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Desperate Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – The change begins

The next morning I was in the office shortly after eight. I couldn’t sleep late – I was so excited and churned up, I was awake at five. I’d taken the vibrator off the bedside table and within ten minutes I’d made myself come twice.

After I’d showered, I went downstairs and before breakfast I practiced with the zucchini again. I could now just about take half the smallest one into my mouth without gagging and hold it there while I licked the honey off. But if Mr. Rogers wanted me to do that with his big cock, I was going to have to try a lot harder.

Although I was hungry, I had only the light breakfast the instructor had described – just coffee, fruit and toast with a tiny bit of butter – then I opened my robe, took the vibrator out of the pocket and buzzed myself to orgasm again. I’d made myself come four times last night, sitting in front of the mirror and finding my way around my own pussy. It was a strange experience. Not long ago I would have been disgusted by the sight. Now, with a lot of coarse black curls trimmed away and consigned to the trash, it did look a lot prettier. And it felt sooo good when I touched it with my fingers and the vibrator.

On the ride to work, I just kept wanting to lift my skirt and slip my hand in my panties, but that’s not possible on a crowded bus. It was hot on the bus, and I felt even hotter. When I arrived and unlocked, I went to my desk, got my vibrator out of my bag and brought myself off under my desk.

Mr. Rogers arrived around eight fifteen. I’d barely had time to put my toy away in my bag, and I must still have looked flushed. He smiled at me, perhaps a little knowingly.

“Vicky. Good morning. You’re here nice and early. I must say you’re looking very nice today. I love your hair and I see you’ve applied your make-up. You must have remembered the technique very well.” In fact I’d got Ashlyn to draw a little chart of my face and write on it how to apply the stuff she’d sold me yesterday. I was glowing, with pride at my achievements in 24 hours – and from my recent orgasm.

“Thank you Mr. Rogers. And thank you for making it all possible.”

“My pleasure. And talking of pleasure, last night you told me quite eloquently what I would be doing to you. Can you remember what it is?”

“Certainly, Mr. Rogers,” I beamed. “I took a notepad out of my purse, flipped it open to check the words I’d composed there, then looked up at him, smiling. “First, you’re going to make my pussy really wet. Then you’re going to slide your cock – your, nice, big, hard cock, Mr. Rogers – into my cunt and fuck me. And you’re going to play with my pussy and my clit and maybe my titties until I come. Did I get that right?”

“That was very good, Vicky. Very good indeed. And did you do your other homework?”

“Yes, sir.” I reached into my purse and pulled out the smallest zucchini, which I’d carefully wrapped in a sandwich bag. I looked straight at him, opened my mouth and slid the vegetable about halfway in, most of the way to my throat, until it started to get uncomfortable. I held it there for a few moments, then took it out and smiled triumphantly.

“Good, Vicky. Now you need to put it back in, and then slide it in and out. Let me see you do that. Oh, and did you bring the honey? I need to see how you lick it off.”

So I dribbled honey over the zucchini, opened my mouth and slid it back into my mouth.

“Good, that’s right, nice open mouth. Push it as far back as you can.”

I did as he said, and gagged a little.

“Gently. Now slowly back, pressing your tongue underneath it. Now back in. Good, as deep as you can go. Now swirl your tongue around the tip and up the sides. No, don’t twist it in your mouth. Keep it the same way up. Good. Now slowly slide it in and out, in and out for me. Excellent. Thank you Vicky. Now you can rest.”

I got some water from the cooler. My jaw was rather tired. “Is that – is that what you’ll want me to do with – with your cock, Mr. Rogers? Only it’s so much bigger than the zucchini, I’m not sure I can manage it.”

“Vicky, I think you’ll find that it’s not a lot bigger. Here…” he checked there was still no-one in the main open-plan area outside, then led me through to his office. Inside, he unfastened his pants. His cock was quite hard; not as much as last night, but nearly so. He held the zucchini alongside it, and I could see that he was about the same length, perhaps a little over six inches, and a little thicker, but not a great deal.

“It’s just as well that for your first blow job you didn’t pick a black guy. There’s one dude at the gym – do you remember him, the tall guy with the dreads?” I nodded. He’d been pumping iron last night, and was seriously ripped. “Well, I’ve seen him in the shower and he’s way bigger than me. So don’t worry. I’m Mr. Average when it comes to cock size. After me, you can maybe work your way up to something more substantial.”

