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Departing Gift Ch. 01

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This story is dedicated to my first love, Brenda. We were rudely interrupted from our love affair 25 years ago by her mother and I have found her once again. She is as beautiful, exciting and wild today as she was as a teenager. In fact, she turns me on more now then she did back then. I thought of you, sweetie, as I wrote this. May we never lose one another again.


“Now, Mr. Faulk, I need to bathe you so you smell nice for your children.” The young nurse told the terminally ill man.

Rachel had already filled up the washtub with warm water, removed the 45 year old man’s clothing and sat him up on the bed, as the man was so weak now that he couldn’t pull himself up by himself.

Rachel, at 19 years old, worked as a visiting nurse, taking care of several terminally ill patients everyday. Usually, she kept visiting them until they died.

She wetted a wash cloth and began to run it over the man’s skin. To her surprise, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and she cleaned the man. This had never happed before and wondered about it while washing him.

Suddenly, something warm hit her other hand as it dangled between her legs. She looked down to see the longest, thickest hard cock she had ever seen. She smiled.

“Mr. Faulk!!! You must be enjoying your sponge bath very much!” She said teasing the man. He hung his head and began to weep. She felt just awful.

“No, Mr. Faulk, don’t cry, I was just teasing you. Please don’t be embarrassed. I see men get erections all the time.” She was speaking of much younger and healthier men, as Rachel was no stranger to cock. She loved them very much. She’d go crazy if she didn’t get one every couple of days.

The man looked into her eyes.

I have not had sex in 5 years, my dear but I get hard all the ben bu boşluğu nasıl izle time. I am going crazy!!!” He said in an anguished, bitter voice.

She looked down at the massive cock. She smiled sweetly and made her decision.

She reached out and put her small hand around the massive organ.

“It feels nice, Mr. Faulk. And, it’s very beautiful. I just love it. Why doesn’t your wife take care of it, hon?” She asked sweetly.

“My wife is no longer turned on me due to my illness. She has a new lover and is just waiting for me to die to marry him, I’m afraid.” The man said in a sad voice.

Rachel frowned and became angry.

“That bitch!!! Well, Mr. Faulk, I think you have a wonderful cock and you are a very nice man.”

She suddenly got on her knees in front of him and kissed his cock head passionately, making it jump against her lips.

“This is how I introduce myself to all new cocks that I meet. And then, I do this.”

She engulfed the man’s cock in her small mouth, stretching her lips wide and shoving it down her throat, gagging slightly. The man immediately began to moan loudly.

Rachel held the massive cock down her throat for several seconds, allowing the dying man to feel the pleasure that her throat muscles were providing to his cock.

When she drew her lips up his shaft, she tightened her pretty lips, providing even more pleasure. She moved up his cock slowly with her lips, enjoying his scent and his moaning.

Rachel never thought she’d get so turned on by pleasing a man old enough to be her father but she was so horny by now that she reached under her skirt and began to finger herself.

Rachel learned a long time ago that it was too difficult to masturbate if biz kimden kaçıyorduk anne izle there were panties in the way and she had been masturbating several times a day since she was 13 years old. Also, if she wanted cock, all she needed to do is lift her skirt and shoved some guy’s cock into her pussy which she did often, She also learned when she was young was that she needed lots of cock and often.

She made loud slurping sounds as she took her mouth off the man’s engorged cock. She began to lick it expertly. The man tilted his head back and moaned.

She smiled at his reaction as she licked his cock.

“When was the last time you’ve had a blowjob, baby?” She asked in a sexy voice.

The dying man met her eyes.

“About 20 years. My wife never sucked me off. A girl in college used to do it for me.” He managed to say in a strained, pleasure filled voice.

She pouted her lips at him.

“Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. She doesn’t know what she’s missing. You have such a nice big cock that tastes so good!”

She began licking the underside of his engorged member with a sexy smile on her face, making the older man moan again.

“I’m going to make you shoot more cum than you ever have, all into my mouth so that I can enjoy the taste of you. That’s how I get to know a man. By tasting him, his cock, and his semen. The taste of you semen will tell me a lot about you. After I taste your cum, I will know if you are a good man or bad man. I will then decide if I will allow you to fuck me.” She smiled sweetly then engulfed his large cock into her mouth, going all the way down to the base of his cock. She slid his rod down her throat and began to moan as she deep-throated the dying man. He cried out in pleasure.

Rachel bizi ayıran çizgi izle was a pro at sucking cock so she knew that the man was close to shooting his wad. She picked up the pace, sliding her lips up and down the man’s hard cock and moaning when she got to the base of his cock and it went down her throat.

She loved the feel of a cock in their throat, for some reason. Most girls would gag and never do it again but Rachel got off on pleasing a man and she knew that deep-throating a man was very pleasurable to him, so she perfected her technique shortly after losing virginity at age 13.

Rachel was the girl that awarded the football team, the basketball team and even the soccer team each time they won a game. She’d blow each team member and eat their cum after a winning game. She had great fun in school. Rachel loved to suck cock, hear a man moan then taste him as he climaxed and shot his cum into her mouth.

The dying man bellowed in pleasure. Rachel was rewarded with the ever so familiar taste of male semen in her mouth. She moaned as her mouth was filled with the older man’s sperm. She enjoyed every spurt he provided her and managed to have an orgasm herself in the process.

After his balls had emptied all of the potent fluid they could into the girl’s mouth, she felt slightly disappointed that there wasn’t any more cum to swallow. She released his spent organ from her mouth and looked at the man sweetly.

“I loved your cum, baby. It takes so good. Your wife is an idiot and doesn’t know what she’s missing.” She said with passion in her voice.

All the man could do was sit there with his eyes closed and nod.

She collapsed onto his lap, kissing his spent cock.

“God, I could stay here all day and pleasure you but I’d get fired. But, don’t worry, Rachel has found a new toy to play with that she loves.” She smiled sexily at him. “So, as long as you fight this sickness, you will have me, baby. You stay alive for me! Next time, my pussy is going to make that big cock shoot, I promise!”

The man had the look of amazement on his face. He just smiled at her as she got up and left.

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