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We’d been seeing each other for about six weeks, and I thought I knew her pretty well. So when Angela called and asked for my help in putting on a party for her girlfriends I accepted immediately. Her huge smile lit up the whole room when I came over and we spent the next several hours setting the schedule of all that needed to occur. I was looking forward to it, not that I expected to attend, I just like to help her. Of course I volunteered for all the tasks I love to do, mainly the cooking, and menu, tasks. I didn’t realize that this was a huge and emotional event for Angela.

As we set the menu, I found out that she expected only about twenty close friends to attend, not very large. The importance came from this being an event these particular friends hold every other year. No matter what is going on in their lives, these women clear their schedules and come together. The fact that these extremely affluent women all get together accentuated the importance of this event to each of them, so I wanted to make it very special for Angela.

The menu was very interesting to me, many finger sized baked sweets, and even the savory parts of the menu had to be finger foods or bite-sized. Angela was pretty antsy as we went through everything, making sure that it was exactly as she desired. I assured her that everything would be perfect. With a wicked smile, she told me it had better be or I’d pay. I was enticed by the interesting look in her eyes as she said this. My reassuring hug reinforced my promise.

You might wonder who I am to offer such promises. I am Andre, a pretty normal guy who has had some extraordinary opportunities. My current line of work is in the digital art field, which is how I met Angela. We met when I was doing some ad work for her and she was amazed at my 3D constructs and the way my firm was able to provide her with an exceptional ad campaign. Though for this particular assignment my digital art work is unimportant. My culinary artwork was. I’ve had the cool opportunity to pursue a hobby of mine, mainly being a chef. I was cooking for some friends a few years ago, and one jokingly told me I should complete chef school because my food was better than most of the restaurants in town. So, on a lark I enrolled and next thing I knew I was flying through the courses toward being a chef. Then I found out the school chooses one student a year to study in France! Next thing I knew I was winging to France for a six month course in desserts and confections. It was amazing. I was able to pick up just about all the “cordon bleu” instruction without the intensity of actually being in the actual program. Thus, I find myself helping Angela, doing something I love to do.

Our hug turned playful as I tickled her asking what she could possibly do to “make me pay.” She stopped dead in her tracks with a very interesting look in her eyes. I, of course, stopped, wondering if I just said something terribly wrong. “Is that a challenge Andre?” Angela asked very intensely. Knowing my own abilities thinking about the menu and decorations she wanted replied almost glibly, “Of course it is. First of all, everything will be exactly as you want it to be, if it isn’t, which I can’t imagine happening, I’ll be willing to pay.” She continued, “Hmmmm, okay, I’ll take deal. Though, you’d better remember how much of a task master I am with the hired help!” I snuggled in close to her and in a very soft voice, punctuated with a lick to her ear and a nibble to her earlobe “I’m the hired help now eh, what an interesting turn of events. For this event, I’ll let myself be hired out, just realize that I come with a very hefty price tag!”

I found her body pressed tightly against mine and her arms wrapped around me. “Are you really that expensive? Even for me?” Angela purred right back. Her hands started caressing me, and I was becoming quite aroused. Thoughts of monetary costs were quickly flying out of my head as she slid against me, obviously arousing herself as much as she did me. I felt her nipples harden against my chest and her breathing became huskier as she started enjoying the tease as much as I did. I pressed my leg between hers so that my muscular thigh provided wonderful pressure to her quickly heating pussy and she responded by pressing against it harder. I loved the quiver that went through her as she crushed her clit against my leg. I continued the tease to her as I nibbled her neck then whispered “I hope you have enough assets to cover my costs!” She pushed me over to the stationary island while we were kissing, then up onto the countertop “I think I can afford you.”

