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Dear Diary Ch. 02

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Dear Diary,

Wow! Have I got another story for you.

It started off on the Saturday following my birthday. (Coincidentally, also following the first night Daddy displayed his…”affections” for me!)

I was in our kitchen, making myself a sandwich. As usual, we were out of turkey, so I had to settle for roast beef. No one puts things away right in our house, and I had to move everything around in the fridge. What a nuisance. So anyway, as I had my head buried inside the refrigerator, I heard the front door slam. No one else was home, and it startled me. I jumped and spun around, causing my head to collide with the fridge door. Being the darling little angel I am, a string of curse words flowed freely from my mouth as I clutched the side of my head, forgetting completely about the intruder. That is, until I felt a hand on mine. My eyes flew open and I braced myself for what I thought was going to be some sort of hideous creature. It took me a split second to focus on the face, and when I finally did, it was familiar.

My big brother Jim stood in front of me with a look of pure concern set on his face. I forgot my pain and squealed, jumping towards him and wrapping my arms around his neck in the tightest hug I could manage.

“Argh, Julia, you’re crushing my throat!” Jim was laughing as he spoke, his arms circled around me. I gave a giggle, and loosened my grip on him.

“Jim what are you doing here? I thought you weren’t supposed to be home for another two weeks!”

“Ah, I finished my final exam yesterday. I didn’t want you to know I was coming home so soon, I wanted to surprise you for your birthday.”

Jim was grinning like the Cheshire cat, proud of himself for his idea. My smile widened even more as I took a step back from him. He looked different than he did a year ago before he left for university. His arms were strong now, not the little sticks they had once been. And beneath his tight t-shirt, it was clear to see his muscles were becoming nicely defined. I must have been staring, because there was a snicker, and then Jim said “Yeah, I’ve been workin’ out.”

I felt a slight flush spread over my cheeks, embarrassed that my own brother had caught me ogling his body. Out of nowhere, a twinge of pain darted over my temple and I remembered my encounter with the fridge. I frowned as I raised my hand to the side of my head, fingers tenderly rubbing over a small bump that had formed. “Goddamnit,” I muttered under my breath.

“Aw, Sis. I didn’t mean to scare you, I’m sorry about that.” Jim’s voice was dripping with apologies, and I managed to show him a small smile.

“It’s no biggy, really. Just a little sore…” I leaned myself against the counter as my brother opened the freezer, pulling out an ice cube tray.

“You go sit on the couch, Julie. I’m going to get you some ice.”

The couch was leather and very comfortable, the kind you sink into when you sit on it. It didn’t take Jim very long, and he came and sat down beside me. There was a Ziploc bag of ice in his hand.

“Are you going to be okay?” As Jim asked me this, his arm went around my shoulder so he could hold the ice onto the bump on my head.

I mumbled Ankara escort an “Mhmm,” to him, leaning against the cold bag and shutting my eyes. He leaned over and kissed my hair, his free hand finding my own hand and holding onto it. His thumb softly caressed the back of my hand and he placed another kiss on my head, this time a little lower. I didn’t think much of it because he was always there to comfort me like a big brother should.

“You know, Julie, you’ve changed since I last saw you.” Jim’s voice was soft, almost soothing. I was about to respond, but he kept on talking before I had the chance.

“You’ve always been a pretty girl, but now you’re beautiful.” Another kiss; my cheek this time. He squeezed my hand, and turned my head slightly to look at him. Even if he was my brother, he was a very good-looking person, and I couldn’t help but feel a little attracted to him.

I must have looked confused, because he immediately dropped my hand and began to apologize, saying that he should not be talking to his little sister this way. I told him it was okay, and that I was flattered. He pulled me closer with his arm, and I rested my head onto his chest, arm draped across his stomach. It was then that I realized just how sculpted his body had become. His chest was firm beneath my cheek, and I nuzzled against him. I could feel the outline of his abs beneath my arm, each one defined perfectly. My hand seemed to take on a life of its own, running itself along Jim’s stomach. It was nice to feel all the smooth bumps of his muscles, and my hand moved up to his chest and down again, stopping just short of his waist.

I’d never felt a man’s body so firm, and despite the nagging fact that Jim was my sibling, it was exciting. I could feel Jim’s breath on my hair, and the thought of his strong arm holding me added to the effect. I was about to push myself away from him, when I noticed a slight bulge in his jeans. I was intrigued. So I let my hand smooth over his t-shirt and followed the top of his pants with a finger. I didn’t let on that I was doing any of this for a reason; I didn’t want him to think his sister was a pervert.

The bulge in his jeans twitched, and I heard Jim catch his breath. This was enough, I figured. I was getting myself aroused and I knew that if I continued, I would just want him more. So I set my hand onto the couch and pushed myself up from his chest. When my eyes were level with his, his arm’s grip tightened a bit, not letting me go any further from him. I was about to ask what he was doing, but before I knew it, his lips were on mine. When he noticed that I didn’t try and pull back, he pressed against my lips a little more. I returned the kiss, eyes slipping shut. My tongue found its way through both sets of lips, nudging against his. Jim’s tongue responded to mine, and both toyed with each other in a passionate dance.

Jim’s arm left my shoulders and his hand wandered down my back. His fingers cupped around my ass, kneading a cheek in his hand. I leaned my upper body against his as our kiss continued, growing with hunger. I felt his other hand on the back of my thigh, and he gently pulled my leg over his lap. I was now straddling my big brother.

