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Debi and the Boys

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John is a VP for a pharmaceutical company so he makes really good money but is always working even when he is home. His wife, Debi, is a high school teacher. They have one son, Kyle, and he had just graduated high school. Debi knew she was fairly attractive, but she never thought of herself as hot. She exercised regularly and kept in good shape. She wears glasses, has shoulder length brown hair and her measurements are 36D-25-36. John has always referred to her as his trophy wife, but she chalked it up to empty flattery and her husband being silly.

Shortly after they put in the in-ground pool, their house became the favorite hangout for their teenage son and his friends.

It was the beginning of summer vacation on a Tuesday afternoon when John came home early due to a power outage at his office caused by some downed power lines. He came home to do some work. He came home everyone was out by the pool Debi, Kyle, and Kyle’s three closest friends Andy, Mark, and Jamal. The boys were all heading of for college come September. Jamal was the youngest having just turned 18 the month before they graduated.

Debi was lying on one of the lounge chair in a bikini getting some sun while the boy played in the pool. John was just about to go out and let them know he was home when he noticed something. All the boys even Kyle were all stealing glances of his wife and they all seemed to pitching tents in their swim trunks. The idea of a group teenage boys checking out his wife got him excited. Though he never would tell Debi he often fantasized about Debi getting gangbanged by a group of her students. He decided he wouldn’t let them know he was there instead he would watch, but first he went to get his new digital camera with the telephoto lens.

After getting the camera he went to his office which gave him the best vantage point to see the pool. He decided to use the camera’s video capture feature. He caught all the boys looking at Debi several times. He made sure to that he didn’t zoom in to close so he could catch them adjusting the trunks after looking at his wife.

Then Debi must have asked the boys if one of them would put some sun screen on her back. The boys nearly killed themselves trying rush over to her, but Andy was closest. John thought Andy was going to pass out when Debi had laid down on her front and unclasp her top. Andy was shaking as he applied the lotion. He rubbed it all over her back and then he did her sides. Andy flag was at full mast when his hand rubbed lotion on the side of Debi’s tits. The other boys look so jealous. It must have been too much for Andy or he was afraid he’d get caught because he moved his hands back to her back and finished up.

A few minutes later Jamal was walking by checking out Debi’s ass just as she reaches back to adjust her bottoms. When Debi first tried getting her fingers under the edge of her suit she accidentally pushed the bottoms further up her ass crack and in an attempt to fix her bottoms to their proper place she pulled them out a bit farther. Debi was never exposed but Jamal expression of excitement was priceless.

Later that night Debi and John were in bed he and began to tell her about what he had seen that afternoon. She didn’t believe him.

“There’s no way those boys would be interested in an old woman like me.” She said.

“First you are one hell of a hot sexy woman no matter what your age and second they are and I can prove it.” John said and he went and got the camera to show her proof. Debi watched the entire video with John looking over her shoulder pointing out things like the glances at her body and the tents the boys were sporting in trunks which they adjusted frequently.

When the video finished John notice Debi’s breathing had become a bit heavier, her face was flush and her nipples were poking up under her nightgown telltale signs that his wife was getting excited. John wanted to push her over the edge so he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“I overheard the boys talking before the left and they call you a MILF.” John lied. Debi’s breathing became quicker and even more labored.

“That means mother I’d like to…” John began to whisper before she cut him off.

“I know what it means.” Debi said.

“I for one agree with them.” John said as his slip his hand into her panties. He was pleased to find her pussy very damp maybe even damper than usual. He began to kiss her neck.

“Oh my God! Our son and his friends… they’re just boys.” Debi moaned.

John said “Their not boys any more their young men.”

“And they want… they want to…” Debi gasped.

“Yes… They want to fuck you.” John whispered in her ear. John fingered her pussy bursa eskort bayan and she was writhing in pleasure.

Debi panted “You don’t think they’d want to do me all at the same time do you?” John felt Debi’s body quivering as she asked. John was excited they were actually discussing his favorite fantasy a group of teenagers gangbanging his wife.

“They definitely want to gangbang you.” Whisper John. Debi gasped with pleasure.