I thrust my tongue into her mouth and was immediately met by hers. Our passion was in full flare as we each caressed, pinched, and tickled the other to heighten each other’s sexual pleasure. She wanted to be the lead this time so I found myself pushed upon the counter as she feasted on me. Her tongue, lips and teeth were everywhere gloriously torturing me. I wanted to see and taste her body, which I knew was as hot as mine, but she kept me pinned to the island as she just went around teasing me. Finally, çankırı seks hikayeleri she engulfed my throbbing cock with her mouth and I was just barely able to control myself. For some reason, Angela was much more intense today, and it was driving me wild. I tried to push up and reverse our positions before she drove me over the edge, and I wasn’t able to get free. She then raked her teeth over my very sensitive hardness again threatening me to stay. I was quickly getting to the point where I didn’t want to move. My entire body was tingling and then I felt my balls tighten up against my body in preparation for my cresting orgasm. My next semi-conscious thought was when I grabbed Angela’s head and exploded in her mouth. Her swallowing made me squirm even more. Then I pulled her to me and licked and kissed the little dribbles from her mouth. “That was just a little down payment for your best performance.” She quipped.

“Oh my, well, you will have exceptional service from me, my lady.” I said gaily, making a very silly bow since my pants were now down around my ankles and I was laughing as I stood back up. I quickly pulled her to me saying “should I show you how I can exceptionally service you?” Angela wriggled free and with a forced stern expression said “You! Get your pants up and get to work!” “As you wish” I said with a flourish and another bow. Angela pulled me back to the table we had been working at and continued to finalize the party plans. I was very surprised that Angela didn’t pursue her own satisfaction since she has been nearly as insatiable as I. I figured that showed how important the party is to her and I silently vowed to do anything within my power to make it perfect for her.


The week flew by as I worked my normal long hours and in my off time was purchasing all the ingredients I needed for her treats. We edited the menu in small ways as the week went by because of her changing desires. We both enjoyed each other’s playfulness because it relieved the stress of the impending party. Angela had hired a small army to clean and set everything up during the week.

Suddenly it was the day before her party. I had taken the day off from my ad business to devote all my time to preparations. I expected Angela over at any time to go through the final checks and taste tests. I still jumped about a mile when she walked in because I was so focused on my work.

After I recovered my composure and she picked herself up off the floor from laughing so hard at surprising me, I sat her down and started feeding her little tastes of my creations. I slid tastes of the three cheesecakes I’d made and greatly enjoyed her licking my fingers clean between each bite. I fed her mini crepes, bits of cake, and many other confections. Her eyes showed how much she enjoyed me feeding her and before long I had just about completed the entire array of food I had prepared. I had been kneeling between her legs taking the food from the table and placing it into her awaiting mouth, and then I decided I wanted a bit of dessert as well. I slid one hand up under her business skirt and as the next bite went into her mouth my finger caressed her moist other lips simultaneously. She melted in the chair as my finger delved deeper into her, questing for and finding all of her sensitive erogenous zones.

I was hungry now, and decided that I would feast upon Angela. Her legs opened for me as I pressed my head between them. I took a second to enjoy the view of her engorged pussy with cum dripping from it. Then I pushed her sexy thong aside and sucked her clit into my mouth. Her squeal of pleasure and the pressure of her hands upon the back of my head spurred me on. I greatly enjoy the taste of her and happily licked her entire pussy, drinking in her cum, and nibbling on her lips and clit. She was very loud in her appreciation and I could tell she was just on the verge of a great orgasm. I continued to eat her, driving her higher, and just as she was about to cum, I pressed two fingers deeply inside of her. That was all it took, she screamed out and came right off the chair as her orgasm flew through her body.

My mouth was unable to keep up with her thrashing body, so just my fingers kept her writhing in orgasmic bliss. Eventually, she pushed my fingers out of her and began to recover from my surprise treat. I watched the lust in Angela’s eyes as I sucked her cum from my drenched fingers. Then, just for fun, I switched the subject back to her party. “Was everything just right Angela?” “mmmmm, just perfect, thank you, and the party treats were good too” she purred.

Her phone rang and she was all business again. It was one of her friends telling her of a flight change, so she was coming in tonight and wanted to get together. Angela jumped up, and pecked me good bye as she flew out to meet her friend at the airport. I was momentarily miffed, and then just reminded myself that this weekend was all about Angela and her party. I finished cleaning up for the evening and kicked back, tomorrow was going to be a very busy day.


