and they were done with the appointment.

Laura struggled to sit in the car. Pushing the seat all the way back she still barely had room. The right side of her tits were smashed against the door and the left pushed out into David’s shoulder. David was in awe of his wife, her giant melons practically screamed to be touched. Fondled. Squeezed and fucked until they were coated in a thick layer of cum. Laura never felt more attractive and womanly. She knew who she wanted inside her more than anyone. She looked at her slack jawed husband.

“What do you think Dave, should we give Chris a call. He always said I would go great with a huge pair of tits.”

David’s cock began to twitch and grow in his khaki slacks. He very much liked the idea of their thirty-two year old neighbor fucking his wife and her new tits. “Let’s give him a call.” David said.

Chris opened the French doors to the bedroom and stopped in his tracks. Laura sat on the edge of the bed. She was wearing only a pair of panties and one of David’s white button up shirts. Only the middle most button was fastened and it strained under the pressure. Her hard nipples nearly bored a hole through the thin fabric. David was in his usual spot, watching from the chair in the corner.

Chris got a lustful look in his eyes as an animal like instinct took hold. “You made them so..so big. Did you do that for me?” Laura stood and got close to Chris. Her big tits pressed hard into his body. She turned around, facing away while grinding her ass into him. Chris reached up and ripped the shirt apart, the one button snapped off and went flying across the room.

Sitting on the edge of the bed she pulled her close, her large breasts now inched from his face.

“So what do you think? Are my boobs perfect now? All big and huge?” She asked.

He looked down at her chest. Thought for a moment, then said. “Your tits are big now, yes, but I don’t think they’re big enough.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I mean that my fuck toy needs to grow bigger!”

Laura was taken by surprise though she also agreed with him. A true goddess would have tits big enough for everyone to play with, not just one. She looked over at her husband. “Call the Dr. I need another appointment now!” David ran out of the room to find his phone. He came back five minutes later, phone to his ear. Chris still had his face buried in her tit.

David hung up the phone defeated. “They said there’s no appointments available for two weeks.”

“I don’t care what they say. My tits are still too small so make them bigger!” Laura demanded.

David left quickly and drove the few miles back to the clinic. The lobby was packed and he had to wait in line for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of knowing his wife was back home waiting on him. With a hushed, desperate plea he begged for an open appointment. The busty nurse by now was annoyed with him and just wanted him to leave.

With a deep sigh she leaned in closer. “Look, I already told you that we can’t see your wife again today. But if I give you something that might help you have to promise not konya escort bayan to say anything.”

David’s heart skipped a beat. “Yes, of course anything!”

“Wait here,” she said. She left her desk through the door to her back. A minute later she returned with a small non labeled bottle. “The girls working here have been experimenting with the ray gun. Have your wife rub this into her breasts.”

David rushed home, nearly blowing through stop lights. The two lovers were joined at the hip when he returned. Laura lay on her side, her right leg up on Chris’s chest, her foot ear level. Chris vigorously fucked Laura sideways, her big tits bouncing with each thrust. Though he claimed she was still not big enough Chris was reaching down and roughly squeezing and kneading Laura’s huge breast with his free hand.

David held up the bottle. Chris stopped and both lovers looked at him. “What’s this?” She asked.

“The woman at the clinic said it will make your breasts grow.” Chris let go of her breasts and snatched the bottle.

“Wow thanks Dave.” He squeezed a large dollop into his palm and looked at Laura “Ready to get bigger?”

She giggled softly. “Make me as big as you want.” He split the lotion between both hands and slowly began to spread it across her already ample chest. Laura moaned as he continued to cover every inch of breast with the lotion. She was giddy with anticipation. She already was the living embodiment of sex, and she was about to turn into a true goddess.

“They feel tingly,” she said. Laura gasped, her huge melon sized breasts were growing again! David’s cock grew hard rock hard again at the sight of his super busty wife growing for her stud. Chris was enjoying it as well. He pumped his cock slowly as her breasts continued to grow.

Her tits reached the size of her head but didn’t stop growing. Laura’s breasts grew slowly for nearly a minute longer before stopping. Her tits were absolutely massive. Two masses if boob the size of beach balls hung heavily off her chest. Her nipples were the size of small dinner plates capped off by shot glass sized nubs. Laura was now so horny all she could think about was her young cock stud fucking her senseless. She paid no mind to David sitting in the corner with his hands down his pants with another visible cum stain soaked through his slacks.

