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Dentist Office

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Tony walked down the long hallway lined with doors, while running his tongue over his teeth. He finally got to the door where his dentist was located, and grabbed onto the brass colored knob and sighed. He turned the knob and the bells atop the door gave a little jingle. “Hello there Tony.” The receptionist said.

“Hey Caitlin.” Tony replied as he went to the table of magazines and picked up a copy of Time. Tony read to the sound of Caitlin typing away at her computer, and occasionally answering the phone.

The door that lead further into the office swing open with a slight creak, and a woman about Tony’s age, 19, stuck her head out, “Tony,” she said while scanning the waiting room.

“Right here,” he said as he put the magazine down and headed for the door. “Are you new here?” he asked the dentist.

“Yes, nice to meet you, I’m Katrin.”

Tony took in her features, and liked what he saw. Katrin was about two inches shorter than him, with big hazel eyes, thick red lips, and a beautiful face framed in long black hair with bangs coming down somewhat into her eyes. And that was just her face! She wore a green dentist smock over a white button up shirt with a pink undershirt, that wasn’t shy with hiding her smooth tanned cleavage. The smock also covered her mid-thigh length white skirt, and Tony was glad, for he could see her long tanned legs and toned calves.

“Right in here Tony.” Katrin said.

Tony climbed into the dentist chair and put on the bib. Katrin strapped her mouth cover on and opened the package of her tools. She grabbed for the hooked tool that Tony hated so much, and Tony opened his mouth. In-between scrapings Tony tried to start conversation with this gorgeous dental worker. “When did you start here?”

“Two months ago, but don’t worry I have plenty of experience.”

Tony couldn’t help but wonder what else she had experience with, “How do you like Dr. Jay?”

“He’s very nice to me, and he’s a funny guy.”

“Yea.” Tony was lost in Katrin’s eyes, as well as in thought, when he felt his crotch give a bit of a jump. He turned bright red and hope she was to busy with her work to notice. “You have very pretty eyes,” Tony blatantly said.

“Thank you.”

“You probably get that a lot,” he laughed, “But I mean it.”

Tony saw her cheeks flush a little and dimples appear in her cheeks. “You’re too kind.”

Tony now had a full on stiffy, and all the blood from his head was now in his dick. All’s he could think about was getting this hot dentist on him. Katrin went to change tools, and saw Tony’s bulge. “I-I-Think it’s time for an X-Ray.” She stuttered. Katrin got up from kaçak iddaa her chair and grabbed two pieces of cardboard with X-Ray paper on them and stuck them in Tony’s mouth. She then dropped down the machinery and took the X-Ray’s of his teeth. “I’m just going to have these developed, I’ll be right back.”

Tony took this time to readjust himself, and he still hoped that Katrin hadn’t noticed his hard-on. A few minuets later Katrin walked back into the room and took her seat. She pushed her tool tray away, and told Tony to put his head back and open his mouth. He did as he was told. Tony could feel her hands run down his chest and stomach, and then grab his dick through his pants. “Trying to hide something down here Tony?”

“N-n-no ma’am.”

Katrin flashed a white smile and worked her hands on Tony’s cock. She unzipped his shorts and pulled them off of him. She giggled at the tent his cock was making with his boxers and bent over to kiss it. Tony’s hands made their way up Katrin’s long, smooth, tanned legs and under her skirt. Katrin assisted Tony, and pulled her skirt up revealing her pink laced underwear. Tony groped at her round ass, and then felt Katrin’s lips touch the head of his cock. Katrin’s tongue started to do circles around the head of his cock, and Tony was in heaven. He pulled down her pink underpants, to reveal her shaved wet slit. “Get up here.” He said.

Katrin got on top of Tony, and got into sixty-nine position on the dentist chair. Katrin’s mouth was wrapped around Tony’s cock, and was making its way further and further to the base of his, now throbbing, cock. Tony inhaled deeply, and took in the sent of Katrin’s pussy. He moved his head closer and stuck his tongue into her. Katrin gave a soft moan of satisfaction and Tony started to lick harder. “I want to ride this cock,” Katrin said while still stroking Tony’s meat.

A grin split Tony’s face in half, “Hop on.”

Katrin moved to the foot end of the dentist chair, and then started to crawl up towards Tony. She then sat up on her knees, spread her legs, and lowered herself down onto Tony’s cock. Katrin put her hands onto Tony’s shoulders and started to grind her pussy into Tony’s cock. Tony grabbed Katrin’s tits, that were hanging down in front of his face and began to suck on her nipples. “Oh goddamn, fuck me! Fuck me!”

Tony then switched his hands to Katrin’s hips, and held her down onto his cock, while he thrust up as deep as he could inside of her. Just then, the door to Katrin’s office opened.

“OK Tony, I’ll just check you out and you’ll be good to-” Dr. Jay stood in the doorway with his mouth hanging open, “What the hell is kaçak bahis this?” He asked, but made sure only Tony and Katrin could hear it. He then closed the door behind him.

Katrin’s whole face was red, and she stuttered, “I-I-it’s just a check-up.”