Angela woke me up by bustling into my bedroom at 630 am. “Get up lazy bones, we have work to do!!” she said pulling the covers off my warm body. I tried to get the covers back and roll over. I had set my alarm and had my day all planned out. She was relentless in her intent to get me out of bed. With a growl, I got up. She threw a list of things she needed me to do at me and started immediately going over them. I let her go through her list, trying to keep up, mumbled a couple questions, of which I’m not sure she ever answered. Suddenly she was gone, and I had virtually no idea what she expected of me. Oh well, I figured she’d check in or call in a couple hours and I’d get whatever extra guidance I needed. Since I was up, I got dressed and got to work. I was quickly in the groove, moving around my professional kitchen, getting all the foods ready for tonight’s party.

The event was being held in my house, as it was a neutral place and quite simply the easiest since I had all the food. Angela bustled in a few hours later and dropped off a couple boxes of decorations and other items. I never came out of the kitchen as she moved around the dining room and huge den directing the decorators who were setting up. Before I knew it, it was party time, and I had everything ready. I grabbed Angela “The food to be carried about by the server is over here,” I said pointing to the kitchen table laded down with platters of savory finger foods. “The sweets, coffee and other drinks will be in the dining room. Does that still work for your planning out there?” She absently answered in the affirmative. So I got busy putting the finishing touches. With twenty minutes to go, everything was set up perfect.

We were upstairs each getting ready for the evening. Angela was putting the finishing touches on her outfit, a very revealing dress and stiletto heels. She is a very beautiful woman, however, today, she was model stunning. I walked in to tell her I was all done, and get ready to vacate the house for her and stopped. I must have looked like I’d been hit with a board. I’ve seen Angela “dolled” up before, and never like this! I shook myself to clear my head from my thoughts of grabbing her and fucking her senseless. “I’m all done and ready to go.” She smiled saying “Thank you so much Andre. You’ve made everything so wonderful. I can’t wait to thank you properly later.” She punctuated her words with a wonderful kiss.

I quickly changed and was going downstairs when Angela yelled. “When is the waiter supposed to be here, I expect the guests to be here any minute?” I just looked confused. “I have no idea. Was I supposed to set that up? It wasn’t on my list, I assumed it was on yours.” “What??” Angela went from ready to party to ready to kill in a flash of her eyes. “Fine, then you are going to be our server!” And she took my arm in an iron grip and dragged me into the dining room. I noticed the table was clear of food and decorations just as she pressed me back onto it. Before I could react I had one arm locked to a cable attached to one of the table legs. Now her smile came back. As she fastened my other limbs to the table she said “Actually the wait staff was on my list, you were right, you just didn’t know I had decided on you serving us all tonight.” She was giggling as she took a pair of scissors and cut my clothes off of my body and pulled the material out from under me.

I was absolutely in shock. I suppose I could have broken away from her or stopped her from pushing me back on the table. She looked so angry and I didn’t have any idea of what she planned. I was quickly becoming angry as she cut my clothing from me and couldn’t do anything about it as I was completely fastened to the table. I tried to rock the table over and only succeeded in getting pinched as Angela told me “oh stop being a child. Just be still and you might find that you’ll enjoy yourself.” She slid her long fingernail down my inner thigh as she said “I know we will enjoy.”

Over the next few minutes I realized the totality of Angela’s grand plan. I was now the serving tray. She arrayed sweets on my chest and belly, savory on my lower belly and legs. Here and there she put little dabs of condiments or chocolate or whipped cream. I couldn’t move my head or any other part of my body for fear of dumping my wonderful food all over the floor. So, I lay as still as I could. As her hands slid over my body setting up, I found I was getting aroused. Her merry eyes noticed my growing excitement and altered how she was setting up to account for my bodily change. “I thought you might enjoy this.” She gently kissed my lips as she put a small silk pillow under my head to stave off a headache from resting on the hard tabletop.

Just as she was putting on the finishing touches to my array of food, the door bell rang. It was time for the party. Over the next fifteen minutes there was a steady flow of women into the house. The noise would peak as new comers were happily greeted then settle down a bit as the conversations resumed. Then it all became quiet and a single voice was talking. Her voice was pitched quietly enough that I was unable to hear anything said. So I just laid there thinking about my very odd situation.