Not wanting to allow the discussion die John whispered “Can you imagine you with all four boys?”

“I don’t know…” Debi moaned but she was lying. She was imagining riding Jamal’s cock, sucking on Andy’s and stroking Marks.

John said “Well try.”

“Ok…” Debi whimpered.

“I want you to get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind. But I want you to imagine it’s one of the boys.”

“Ok but which one of them?” Debi asked as she got up on her hands and knees.”

John said “I don’t know. You pick.” He got behind her and prepared to fuck her as soon as she picked.

Debi said “Hmmm… who should I pick? It’s all so naughty Mark, Andy and Jamal are Kyle’s friends and they were all students of mine.”

John said “I know you have one in mind so just say it.” John was poised and ready to slip his cock into her pussy.

“Well ok I pick Jamal.” Debi said.

“Oh Jamal? So you want to try some BBC, do you?” John groaned pushing his cock into her warm wet welcoming pussy. Debi gasped imagining that her son’s African American friend’s cock was penetrating her.

“Mm mm… yes…” Debi panted. The fact was she had often wondered and even fantasized about being with an African American man, but just not with Jamal before now.

John says “Are you imagining Jamal cock sliding in and out of you love box?”

“Yess… Now be quiet Jamal and give your teacher that Big Black Cock of yours.” Debi moaned. She wanted him to be quiet and not ruin the fantasy and John understood. John kept is mouth shut and fucked her as energetically and vehemently as he could.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this Jamal! It’s so wicked and illicit! You were a student of mine!” Debi groaned. John could feel her pussy constrict around his cock squeeze it tight. She was really getting into it and he couldn’t have been more pleased. Debi sighed and moaned Jamal’s name several times each time John could feel her pussy gripping his cock.

“This is so wrong! I’m your friend’s mother. You’re fucking your friend’s mother, Jamal!” Debi gasped. John felt his wife’s body begin to shudder and spasm.

“FUCK ME, JAMAL!” Debi cried as she experienced a massive orgasm.

“OH GOD!” Debi cried. Imagining being fuck by Jamal had really turned Debi on and as a result the sex was incredible. It was the best sex she had had in years maybe ever. She felt a twinge of guilt over the forbidden nature of the fantasy, but that only made her hotter. She even enjoyed contemplating actually having Jamal fuck her. She gave it serious consideration and if Jamal had walked in the room right then she would have fucked him. She figured John would be happy with that too by the spirited fucking he was giving her. Each time she called out Jamal’s name John onslaught of her pussy became more intense, so she called it out as often as she could.

“OOH SHIT! OOH FUCK! YES JAMAL!” Debi called out as she was overwhelmed by another explosive orgasm. This one was even surpassed the first one. John could feel it too. Debi was still in the midst of her exquisite and extremely gratifying orgasm as John unloaded into her pussy.

Debi and John were both spent and they collapsed onto the bed. John was on her back his softening cock still in her pussy.

“That was amazing! You enjoyed it too didn’t you?” John asked.

“Yes, I did.” Debi answered. She felt uncertain whether to admit just how much. She was a little embarrassed by how much she enjoyed a fantasy that was so shameless, wanton and forbidden. It was about a former student and her son’s friend and she had never enjoyed any fantasy as much before.

“I bet you never thought you get so excited fantasizing about one of your students and one of our son’s friends. We’ve got to do that again soon like tomorrow.” John said as he rolled off her lay by her side.

“No I never did and tomorrow would be fine.” Debi giggled nervously. Actually she was ready to do again right then.

John said “I like this.”

“Like what?” Debi asked.

“You being so sexy and naughty you need to do it more often.” He said.

“Maybe I will.” She replied.

“Tomorrow you should wear that bikini you wore in Cancun a few years ago. I know you still bursa merkez escort got it.” He said.

“But top is a bit revealing and it’s a thong. The boys will be able to see a whole lot of my chest and my ass.” Debi gasped at the thought.

He said “I know. The boys would love it, and it’d be quite a thrill for me too.”

“Well I’ll think about it.” Debi was already giving it some serious contemplation.

