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Day at the Pool

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The swimming pool was mostly empty. It was mid afternoon on the weekday and there were almost as many lifeguards as swimmers. Rebecca had been having a nice relaxing swim in the shallow end, and had begun to let her mind drift to the shallow side as well. Some of the lifeguards were cute, but none of them noticed her. The other swimmers were either too young or too old for Rebecca. Except for one, A very tall man with a swimmers body. And he was delicious. Dark hair hid under a swim cap. Smooth chest and toned physique. She watched as he dived into the water again and again, and watched him coming out as water sheeted off his body, revealing under his loose trunks just the kind of handsome package she expected a man like him to have. He saw her staring at him while he walked past to enter the men’s change room and smiled back.

Rebecca thought it over in her mind for a minute while she waded in the shallows. He was handsome, and he had smiled at her. She made flirty eyes, and he smiled more.

“What the hell.” She thought. Rebecca stood up, and carefully watching that no one else saw her, entered the men’s change room. And locked the door from the other side.

There he was. His shorts on the ground next to the shower, and he was just washing the lather off his body, his eyes closed as he rinsed out his hair. Thick curly hair that slicked back in the shower. And as he turned around she saw not only his fantastic buttocks, but she was truly impressed by the fantastic cock that dangled off his front. More than she had expected from his shorts, this was a very big man.

She tingled just watching him, her heart beat fiercely. She had never done anything like this before, and had no idea what she was going to do next. But bravely she tiptoed forward. He turned around again, and she took a few more steps, she felt incredible tension building, she was about to turn and run out when he spoke.

“How are you” He said with an attractive eastern accent. His voice was just as sexy as the curves of the muscles on his back. Unashamedly he turned around. His full atlas glory swinging in from of him. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“You’re gorgeous.” She said, trying to be seductive. Brazenly, with the will of a madwoman, she reached down, and put her hand around his huge cock. Limp in her hand she could only just close her forefinger and thumb around it. “I like you.” She said. She saw on his face as he looked her up and down, paying particular attention to her full bust, and deep cleavage.

“Ok” He said.

She xslot giriş needed to seal the deal. She had his attention, but she wanted him, now there was nothing else on her mind. She had to make a quick move or else he might think twice about giving her that incredible piece of man meat she held in her hand. She knelt down and put it in her mouth. She looked up to see him wide eyed astonished at first then deeply grinning. Rebecca slid her lips back and forth over the top half of his manhood, and swirled her tongue over the head, felt it pulsing in time with his accelerating heartbeat, each beat of the rhythmic drum making it larger and harder. She was quick and skillful. And finished with a loud pop as she let go of his cock. Then she continued to stroke it as she looked back up at him. He was grinning ecstatically.

Just then a door opened at other end of the change room. Instantaneously he picked her whole body up and dashed behind a privacy curtain.

“I want you” She whispered in a sweet slow sexy voice. “I want your big cock deep inside me please.” And she slipped her swimsuit down off her boobs exposing them to him. He made a face like ‘oh yeah’ and she pulled him down into her cleavage as he pulled the rest of her swimsuit off. “Fuck me hard.” She whispered softly in his ear while tousling his hair and smothering him in her tits.

He pushed her up hard against the painted white cinder block wall at the back of the stall, put his hands around her ass and picked her up off the floor. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, pulling him close to her, and with her legs, she guided his dick down into her waiting pussy. He slid home instantly, and she bit her lip to stop from crying out. Just beyond the this curtain were other men, stripping down and changing clothes, talking to each other about sports and jobs and women, and in their tiny little corner, just outside the shower, she was getting the biggest dick she had ever had. It stretched her out, most men were just a little too small for a woman, but this man was just a little more than she would think she needed. One size larger and he would hurt her. After sliding in he looked at her face. She pulled him back in with her legs, guiding his perfect ass back towards her open pussy. “Give me the best you’ve got big boy.” She cooed succulently. Her voice was now dripping with lust. The hard cold rough wall at her back and his warm firm but silky smooth body in front of her, pressing her into the cement. Her eyes xslot rolled back as he began to quietly pound away at her, over the sound of the running showers and small talk no one could hear the two of them as he slid deep inside of her and back out over and over. Each time the folds of her pussy stretching over the veins and ridges of his cock, each time she felt it fill her body like no one ever had before, satisfying like no one else could. It made her want to scream out in joy but she knew she couldn’t.