“Yeah, ‘just a check up.'” Dr. Jay said back.

Katrin got off of Tony’s cock, and walked over to the doctor. She snuggled up close to him, and ran a finger around the newly formed bulge in his pants. “I’ve seen the way you look at me around here Dr. Jay. Do you wanna fuck me?” whispered Katrin.

Dr. Jay already had a hand on Katrin’s firm ass, “Yes, I do you slut.”

Katrin dropped to her knees, and undid Dr. Jay’s pants faster than she did Tony’s. She pulled out a monstrous cock, “Holy shit.” Katrin whispered to herself.

“How do you like that you lil’ slut?”

Katrin replied by enveloping as much of the cock as she could in her mouth. Dr. Jay started to run his fingers through Katrin’s long black hair, and looked over at Tony. “Get in on this man.”

Tony smiled again (he seemed to be doing a lot of that today) and walked over to Katrin. He lifted her up by the hips while she was still sucking on the doctors cock and put his cock into her. He knew Katrin was already warmed up, so Tony pounded hard, fast, and deep into Katrin’s tight little pussy. She was going to town on Dr. Jay’s cock (that was now completely wet with saliva) and moaning loudly in satisfaction. “Lemme fuck this chick, Tony.”

Tony pulled out of Katrin’s cunt, and Dr. Jay picked Katrin up and sat her down on the dentist chair. He grabbed the base of his cock and pointed it straight for Katrin’s soaking pussy. One deep plunge, and Katrin’s screamed, “It’s so fucking big! Oh god, its tearing me apart!”

“Oh but you love it, your cunt is sucking at my cock.”

“Come here Tony, I wanna deep throat your cock.”

Tony couldn’t argue with that, and so he walked over to Katrin and let her suck his cock. She was making her way down to the base of his cock, and he loved it. “Goddamn that’s fucking good Katrin.”

Katrin made a coughing noise as she choked on Tony’s dick. She got the rest of it into her mouth, and stuck her tongue out to lick Tony’s balls. God did that feel good. “Tony would you like to fuck my asshole?”

“Well I’ve never tried anal, but why not.”

Dr. Jay dismounted from Katrin’s pussy and Katrin let Tony lie down on the dentist chair. Katrin stuck her asshole in Tony’s face and commanded, “Lube it up first.”

Tony started to lick Katrin’s tiny asshole and every now and then stuck his tongue into it. After a few minutes Katrin pulled her ass illegal bahis away from Tony’s face, and positioned her hole above Tony’s cock. She slowly eased herself onto his cock, and groaned as his prick entered her asshole. “Oh fuck that feels good, and I’m not even all the way in.” Slowly but surely, Katrin made it to the base of Tony’s cock, and she could feel it throbbing in her rectum. Katrin started to bounce on Tony’s cock and it became easier and easier for her to move. “Oh, I can’t believe I’ve never done this before!”

“I’m getting soft over here,” Dr. Jay said.

“Well come over here, and put that dick in my pussy.”

“Holy shit, double penetration, and anal all in one day! This is the best dentist visit I’ve had.”

Dr. Jay put his huge package into Katrin’s pussy, and started to pump. Tony was beneath Katrin and was pumping away at her tight asshole. “Oh fuck, you two boy’s are the best. I’m gonna cum.” Katrin’s pussy and asshole started to contract on both of the men’s dicks, and pussy juice started to drip out of Katrin’s hole. “Oh that was one of the best I’ve had.”

The room now smelled purely of sweat and sex, all three people were breathing hard, Tony and Dr. Jay had switched on and off fucking Katrin’s holes, and Katrin had came four times. “I’m not gonna last any longer.” Tony said.

“Same here.”

Tony could feel his balls tighten up, and he pulled out of Katrin’s pussy, and since she was already on her knees sucking Dr. Jay off, he walked over to her and started stroking his dick. Katrin relieved him of it, by grabbing his dick and stroking it for him. When suddenly

“Oh, oh, fuck yes. I’m cumming.” Dr. Jay panted.

He grabbed his cock and started stroking violently, when his balls shot up inside of him and a big gob of semen shot out, and landed right on Katrin’s tongue. Then another wave shot through him and another lob came out, this time hitting Katrin’s cheek. The semen on her cheek dripped down and was caught by her big tits. Katrin kept the cum in her mouth while she sucked Tony’s cock.

“Oh, here it comes baby.” Tony pulled his cock out of Katrin’s mouth and his balls tightened and released their semen. More semen than Dr. Jay had spat out of Tony’s rod and most of it made it into Katrin’s mouth. Wave after wave of orgasm came over Tony as more semen shot out. Katrin rolled the two loads of semen she had in her mouth around with her tongue, showing it to both the men. She then closed her mouth and swallowed it all. She then licked her tits clean of semen, and looked up at both men.

“That was delicious.”

“Well I’m glad I hired her.” Dr. Jay said with a smile.

“I can’t wait to come back!” Tony exclaimed.

Tony cleaned up and headed out the door, and made his next appointment for six months from today. And boy could he not wait to see Katrin again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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