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Desert Love

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Thanks in advance for reading my first story. All characters and situations are totally fictional; however, some real places are used only because they are there. Anyone involved in a sexual situation is over 18. Votes and comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Wine glass in hand, Cassie Hansen lowered herself onto one of the lounge chairs surrounding her pool. Taking a sip of wine, she let herself start to relax on an early Friday afternoon. It was the beginning of tax season, and she owned one of the largest accounting firms in the Valley and knew this would probably be the last relaxing afternoon for a while. She took in the view she never got tired of, ever grateful she and Jack had moved here so many years ago, escaping the cold winters of Minnesota.

They had grown up together, she and Jack. He was two years older, and their families lived next door to each other. And even though he was older than the other kids in the neighborhood, Jack always played with them and never thought them to be a bother. Especially Cassie. She had had a crush on Jack for as long as she could remember, and he treated her like a sister. But when he turned nine, things started to change.

He started to get interested in taking things apart, to see how they worked. Clock radios, kitchen utensils, and transistor radios — anything he could get his hands on, he took apart. By eleven he was putting these items back together in perfect working condition. At twelve he asked his parents to buy him parts for a computer that he wanted to build, so they took him to the local electronics store for help. The owner was happy to help, and soon Jack had his own computer that he used to design rudimentary video games.

Two years later he had designed a game that he sold to people in town. One of them knew someone who worked for an up and coming tech company, and showed Jack’s game to him. Soon Jack was designing more games and before long founded his own company. His dad (a lawyer) helped with negotiations on selling his games, making sure Jack got a good price as well as residuals on ongoing sales. By 16 Jack was spending more time developing computer games and programs than school, but did enough to keep his grades up to graduate on time. At 20 he got an offer to sell his company, and between the selling price and his residuals, he knew he would never have to work for anyone again. And during all this, Jack and Cassie grew their relationship.

They dated during high school, and everyone knew they would marry one day. One promise she made to her parents — she would not have sex until she was 18, and she always kept her promises. Her birthday was mid April, so she and Jack decided that they would have sex the night of her senior prom, one week after her 18th birthday. The day came, and prom was everything she had wanted. A magical night, she would call it later on. After the dance she and Jack parked at the local park, and soon they were naked and in the back seat of his car.

Finding it cramped and uncomfortable, Cassie suggested they lay on a blanket under some trees. There they kissed and played with each other’s body. Soon her pussy was wet and she was anxious for Jack to ‘make her a woman’. She lay on her back, spread her legs wide, and let Jack do whatever he wanted. He started slowly, fingering and then licking her pussy. She was anxious to have Jack inside her, but he was taking his time, letting her passion and excitement build. He took his time licking her, and by the time he started to suck on her clit, she was cumming with a passion, screaming his name as he kept licking her through her orgasm. As he licked her wetness he slipped one, then two, fingers into her pussy, igniting another orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasmic bliss this time, Jack positioned himself between her open thighs, his rock-hard dick in his hand, rubbing against her open lips, spreading her wetness over the head of his dick. He planned on taking his time, but before he could move, Cassie lifted her hips and speared herself on him, taking him all the way in. She cried out first in pain and pleasure, and then quickly only in pleasure as Jack started to move in and out of her. He positioned himself so on each thrust he rubbed his dick against her clit, increasing her bliss. Soon she moaned ‘cum in me, cum with me’, and Jack started to spurt into her wet and fertile pussy. Rope after rope of sperm shot deep into Cassie, and soon they were lying beside each other, catching their breath.

Once she had calmed down, she kissed Jack, whispered ‘I love you’ into his ear, and moved onto her hands and knees, opening herself up for him to fuck from behind. Jack quickly knelt behind her and rubbed his dick against her again. Cassie moaned, and pushed herself against him, pushing him deep inside her. Jack started thrusting faster and faster, and reached around to play with her tits, squeezing and pinching them as Cassie moaned in approval. Soon both were moaning, and once Cassie squeezed Jack’s dick with her vaginal muğla escort muscles, he was lost. He grunted as he emptied himself into Cassie once again, filling her with his sperm. As Jack spurted into her, she came once again, her whole body shaking as her orgasm rocked her from head to toe.