John smiled “Good. Send me a selfie of you in it if you decide to wear it ok.” Debi agreed and quickly excused herself to the bathroom to clean up.

Once she was finished she came back to find John fast asleep. She was still feeling rather horny and wasn’t tired at all, so she decided to spend a little time reading erotic stories on the internet and some quality time with her vibrator.

She went to her favorite erotic story sites, but she didn’t peruse the descriptions of the new stories like she always did. This time she did a search for ‘teacher and student’ and found several delightful stories her favorite was a two part story called “School Teacher Gives Lessons.” In the story a husband secretly watches wife a high school teacher have oral sex with a well-endowed student and eventually she lets him fuck her ass. As she read the story she fingered her clit, plunged her ass with her vibrator, and imagined Andy, Mark and Jamal each taking turns fucking her up the ass.

She rode her vibrator to several orgasms that night and when she was through her ass was a bit sore she felt pleasantly satisfied. After she put away her vibrator and headed off to bed she knew she’d be wearing that thong bikini the next day.

John was pleased when he got the text from Debi the next day. She sure did look naughty in that bikini especial since in the picture she sent him the cups and crotch were pulled aside exposing her tits and pussy. Looking down at her pussy he noticed something.

He texted her back ‘Did you shave off all your pubic hair?”

‘I read somewhere that young men like their pussies bald these days. Do you like it?’ She replied

He texted ‘Yes I like it a lot. Are you planning on showing the boys?’

‘I wasn’t planning on it but you never know.’ She replied.

He texted her back ‘I dare you to accidentally send that pic to Josh.’

‘ACCIDENTLY? Why would do that?’ She questioned.

He replied ‘So he can show his friends.’

‘And how?’ She texted.

He answered ‘Easy send it with a message to me something like So John what do you think of your hot wife?’

She replied ‘Are you certain he’d share it with the others?”

‘Trust me he definitely will.’ He answered. He waited for a couple of minutes for a reply.

‘Are you going to send it or not?’ He asked.

‘I already sent it. He said I was gorgeous and he asked me to send more.’ She replied.

He texted ‘What are you going to do?’

‘I sent him this.’ She replied there was a small video attachment of her with her bikini still askew and dancing rubbing her hands over her tits and pussy.

‘You didn’t?’ He questioned.

‘I did.’ She texted him back.

‘What he say about that? He didn’t ask for more did he?’ he asked.

She texted ‘He said I was the hottest wife ever and he was lucky to have me, and no he didn’t ask for more.’

‘He’s probably afraid to push his luck and get caught.’ He replied. She left him waiting for a reply.

He texted ‘Is everything ok?’

‘Oh sorry everything is fine. Great actually I’ve looking out the window watching the boys all huddled around Kyle looking at his phone.’ She replied.

‘Maybe you should just take of the bikini and walk out there naked.’ He answered.

She texted back ‘Careful I what you ask for I just might do that. When you get home I’ll be getting gangbanged by four randy teenagers.’ He really wished he could come home to that.

He typed ‘I love to see that.’ He took a moment to think about it and then hit send.

‘Would you?’ She replied.

‘Yes.’ He answered. Waiting for her reply his heart was beating so hard he thought it would burst out his chest. It was only 5 or 6 minutes but it felt like forever to John.

‘Tell me. What do you imagine would be happening when you came home?’ Came her eventual reply.

He thought about it for a little while and then texted ‘You’d be on your favorite lounge chair out by the pool stroking Mark’s cock, sucking on Andy’s cock, riding Jamal’s cock, and have Kyle’s cock buried deep in your ass.’

‘OMG!’ She answered quickly. Several minutes ticked by and John got very nervous that he’d might have gone too far.

Panicked he bursa sınırsız escort bayan replied ‘Sorry. Are you disgusted with me right now?’

‘No but I think tonight we’ll have to break out my vibrating dildo and see if I can take a cock in my pussy and my ass.’

Relieved he replied ‘Can’t wait for it.’

‘Neither can I. Text you later. I’m off to tease some horny teenagers.’ she answered. She fixed her bikini put on her sun glasses and headed out to the pool.