“Oh, Karaköy escort I don’t think I’d like that, Mr. Rogers. Yours looks plenty big enough for me.” I looked at his cock again, and it didn’t seem as fierce and intimidating as it had, almost in front of my face, last night.

“Mr. Rogers. Could I – could I please touch it again?”

“OK, Vicky, but we’ll have to be quick.”

I reached out and cupped it gently in my hand. As I held it, I could feel it hardening some more. Without asking, I started to stroke it up and down. He didn’t stop me, and I began to get into a rhythm. I loved feeling the velvety tip against my palm, and I sort of swirled my hand over the head again and again. It started producing some slippery fluid, which – surprisingly – felt really sexy.

“Vicky. Tell me – tell me what – what I’m going to do.” His voice sounded a little choked.

“Sure, Mr. Rogers. You’re going to make my pussy wet, then you’re going to slide your big, hard, cock into my little cunt and you’re going to fuck me and fuck me and you’re going to keep sliding your cock in my cunt and teasing my clit and my pussy and fucking me until I come – and until you come, Mr. Rogers.”

Suddenly he groaned, and a big spurt of milky white fluid shot from the end of his cock. Some of it went on my skirt, some of it on the carpet. Then another spurt, and another, and he looked like he was either in pain or having the most amazing pleasure.

“Mr. Rogers. Was that all right? Did you – did you – come?”

“Oh yes, Vicky, you made me come all right.” His voice sounded tight. “That was very good. Thank you. Now quickly, we need to get the marks off your skirt and clean up this mess on the carpet before anyone else arrives. And Vicky?”

“Yes, Mr. Rogers?”

He leaned over and kissed me. “Great hand-job. It seems you already know one way to please my cock.” I was ecstatic. I’d never done that before for a guy, and now – now Mr. Rogers was saying I was good at it!

During the morning I had to go to the ladies room and play with my pussy several times. One time I was using the vibrator and I heard someone else come in. I had to quickly turn it off and head back to my desk. I knew that the buzzing could be heard, and suspected that if I came once more in the john, I’d make so much noise that everyone would know.

I’d been back at my desk for only a minute or so, feeling so turned on and very, very wet, desperate for release, when Mr. Rogers appeared at the door of his office. “Miss O’Dowd? Could you please come into my office for a moment? Oh, and bring your purse, please.”

I walked into Mr. Rogers’ office and he closed the door behind me. “Miss O’Dowd, I’ve noticed that you’ve been to the toilet three times this morning. Tell me – are you going there to masturbate? To play with your pussy?”

I was suddenly embarrassed and ashamed. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Rogers. What you’ve been teaching me, it’s – it’s affecting my work. I can’t concentrate; I just feel so, so…”

“So horny all the time?”

I suppose that I did know what the word meant. “Yes sir,” I said, my eyes averted.

“Miss O’Dowd, I’m afraid this won’t do. When you’re feeling horny, you can’t just sneak off to the ladies like that.”

“Sorry, Mr. Rogers.”

“I understand how you must feel. This is all new and exciting for you. So just this once, I want you take off your panties, pull your skirt up and show me your pussy.”

God, I was so wet! My panties were soaked, and when I peeled them off, the cool air on my pussy made it worse. When I showed Mr. Rogers my pussy, he smiled.

“Vicky, that’s beautiful. It looks so much nicer now you’ve cleared away a lot of that thick hair. Now show me how you play with your pussy and your clit.”

I propped on the edge of his desk, one hand holding my skirt up around my waist, the other furiously stroking my clit and my pussy lips. He reached into my purse, pulled out the vibrator, turned it on and slipped the head against my clit. Just as I was about to scream in orgasm, he grabbed the back of my neck with his other hand and pressed his mouth against mine in a very passionate kiss.

The kiss stifled the noises I was making – and I was making a lot of noise. He held me there until my squeals subsided. When he released me, I was shaking.

“Vicky, now we need to keep a little control here. This could start to get out of hand. I know this is new for you – and God knows, doing things like this with an employee is new to me – but if we don’t keep a lid on what we’re doing, it could escalate into something we’re going to regret. I know it’s difficult, but I’d be really grateful if you could try to keep your mind on your work, at least while you’re in the office, and reduce the number of times you masturbate in the office. Save it until you get home. The anticipation will make you hornier, and your orgasms will be stronger.”