I’ve always considered myself someone ready to explore just about anything. I’d even fantasized about bondage a bit. Though, nothing could have prepared me for this reality. It seems weird thinking back on it, yet at this quiet time, between being “set up” by Angela, and the feast time, I was actually relaxed. The food felt pretty odd and I was afraid that my body heat would melt or otherwise ruin some of the things if they didn’t eat soon. Then I heard a roar of approval and what seemed to be some sort of meeting broke up. I was no longer relaxed as first woman entered the dining room.

“OH MY GOD! Girls check this out! I think Angela is about to set a new level for ingenuity and fun.” I had no idea who this lady was and her loud voice was like ice to me. I was immediately petrified of my very vulnerable position and the incredible strangeness. Within seconds, I was surrounded by the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and was absolutely in no way aroused. I was in shock. Angela saw my very pale pallor and leaned over me. “Darling, just relax, the fun is just beginning I promise.” And with her wonderful kiss I started to believe her. When I opened my eyes I noticed a few of the ladies watching me in a very interesting manner. Yes, perhaps the fun was just beginning.

Then they all started eating! It was so bizarre to have these women taking the treats I made and dragging them through the condiments dappling my skin. The feeling of their fingers sliding over my skin as three or four of them reached in and took food at a time. And then they’d slide it through the condiments, making little circles or whatever. Then I noticed that more than a few were looking at my eyes to see my reaction, and that they were doing things with the intent of teasing. The constant flow of women past me was dizzying. I closed my eyes just concentrating on the feeling of their hands on me, trying to not have the tickling feeling make the food fall off. Then I felt someone rake something through the whipped cream in which Angela had buried my cock.

My eyes flew open and met the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. I could see the playfulness in them. “Ah, so you are alive under all of this food. We were beginning to wonder,” she said with a laugh. “Let’s see how he likes this, ladies.” She covered my lips with hers, in an incredibly soft kiss. I was lost in the moment as her tongue slid along my lips and then danced with my tongue. I felt my cock rising from the cream, and was startled by the applause. I had forgotten for that second that I was surrounded by beautiful women.

The green eyed beauty moved away telling her friends how she enjoyed pumping me up for everyone’s enjoyment. I enjoyed it as well. Then there was Angela, “Did you enjoy that?” Now how can I possibly answer this question? Here I am tied to the table, her serving slave evidently, being kissed by one of her closest friends in front of the rest of them. I looked right into her eyes and told her the truth, “yes, very much.” That seemed to be the right answer as Angela leaned over and kissed me “Good, I want everyone to have fun, including you my sexy Andre.”

As the amount of food on me diminished, Angela replenished it until finally they had consumed just about all that I had made. I received many compliments on my creations and was quite proud of myself. After all, these are very affluent women, who are used to eating in the best restaurants or hiring the best caterers. I had more than a few ask me if I was available to cook for them. With a huge smile, I said I may be, however I will be explicit in delineating the serving arrangements. Most of the women agreed that this serving theme wouldn’t work for their party anyways, so not to fear. However, I had one slide her finger along my neck and jaw asking in a very husky voice “are you sure I can’t arrange for your serving expertise as well?” I was intrigued by the sparkle in her eyes and found myself growing again. The movement in the bit of remaining whipped cream caught her eye, she slid her very wet tongue along her ruby red lips. “Hmmm…perhaps I should ensure that I am pleased with ALL of your talents before hiring you.” With that comment she slid her finger along my growing hardness, piling up whipped cream on her fingers, and then slowly sucked the cream off of them. This ensured that I was quickly and totally hard.

I also heard interesting noises coming from the other rooms. At first I wasn’t sure what I was hearing…then I was. The beauty in front of me saw my eyes open as I recognized the sounds. She laughed then said “yes, and I won the drawing, I get to clean off the server.” With that she, started sucking the whipped cream off of my throbbing cock. She was incredibly talented and complete in her attention. She drove me crazy cleaning me off, and at the same time kept me from coming. It was incredible. I kept trying to touch her, however my bonds made it impossible. I think she wanted to feel my hands upon her because she moved so her leg as against my hand, allowing me caress or scratch her in reaction to her ministrations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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