They lay on the blanket quietly, idly playing with each other. They soon realized they needed to get to the after party, so both dressed quickly in their party clothes and got back into Jack’s car. Before he could back out, Cassie leaned over and kissed Jack lovingly on the lips.

“Thank you, Jack. Thank you for making me a woman. I can’t imagine making love with you can get any better, but I sure hope to try. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. And I look forward to making each time better than the last.”

The next month passed in a flurry, with finals, graduation and parties to take in, so when Cassie missed her period she didn’t think twice about it. But when she missed again the next month, she was afraid something was up. She had Jack take her to a pharmacy in the next city, so nobody she knew would see her buying a home pregnancy test. She bought two just to be sure, and both were positive.

She was excited and scared at the same time. She knew she and Jack were going to get married and have kids, just not this soon. She laughed as she looked at the pile of wedding magazines and ideas she had for a winter wedding, and thought back to her sex education teacher who was adamant that a girl couldn’t get pregnant the first time she had sex.

“I guess I just proved her wrong. Now what am I going to do?”

Her mom was just passing by Cassie’s room and heard what she said.

“What’s going on, sweetie? Who did you prove wrong?”

Caught with the pregnancy test in her hand, Cassie started to cry on her mom’s shoulder. When she finally calmed down, she just showed her mom the test results without speaking. After a few moments her mom pulled away and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“So how do you feel about a summer wedding? I bet we can pull everything together in a few weeks, and nobody outside the family needs to know why. We can do it in the backyard and have the reception around the pool. After you tell Jack I’ll call his mom and get things rolling. And don’t worry. Everything will work out just fine. OK?”

Cassie was relieved to hear her mom speak so calmly about all this. She hugged her once again, told her she loved her, and went to find Jack to tell him the news. But she didn’t have far to go, as Jack was walking up the steps to their house, anxious to hear the test results. Cassie took his hand and led him to the backyard, smiling all the way.

“So what would you think of having a summer wedding back here, with the reception by the pool? I know we talked about a winter wedding, but I don’t think we should wait that long, if you get my drift. I know it will be tight money-wise, but I am sure our parents will help us out until we are financially stable.”

Jack smiled at Cassie, seeing the love for him in her eyes. He got it — he was going to be a father. But he was laughing at her worry about their finances.

“I do get your drift, and I think a summer wedding would be wonderful, because it would let you wear the dress you want without letting out our secret. Mom and dad will be thrilled to call you their daughter, even if it is sooner than expected.

“But don’t worry about finances. I was also coming over to tell you some good news on my part. I just got back from dad’s office, putting the final touches and signatures on the sale of my company. Dad was a beast of a negotiator, and got me more money than I ever expected, along with continuing residuals. There is once catch, however. The company wants to hire me as an on-call consultant, meaning I have to live near where the company is located. I’m sure you figured on us living here forever, but they are based in the Phoenix area, and I would need to live there. In the desert. With no cold weather or snow. If you don’t want that, I will cancel the sale and we stay here with our families and our baby. What do you think?”

“What do I think? I think my head is going to explode with all this news. And moving to the desert? Baby, I am so tired of cold and snow I will move there with you in a heartbeat and raise our baby as a desert rat. When can we go?”

Overjoyed with all the news, the couple hugged and kissed by the pool. Just then Cassie’s mom came out the back door with Jack’s mom and watched the young couple passionately make out.

“Isn’t that what got you two into this predicament in the first place? Come inside so we can talk plans. You can make out later.”

So Jack sold his company, he and Cassie got married in a beautiful ceremony, spent two weeks up north in a lakeside cabin for their honeymoon, and started making plans for their big move. They decided it would be best for Cassie to have the baby before they moved, escort muğla so Jack started to look for houses in Phoenix while Cassie stayed home and blossomed into a stunning expectant mother.