I Kayaşehir escort bayan was still a bit shaky from my orgasm. “Sure, Mr Rogers, whatever you say.”

“That doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally indulge. If you’re feeling really horny, come into my office and we’ll see what we can do. But for now, you’d best put your panties back on and get back to work. We have those orders to get out to Riptons, and some invoices to process before five.”

I went back to my desk a bit subdued. I tried real hard to focus on my work, and ignore this continual tingle in my pussy that was begging for attention. Over lunch, I slipped into the store-room and made myself come really quickly with the vibrator. I even put my panties in my mouth and bit down hard to muffle my cries. Then I went back to my desk and got on with my work.

By five, I’d completed the orders that Mr Rogers needed, sorted all of his important correspondence and even got some invoices together. I’d phoned a couple of companies who owed us money and got them to agree to pay us immediately, and I’d fixed up details for Mr Rogers’ upcoming trip to Miami. (I confess that I was jealous. A 3-day exhibition at Doral, after which Mr Rogers was going to spend over a week in Florida with his wife and kids. Better than sitting at a desk here in Chicago.)

As I got up to go, Mr Rogers came out of his office, so I told him what I’d been able to do. He was pleased, and offered me a ride home. In the car, he said “Vicky, I’m sorry if I sounded a little harsh earlier. I’m very excited by our new project, and by the opportunity to help you turn your life around like this. It’s just that I need to have everything ready and sorted for when I go away next week. While I’m away, so long as you complete the work and keep the office going while I’m away, you can masturbate all you like. Only I think that the impact on me will have a bad effect on my work. I just want to make sure that we both have a business to work for in the future!” He smiled.

“Sure, I understand, Mr Rogers. And I don’t mind at all. I don’t think you were harsh, really. But do you still want me to come in early and show you what I’ve learned?”

“Of course, Vicky. But we need to keep it contained, that’s all. I know it’s hard to be doing all these strange things. The gym and the diet are going to be tough, at least at first, and the stuff I’ve given you to learn is going to mess up your head and your body in strange ways. Hopefully you’ll get to like them all in time, and I think you’re liking some of them already. Just keep at it. Let’s not rush things, and let’s not let them take over our lives. Hormones are supposed to be for teenagers, and we just need to stay in control of ours. Both of us!”


For the rest of that week, we tried to be businesslike. I was starving most of the time, and I kept drinking water to try to take my mind off how much I wanted food. But I wasn’t a quitter. This was going to work. This was my last shot, and I was going to make myself thinner and fitter – as well as prettier and more desirable.

Each morning, I would demonstrate my improving skills with the zucchini. To tell the truth, I didn’t like it that much. It was a bit of a chore that left my jaw aching and, once I’d been able to get the thing fully into my mouth, my throat bruised. But I was determined to learn. I’d been reading one story on Literotica – Mr Rogers sent me the link so I could read about sex – about a girl whose ambition was to be ‘the best little cocksucker in the mid-West’, and I thought – ‘hey, that could be me’. I guessed from how much the male writers – and even some of the female ones – focused on it that this was really important. What I couldn’t understand is why a woman would want to do that. Sure, it made a guy feel good, but the idea of having a cock pounding at your throat for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes seemed like a torture to me.

Still, I practiced. Each evening after gym – I went every day, usually on the way home from the office – I’d work at it for maybe ten minutes at a time, then take a rest. Before bedtime I’d do it again, before my special bedtime treat with the vibrator. I figured it was my chore before my reward.

And each morning, I’d demonstrate to Mr Rogers just how much I could do. I could tell it turned him on to watch me, so I started getting into it just to see the look on his face. But we kept our clothes on, and he didn’t touch me or show me his cock again during those sessions that week.

But from time to time, I could tell he’d be thinking about what we’d done and what we were going to do, and he’d get a little horny. On the Tuesday afternoon of the week after he’d started my training, the day before he was due to leave for the conference, he buzzed me on my switchboard phone.

“Miss O’Dowd. You were telling me last week about something I’m supposed to do to you, but I’ve clean forgotten what Escort Küçükçekmece it is. Could you remind me, please?”