When Debi walked out to the pool in her thong bikini she thought the boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads. All four boys had stopped in their tracks to stare at her with their mouths hanging open.

“Hi boys! How do you like my bikini?” Debi asked giving them a slow twirl to show off the back.

“Wow! Mom!” Said Kyle.

“It’s… it’s… Incredible Mrs. Ross.” Gasped Andy.

“It’s hot!” said Jamal.

“Down right smoking.” Said Mark

“You don’t think it’s too revealing for an old lady like me?” She asked. They all answered a resounding No.

Feeling a bit impish Debi turned around and stuck out her ass for the boys to get a good look and asked “Are you boys sure my ass looks ok in this?” Jamal, Mark and Andy all shook their heads and said yes.

“Your ass is perfect, Mom. You look great.” said Kyle. Debi found herself very happy to hear that from her him.

Debi sunned herself by the pool. With her sunglasses one she watched the boys looking at her. She could see the lust in their eyes as they looked at her. She felt tingly all over it was almost as if the boys’ eyes were touching her all over. Because of what John had said the night before she couldn’t stop looking at the bulges in their trunks. She was so glad she was wearing her sunglasses so they could see her looking at their crotches. She was getting very excited by it all. Debi’s crotch was damp and her nipples became erected and where poking out under her top. She was pretty sure they boys didn’t notice the damp patch forming by her crotch but she was certain they could see her nipples. She was aware that the boys began circling around to get a better look at her top and her swollen nipples.

After a couple of hours of the boys leering at her had made her so incredibly horny that she had to take care of it, so she got up and headed for her bedroom to use her vibrator. She had become so turned on by the boys, and she knew John would want to know.

Debi got her phone and typed ‘Honey, I’ve been out by the pool and the boys have all been staring at me. I’ve gotten so horny I had to come in house break out my vibrator.’ It wasn’t until after she hit send that she noticed she had mistakenly sent the text to Kyle. She was mortified then she got a text on her phone.

‘Are going to imagine one of the boys is fucking you?’ Kyle asked. She wasn’t sure what to do, but as thought about it she knew all she could do was just play along.

Debi texted back “Maybe…”

‘Which one?’ Kyle asked. Debi was very curious by Kyle’s line of questioning and decided to see if she could get him to reveal something. She knew just what to text.

Debi texted ‘I’m not sure. Which one do you think I should imagine?’ She wondered who he wanted her to be thinking about. Was it Jamal, Mark or Andy?

‘How about Kyle?’ Kyle answered. Debi didn’t expect him to say that. Her own son wanted her to fantasize about him while she masturbated. Stranger yet she was actually getting very excited about the idea.

Debi rubbed her pussy and questioned ‘Do you think Kyle would even want to fuck his mother?’

‘I know he would!’ Kyle replied.

I bet you do she thought. She didn’t want to seem too eager about the idea so she let him hang there a moment. It didn’t take long before she got another text message on her phone.

‘So are you going to imagine your vibrator is Kyle’s cock?’ Kyle asked.

‘IDK” she teased.

Then she followed up with ‘Do you really think I should fantasy about fucking our son?’

‘Definitely!’ Kyle replied. Kyle waited a full 7 minutes waiting on a reply. He thought maybe she already started.

‘Are you fantasizing about Kyle?’ he texted.

‘What do you think?’ a few minutes Debi responded sending him a video attachment. Kyle excused himself for a moment and went to house and into the bathroom for a little privacy then he opened the video. It was a short video of his mother fucking herself with her vibrator.

‘Fuck me, Kyle!’; “Oh Kyle!”; “Yes Kyle!” she cried out as she plunged the vibrator in an out of her pussy. Kyle played it again and whacked off.

Upstairs Debi was masturbating for a second time. Sending the video to Kyle and got her all excited again. Fantasizing about Jamal the night before was great, but texting Kyle, fantasizing about him as she masturbated, and send him the video that was even better. She was going to wait to share with John when he got home. She wanted to see John face when he read the texts and sees the video.

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