She had always kept herself in good shape, but being pregnant obviously changed her body. Her breasts, which she thought were on the small side, started to get larger. Her strawberry-blonde hair lost its blonde color and turned a deep auburn. She had always worn it long, but with a baby soon to take care of, she had it cut to shoulder length. She ran to keep in shape until she got too big, so she took up walking miles and miles each day.

As she entered her house one day after walking, the phone was ringing, and it was Jack. He was finding it difficult to find a house in the style they wanted, so his realtor thought they should build one to their specifications on some land in the east side of the Valley. So they purchased 500 acres of desert and started to build their dream house. Plenty of bedrooms, a large kitchen that looked out to a deck/patio, lots of living space, and, of course, a pool.

Home for the holidays, Jack and Cassie were busy making the final decisions for the house. It would be finished in January, so they were excited to pick out paint colors and furnishings, especially for the nursery. Cassie wasn’t due until sometime in early February, so they had plenty of time to finish the plans before they moved in.

One night they were wrapping Christmas presents, and Cassie was feeling uncomfortable. She had been having Braxton-Hicks contractions, so she thought this was the same thing. But as the night went on, the contractions became stronger and she began to worry that she was in labor, but too early. Suddenly Jack noticed a strange look on Cassie’s face, and she started to panic.

“Jack, I think my water just broke. But it is way too early for the baby to come. Something’s wrong.”

Hearing the commotion, Cassie’s parents came to see what was going on and saw her predicament. They smiled at each other, and went to work. Her dad got the car warmed up, her mother called the doctor and the hospital, Jack called his parents, and then they were off to the hospital.

Cassie’s contractions were getting stronger and closer together as her dad sped through town. They soon arrived, and the ER nurses took over, bringing her up to the birthing rooms. Moms and dads stayed away, so it was only Cassie and Jack and the nurses. Cassie was crying because it was too soon, but the nurses said that when a baby is ready, the baby is ready, and there is nothing you can do but help it along.

Soon the doctor arrived, and after a quick check of Cassie, smiled at the nurse and nodded his head. Before long she came back with extra equipment, but Cassie and Jack were too busy to notice. Presently, the baby made its arrival — a beautiful girl that a nurse quickly cleaned up.

But Cassie was surprised when she kept having contractions. The doctor looked at Jack and held up two fingers. Twins! Jack smiled and kept working with Cassie to finish the birth. Minutes later — a boy. Both parents were shocked because there had been no clue as to a multiple birth. Luckily they had names picked out for girls and boys –Alexandra and Michael. Cassie was excited but too tired to fully comprehend, and the babies were whisked away into the NICU to be sure they were ok. Jack found the anxious grandparents in the waiting room.

“Cassie is fine and resting now. We have a beautiful Alexandra waiting to meet her grandparents. And a handsome Michael is waiting as well. They are in the NICU right now, but should be fine in a day or two.”

The grandparents all laughed and cried and hugged. Suddenly realizing the situation, Cassie’s dad said,

“Wait. Do you realize what this means? We have to go and outfit a second nursery. And a second car seat. And a second everything for a second baby! This is going to be one great Christmas!

Cassie was discharged after two days, but the babies were kept in the NICU for almost a week. Several days before Christmas, Cassie and Jack were able to bring them home to a house full of relatives. It was a crazy time, but the kids knew that since they were moving in March that the grandparents all wanted to be with the newborns.

When March rolled around, Cassie and the grandparents had the plans ready for the move. They were all driving to Arizona to help the kids move into their new house and to help with the babies. The house was beautiful — and everything Cassie and Jack wanted. Finally it was time for the grandparents to leave, and after many hugs, kisses and plenty of tears, Cassie and Jack were on their own to begin their new life in the desert.


At the thought of her husband, her eyes started to fill with tears, both at the loss of her husband and anger at the driver of the accident that killed him and almost killed her son. She had been working late so Jack volunteered to pick the muğla escort bayan kids up from their after-school practices. Michael (who hated being called anything other than Michael) was waiting at the stadium entrance for his twin sister Alex (Alexandra, which she never went by). He had just finished his running for cross-country and she was still on the soccer pitch. He finally saw her running over to him, but not ready to leave.

