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Deflowered Rosa

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The first time I dressed was exciting. It was such a thrill to put on the panties and pretty skirt and do my make-up; although I admit I looked just trampy that first time. But there was no danger, no risk, all alone in my bedroom. My legs and groin, freshly shaven, and my dark hair in curls and cascading around my shoulders. I looked like a girl to me and every time I did it I think I got better.

Now the first time I went outside though, I was terrified. My figure is slim and my face is boyish, if not girlish. I put on white knee socks and the schoolgirl skirt that actually came from St. Ursula’s, where my sister went. It’s all black but with an inner red pleat that gives splashes of color as you walk. It’s short like a cheer skirt, almost too short. The white shirt fit tight over the barely stuffed “A” cup bra. Nothing over the top for this first time, and if I was noticed… well perhaps I was going to a costume party, would be the excuse. I spent hours on the make-up and my body was bathed and powdered to perfection. I looked like a girl, smelled like a girl, I felt like a girl, or so I thought.

I got looks, but I wasn’t sure if it was because I was pretty or if it was because they knew. I walked down the quiet sidewalk at twilight time with the soft lighting hopefully playing in my favor. The black leather shoes clicked as I moved, and a black backpack on one shoulder. I headed for the “L” train to get across town. As the sun sank lower everything had a pink haze and the city was quieting down. I caught sight of myself at a station window with the ceiling light behind me. I smiled at the pretty Latina girl before me. “I should have worn glasses.” I thought; another distraction to pull the eyes away from the adam’s apple. But I looked good. I looked sweet, if even just to me.

As I stepped into the train car I kept my face down and quickly moved for the back. Here were the “ugly” lights that showed it all, illuminating our flaws and magnifying our shortcomings. I bit my lip in concern and didn’t turn my eyes to anyone, but I was sure one old guy was checking out my legs as I moved past. I sat gently with my knees together and the backpack across my lap. Now I stole glances around the car, always with my eyes cast downward and my back hunched a little, covering for my lack of boobs.

There were just a few folks on. Rush hour was long ago. And the old guy WAS checking my legs. I smiled a little to myself and let them cross. Bobbing my foot as if bored. Near the door was a young man and I caught him stealing glances too. He was tall and Black Latino mix, maybe, or his mamma was just white. He had his hair cropped short, but it had waves and not the tight curl, and he had that little Cuban mustache that almost looks like it’s drawn on with eyebrow pencil. I moved the book bag and crossed my legs the other way. The skirt road up like I knew it would and I waited before pushing it down. He was watching and my heart beat faster. I smoothed the skirt and then let my hand slide along my light ochre-colored thigh. He boldly watched now and then his eyes met mine until I finally turned away, but I smiled at him once or twice and he gave a little seductive grin back.

As my stop came up I had to move by him at the door. His eyes were on me the whole way as he still sat there. I tried not to look but his eyes covered me up and down. Finally, as the double doors opened he spoke before I stepped off.

“Chica, tell me you’re coming home this way and I’ll ride all night.”

His grin got bigger and I caught the sexual innuendo in that and couldn’t help but blush. I had my first proposition and my heart was soaring.

“Um, I’ll be at the library for two hours.” I stammered, not believing I just said that. I know my cheeks were red. I could feel the heat coming off of them.

“Good to know.” His whole face grinned now and he nodded slowly as if just given an intimate secret.

“Bye,” I barely got out of my mouth as I stepped off the train.

As it pulled away I stood there. My heart was fluttering like the old love poems say. A smile came across my face and a giddy feeling in my soul. For a moment I was a girl. I attracted a boy and he saw a girl. He flirted with me and had made me feel pretty, made me feel sexy. I held my hands like little fists in front of my chest and shook them with glee and victory before I scampered off down the station steps.

I didn’t actually go to the library, but to Bloomingdale’s. I wanted to buy things. I wanted to shop. I got some hair bands and the cutest navy blue bra. I didn’t know what I’d wear with it but maybe I’d just walk around the apartment with it. I had a new sense of sexiness and was feeling so feminine. I hoped it would last. I got some looks from sales ladies that I’m sure knew, but a CD in Chicago was hardly anything new. I spent my evening out getting pretty things and I popped them all in the backpack and was finally ready to go home.

I got on the train and he wasn’t there. Part of me was malatya escort disappointed and part of me was relieved. I went back and sat where I was in the corner before. There was only a couple in my car and they got off after two stops. Finally, the train got me home and as I stepped onto the platform he stepped out of a corner.

