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Dear Paul

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Dear Paul,

Hey, sweetie. I know I haven’t written in a few days but I’ve been a little busy. How is everything going over in England?

I’m really missing Michelle since she left for boot camp. I’m happy she joined the Navy of course, because I got credit for her joining. But, I wish she could have waited until I leave in June and we could have gone to boot camp together. At least my friend Monica will be going when I go, but it would have been really cool for my sister to go with me as well.

Actually, I’d have loved it even more if Monica and I could have gone ahead and left with Michelle. But, that little detail of needing to stay here until we finish our senior year in high school got in the way of that.

I’m still dating Shane. How could I break up with anyone who has as amazing of a cock as he does?

He left for his job on the oilrig yesterday morning. He’s tired of doing that but he doesn’t know how to do anything else. At least, not anything that will pay him the same money. I’ve been trying to talk him into joining the Navy with me. I’ve already got my friend Monica and my sister Michelle to sign up. If I can get Shane to sign up too, I’ll only need to find one more and I’ll get to start out at a higher pay grade. I’ve gotten one promotion already just for getting Monica and Michelle to enlist.

I’m so fucking ready to be done with school that I could scream. I’ve been skipping class more and more lately. I know I’m fucking up by not going, but some days I just can’t make myself go. I was going to go yesterday after I dropped Shane off to catch his plane, but instead I found myself steering the car to my mom’s dress shop instead.

I hung out with the girls in there for a little while then I took off and went down to Keith’s office. Have I ever told you about him? He’s my recruiter, and he’s such a sweetie. I know he’s been hot for me since the first time I met him about a year ago. I walked into his office one day last year to ask him questions about joining.

He was a little disappointed when he found out I wasn’t hold enough at that time. Not old enough to join the navy that is. From the way his eyes kept drifting to the top I was wearing, or maybe I should say barely wearing, I’m sure he would have been happy to clear off his desk and fuck me right on top of it. And to think I know his daughter too. Amanda graduated last year but we still know each other from being at a few of the same parties. Monica knows her a little better than me because I just started going to South this year. Last year I was still stuck with the Nuns at St. Joseph’s. Yuck.

Anyway. He still took down my number and gave me a call this summer as soon as I turned old enough to join. The only problem then was I had only smoked a joint about two days before he called, so I let him down again. He kept calling though, and by January I finally stayed away from smoking long enough to pass one of the home drug tests he gave me in the office.

He was so cute when he gave it to me. He opened up the package and handed it to me to take back to the john. I asked him if he wasn’t supposed to come watch me pee to make the test valid. He blushed deep red and told me that he trusted me. I teased him a little more and asked him if he was sure. I’m not that trustworthy of a person. Then he told me he wasn’t allowed to observe females. Then I teased him a little more and asked him if just watching the guys pee was enough to get him going. He really blushed then, so maybe I’m on to something there.

Keith was halkalı bdsm escort as happy to see me as ever yesterday, and I spent the whole day in the office with him helping him answer phones and talking to people that came in the office. He even bought me lunch. Of course, I spent the whole day teasing him. You know. Leaning over his desk so he could catch glimpses of my cleavage. Bending over in front of him to give opportunity to watch my perfectly round ass. Well. Almost perfectly round anyway. It’s as close to perfect as any other girl’s ass that I know. Sitting in the chair next to his desk and adjusting my top right in front of him. Yes. I teased him and displayed myself in front of him unmercifully the entire day.

Finally, at about six o’clock, he’d decided that he’d had enough for one day. As he was shutting off his computer and the lights, he offered to give me a ride home. At that point, the devil got the better of me and I said.

“You could do that. Or, you could just take me to a hotel instead.”

He looked at me a little dumbfounded and said, “Huh?”

I said, “You heard me. Let’s go get a room.”

He didn’t say anything, so I said, “You know you want to.”

He was looking me straight in the eye trying to check out if I was for real and finally he said, “Yeah I do.”

I held his stare and asked him, “Yeah you do what?”

This time he didn’t even hesitate as he said, “I want to take you to a hotel and fuck your brains out.”

“There you go,” I said. “You want to fuck, and I want to fuck. So, let’s go fuck.”

At that point, he picked up his cell phone and called his wife, Brenda. He told her that something had come up at the last minute and he was going to have to drive an applicant up to the district office. They made kissy sounds on the phone and told each other that they loved the other one. I’ve seen his wife a couple of times. She’s really very pretty. It’s almost hard to believe that he’d be willing to fool around on her.

Almost, I said. I know men though, and from that, I know that there isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t risk everything he’s got to get some teenage pussy.

He didn’t feel safe getting a hotel here in town. So, we got in his car and drove to a town about forty miles down the road and checked into a Holiday Inn. It was so cute watching how nervous he was. When my old boyfriend, Sergio, took me to a hotel after the junior prom last year, he wasn’t half as nervous as Keith was.

We got the room key, and I grabbed it and took off for the room. As nervous as he was, he was still cool headed enough to let me lead so he could watch my ass roll as we walked up the steps.

We got to the door, and I slipped the card key inside the slot and quickly pulled it back out. As soon as the light turned green, Keith pushed it open from behind me and then pushed me into the room. At this point, he was no longer cool headed and neither was I. He literally ripped my top right over my shoulders and then mashed his lips to mine as I started pulling at the buttons on his uniform shirt.

The whole time this was going on, he was also walking me backwards to the bed. The back of my knees hit it and I fell back onto it. In less then a second he was on top of me, still kissing me hard as I was swallowing his tongue. While we did this, I opened my legs and let him fall into place between them.