“Sorry, Michael, but I have to stay for a captain’s meeting. Coach decided to do this now instead of before the game tomorrow. Tell dad I’ll catch a ride with Becky, and I’ll see you all at home.”

She gave her brother a quick hug and ran back to her teammates. Just then Jack pulled up and Michael filled him in as he got in the passenger side. Soon they were headed home, Michael filling his dad in on his school day. They were laughing at something when suddenly a drunk driver blew a red light and T-boned their car, sending it tumbling over and over. Jack was killed instantly, and Michael was tossed about as his seat belt tore out from the force of the impact.

Before long the area was full of first responders tending to Jack, Michael and the drunk driver, who walked away with scratches. Michael wasn’t so lucky, and soon the air ambulance was on its way to take him to the nearest trauma center. As all this was happening, traffic slowed to a crawl as the police only let one car at a time move through the intersection. Alex was fuming, because as soon as her dad pulled out of the parking lot, her coach decided not to have their meeting after all. So now she was stuck in traffic with Becky, not realizing what was happening only yards away. When it was Becky’s turn to move, Alex could finally see what had happened.

“Oh my god, Becky. That’s my dad’s car. Pull over and let me out.”

When Alex approached the accident scene she was stopped by an officer who wouldn’t let her pass.

“Please let me in. That’s my dad’s car, and my brother is in there too. You have to let me see them.”

The officer called her supervisor over and he finally let Alex, who was now frantic with fear, into the scene. She knew without anyone telling her that her dad was dead, but had no idea about her brother. She ran to the gurney he was lying on, and when she saw him she burst into tears, fearful of his injuries.

“Is he ok? Is he dead? Please tell me something; he’s my brother. I have to know what is happening.”

“No, he’s not dead, but he is in very serious condition. We are taking him by Life Flight to the hospital.”

“Can I ride with him? I know he’ll be so scared if he wakes up alone. I just need to be with him and hold his hand. Please, he’s my twin brother. I have to be with him.”

“If the on-board doctor oks it, then you can go. Do you have a number we can get a hold of your mom at? She’ll need to get there as soon as she can. Or is there someone who can drive her?”

Just then the air ambulance arrived, and Alex ran to tell Becky what was going on. She asked her to meet them at the hospital, as it was near where Cassie worked and she would get there on her own. She gave Becky a hug, crying into her shoulder and whispered,

“I think my dad is dead, and Michael is in very serious condition. I’m riding with him to the hospital. The police are calling mom and just telling her to meet us at the hospital. I’ll see you there.”

And with that, Alex ran back to her brother, who was being loaded into the helicopter. They let Alex squeeze in so she could ride with them to the hospital. Michael’s hand peeked out from under the blankets, so Alex held it and squeezed it, hoping to let him know that he was not alone.

The ride was noisy but fast, and soon the nurses were unloading Michael and taking him to the ER. Alex had to wait by the reception desk, and soon her mom arrived, not knowing what had happened. All the police said was there was an accident and she needed to get to the hospital. Seeing Alex, Cassie burst into tears, fearing that they all were injured. As they stood there, Alex looked at her mom and saw the fear in her eyes.

“All they told me was that Michael was in very serious condition. Becky was driving me home because practice ran late, so I wasn’t in the car. No one said anything, but I think Dad is dead. He was hit right on the driver-side door, and the car flipped several times. Oh Mom, I’m so scared for Michael. He looked so helpless and hurt lying on the gurney. I held his hand all the way here, and I am sure when I squeezed his hand, he squeezed mine back. Oh god, Mom. What are we going to do?”

Just then a police officer Alex recognized from the scene stepped up to them.

“Mrs. Hansen? I am Sgt. Pearson with the Metro Police. May I speak to you for a moment in private?”

Alex joined them as they stepped away, and the officer gave her a look to say ‘not you’.

“She’s my daughter, and anything you have to say to me you can say to her as well.”

The officer apologized, and as expected, the news was not good. Jack was indeed dead, and the other driver was in custody for a slew of offences. He also turned out to be the son of one of the richest men in Arizona who was already complaining of police harassment and that Jack was to blame for the accident.

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