Both Ankara escort bayan of his hands had found their way beneath my skirt and onto my ass. He groaned softly, breaking the kiss. His tongue ran over my lips, and down onto my neck. I leaned my head to the side, exposing more of myself to his mouth. His lips caressed and sucked the skin, teeth sinking into the flesh. I shivered as he bit me, bringing my body tight to his. I could feel his erection against me between my legs and through his jeans, straining to be let free.

Jim’s hands left my ass and glided over my hips. He continued to run his hands up my sides, beneath my shirt, pulling it further up my body as he did. I raised my arms so he could get the shirt off, flinging it to the floor. I rarely ever wore a bra, and this was one time that proved that. My breasts were left naked to his eyes, nipples hard and begging to be tasted. Jim leaned forward, his tongue flicking against my nipple until his lips latched onto my tit, sucking it into his warm mouth. I let out a low purr and arched my back, causing his teeth to delicately glide over my nipple as my breast slipped from between his lips. The sudden change from his hot mouth to the cool air made me shudder.

My fingers curled around the bottom of his shirt, tugging it from his body and dropping it to the floor beside my own shirt. I pressed my bare chest to his; the sensation of skin on skin contact was always something I enjoyed. My mouth found his neck and placed kisses on it, my tongue darting out to taste the flesh, all the while grinding my hips against his.

I felt his hand slip between our lower bodies, and his finger slid along the crotch of my panties. He could feel the heat and the wetness from my pussy, encouraging him to continue. His fingers pressed against the moist material, every so often coming in contact with my clit. This just made me wild for him, and I sat back on my knees, reaching for his zipper. I undid his fly and placed a hand inside his boxers. His cock was rock hard and I pulled it from his underwear into the open where I could see it. He was bigger than Daddy. Not only length-wise, but thicker too. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the head, and I touched a finger to it, drawing it away in a string. My eyes locked onto Jim’s as I brought my finger to my lips, inserting it into my mouth and licking it clean.

“Fuck, Julia, that’s so hot,” his words came out in a short breath, almost too low to hear. It was too late now to back out of anything, even if I had wanted to. But luckily, I didn’t. And by the looks of it, neither did he.

His hand pulled my panties to the side, signaling for me to let him fuck him. I positioned myself over him and slowly eased myself down onto his cock, worried that if I was too rough, it would hurt me. Jim had placed his hands onto my hips by this point and pushed me downwards, impaling my tiny cunt on his huge rod. A little whimper of pain escaped from my lips, and at the same time, a moan escaped from his.

It took only a brief moment to get used to the fullness of him inside me, and I began to move up and down slowly, getting into a rhythm. Jim’s eyes were fixated on the sight Escort Ankara of his cock burying deep inside me one second and almost completely out of me the next. He left one hand on my hip, the other moving to cup around one of my tits, letting it jiggle in his hand as my body bounced on top of his. His fingers pulled at my nipple, making me squeak softly and arch my back, pressing against his palm. He caressed my breast with one hand, while the other moved from my hip to my ass.

Jim’s hand left my breast and dropped to the other cheek of my ass. I had become so engrossed in fucking him, that before I knew it, I felt a finger pushing against my asshole. It didn’t take long before he had gotten in up to his knuckle and started fingering my ass. It was the first time anybody had ever done this to me, and I shuddered, loving it.

“Rub your juicy cunt for me, Julia…” Jim was looking into my eyes, begging for me to play with myself while I rode him. I placed my hand between our bodies and onto my groin. My finger slipped against the top of my slit and I could feel my own warm juices coating it. Slowly, I circled my clit with my fingertip, continuing to thrust myself onto my own brother’s dick. I could feel everything in vivid detail; his cock stretching my tight pussy, his finger playing inside my ass, and me touching myself. It didn’t take long before I could feel the pressure building up deep inside of me. My fingers rubbed against my clitoris faster, and an explosion of pleasure flew over me. I moaned Jim’s name loudly, throwing my head back as I slammed down onto his cock, every single one of my muscles tightening for what seemed like an eternity that ended all too soon.

Jim’s hands were on my hips once again, and he lifted me off of his lap, sitting me onto the couch. He scooted himself back onto the couch, laying on it with one leg over the edge. I knew what he wanted. In a flash, I was on my hands and knees between his legs, facing him. I leaned forward, and ran my tongue from the base of his cock all the way to the tip. My hand curled around his shaft, while my lips slipped over the top. I sucked gently and my tongue circled around his head, as I was massaging his dick with my hand. I eased more of him into my mouth, tasting myself and lapping at my own juices. My hand made its way to his balls, cupping them softly.

Jim placed his hand onto the back of my head and pushed me further down, more and more of his cock sliding into my mouth until finally my nose was nestled into his pubic hair. I could hear him breathing heavily, murmuring inaudible words. His fingers had grasped a handful of my hair and he pulled me back, lips gliding over the length of his cock as I sucked. I didn’t resist at all as he fucked my mouth, letting him control how far he wanted to feel himself in my throat. There was no warning that he was going to cum except for that instant before when everything seems to seize before his cock exploded in my mouth. It caught me off-guard and I tried to pull back, but Jim’s hand still had me pushed against him. I gagged a little before I swallowed the salty liquid, feeling its warmth fall down my throat. I felt his hand fall from my head, and I leaned back, letting his cock slip out from between my lips with an obscene pop.

We had barely gotten time to catch our breath or even let what had just happen register in our brains, when we heard a car door slam.

To be Continued…?

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