“Hey, little thing.” He called for my attention and startled me as he came out of the shadows to the left.

I couldn’t help being alarmed and backed away a little while hugging the backpack in front of me.

He chuckled, “Ah, don’t be scared, chica.” He walked right up to me in a few long steps even as my feet still shuffled backwards. He brought up the backs of two fingers and stroked my cheek. “I won’t hurt you. You said two hours and this is where you got on.” He smiled at himself. “What’s your name, chica?”

He looked me up and down with obvious lust and blocked my way, but this is what I wanted, wasn’t it? “R-rosa.” I stammered nervously.

“Rosa?” he said slowly as if tasting the word on his lips. “You are a pretty little thing, Rosa.”

I blushed and thanked him, “What’s your name?” I added boldly.

“Nick.” He gave it away easily.

Nick had backed me up to the wall of the platform without touching me. His large body was so close to mine, and he reached up to stroke my face again. “How come I never seen you before, Rosa?”

“I- I don’t go out much.” He made me so nervous with his demeanor, but his attention was intoxicating and I dared not leave only to lose it.

I felt his fingers slide along my jawline and gently to the back of my neck. He pulled me closer. “You must study all the time. Are you a good girl, chica?” He whispered it like an accusation.

I didn’t know the answer he wanted. “Not all the time.” I finally confessed, my voice barely a whisper and shaky.

And then he kissed me. My hands went up instinctively in protection, but they stopped on his firm chest as any resistance melted away. I Think I actually purred in pleasure as his hot mouth pressed to mine. I felt him press me to the steel paneled wall, and one hand glide down my skirt-covered thigh and back up to grip a handful of my ass. He manhandled me, but his lips stayed put and his kiss was like constant electricity to my spine. His right hand still held me by the nape of my neck while he ground against me in the platform’s shadows. Nick’s thigh rubbed into my crotch and ground my hardening penis there.

My eyes popped open because he had to have felt it, but I looked into soft brown eyes that gave a wink as he broke the kiss.

“Oh, I know, Carlos.” He whispered to me as he still held me and gave me that sly grin.

With that, his other hand lifted my ass and he kissed me hard. My leg lifted and wrapped around his. He ground into me again as I just stared in disbelief. He knew me, but I didn’t know him. I felt fingers slide along my panties and the crevice of my ass. He worked my body and I didn’t resist. He held me trapped against the wall, but I was a willing prisoner. I closed my eyes now and kissed him back. I felt his hot bulge press into me, just above mine. My hand wanted to go down, to grope it and feel its length, to rub its warm, smooth skin.

Nick grabbed my wrists, I hoped to put them down his pants, but he pinned my arms above my head. He held me there and pressed my back to the sheet metal as his body ground against me.

“Tell me what you want, chica.” He whispered to me.

I stared into those chocolate eyes. I bit my lip. It was so hard to say but I finally said it. “I want you.”

He smiled that sly grin again but didn’t let me go, “But WHAT do you want?” One hand held both wrists as he let the other slide down my cheek and along my neck. “Say it, Rosa. Be a dirty girl.”

I swallowed hard, but the answer was easy. I just had to voice it. “I want your cock.” My words were soft, barely a whisper, but my need rang out. I looked down from his stare, my cheeks blushing. He dominated and it made me feel small, and I was compared to him.

“Prove it,” Nick said in short order and let go of my hands, and undid his fly.

He fished inside quickly and pulled out a thick uncut sausage. His cock wasn’t hard yet, but it still impressed. My eyes took it all in and maybe I seemed awestruck because he finally commanded me to move.

“Grab it, chica. Show me you want it.” his voice and breath at my forehead, his body leaned over me. He lifted my chin and looked at me with those chocolate eyes. “Take my cock, Rosa.”

“Here?” I looked left and right but it was just dark corners. No one was around.

Then his big hand was on my cheek and he kissed me again. I felt his lips part and his tongue swiped across mine until I opened up and let him in. My inhibition dissolved and my fingers reached for that meat before me. It felt hot in my hands and I could feel it already start to grow, to harden and pulse. Nick broke the kiss and leaned into malatya escort bayan me, breathing into my ear.

“Stroke it, bay-bee.” He said it like a Chicano would.