I looked around to make sure I couldn’t be overheard, and then trying to sound very businesslike as I said “Certainly, Mr. Rogers. From my notes I can see that you’re going to get my pussy wet. Very wet. In fact, it’s already quite wet from just thinking about it. Then you’re going to take that nice hard cock that I was stroking just last week, and you’re going to slide it deep into my tight little virgin cunt. And then, if I recall, you’re going to keep on fucking my tight little cunt, but you’ve promised that it’ll slide right in and it won’t hurt. Then you’re going to play with my clit and my pussy and my titties with your fingers or maybe with that nice vibrator you bought me that I used to make me come four times last night, and you’re going to make me come so much. Oh, and you’re going to come really strongly too, and you’re going to shoot more of that thick white goo that I made you spurt all over my skirt – you’re going to squirt it into my tight little cunt. Was that what you were trying to remember, Mr. Rogers?”

There was a choked little noise at the other end of the phone. “Yes. Thank you, Vicky. And Vicky, how do you feel about that?”

“I’m – I’m very excited. A little nervous, perhaps, but really excited. And getting very wet, like I said.”

“Are you by any chance feeling horny right now, Vicky?”

“Well, yes, sir. I suppose I am. Wet and horny and – and in need of something…”

“Vicky, come into my office, tell me ‘Please Mr. Rogers, I’m feeling horny and I need to come.’ Then I’ll decide how to deal with the situation. Do you have your vibrator in your purse?”

“Yes Mr. Rogers.”

“Bring it with you.”

So I picked up my purse and, having checked there was no-one likely to disturb us, went into his office and closed the door. I think I was trembling – certainly I could feel the wetness between my legs.

Mr Rogers ushered me to a chair around his side of the desk. As I sat down, he said “OK Miss O’Dowd. I’m going to be away for a while, and I’d like to recap what we’ve learned so far. I’ve seen you demonstrate on the zucchini, and I know you can come with the vibrator. As I’m going to be away for nearly two weeks, I want to make sure you’re on the right track. Now, start by unzipping my pants.”

I did as he asked. His dick was almost hard, and I pulled it out gingerly. Despite his reassurances, it still looked very big to me, but I was excited by the fact that he was turned on by what we were doing, and I loved the feel of the hot flesh in my hand.

“Spit on it, Vicky. Then stroke it up and down like you did before.”

As the waves of my orgasm washed over me, and my knees gave way, he then did something that totally surprised me. He suddenly slid the vibrator back to the entrance of my vagina – my cunt, as he would have reminded me to call it – which felt good and tingly, and then suddenly pushed the device hard inside me. In the midst of my strongest orgasm yet, there was a sudden sharp pain. I could feel the vibrator still buzzing, quite deep inside me, but there was a rather unpleasant soreness.

I pushed Mr. Rogers away, and he pulled out the still-buzzing vibrator. There was blood on it.

“What did you do? God, that hurt! I mean, what were you trying to achieve? I was coming so strongly and you spoiled it – er, sir.” I trailed off, realizing I was berating my boss.

He smiled, then leaned close and kissed me again. “Vicky, what I did was I broke your hymen. I deflowered you – not with my cock, in the conventional way, but with this small plastic substitute. And I did it because I realized that if I waited until our first fuck, you’d feel that pain, and probably quite a lot worse, at a time when you most need pleasure. So I saw my chance. You were coming so strongly you’d have screamed the place down if I hadn’t muffled your cries with my kiss. I thought ‘well, she’s already come, so if it hurts now it’ll have a chance to heal before she needs to come again’. And now you have a whole new set of opportunities. Although you’re still technically a virgin, I’ve removed the physical sign of your virginity, and it will make it more pleasant for both of us when I do finally fuck you.”

He passed me a wad of tissues, and I wiped myself. A mixture of pussy juice and blood came out. It still felt a little sore, but not too bad.

“Let me see,” he said. I opened my legs obediently as he opened and probed my pussy. As his finger slid deeper inside, I could feel a little soreness and I winced.

“Good. The deed is done. In a day or so that will all be nicely healed, and then it’s pleasure all the way!” He smiled again at my slightly dubious expression.

“Now Vicky, on account of the bleeding, you’d better put your panties back on. But once the soreness has gone, I think I’d like you to get into the habit of coming into the office without panties, or at least leaving them in my desk while you’re in the office. I want you to play with your pussy as much as you like. If I’m in, and there’s nothing much going on, come into my office and show me what you’re doing. If I’m out or busy, do it under your desk, but please be discreet.”

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