“This lotion does feel weird,” said Chris. His personal ministrations had coated his cock in a thin layer of lotion that was left over in his hand. To everyone’s surprise Chris’s cock and balls started to swell and enlarge. Chris’s cock grew larger and larger and was a site to behold.

“Where did you get this stuff?” He asked.. He stood up and thrust his hips out. His massive ten inch long dick was proudly on display. Laura’s eyes were wide, Chris’s cock was huge, much bigger than David’s and glistened with lotion and juices from their previous love making. Chris took notice when Laura licked her lips, still staring at his cock. “You want to taste it, don’t you?”

“Yes I do,” She cooed. She shuffled on her hand and knees to the edge of the bed, her tits dragging across the mattress beneath her. Laura opened her mouth as wide as she could to fit Chris’s huge cock. Chris grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face further down. Laura fought her gag reflex as the large cockhead hit the back of her throat. Chris didn’t let up and began to thrust his hips back and forth while still holding Laura’s head. The room was filled with loud slurping and gagging with each bottomed out thrust of Chris’s cock. A mix of precum and saliva ran freely down Laura’s breasts and into the mattress.

David sat in his seat and watched the young stud throat fuck his big tittied wife. He struggled to escort konya keep his composure and not play with himself. His discovery of the Enhancement Clinic was the best he ever had. His wife was now the sex goddess she always wanted to be and had the body she deserved.

“Turn around, I want your husband to see your face” he commanded. Laura dropped to her hands and knees on the bed facing her husband who had a grave look of concern but still dutifully held onto the armrests.

Chris opened the nightstand drawer and brought out a bottle of lube. He lathered most of the bottle on his swollen member and rubbed the rest all over her cum brimmed cunt. Laura moaned as Chris slowly squeezed his thick member back into her pussy, her insides somehow seemed to be able to stretch and accommodate his larger cock.

David smiled at Laura while Chris fucked her from behind. “Oh fuck! Yes. Yes. More!” Laura said. She barely noticed the world around her. The sensitivity in her breasts had increased just as much as their size. Between that and Chris’s huge fuck stick Laura was close to her own earth shaking orgasm.

For ten pleasurable minutes more Chris fucked the giant breasted milf while David watched. “I’m cumming!” Chris’s cock swelled inside her and she too climaxed. It was, by far, the best orgasm of Laura’s life. She was literally seeing stars dance around the room. Chris’s large cock pumped massive ropes of semen into Laura’s cunt. He still held on tight as his jiz quickly overflowed and oozed out and ran down her thighs.

Chris collapsed on Laura’s back completely exhausted. Laura let her weight be supported by her huge tits. David couldn’t have been happier, or more turned on. He had finally been able to give his wife the big tits she always dreamed about. Chris slid off of Laura and rolled over to the empty side of the bed.

Laura looked at her husband still in the chair and then back to her young lover who’s eyes had trouble staying open. She sauntered over to David, giant tits bouncing with each step. Dropping to her knees she ran her hands up and down his thighs. The wet spot in his crotch was much more pronounced now. Laura looks up at him. “You better not have cum before I said you could.” She said sternly.

“No, I’ve been good.” He replied.

“We’ll see about that.” She forcefully unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down past his knees revealing his cum stained underwear. It was clear that his cock was still rock hard and aching for release. “You have been a good boy, I suppose you deserve a special reward.” Laura yanked his underwear down as well. David’s six inch cock glistened with pre cum. Leaning into his lap she cupped his balls with her right hand and held the base of his shaft steady with the left. Laura struggled to get her mouth close to his member due to her new tits.

David groaned loudly as his cock felt the warm embrace of his wife’s mouth. She worked the underside of his cockhead with her tongue delicately, teasing his cock. Laura gave it one more lick before burying his cock into her mouth. All the way down until her lips made contact with the top of her hand. Slowly, she came back up until the tip was just within her lips. Once more she engulfed his member all the way down. David couldn’t hold back any longer. His cock erupted with a splurge of semen that shot down his wife’s throat. Spurt after spurt went down her throat. She swallowed every last bit just as before.

It took David several minutes to come down from such an orgasmic high. Laura was still on her knees, gently rubbing his thighs. “You lasted even less than normal.” she said.

“You can’t blame me when there is a literal sex goddess working over my cock.”

She smiled up at him and he smiled back. They both looked at the bed Chris was snoring softly, his dick was semi hard and still an impressive size. “I think you wore him out.” David said.

Laura looked at her husband again. “That’s too bad for him” she licked her lips. “And for you, because this goddess isn’t done with you yet.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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