I stroked him. I felt him swell and fill my hands. My back pressed to the wall I moved along his shaft and put my face to his chest. His cock pointed at my belly and rose higher as I got more out of his pants. In the darkness, I could barely see it, but I felt it. A man’s cock, hard and throbbing. No words, he wrapped his arms around my head and his elbows pushed down on my shoulders. I dropped right there onto my heels, not wanting my knees on the dirty concrete, but I dropped like he wanted.

His manhood was there now. In my face as well as my hands. I looked at it and admired it and then I looked up at him. I watched his eyes as I gave it my first lick along the foreskin and then across the head. I watched his smile as I kissed the bulbous head and licked the underside where the foreskin had been.

“That’s so good, chica.” he encouraged me.

I smiled at that and took him in. but my eyes were always looking up, staring back into his eyes as his thick cock filled my mouth. My bright red lips stretched around the shaft, I sucked him and then pulled off with a playful “pop”, only to take him back in my wet mouth. He was fully hard now and excited. I felt him grab my head. I wore no wig. The shoulder-length shiny dark brown tresses were mine. He held my hair and forced more cock down my throat. I felt the head slip down and I gloried in the feel of it, felt the strength of it and the taste.

Nick began to fuck my mouth. I had both hands on his thighs to keep me steady. My back was to the sheet metal wall, but he bucked into me and grunted his pleasure.

“Oooo, suck me chica. Make this man cum, baby. Make me fill that sweet mouth.” he spoke the words and they put fire in me. He gave me his passion and I wanted to return it. “Be my baby and eat my cum, chica.” That last one he said sweetly. Nick was playing me like a piano. He knew what keys to push.

I reached up and grabbed the base. I jerked it and kept it from lodging in my throat. I was loving this cock but I loved breathing too. My eyes smiled at him and we finally broke eye contact when Tall Nick threw his head back. He stopped bucking and let me work him, let me suck and stroke him, my hand slipping up and down his wet shaft and my tongue and lips tickling the head. He held my head tight and I knew it was coming. I took him deep, to the back of my throat, and felt him swell and then the jerk. His dick blasted into my mouth, filling me with seed. I didn’t swallow. I let it fill my cheeks I let his cock baste in its own juices as he started trying to push it deeper into my mouth. I didn’t swallow until he was done and looking down at me. I had kept it all inside and my makeup was still perfect.

Footsteps were coming up the stairs. We were in the shadowed corner of the platform but could still be seen. Suddenly I came to my senses. If Rosa was caught being dirty in public by a cop it would be Carlos that would have to explain it. Quickly I grabbed my bag next to me and stood straight up and swallowed the last of that cum.

“I need to go!” I said hurriedly and brushed past tall Nick who tried to grab my hand. “I need to go!”

I streaked past the corner and down the steps, nearly colliding into an old guy just trying to go home. What Nick did I don’t know. Reaching street level I didn’t run but I walked as fast as I could until I was back at my apartment and out of breath. My knees were weak and my heart was pounding and when I started to calm down I replayed the scene in my head. Nick was hot and he was liking me, and he kept calling me chica. I dropped down with my back at my door and rubbed my little hard dick through my panties.

Two days later I’m at home and get a phone call. It was Nick on the other end. “How does he know who I am? Why does he have my number?” my thoughts were racing. “He called me Carlos. He knows who I am.”

“Hello?” I said trying to make my voice a deeper timbre.

“Hello Rosa,” Nick said sweetly.

“There’s no Rosa here,” I said back quickly. “I live alone” I tried to make my voice angry.

“Ah, don’t be that way, Ro-sa.” he drew the name out. “I want to see you again, chica.”

I put the phone to my chest and rolled my eyes to heaven. “What have I done?” I was scared, but he wanted me, and deep inside I wanted him.

“What do you want?” I nearly whispered even though I lived alone in this one-room place.

“Are you dressed, baby?” He asked.

I was wearing pants and a tight T-shirt, but I knew what he meant, was I a girl. “No” I squeaked out.

“Get dressed for me, chica,” Nick said as if we were lovers forever. “Put on something sexy and come see me, baby. We got interrupted.” Nick paused. “You know you’re hot, Rosa. I want to feel that ass.”

He gave me the attention I craved and spoke like a needful escort malatya lover. “Where are you?” My voice was higher. I had slipped into Rosa for him. He gave me his address. “I need an hour,” I said sweetly.

“I’ll be waiting, chica.” and he hung up.