He began to dry hump against me and I felt how hard his cock was even though he still had on his uniform pants, and I halkalı elit escort still had on my shorts. I reached for his belt and unbuckled it and unzipped his pants so I could take his cock out of them. I gave it a couple of strokes before I pulled his pants and his underwear down past his hips to his knee. He quickly pedaled them off and kicked them to the floor. I don’t even remember him taking off his shoes, but they were already gone, and Keith was completely naked.

He wasn’t bad at all. All that weight lifting he does must have paid off, because just looking at that over muscled body of his I’d never guess that he was already forty-one years old. He isn’t ripped up like Shane is, but he’s a lot bigger and he’s still got the veins and the six-pack.

I was still admiring his shape when he reached for the buttons to my shorts. He got them open and pulled them and my panties off with one swipe. Then he started kissing the insides of my thighs. He went from there and kissed his way up to my belly button. He stopped and took a little time to lick around the diamond navel ring I stole from Michelle when she left for boot camp.

I won’t go into how Michelle got the money to afford that. But, it’s mine now, and if she thinks I’m giving it back, she’s not the smart one in the family after all.

He left my belly button and kissed his way up to my tits. While there, he took his time sucking each of my nipples until they grew big and hard. Then he kissed his way back down to my belly button so that he could suck on the diamond some more. Finally, he kissed his way lower again and began licking the outer lips of my pussy.

Oh my fucking god can that man ever eat pussy.

First, he lightly traced the tip of his tongue up one side and he slid it back down the other. He made three or four circles like that before he licked his way up from the bottom with a broad stroke up to my clit. At that point, he began flicking his tongue across my clit. Short fast flicks with the tip of his tongue at first, and then long slow ones with the flat part of his tongue. Then he’d switch off and use his lips to suck at my clit just like it was a nipple or a real small dick. And, he kept going and going and going. He didn’t stop until I was digging my fingers into the sheets and screaming ‘oh my fucking god’ loud enough that I’m surprised he didn’t come down from the heavens and join us.

I take that back, Keith ate my pussy so well he must have been divinely guided. I’ve never had a man eat my pussy like that. As a matter of fact, I’ve never even had a man make me come just by going down on me. I’ve had girls go down on me until I came, but Keith was the first guy to ever do it.

After I recovered from the orgasm he gave me, I rolled him on to his back and went straight for his cock. It wasn’t real long, only about six inches, but it was more than hard enough to get the job down. I stroked the length of it with my hand as I slid my lips over the head. I kept stroking my hand up and down the length of the base as I slowly sucked a little bit more and more of it into my mouth. In a moment, I had to take my hand away because there was no room for it since I’d taken almost all of his cock into my mouth. I was moving my face up and down to take as much as I could of his cock into my mouth and then sliding it out until just the head was left in. I felt him tensing and he grabbed my hair, but he held off from coming. That’s the great think about older guys. They can hold off their orgasms halkalı escort until they decide they’re ready to have them.

That’s why I love fucking older guys. Well, that’s one of the reasons anyway.

I kept working my mouth up and down his cock. While I did that, I put my index finger into my pussy and got it good and wet from my pussy juice. Then I did a little trick that Michelle taught me a long time ago about how to make blow jobs be out of this world incredible. With my finger nice and slick, I begin to work it into Keith’s asshole. It took me a minute, but I worked it all the way in down to the bottom knuckle.

Then, while I continue to suck his cock for all it was worth, I worked my finger around and found his prostate gland. As soon as I began massaging the gland, Keith let out a grunt and a grown and started shooting off like a power faucet into my mouth. I kept sucking and massaging, and he kept shooting. Once the gushes stopped, I slid my finger out of his asshole and milked his cock until there was nothing left to suck out of it.

After that, he sent out for some pizza, and we sat around on the bed naked watching TV and eating pizza.

After a couple of hours, he was recovered enough that I as able to suck him hard. As soon as he was hard, he turned me over onto my back and started giving me some more of that great head that he’s so talented for. I didn’t want to come that way again, so as soon as I was good and wet, I pushed his face away from my pussy and rolled over onto my stomach and put my ass up into the air. He crawled up behind me and pushed half his cock into me before he pulled it out and started rubbing the lips of my pussy with the head of his cock. I turned around and swore at him and told him if he wasn’t going to fuck me I was sure I could find someone who would.

He laughed, but went ahead and pushed his cock all the way into my pussy. Then he started stroking it in and out.

He started out slow, but when I started humping back against him, he picked up the pace and soon I was burying my face into one of the pillows and biting down on it so I wouldn’t scream so loud that the people in the room next to us would call the police.

He still hadn’t come yet, so he rolled me over onto my back and kept stroking. He was really driving into me too. I couldn’t believe the power he was putting into his strokes and that he was able to keep it going for that long with out coming. Soon, he was sending me over the top again, and this time I didn’t have anything handy to bite into, so I just had to let loose with my screams. Fortunately, no one called the police. I might have been a little difficult for Keith to explain.

After I came a third time, Keith finally let himself go. He started to pull out because he wasn’t wearing a condom, but I used my heels and clamped down on his butt and said, “Don’t pull out, baby.”

He couldn’t hold off any more from there and shot off inside me. It wasn’t as powerful as his first gushers that went off in my mouth. But, I still loved the feel of that warm fluid seeping around inside of me.

He kept pumping until he was completely drained and slowly he collapsed on top of me. Then we just sort of cuddled up in each other’s arms and went to sleep. He told me on the way home this morning that he loved how I didn’t make him go clean up as soon as he finished the way his wife does, but instead I just let him fall to sleep in peace. Of course, before he did drive me home in the morning, he woke up with another hard on that we had to make good use of.

Okay, sweetie. I have to get going now. I skipped school yesterday, so I better not do it today. Besides, even if I skip, I still have to take my little brother and sister to school first.

See ya. I’ll try not letting there be so much time between letters next time.


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