She lost her breath and began panting, just as a few of the showers only a few feet away started up. Someone laughed loudly. Rebecca closed her eyes. She didn’t care, she dug her nails into his back and kicked him with her legs. “MmmmmMM yes.” She said quitely.

“Shhhhh” He said even quieter. “Or I’ll stop.”

“More, more. Don’t you dare stop.” He gave her an extra hard pump and grinded his pelvis into her. She shuddered through her whole body. She gasped for air as she started to quietly moan uncontrollably. He pressed his mouth over hers and silenced her with passion. His tongue met hers and her eyes rolled back, he was deep inside her pussy, her mouth, her mind at that moment, and he had taken over, she surrendered all control to him in exchange for fiercely penetrating pleasure and joy. His handsome physique pressed firmly into her supple flesh, firm muscles under soft skin met silky smooth flesh and squishy abundant curves.

Water cascaded onto the bodies of the last few men and sheeted down onto the porcelain tile floor, and the other occupants went into the pool unaware of the ecstasy beyond the veil. Alone again she turned away from his mouth to make one last request. “Fuck me like you mean it.” And she let him go, put her legs down to the floor. He slipped his manhood out of her, even that felt incredible as the head of his meat slid over her clit and bounced in the air. She turned around and bent her ass up to him, leaned forward and braced against the wall. His dick circled around her wet spot, tracing up and down her lips and then inside her dripping wet honeypot.

“Oh” She gasped, as he pounded forward, slapping his groin into her buttocks and shoving her whole body forward, her tits bounced wildly back and forth.

“Too hard?” He asked softly.

“Harder, don’t hold anything back.” Rebecca said pushing hard back on his dick. Grinding up and down.

He grabbed her waist and thrust into her deeply. She shuddered, weak at the knee as his cock filled her just right, hit the exact spot. His body slapped into hers loudly and quickly in the now empty room. She moaned openly, knowing she could get them caught any second, but wanting so badly to have a spectacular finish to this incredible experience. He moaned too as her tight pussy crushed down around his member, he grabbed her by one arm and with the other hand her gripped tightly around the base of her hair. He fucked her just a little bit harder, until her face was planted on the wall, her knees gave out completely and he had to hold her up against the wall to Fuck her. Beyond that she lost her mind. She paid no attention to the fact that her face actually hurt a little against the wall, or that his thick cock kinda hurt a bit as a it stretched her out. Or that his grip on her arm was just too firm, or even that her hair was pulled a little too hard. She had wave after wave of orgasm and that was all that she felt. Her legs shook and suddenly she felt a dam break inside her. She squirted all over the stall floor, her legs quaked, her pussy clenched so tightly she pushed his member out of her. Rebecca didn’t remember screaming out, but if you listened over the water splashing sounds of the pool you could hear a woman cry out “Oh Fuck!”

He came just then, amazed at her convulsing body, he grabbed his dick and quickly shot out his hot steamy orgasm all over her shaking ass. As she finished her climax she sank to her knees, released from his grasp, and as he relaxed from his ejaculation he leaned up against the wall, and they both panted for a few seconds.

Her face flushed red as she suddenly remembered her predicament. As soon as her legs would obey her again she climbed back to her feet, she lifted her one piece bathing suite back up tucked her titties back into it and then gave her sexy stranger and full mouth sexy kiss. He looked wide eyed. She ran her fingers over his manly body down to his still throbbing cock, and he tugged it a little more as she finished the kiss. “That was amazing.” She winked at him cutely, and she peaked out around the curtain. Coast clear she ran out the door and quickly ducked into her own women’s change room.

He stood there leaning against the wall, exhausted and blinking in amazement. Unsure if that had actually happened at all.

She awkwardly slipped past a few other women to get into the shower, realizing she had let him explode all over her backside. She stepped into the shower to let the warm water clean off her body. She felt amazing. Thrilled, excited, a bit afraid she might still get caught, but alive. She began to tremble just a bit. She was still so incredibly turned on. She knew that she would be finding new amazing ways to have sex. And soon.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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