I didn’t wear the schoolgirl outfit from before. It was cute but it wasn’t sexy. I wanted to feel hot and to know I made Nick hot. I chose black and red. A red long-sleeved blouse that tied in front right where my cleavage would be… if I had any boobies, with a black leather mini-skirt that laced up the sides. A red thong would top it off nicely, with the edges of it seen through the skirts laces. I pulled out black pumps with red bottoms that were just for this outfit. I didn’t have many ladies’ things but what I had I chose with care.

A daylight walk wasn’t my favorite, but it was just two blocks down the street and around the corner. Nick, with just sweats on, let me into a small apartment above a music store. He was all smiles and already had hands on me. The living room was empty except for two adjacent couches. The cloth was torn on some of the armrests and the one had a sheet tucked over the cushions.

“Nice place.” I started the conversation and dropped my little book bag by the door.

“It’s my buddy’s,” Nick confessed. “He lets me crash here when things get loco at home.”

Nick pressed closer to me and grabbed me by the hips. I played shy and looked down at his bare abs as he scooped my ass cheeks in his big hands.

“You were so hot, chica, the other night, but we got interrupted.”

“You want more?” I asked coyly, barely looking up through my dark eyelashes.

He smiled and I felt his fists squeeze my cheeks, “Oh yeah, I wanna feel this ass.”

This tall muscled man took me to a couch and sat me on it. He stood before me and I could already see a bulge in his sweats. He pushed them down slowly, trying to tease, and his long mulatto cock sprung out at me. I giggled at its entrance and smiled up at him. The light was much better here and saw the lust in his eyes as I kissed it softly. My lips went down its length but again my eyes stayed on his. I kissed Nick to his curly-haired balls and then licked the underside.

“Mmm, chica, you know how to please, baby.” His encouragement stoked my own fires and filled me with the need to please.

I took him in now and let it slide to the back of my mouth. I put my hands on his muscled hard ass and worked my lips to take him all in, wetting that cock and making it hard for my ride. Nick put his fingers in my long dark brown hair, his palm at my scalp as I began to move up and down his rod. I could feel his excitement and his need as he began to pump his hand and his groin, helping himself to my red-lipped fuckhole.

“You know I want to FUCK you, right?” He looked down at me with that smooth smile and I nodded and “Mm,hmm”ed around his cock. “No interruptions this time, sweet chica.”

“I got lube in my bag.” I supplied as I took his cock out of my mouth.

Nick came back with the tube with me still on the couch. “Turn ’round, baby. Let’s see that ass.

I got up and put my knees on the edge of the cushion. I leaned into the backrest as I looked back at him. I felt his fingers run along the thong that couldn’t cover my shaved little scrotum. I felt his digits run between my crack and then under my short leather skirt. Nick pulled the pink material down and then off my smooth legs. He rubbed my naked hole now and even let his fingers trail to my tight sack. I felt the glob of cold gel as he plopped it onto my little hole and then a single invading finger.

“You are TIGHT, chica.” He said with some surprise.

“Grease me good, baby, I’ll stretch,” I assured him.

I felt Nick press a second finger in my ass. I moaned loudly to let him know I was good. I reached back to hold open my cheeks and he was already running his mushroom cock head along my crack. I felt the coolness of a little more lube and then a hard press into my tight ring. I grunted into the couch cushion as I felt the head invade me. That rigid tool worked slowly down my canal. I tried to push back as I bit the dirty couch material. I wasn’t a virgin, but I never had a big long cock. Finally, I felt his nuts rest against mine. I felt the heat of his loins pressed to my ass. Slowly he began to work it, to pull that cock from me till just the head was lodged inside and slowly pressed it back in. My own dick dangled between my legs and was hardening on its own from the fuck.

I was in heaven. My hips were gripped by a sexy dark Latin man with a good cock, and he was riding me slow but strong. I was giving soft little mews on each deep stroke and had a free hand rubbing my smooth balls and dick. Each thrust was a soft shove of joy. My eyes were half-closed but looking towards him as I took his meat. He kept calling me “chica” and rubbing on my ass. I was a girl. Right then I was HIS girl, and then the front door swung open…

My eyes popped open wide as two Latinos popped into the apartment, one short and the other tall like Nick. But both looked pure Hispanic, if a Puerto Rican could be.

“What the fuck, Nick?” The taller one called out as the shorter one shut the door. “Is this the little puto boy you were talking about?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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